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Fortnite 5.0 Patch Notes: Update Adds Desert Map Biome, New Named Places, All Terrain Kart and More

Try to contain your excitement as you read through the Fortnite 5.0 patch notes, as the new 5.0 update brings huge changes to the game, including: new Desert map biome, new named locations, and an All Terrain Kart vehicle. The start of a brand new Season means lots to see and do. Both Battle Royale and Save the World have plenty to look forward to! Here are the Fortnite 5.0 patch notes highlights, giving you the rundown on the 5.0 update’s biggest features!

Fortnite 5.0 Patch Notes Update Highlights

Detailed in the Fortnite 5.0 patch notes, the main change to Battle Royale is the new desert map biome, as well as new named locations (Paradise Palms and Lazy Links), in addition to the All Terrain Kart vehicle, which has room for the entire squad.

Fortnite 5.0 Patch Notes

The All Terrain Kart gets a speed boost after drifting, has a roof that acts as a bounce pad, and allows players to work together to leap over obstacles while still inside the vehicle!

Interactive rifts have also appeared on the Battle Royale map, which challenge players to “test their courage.” It’s not clear what these do yet, so just try them out!

Save the World players have new Wild West Heroes to utilize, as well as the ultimate challenge of survival and teamwork: Challenge the Horde. In addition to this, new Flintlock weapons have been added, which offer a fresh new way of taking out the hordes of Husks.

These are the biggest changes and improvements detailed in the Fortnite 5.0 patch notes. You can read the other smaller (but still massively appreciated) changes in the full patch notes list here.

Expect more changes to be revealed as the community explores the new world. Keep your eyes on GameRevolution, as we’re dedicated to covering the latest Fortnite news, as well as guides for the Season 5 Week 1 challenges! Worlds have collided, and it’s looking good!