Facebook Has Stopped Working: Facebook Login Errors Pop Up for App Users

Facebook has stopped working for many users, with this error message displaying for those trying to access the social network via the app. The Facebook login issues have emerged early this morning, with it predominantly affecting those in Europe and North America. Considering we’re all glued to the site and app throughout the day, this is a frustrating problem for those who are encountering the error message. So, what’s the deal?


Facebook Has Stopped Working: Facebook Crashing in App

Many users are reporting that the app is crashing on their mobile devices. While the web version of the social network seems to be working just fine, the iOS and Android versions are struggling right now, with a ‘Facebook has stopped working’ error message popping up as a result.


Facebook Crashing: How to Fix Facebook Login Problems

Unfortunately, this appears to be a server issue, meaning that there’s nothing that users can do to get Facebook up and working again. The only course of action to take is to wait until the issue has been resolved, as this is a widespread technical issue that needs to be handled internally.

Down Detector, which monitors the activity of all major websites, games, and apps, has reported that 40 percent of users are experiencing a “total blackout,” which means that the issues are preventing them from accessing the app altogether. Others are limited to login issues, which have seen them unable to access the app after entering their login details.

As is the case with most major sites, it shouldn’t be long before Facebook gets back on its feet again and these problems are resolved. In the meantime, those who are usually hooked to the site around this time will have to sit and wait it out — there are plenty of other destinations for memes online.