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Octopath Traveler Length Explained: How Long Is Octopath Traveler?

With eight different paths to play, knowing how long to beat Octopath Traveler is a pretty big question. If you weren’t already aware, there are eight different characters and storylines to complete in a non-linear fashion. This means that you could potentially have far more than the typical JRPG.

But how long is Octopath Traveler? How long to beat the main story as well as all possible content? We are setting out to answer those exact questions in today’s quick FAQ for the upcoming Switch JRPG. This will let you know if you truly are getting some bang for your buck.

How Long is Octopath Traveler Main Story?

Let’s first begin figuring out how long is Octopath Traveler by taking a look at the main story. Completing the main story will mean taking on all eight of the playable characters and their respective storylines. It will require you to see all of their respective chapters through to the end.

However, that isn’t all. Finding out how long is Octopath Traveler also requires taking into account whether or not there are more main story chapters beyond just each person’s individual plot. If there are, that would also add to this number. With that all said, Square Enix recently revealed (as reported by VGR) that it will take the average player 50-60 hours just to complete the main story alone.

How Long to Beat Octopath Traveler? Main Story, All Side Quests, More

Yes, that’s right. 50-60 hours is just for how long to beat Octopath Traveler’s main story. That isn’t taking into account any of the side quests, extra content, additional classes, and so on. When you add on all of that optional content, the number of hours goes up significantly.

Square Enix revealed that for how long to beat Octopath Traveler and every single thing in it, you will need at least 80 to 100 hours. That will certainly keep you busy on Switch for some time.