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PSN Down NP-39225-1 Servers Issue Destiny 2 Black Screen Fix

Destiny 2 black screens and server issues have been plaguing players throughout the day. Unfortunately, it seems that not only are there problems with Destiny 2 servers, but also PSN is down with NP-39225-1 errors that are compounding issues. Below we’ll outline a few fixes you can try to alleviate your Destiny 2 black screen issues and check if the Destiny servers being down is your issue.

How to Fix Destiny 2 Black Screen and PSN Down  NP-39225-1 Error Server Issues

Unfortunately, with the combination of things that are happening, there’s not a lot you can do. If you’re on PlayStation, then you also have to deal with PSN being down in addition to issues with Destiny 2 servers. Compounding issues is a black screen that players are getting that does nothing to explain what the problem is with the game.

The good news is that none of your equipment is likely at fault. Right now the best thing to do is wait while Sony and Bungie get their servers back online. However, if you want to make extra sure there’s no trouble on your end you can try the following.

Make Sure Your NAT Type is Open

One of the significant barriers that keeps people from playing online is having a strict or moderate NAT type. While Destiny 2 doesn’t use a peer-to-peer connection scheme, the kind which is most heavily affected by NAT type, you can still have issues if yours isn’t set to open.

You’ll also want to make sure that your ports are open so that you can connect to both PSN and the Destiny 2 servers. Most routers will do this automatically with UPnP enabled, but that option does have some security risks. If you find yourself unable to connect to Destiny 2 servers and you’re continuously getting a black screen, even when the Bungie support twitter doesn’t indicate there’s an issue you might want to look into making sure your ports are forwarded to allow you to connect.

This webpage will help you figure out how to forward ports on your brand of router and let you know which ones need to be adjusted to connect to PSN and Destiny 2.