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Octopath Traveler Change Party: How to Change Characters

It’s no surprise you’d want to know how to change characters in Octopath Traveler when there are eight different heroes. Each of the eight has their very own storyline that you can engage in from start to finish in a fairly non-linear fashion. In fact, you could stick with one character and see their storyline through to the end without ever picking up the rest.

However, many players will want to delve into several stories at once. To do this, you will want to know how to change characters in Octopath Traveler. This is an important feature that’s key to balancing and switching between the heroes at will. Thankfully, it’s pretty easy once you know how.

How to Change Characters in Octopath Traveler

Let’s start the how to change characters in Octopath Traveler guide with a little recap. At the beginning of the game, you are given the option of choosing which of the eight heroes and heroines you will want to play as first. This is a choice that you should make for yourself based on your preferences.

But what about when you want to switch to another story? Well, that’s pretty simple. First, however, you must complete the prologue for your first character before you can know how to change characters in Octopath Traveler. Once you’ve done that, the game world opens up for you to explore it. You can continue that first character’s plot or head to check out someone else’s story.

This is pretty easy to do. Simply check the world map and see where the person you want to recruit next is located and head in that direction. Once you enter their respective town and complete a small portion of their prologue (in which you don’t have access to anyone else), you will know how to change characters in Octopath Traveler.

You will quickly gain access to both characters together in the same party. This process can be repeated until you have all eight characters together. As for how to change characters in Octopath Traveler then, you will simply need to head to the local Tavern where you can completely change your party lineup easily.