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Yakuza 0 How to Transfer Money and Items Between Kiryu and Majima

Sega’s much-loved Yakuza series is hitting the PC very soon. The Yakuza 0 PC release date is August 1st. For those new to the series, Yakuza 0 is a good starting point. Set in 1988, Yakuza 0 is a prequel to the hard-hitting, but zany, series. Yakuza 0 PC represents the first time the series has come to the PC in the West, at least.

Yakuza 0 sees you take control of Kazuma Kiryu and Goro Majima. At pre-determined points throughout the game, you will switch between Kiryu in Kamurocho and Majima in Sotenbori. You’ll gather plenty of money and items as both Kiryu and Majima, but is there any way to transfer either between both characters?

Yakuza 0: How to Transfer Money and Items Between Kiryu and Majima

Yakuza 0 PC

You can transfer money and items between Kiryu and Majima in Yakuza 0, but not until Chapter 6. Chapter 6 of Yakuza 0 grants you access to the Real Estate minigame. Towards the end of the hectic chapter, you are told to head over to the Empty Lot of which the story seems to revolve around. Upon getting there, you will be greeted by an eccentric rich gentleman who bestows upon you the ability to throw money. This new skill can prove useful as it allows you to distract people in the street. Can’t be bothered to fight those Men in Black? Throw some money at them. Mr. Moneybag’s skill is a fun one.

After learning the new (wasteful) skill, the rich man gives you two objectives. One is to head to the Vincent Bar in the North East of town. Going there, Kiryu will meet with Mr. Moneybags again. He will grant you access to the Investment Fund, which allows the transfer of money and items between the two characters. You’ll find Mr. Moneybags as Majima in Chapter 7.

Be warned, though, as Mr. Moneybags will take a cut of the money you send between the two characters. Damned exchange rate. The more you talk to Mr. Moneybags, the more items you’ll be able to transfer between Kiryu and Majima, too. Yakuza 0 hits PCs August 1st.