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France Fortnite Celebration: What Is the Griezmann World Cup Dance?

The World Cup is now officially over, with France emerging as the champions. The Fortnite Take The L emote makes a triumphant return too, in front of millions of spectators, with a France Fortnite celebration making its way into the country’s final game against Croatia. Who would have thought that the world’s biggest game and the world’s biggest sport would be colliding in a totally unexpected way? We have French national striker Griezmann to thank for that, and this wasn’t even the first time.

France Fortnite Celebration: Take The L In The World Cup Final

In the first half of the match between France and Croatia, they were tied 1-1. France then received a penalty in which Griezmann took the shot, scoring and giving them the lead over the opposing team by making it 2-1. He celebrated the goal by performing the Fortnite emote Take The L, which non-gamers would probably find puzzling and quite rude.

This isn’t the first Fortnite dance celebration done by the 27-year-old striker, who currently plays for Spanish club Atletico Madrid. He celebrated yet another penalty goal earlier in the tournament with the very same Take The L dance celebration during a last-16 knockout match against Argentina. Griezmann has also pulled off other Fortnite dance celebrations in the past, including the backpack emote dance during the 2017/18 Europa League campaign.

France Fortnite Celebration: Fortnite World Cup 2019

Thanks to the Fortnite Take The L emote dance appearing in the World Cup Final, the battle royale game will only continue to increase in popularity, especially with its official eSports scene about to take off. Fortnite is set to have its own World Cup tournament in 2019. With a total prize pool of $100 million prize pool and 125 million players worldwide, the Fortnite World Cup could probably rival the FIFA World Cup in terms of sheer size and scale.