Iron Man Wii Cheats

Unlockable Suits


How to Unlock
Classic SuitComplete One Man Army vs. Mercs
Extremis SuitComplete One Man Army vs. Maggia
HulkbusterComplete One Man Army vs. AIM-X
Mark III Suitbuy upgrades or beat the game
Mark l SuitComplete One Man Army vs. AIM
Mark ll SuitComplete One Man Army vs. Ten Rings

Unlockable Concept Art

Weapons Crates can be found throughout the game. Finding a certain amount of them will unlock the following concept art.

Unlockable   How to Unlock
Environments Set IFind 6 Weapons Crates
Environments Set IIFind 12 Weapons Crates
Iron ManFind 18 Weapons Crates
Environments Set IIIFind 24 Weapons Crates
EnemiesFind 30 Weapons Crates
Environments Set IVFind 36 Weapons Crates
VillainsFind 42 Weapons Crates
VehiclesFind 48 Weapons Crates
CoversFind 50 Weapons Crates