Speed Racer Wii Cheats


Cheat Codes

Enter the following in the "Enter Code" screen of the "Options" menu.


Up left down right up left downAggressive Opponents
B, Up, -, +, 1, Up, +Granite Car
-, Up, -, 2, -, Up, -Helium
A, B, A, Up, Left, Down, RightInvulnerability
B, Up, -, 2, B, Up, -Monster Truck
Up, +, Up, Right, -, Up, -Moon Gravity
A, -, +, Down, Up, +, 1Overkill
Up right down left up right downPacifist Opponents (Other Racers dont attack you)
Left, A, Right, Down, B, Up, -Psychedelic
B, A, Left, Down, -, Up, -Tiny Opponents
B, A, Down, Up, B, A, DownUnlimited Boost
1 2 1 2 B A +Unlock the Last 3 Cars


Unlock Class 4

In Championship mode, complete Class 3, Championship 9 with a ranking of 3rd or higher to unlock Class 4.


Concept Art Movie

Complete Class 3, Championship 8 with a ranking of 3rd or higher to view the movie.  Once unlocked select "Movies" under the "Options" menu.

Unlockable Racers

All championships must be completed with a ranking of 3rd or higher to unlock the following


How to Unlock
Grey GhostComplete Class 1, Championship 3
Kellie "Gearbox" KalinkovComplete Class 2, Championship 4
Nitro VenderhossComplete Class 2, Championship 5
Prince KabalaComplete Class 2, Championship 3
Rosey BlazeComplete Class 1, Championship 1
Snake OilerComplete Class 1, Championship 2
Sonic "Boom Boom" RenaldiComplete Class 2, Championship 2
Taejo TogokahnComplete Class 2, Championship 1