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*Grand Theft Auto IV*



Grand Theft Auto IV FAQ/Walkthrough

For PS3, Xbox 360

Version 1.1 (5/7/08)

Written by Brad Russell "TheGum"

Email: [email protected]



Version 0.3 - just the frame of the guide set up and a bit of the story. It's

a bit of a mess, but I hope to clean this up once I have a sense of how the

game unfolds.


Version 0.5 - I would guesstimate I am about halfway through the main game,

and as I am tackling all the side stuff as I go I think this guide is shaping

up pretty good, for now.


Version 0.7 - Happy Cinco de Mayo! I think I'm closer to the end.


Version 1.0 - Finished the walkthrough only, and all I got are cheats and a

link for completionists. The rest is soon to come.


Version 1.1 - Just added Deal to the end of the game. Took a day off, sorry,

geez. Fixed the Okami controls too...



Table Of Contents


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1. A Brief Foreword

2. Controls( CON2222 )

3. Starter Tips( TIPS333 )

4. Walkthrough( FAQ4444 )

Welcome Back to Liberty City( WBLC111 )

Vlad's Jobs ( VLJO222 )

In the Jaws of a Loan Shark( JAWS333 )

Out of the Dumpster( DUMP444 )

Promising Ventures( VENT555 )

Sold Out( SOLD666 )

Brucie's Jobs( BRUC777 )

Based Out of Bohan( BOHA888 )

The Island Algonquin( ISAL999 )

The Paper Man( PAP1010 )

Packie McReary( PAC1111 )

The Family McReary( MCR1212 )

The Italian and Irish Connections( CON1313 )

The McReary Mess( MES1414 )

Killing New People( KIL1515 )

Meeting New People( MEE1616 )

The Mob Game( MOB1717 )

Old Man Gravelli( GRA1818 )

The Road You Travel( END1919 )

5. Missions by Character( MIBC555 ) (coming soon)

6. Pigeons( PIG6666 ) (coming soon)

7. Friends / Girlfriends( BFF7777 ) (coming soon)

8. Completionist( COMP888 ) (coming soon)

9. Secrects( SECR999 ) (coming soon)

10. Cheats( CHE1010 )

11. Author Info / Copyright

X. Wanted - Xbox 360 controls, I'll credit the first person that helps. If

anyone else emails and I don't respond, you'll know why.


* 1. A Brief Foreword *


I mean, if you really want to get harsh, about the only thing this game does

wrong is allow money to magically appear in your hand (though if you have a

credit card that would explain that), and there is no snow. Other than that,

this game does everything right. If you actually say, "I am tired of playing

this game," you are a crazy. The only reason to stop playing is to eat, sleep,

or carry on with your life.

If you want to know why this game is so amazing, just drive around the city

at night, while it's raining - there you go. Just imagine what GTA5 will be




* 2. Controls ( CON2222 ) *


PS3 Controls


On Foot:

X Button - hold to run, tap to sprint, select on the phone

O Button - reload, back or hang up when on phone, punch

Square - jump, kick

Triangle - get in car, hold to get in as passenger in taxi, punch

R1 - take or leave cover

R2 - fire

L1 - use stuff, pick up object

L2 - lock-on, aim

RStick - camera, click to reset camera

LStick - move, click to crouch

D-Pad - UP: cellphone, DOWN: zoom out on radar, L & R: change guns

Start - pause game, go to the many screens

Select - change camera views


X Button - hand brake

O Button - cinematic camera

Square - change gun

Triangle - exit car

R1 - handbrake

R2 - accelerate

L1 - fire

L2 - brake, reverse

RStick - camera, click to reverse camera

LStick - move, horn (click for slow motion in cinematic camera)

D-Pad - UP: cellphone, DOWN: zoom out on radar, L & R: change radio station

Start - pause game, go to the many screens

Select - change camera views

Xbox 360 Controls


X. Wanted - Xbox 360 controls, I'll credit the first person that helps. If

anyone else emails and I don't respond, you'll know why.


* 3. Starter Tips ( TIPS333 ) *


#1. Jacob is the key - once you meet Jacob, and after he is a friend to go

hang out with from time to time, be sure to get him to like you to about 80%

or so (check the stats menu). If you do, you will gain the option to call

him up and request guns. He will drive to a nearby location and you can go

there for discounted firearms. Which is great for not just the money saved, but

also for those times you get busted and need some quick pieces.

#2. In fact, keep ALL your friends close - once anyone is a buddy to hang out

with, it's best to entertain them. Find out what they like and do that with

them a lot and once they like you enough you will gain a benefit.

#3. Save the pigeons and stunts for later - yes, throughout your travels you

will run into glowing birds and stunts to take on. But it is best you save

those for later if you want them at all, mainly because you will find a list

on the internet and you will need to follow that to a T, so getting a random

one while not going for them all is a bad idea.

#4. Check the maps - not just the pause screen map which does wonders for

finding where to go, but also the physical map that comes in the box if you

bought the game. The physical map has all the locations of things already there

for you. And if you want to make pencil notes on your map for whatever, that

is cool too (like pigeons you get on accident or whatever).

#5. No right on red - even though the driving mechanics are more realistic

than ever, you can still drive like a madman right in front of the cops.

However, it is a good idea to slow things down a bit for the cars you don't

know how to handle. The drive buttons are contact sensitive, so if you lay off

of them just a bit you won't go as fast. Especially take it easy on the


#6. Brief info - in the pause menu is a screen tab called "Brief" and if you

are lost on a mission, somehow, go there to see what you need to be doing.

#7. Take turns like you would in real life - well, if you have driven a car,

and it's very possible most people playing this mature game are still teething,

you would know that you take turns easy, but while turning you press the gas.

Well, same thing in this game. For turns, approach, let off the gas and brake

just a bit, then make the turn, and as you are turning press hard on the gas,

and you should take off nice and smoothly in the direction you wish to go while

at a decent speed. Of course each car is different, but at least you'll have a

leg up on driving. *If you want to do hardcore turns, you should apply just a

touch of the handbrake after you've used the normal brake - check that.

#8. Yellow-lined garages - if you notice outside each safehouse on the side of

the road is a yellow box with the words "Residents Parking Only" in it. You

can store two cars here, or one car and one bike. Best to store fast cars, like

the Turismo, and cop cars at these parking spots.

#9. Runnin' away - so you bump into a cop car and get one wanted star. The

easiest thing to do is let them get out, then speed away. Check your radar to

see where the backup is coming from, and once out of the wanted area if you

just turn and drive away from the backup they will keep going. It's called

"giving them the slip."

#10. The radar lines help, or they can hurt - the yellow and other colored

lines on your radar that are meant to help you get to a destination can

sometimes get in the way. Follow them if you are just starting the game, almost

everyone will, but as you progress it might be smarter to look on the map to

see where you are going, then just follow your own knowledge of the city to

get around. This isn't a big tip, just something to think about.

#11. Check the options - be sure to tinker around with the Display options in

the pause menu. It can make it seem like a different game just by adding some

brightness, but never move the sliders all the way in one direction. Also make

sure you turn on subtitles and after a time you may want to change the in-game


#12. Pistol-whipped - the pistol is probably one of your better long-range

weapons, and the ammo is easy to get. It's the same philosophy as in Resident

Evil 4: use the handgun until you run out of ammo or need a bigger gun.

#13. Counter-kill - while in melee you can perform counter moves. This is done

by pressing the run button while locked on, and you should avoid the hit and

then be able to attack for a deadly combo. Not used much, but good to know.


* 4. Walkthrough ( FAQ4444 ) *


GTA IV Walkthrough


Welcome Back to Liberty City( WBLC111 )


The Cousins Bellic


*NOTE: At any time, go to the pause menu and look under Brief to see the

mission you are on.*

Once you have the car, notice that there will be yellow routes on your mini

map that help you get to where you need to be easier. Just drive around the

obstacles and get on the road, follow the map, and you'll soon be at the

"Mansion", and at some point learn how to change the radio station.

After Roman leaves, go take a nap to save your game. Either check the controls

in the pause menu, use your booklet or up above in this guide, or just wait

for the game to tell you, just make sure you have all the controls down at

some point.

*NOTE: You can watch TV, but not now, this is the wrong time to watch TV in

a video game. Later.*

Now walk out the door, down the steps, and on the street you learn how to run

and sprint (hold to run, tap to sprint). Go across the street and buy a

hotdog for $5. Feel free to change the perspective; you have long, close, and

over-the-shoulder views.

Now go steal a car, hopefully out of sight of cops, and then drive to the "R"

on your map to meet Roman.

It's Your Call


After that, note of the message of how to zoom in and out of your radar, and if

you hold that button, the view stays zoomed out. Now get in the car and drive

along the yellow line on the radar. And even though the rules of the road in

real life seem to apply most to this game than previous games, feel free to

drive through red lights and into oncoming traffic, but at your own risk.

Once at the marker, just stay still after Roman leaves. Now just wait for a

phone call and answer it, then keep waiting. After a time, you say "and these

must be the loan sharks" and that is your cue to press the UP button to bring

up your cell phone in the lower right corner. Open the menu, all of which the

messages tell you, and open the phonebook to call Roman.

When he gets back in, hurry up and swing around the block to go back to the

cab depot, which is where you picked up Roman; so if you forgot the route, just

follow the yellow route, easy. No need to go too fast, as you will lose the

loan sharks very quickly if you half know how to drive. Be sure to take him to

the side of the building, and not the garage you came out of.

After the mission is over, feel free to mess around with your phone. Yes, you

can change the ringtone, ring style, and a few other things in the options

menu. You can even go into multiplayer from here, and if you use the sleep

function, the storyline will be stopped until you turn it back off; so best not

to touch the sleep button.

*NOTE: Any PS3 people that go into the Sixaxis tutorial thing, don't. In fact,

all Sixaxis controls are off by default, so keep it that way. If you actually

go into the tutorial by mistake, bring up the phone again to exit because

I have no clue what they want you to do as a stunt; I flipped forward and

backward and nothing.*

Now, after a while you should get a text message from Roman, so feel free to

go drive around and take in the sights until then. When you get the message,

bring up your phone, open it, and then call Roman who will tell you to come

back to the shop. Just follow the "R" on your map and you should get there,

or use the map in the pause menu if you get lost.

Three's A Crowd


After the scene, get in the cab and drive to the south and honk the horn to

call the girls in the car. Take them all the way straight north and then Roman

gives you a call.

*NOTE: The radio station WKTT is a good one to check out.*

Now you must find some threads. Go back south and you will hit Hob-something-

or-other; just go in. You have some glasses, terrible hats, boots, sneakers,

jackets, a few kinds of pants, and just a nice collection of clothes all over.

Remember, try on whatever you want, don't buy if you don't want them, and know

that there are other colors in most of the clothes available. I say just buy

some blue sneakers and that is enough, but you can make yourself as terrible as

you want to look.

Exit the shop and call Roman, then feel free to call you new love interest,

Michelle (in the phonebook on your phone). Now drive back north, up the street

to the "M" marker to meet your girl.

*NOTE: Don't forget you can save at Roman's house at any time.*

Bleed Out


However, during the drive you should get a call from Roman to help him out,

which is at the "R" on your map, and you get blue street routes as you get

closer. Once at the basketball courts, get out of you car and run around

and in through the opening. After a quick scene, use lock on and beat up the

two bad guys, which can be done by just mashing the attack buttons if you want.

Now Dardan will be driving away, so run to your car, wait for Roman to get in,

and then follow the red dot on your map. Just follow the dot as best you can

and at some point he will stop near the docks and run up some stairs, so get

out and follow him to an empty room and beat him up. Take his knife and then

back in the car.

*NOTE: The same buttons to change station will change your weapon, or at this

point just put away your knife.*

Drive back to the depot, and let Roman out. Michelle should give you a text,

so read it and then call, or just go meet her.

First Date


When you go into her house, you are given a brief and highly sensational

rundown of the "activities" throughout the city.

As for the date, just calmly drive her down to the "funfair" to the south end

of this island. Sorry, no funfair today, but instead go up the ramp and take a

left to find the bowling alley door along the boardwalk. Go in, ask the cashier

to bowl, and go pick a lane.

Okay, so move around with the LS, then pull the RS back and throw it forward to

throw the ball, and you can use the RS while the ball is rolling to apply some

aftertouch. Best to move a bit to the left, just a few steps. And feel free to

skip Michelle's turn if you want. Don't forget to check the score, and you are

Niko, FYI. Also, don't apply too much aftertouch, just a nudge. You guys just

play five rounds, so feel free to win as she should get around a 30 or so.

After that, just drive her back to her place and the date is a success. Now,

you can call her for a date, but it is best to wait for her to call you at

this time. So for now, just go save your game, or visit Roman.

However, go up to Roman's shop and just up the street will be a guy, which is

a green marker on the map. Go up to the weirdo and all he does is give you

$100, odd but we'll take it. Now go meet Roman.

Easy Fare


Just take the crappy cab up north to the area where Michelle lives and pick

up Jermaine. Drive him back a bit to the south and into an alley. After a

moment the cops will appear and break up the deal, so just drive forward, on

the grass, and start driving away from the flashing zone on the radar that is

the cops chasing you. You need to make sure you don't cause much trouble, like

running into cars and people, or else that will bring more attention to you.

Good driving is the key to outrunning and staying low when out of the zone.

Once you are out of the area, just park the car somewhere and your wanted level

will go away.

*NOTE: A good tip to driving is using the handbrake.*

Once you shake them, take Jermaine to his next place, somewhere in the center

of the area you've been in for this early part of the game. Feel free to use

this Pay N Spray to fix your car as the first paint job is on the house. Also

remember that this place will clear your wanted levels, and is it marked on

your map.

After that, make your way back to Roman's, or save.

Jamaican Heat


*NOTE: This may be a good time to turn on subtitles in the options menu.*

Just go up the street and take a right, then honk the horn to call Little Jacob

in. Drive up and to the east a bit and you are given a pistol. Drive him to the

alley and then go up the ramp to the marker and crouch. Just wait for the

gangsters to show, then follow the messages that help you lock on and shoot.

Kill the first three, then wait for one more guy to appear on the roof up above

and get him. Then go down and collect the ammo and then get back into the car.

Drive him a bit further east and that's it. Kudos if you understood a word

he said.

*NOTE: While locked-on, press the RS up to point your crosshair at the guy's


After that, answer the call by Roman, and after a bit of time, Vlad will call

you. Answer and then go toward the safe house, save if you wish, and then go

meet Vlad. You will get a call from Little Jacob too, but for now just go to

Vlad. Roman will also call you too at some point. But just go to Vlad across

the street from your safe house.


Vlad's Jobs ( VLJO222 )


Bull in a China Shop


Vlad asks you to teach some guy a lesson. This guy will be a bit more to the

north than you are used to going. Once there, talk to the man and then you

must find something to throw at his window. Turn around and go to the dot on

your radar to find a brick. Pick it up, bring it back, aim, and toss it at his

window to get the money. Now drive it back to Vlad.

Now just wait a bit longer for a text message that he has another job for you

and go do it.

Hung Out to Dry


Just go up the street and hang a right. Walk to the marker and the dude will

split. Run through the back door and then get in a car, tap a button to

quickly hotwire, and then chase after him. All I did was ram his van into a

wall and then pinned him, but I suppose he may hit an end point, or maybe you

can pull him out of the van. Either way, corner him to make the success.

Again, back to Vlad.

Clean Getaway


After one long scene, you will find a bat on the ground, but getting it will

replace the knife, so it's up to you. Walk down the street and then up the

ramps and stairs to get up to wait for the train. Get in like you would a

car and then note the camera angles, or just skip to the destination.

Now down the steps and a short walk down the road to find the Blista Compact,

a car. You can use a stun punch, or just beat the guys to death, then in the

car. Drive it back south as Vlad calls, and then you need to take a quick

detour to a car wash. Do so and then back south.

At this point you may have a man-date with Roman, so feel free to pick him up

and take him to the bar or Cabaret Club (check your map). If you go to the

Cabaret Club, just go in and take a seat in the booth. It's actually a wee

bit entertaining, though a bit lame too - maybe just go to the bar. Either way,

you can make a man-date whenever you want. Actually, you can still go to the

bar, but going there just makes you drunk, and if you drive, let's just say

it's a bad thing all around. Do not drink and drive, period. Just take Roman

home, and give him a kiss too.

Anyway, on with Vlad's jobs.

Ivan the Not So Terrible


Well, just make your way to Roman's shop, but Ivan will already by speeding

away, so chase him. After some sharp turns a big jump or two, you guys will end

at a construction yard. You will learn how to climb ladders, so climb all of

them up to the crane. You'll see him make a leap onto a roof, so you do the

same (you have a jump button FYI). Always jump or just sprint and you'll

leap across the rooftops. Follow Ivan to the edge of the last roof where he

will be left on the side. Just go meet him and wait for the options to save or

kill him pop up. It's best to spare him, as you get your money either way, and

something extra way later in the game.


This is when I got a call from Michelle about a date, so you should be ready

for a call now or later, or maybe before. Just go to her and you will get more

markers on the map. Go there and find the Restaurant to the south and take

her there; you can set markers on the map too. When you take her home you can

try your luck, but it's best to just tell her goodbye. Try your luck on the

next date.

Buy anyway, no more Vlad quests for now, so onto Little Jacob.


In the Jaws of a Loan Shark( JAWS333 )


Concrete Jungle


Drive him a bit east, toward the airport, and after you let him off, go and

wait in the back alley on the left. After the call, just ram straight into the

three fleeing dealers, and hopefully you get them in one charge. If not, feel

free to drive them down in the streets, but it's best to just jump out and pop

some rounds into them as they do have guns. Once they are done, go back to the

front for Jacob.

Now go to the second location and get out with Jacob. Follow him to the door

and take cover. The cover system is Gears of War style. Just pop out and shoot

the guy on the stairs, then go look through the window, and yes, you can blind-

fire, but it's best to pop out and fire. Then go in, kill two more enemis,

and then the spoils are yours. There are guns, a first aid kit, and a shotgun,

so pick it all up and get back in the car. Drive Jacob back and that's all

from him.


Now that Jacob has no more work for you, feel free to go on dates with either

Roman or Michelle (and I hope you realize you are just hanging out with Roman

and you do not actually have him as a love interest), but when you call

people, be aware of the time of day, for Michelle anyway. For Roman, you can

go to a number of places. If you do go with Roman, feel free to drive north

to the Strip Club, just don't get lost and don't forget to pay the toll. Now,

I will say nothing of going to the strip club, but it is a big improvement

from the last game - where is some hot coffee when you need it?

Upon him liking you a lot, which I assume taking him to the strip joint will

do, then he will like you enough to give you free cab calls whenever you

like, just like you set up the strip club outing. As for Michelle, on the

second date you should get the Darts place on your map, so set a marker there

and take her out. For the darts game, just chip away at your score, and when

you get down to 20 or less, start planning so that you can hit a double score

to reach zero; double scores are on the outer edges, so if you have ten points

left you will need to hit the tiny sliver of five to get ten and double out.

Aiming is not hard, just takes a wee bit of patience, and oh yeah, don't take

forever to throw either.

Once you've won, take her home and try your luck. Darts and the diner are her

thing, so hopefully you can get a taste of her "hot coffee", or in this case,

"tell me interesting things!"

Now is time for Roman's job, not just a man-date.

Uncle Vlad


Just get a ride and head over to your old friend. Use the shotgun if you want

and once the first two goons are dead, run out the door and then get on your

ride to chase down Vlad. Just catch up to him and the dock and get out to

confront him. As he is talking, lock on and notice the flashing reticle, that

means you can execute him. Shoot and then you get a nice long cutscene.


Out of the Dumpster( DUMP444 )


Now that Vlad is done for, just give Roman a normal call. Go down toward the

Pay N Spray to meet him.

Crime and Punishment


Okay, so you wonder where the police station is right? Well, I don't know. But,

I do know that if you run into a cop car, then speed away, and then get out on

foot and run, once you lose the wanted level you can come back and maybe the

cop's car will be there if they got out and chase you. That's the only way I

can think of getting a car at this time.

*NOTE: Upon checking the physical map that came with the game, I learned

there is a police station down the road of your safe house. Even better, there

is an empty police car out in the front waiting for you. Just hotwire and run

away and you got a police car the easy way.*

Once you have a squad car you need to pull over three vans and check them

for TV's. Just track down each marker, put on our sirens and stay behind them,

and once the message at the bottom says to get and check them, do it. Just do

this for one more car, and once you find the third one, that will be the one

of course. A guy with a gun will try to stop you, so either kill him or just

jump in the van and speed away. Drive the van to the garage and the first

mission for Faustin is done.

After that, make your way all the way south to go to Faustin's home.

Do You Have Protection?


After the weird scene, drive Dimitri all the way to the sex shop, should be

second nature to us all. Just go in and then target the first guy, then the

second guy, and once you are told, shoot the middle guy in the leg. Now follow

Dimitri back to the car, but no need to rush too fast now; just make it a

nice, slow stroll back outside - oh yeah!

Now drive him north to the gun shop, get out, and go inside. Pick up the Micro-

SMG on the right and that's it, it's on the house. Now get back in your car and

go back to Faustin's house, easy.

You should get a text message after from Little Jacob, as you can tell because

he no use good grammar. Just make your way to his place.



Yeah, if you thought Jacob was spittin' something nasty, this old dude isn't

even speaking English - he must be a professor at a college.

Anyway, make your way all the way to the northern island, the one with the

lap dance store, but you can get on the island from another route, but still

gotta pay the toll. Once there, just walk behind the dealer, but Roman calls

at a bad time, so sprint after the dealer for the rest of the way. The trick is

once he goes down into a pit area, he will go through a door, then he will go

through the next door, not up the stairs. Then jump the fence, go around the

cement fence and go through a door, and this time you will go up all the

flights of stairs. When he is on his level, shoot the lock, and then take cover

and be ready for three enemies, all of which are easy with the shotgun if you

still have it. Once they are dead, mission is complete.

*NOTE: Perhaps Roman won't call, or maybe if he does, don't answer.*

Now you can call Jacob whenever you want to ask for work, like you can right

now. But first, there is another drug dude that needs our help. A good thing

to do is get him to like you just like Roman does, so if you want a man-date,

go play pool. Pool is fun, just follow the messages to get you aim right,

then shoot just like in bowling. Best to use the stick view, and the angle you

are given is usually a good one.

*NOTE: By a job this time, we mean a "side quest" kind thing, where it's not

crucial and not an official mission. It does help them like you more though.

It's the same deal with Roman and his jobs by cell phone.*

Brian's Rock


If you go to your safe house, to the south you will run into the same crack

head from Roman's place, the guy that gave you a Ben Franklin. Just get a car,

drive him north, and after that, just drive him to his destination. Simple


Now go the Faustin's next mission at the Cabaret House.

Final Destination


Just make the long drive to the northern island, you get a call when over the

bridge, and then make your way to the train station. Go up the steps and have

your gun ready, any gun. Quickly waste his goon, pick up his gun, then leap

down onto the rails, watch out for trains, and then leap onto the other side.

You REALLY want to shoot him before he gets to his Banshee, a car, not that

thing from Halo. Either shoot him after you shoot the goon, shoot him on the

stairs, or do what I did and shoot him as he gets into his car. If not, I'm

sure it is a brilliant chase, but let's try to avoid it.

After that you will get a call from Dimitri, and you should get a text from

Roman about some lady friends of his. And since you are closer to Roman, go see


Logging On


Just go to the east a bit and enter the net cafe. Just log on to a computer,

click the mail icon at the top, read the message, reply, and you're done, you

may log out.

However, there are quite a lot of things you can do on this virtual computer.

Aside from looking up singles, at the homepage you can buy ringtones, but your

phone isn't good enough; you can still listen to them though. Then you have

tons of links to check out, all of them legit, but also pointless. So, log out

and the mission is over.

Should get an message to check your email, but we'll do that later. For now,

just go to Faustin at his home.

No Love Lost


Just go west down the road to run into the daughter and biker. After he takes

off, get on the bike and follow him, taking note of how to shoot while on the

bike. If you can take him out while on the long stretch of road, good. If not,

he will join up with his gang somewhere around the bricked area, then just

follow them a short distance into the park and they should get out to gun fight

ya. So just get off and gun them each one down. Once you do, mission is a


Could be a date with Michelle or whatever, then go to Faustin's house again.

Rigged to Blow


Just drive north until you get near the truck, and get in. Then go north to get

on the bridge to Bohan, the northern island you've been to before, and be sure

to not crash, or just drive like a normal driver if possible. Just cross the

bridge, go into the garage down the street, and after the scene run south until

you get your money and a call.


Promising Ventures( VENT555 )


Now go back across the bridge and you should get a call from Roman about a job

from Brucie. However, notice there is a green guy marker by the darts place,

which is close to the bridge entrance. Go meet him if you can; check the map.

Russian Hit


Get in your car or another and then drive to the east. Just get to either side

of the alley and get the jump on the gangsters. You can play cover, or just

jump out and blast away - your call. Just five of them and then it's over.

Thanks for helping Badman, or whatever his name may be.

Go save if you like and then go to the "B" on your radar to meet Brucie down

by the docks.

Search and Delete


Okay, so like the last time, you again must find a cop car. Instead of getting

into trouble and running away, or dialing 911 to get them to you, I have found

an empty cop car; and if you check the map that comes with the game in the

box, all the police stations are on it. This one is down the street where your

safe house is, just a bit to the north. Once you break into it, a cop will

come for you, so quickly hotwire and then run away until your star goes away.

Now that you have some cop wheels, stay parking until Brucie calls, then access

the police computer while parked. Go to the search, then by name, and then

type in Lyle Rivas. Once you've marked him on the radar, go north to where

Michelle lives and his house is at the intersection. Get out, go through the

front door, and hit the marker.

Yep, another chase. This one can go on for quite a while, so try to flip him

on the long highway. But, the trip does end when you get to Bohan island, and

then you just chase him down and take him out however you want. That's it.

PMP 600


You can go to Brucie for another job, but now is a good time to check your

email at @, the place east of Roman's. Go there, check your emails, and one

will be a request by Brucie to find him a PMP 600. Doesn't matter if you drove

one over here, you need to get a certain one by a carwash to the east. Go

there, beat up the three dudes if you want, and when you do steal the car make

sure to not bang it up too much. If you do, take it to the Pay N Spray if it's

just mangled. Take it to his garage and you should get over $1000.

Then go down the street for his next job.

Easy As Can Be


This one is really hard. Just drive up to where the darts bar is and the car

is in the alley. Well, there is a lot of risk in this job in fact. Once you

have the ride, three cars with gunners will be chasing you. Once you have

control, back up a tiny bit, turn right, and ram the other car over. Now drive

back the way you came, but unless you have this part of the city memorized, it

will be easy to lose your path even if you are paying attention to the radar.

Just watch out for the turns, even slow way down, and make sure you maneuver

this crap car down to the dock road. It's a long drive to the garage, but once

you get the car in, no matter how damaged, it will be a success.


Sold Out( SOLD666 )


Brucie has no more work for you, so unless you have prior engagements, go to

the "DR" symbol on the radar. Feel free to save if you want.

The Master and the Molotov


Dimitri wants you to off Faustin. Drive up the cabaret club and once at the

marker you get a call about a gift from Dimitri by the dumpster. Go grab the

armor and then go inside the club with a gun ready.

After the scene, just lock on and start shooting. There are two guys in front

of you, two more goons at the bar, and Faustin shooting at you too. If you just

shoot Faustin, he will be off and more goons will appear at the doorway by the

stage, three. Take them out and follow him outside where there are about four

more goons in the alleyway. Kill them and then go up the stairs, just run up to

the top. Then go up and confront Faustin. You can talk, or just execute him.

After the deed is done, feel free to backtrack for loose coin and ammo, then

return to save at your safe house.

Feel free to at any time to call Dimitri.

Russian Revolution


Little Jacob will call soon after you talk with Dimitri, so go where he is,

which is by the docks.

After the long scene it will be a huge gun fight with guys all around. For

one, there is an armor on the ground near where you start, but save it if you

still have some armor from the last fight. For now, just stay behind cover and

do the old pop and shoot when they are exposed. There are essentially three

"waves" of them, but you only face more as you move up. Don't forget to grab

the ammo all around, but don't get it when there are guys shooting at you.

After Dimitri and the new bad guy split, keep fighting, look to the room on the

right for a med kit, and make your way to the other end of the warehouse. Cops

will show up, so just run to the door and kill the three or so outside from

behind cover. Then feel free to run out, get in a car, and speed away. Get out

of range of the fuzz and then take Jacob back to his home.

With everything cooled down, call Roman.

Roman's Sorrow


Go up northwest to the marker to meet Roman. After the scene, wait for Roman

to call Mallorie, then go to the safe house. You'll see it is on fire, so try

your luck at the depot. Damn, it's on fire too. Well, head north to Bohan and

to the new safe house (from the dialogue it sounds like we are going to see

that bad guy from Heavenly Sword).

If you want to save, go back inside and up one flight of stairs, then take the

first white door you see. And yes, you can actually spend a lot of time just

watching CNT on the TV. Like, for real. I spent almost an hour on that

channel as I made the body of this guide, and I'll be honest, some of that

stuff is better than real television.

Anyway, back to the game. The first thing you must do before anything else, go

visit the strip club. Because my goodness, the biggest advantage to being in

Bohan is that you are just a short drive from the skin bar. And if you think

I'm joking, I'm not - okay, I am joking.


Brucie's Jobs( BRUC777 )


These jobs I believe will come up after the first Manny mission in Bohan,

but I'll put them here anyway.

Out of the Closet...


Okay, so, go to @ and use the computer. Feel free to check your email if you

want, then go to the link to and look under males for French

Tom; FYI, don't open the emails from Bruce about the cars as you are on a

mission. Once you have him click the "DATE" button at the bottom and then log




Now, you have to let some time pass, so why don't you go to your email and

look at that message from Brucie about the Banshee? Just go to the corner of

the island and kill the three dudes protecting the car, then run away from

the cops if they spot you, and return the car, undamaged, to the garage.

Now go back to @ and check your email for another job.



Again, just go kill the two goons holding the bike and then take it back, and

use the Pay N Spray if you are wanted or need it fixed.

Out of the Closet... Part 2


Now you should get a text from Roman to check your email, so do it. You should

check the email from French Tom and reply to it kindly. Now he should request

a date at the diner by your old safe house at around 18:00, so check your phone

clock and get over there at that time. Go in, meet the guy in the booth, and

after the scene you two will be chatting it up. Now, you can get up and ice

him right off, but you may want to stick around and listen to some of this.

But once Niko mentions his debts, that is you cue to stand up and quickly kill

this guy. Run outside and quickly get in a car to outrun the cops, and feel

free to use the old Pay N Spray in the area.

Once you shake the fuzz, you claim your money. Brucie has another real job at

his place, but go to your email again to get another car.



This car will be on the move, but not on the run. It seems like a few good

hits from the back, or just making it spin a few times, will make it stop.

And you can try to just steal the car while the woman is in it, but good luck

with that. Just keep bothering her until she flees the car, then get in. Take

it to the garage.

If you notice, the next mission is here too, so step into the marker.

No. 1


Just get a ride, sans the cops watching, and drive him east. Get out when close

to the car and get in. Yep, roll up the starting line down the street and get

ready for your first race. Do you have to go full throttle? No, in fact, you

can just go at a hurried-but-not-speed-racer pace and still maintain a good

lead. Are dirt tactics allowed? Yes, and not just allowed, encouraged. Just

spin somebody out from behind and on top of their normal mishaps they should

be crashed more than a few times. The key for you is to always know where the

next marker is, and if you can't see it use the radar. All I can say is take

it easy on the turns and you should win in a walk, and make sure to blast it

down the home stretch.

After the race, drive him home, but pull over to hear his conversation out

before you let him off. And then that's it for Brucie's missions. He is now a

friend, so yes, you have to go on man-dates if you want him to like you - ugh.

Now, there are some people hanging around town I would like you to meet. First,

let's go back to where your old safe house was and at the police station you

should see a green man marker on the radar. Get out and go see the drunk.

Breaking Mel's Habit


Yes, good ol' Whatshisname from the bar. Get in your car and drive him up

north by the park, and make sure you health is good. Yep, gotta shoot these

guys. The quicker the better as you will both have the cops on you, and Mel

will be fleeing. But if you kill the three thugs quickly and get in a car, Mel

should run back to you. If not, chase him down and wave him in, then flee

the cops. After that, take him back to his spot, by the police station, and

it's $500 for you.

*NOTE: If you die, just go back to the spot you found Mel and he will pop up,

even if the marker is not there and he isn't. Just go there and he will be


With that done, remember Brian? The first green marker guy you helped buy a

rock? Go to the area around the gun shop and you should find him standing

around. Go see him.

Breaking Brian's Habit


Drive him down the road and to the marker, just like you did for Mel. This

time, just chase away the thugs with a gunshot and they run. Then take Brian

home for your $500 tip.


Now, I'll remind you here and maybe never again, make Jacob like you a lot

so you can get his weapons delivery.

The rest of this section will be over the cars Brucie wants you to get. You

can do them now or wait, doesn't matter. And I hope you realize you must reply

to Brucie's emails for each mission.



Don't forget Brucie still has vehicles for you to nab. He wants a Sanchez, so

reply to the email and head to the docks. When close to the point, it's best

to run over the first two guys, then back up and run over the other two as

they get on the bike, or just get out and shoot them; whatever you do, don't

let them get away or it's a long chase, but they are easy to knock off the bike

and just hard to catch up to.

After you bring the bike back, hopefully just across the street from where you

got it, go back to @ and read the next email.



This one is just across the park from the cafe, and when you get there the

guy who owns it has been pulled over by the cops. Yes, the Pay N Spray is right

down the street, but if the cops see you go in it won't work. Your best bet is

to swing around the block and then speed into the Pay N Spray. The alternative

is to speed down the highway, and you don't want to do that. Get a new coat of

paint and return the car to the garage.

Next car up is the Intruder.



Just go east, grab it, come back to the park, and hopefully the cops are just

out of view as you enter the Pay N Spray; if not, just drive around the block.

Then take it back, easy.

Sabre GT


Just chase it down and put it in a gentle tailspin to get the driver to flee.

Then get it and take it to the garage. It's such a sweet ride, but oh well.



This one is in Bohan. Just walk up the guy as he tries to pick up a hooker and

toss him out of his car, or shoot him because he will shoot you once you throw

him out. Then just cruise all the way back to the garage.



Last one is pretty easy. Just go to the park and ram the guy off his bike,

then pick it up and drive it back. Brucie will text you confirming this is the

last vehicle he needs, so congrats on the easy money.

Brucie's Races


Just phone him up about the races and he will send you to one. Speed is not

the name of the game. These races are usually competitive for the first ten

seconds and then it's just a matter of hitting each checkpoint in a timely

manner. The key is not to get the fastest car, or even the best handling car,

just slow down for the turns and punch the gas when your car is pointed in

the direction you are going; you know, kinda like a real car? If you do want a

fast car, there are lots in the streets and around, they aren't that rare.

Brucie's Likes


Basically you are interested in the helicopter ride and boat ride, not just for

the sake of helping him to like you but also to learn how to pilot said

vehicles. The copter is not has hard to drive as it seems, just tilt the LS

in the direction you want to go and either ascend or descend as you wish, and

then pull the LS back if you want to stop. Takes practice, but this ride will

help you get the controls down.

The key for Brucie is that if he likes you by 80% (check stats screen) he will

let you use the chopper whenever you want, which is not that awesome, but still

good to have.


Based Out of Bohan( BOHA888 )


Now, go to the "M" on your map.

Escuela of the Streets


So get a car and then go park behind the drug dealer. Now for the following

game, just stay at least two car lengths behind him, or make it five just too

be safe, but you do get one warning if you get too close. Just take it easy

and he will eventually stop at the warehouse.

Get out and go to the door, but it's locked. Shoot the knob to open the door

and then quickly take cover behind the boxes right there. For the guys

close to you, just use blind fire, where you don't lock on, and then move

around for the farther away targets. There are two on the walkways on the

side, so get them before moving. And watch out for the guy in the back with

the shotgun, and take it too. There is a med kit in the room by the door, and

once they are dead, just go back out.

Brucie should call, so now make you way back to the Broker area (the area

you started out of), and go meet him. And don't forget to take out your friends

if you like while over here as the trips back and forth take quite a while.

The stuff about Brucie is in the section above.

Go back to Manny whenever to continue the main story.

Street Sweeper


If you have Jacob's weapon delivery, call him up and buy either a lot of pistol

ammo or some SMG ammo; not a ton, but enough to waste in a drive-by and a chase

shootout. Once you have that taken care of, go grab a good car with good

control, and if all else fails just get a taxi. Now drive over to the gang

members, but they don't shoot you on sight, so get as close as you want. When

ready, shoot the first two out front from your car (aim by moving the camera)

and then get one more guy on foot in the garage. If you don't have much ammo,

quickly jump out and grab their guns, then get back in the car.

Now you have to chase the gang car down. It will wind through the streets and

then get on the highway. If you can shoot its tires out, that's great; even

better if you can kill the driver or shoot the gas tank (not sure if that

works anymore). You don't want to get too close to the car, unless you're out

of ammo and trying to ram it, because if you stay back a bit you can stay out

of range of the gunner for the most part. Just shoot the car until it explodes,

then gun down or run over the guys that bailed out.

The final step after you clear the mission is to shake the cops which most

likely are onto you. You can go to the Pay N Spray way back on the first island

if you want, but the best thing is to just outrun them on a long stretch of

highway. You could even run on foot.

Once the mission is clear, Mallorie will call and refer you to an Elizabeta


Luck of the Irish


Make your way toward your safe house to the marker and go up the stairs in the

building. Grab the Sniper Rifle and go to the vantage point. This is just your

standard Sniper Rifle tutorial mission, so it's not that hard. Just hold down

the aim button, zoom with the LS, and just wait for the big guy to pull a gun

on your two friends. Kill all the guys in the alley with red markers over

their heads and keep an eye on your two guys. If you see the message "Packie

is in trouble" look down to see him wrestling with a guy and shoot that bad

guy. The rest is just killing all the enemies that take cover, and when they

are dead look down the alley to see a guy trying to get in a car. Kill him

before or when he gets in the car and the mission is a success.

Go back to Liz for your next mission.

Blow Your Cover


Drive all the way back to the main island and when at the destination, folllow

Playboy in and go behind the stairs to get a shotgun before going up to make

the deal. Yep, it's a sting. Just use your shotgun and slowly move around

with your aim ready to blast. Shoot the first couple of guys through the

ruined wall, then peek into the hallway with the staircase to shoot two more

cops. Go up the stairs and kill two more, and don't miss the guns all about.

Follow your friend up the steps and up to the roof. You got two fights with

enemies, and on the second roof you have a body armor on the ground. Stay

behind cover and kill everyone. Once you have a wanted level by a door, go down

the steps for a shotgun, then go down killing the few more police in the

building. On the streets get in the car and then blaze east and shake the cops.

Now you will make a trip back to Bohan, but they you will cross over the bridge

and take Playboy back to his place on Algonquin island (the middle island).

So, now you have this island opened to you, and if you check the map you will

find a few locations already dotted. The main ones you would want to visit

right now are the clothing stores, but I will leave those as optional to you.

There are three clothing stores on the island, one near where you dropped X

off, and FYI, that's the only good clothing shop here.

After you're done, return to Manny. You should also get calls from Playboy X,

Roman, Michelle, and Jacob. But still go to Manny.

The Puerto Rican Connection


Make your way back to the first island and to the point near Algonquin Bridge.

Then you need to follow the train along it's southern portion of the map, but

not to the station at the south end of town. Just keep your focus on the train,

should be a button to help with that, watch the radar, and drive under it on

the streets until it stops. There are just a few points where you need to go

just out of the way to find a street, but almost any path will work; stay

under it and close. Once it does stop under an overpass, park, go up the stairs

on the right, and wait for him to turn be in view. When he turns, pull out your

shotgun, lock onto him before he can get down to the ground, and blast him

first, then take out the goons.

Now your jobs for Manny are done. While in the Broker area, go on dates with

Michelle, Jacob, Roman, and race with Brucie, if you want to. You will also get

a mystery text from a question mark on Algonquin island, but hold off on that

for now. Just go back to Bohan for another Elizabeta mission.

The Snow Storm


So to help Jacob and Liz, go to that tiny island to the south between the big

ones. At the old hospital you will run into two gangs, but both are enemies.

The wise thing to do is use some of the rifle ammo from your last couple of

missions and waste the first two guys out front, at least. Then run around the

building to the right side, thus avoiding most of the fighting. In the back

of the building you will find a ladder. Take it up and then go to cover as you

take out the two guys up here. Before you jump down shoot the red barrels to

kill anyone under you. Then hop down and get to the room in the corner, what

is the upper right corner from the front of the building, or just go left

if you came from the back. In this room you will find an AK-47, and in the

adjacent room will be two guys and the coke. Kill the guys and anyone nearby

and grab the drugs.

Okay, so the first part is over. With the drugs you must now exit the

building with the cops all over you. They aren't trying to arrest you, so just

run to the front, killing anyone in your way, and then make a dash outside.

Get the truck that you saw out front on the dirt, not in the parking lot as the

cops are all over the lot. Just grab the crappy truck and make your way back to

the road and try to shake the fuzz.

To clear your status, go to your map and mark the pay n spray on the west side

of the island and make your way there; feel free to toss the truck for whatever

when it's safe to. Once your three stars are gone, go back to Bohan and give

Jacob the cash. And oh boy, what a plot twist!

Now go to Elizabeta for one last mission from her.

Have a Heart


Poor Manny. Get in the Voodoo and drive back to the Dukes area (if you didn't

realize, the first island is broken into two sections, Dukes up north and

Broker down south). Once to the marker, that's it. Elizabeta is now gone.


The Island Algonquin( ISAL999 )


So, now let us go after new ventures on Algonquin island. First, go to the

center of the city and look for a Burger shot in what is the "Time's Square"

like area. There should be a green friend marker nearby, so go to him.

Urban Consciousness


Go acros the street with a knife of fists and help Pathos kill the two playa-

haters. That's it.

Now go south to the pier to meet with the mystery man.

Call and Collect


Francis wants you to go toward the bridge up north. Get there and go to the

viewpoint and then wait for the text with the number. Once you have it, walk

down the steps and call the number (there is an option to call it, you don't

have to type it) and by the hotdog stand should be the guy. Get close and

when he runs just pull out your pistol and shoot him dead before he runs too

far away. Collect his evidence and then make a long run all the way north

along this walkway and you should be able to shake the wanted level. There

should also be a bike up the north behind a fence.

Once you have the stuff, go further north and drop it off at the location.

Now McReary has a "Fm" marker on the map, but since we are up here already, go

see Playboy X at the "X" symbol on the map. You should also get a call from

Patrick "Packie" McReary about work (the guy from one of Liz's missions), but

hold it off for later.

Deconstruction For Beginners


So go south and get into the parked car to properly arm yourself. Then get on

the lift and take it up the roof, all the way up. From here there are just

three lookouts to snipe and all of them are on the front cranes. The first two

are easy to spot, but the only way to see the third one is to look as far

down as you can while looking down the sight. Once you take them out you can

leave, but you can still snipe six more tangos below. They are all in the

middle area of the cranes, three on one side and three on the other. If you

don't get them now you will fight them later.

After sniping, take the lift back down and go right down the street and through

the movable gate to get in. The first boss is easy to snipe from right here.

But after you kill him there will be a bunch of enemies that pop up and they

will rush you from the left, so be ready. Now keep moving to the second

building and fight anyone in your way. Go up the ramp and there will be a scene

up here, but if you already sniped the enemies that here here you have no need

to use your grenades. Just stand up and snipe the boss in the corner.

Now go around the corner on the right, kill some goons, and then kill the

third boss. One more left and this time come back and go down the left side.

Kill more enemies and the copter will drop off a bunch more with AK's on all

of them. Just stay back and shoot them all from afar. Then run after the last

boss and shoot him down before he runs too far away. And that's that.

With that mission a success, go back to X and get the next mission.

Photo Shoot


Now your phone has a camera function, as well as ready to get new ringtones

from the internet. For now, go to the basketball courts and then walk into,

but don't get too close to the three dudes. Walk right and along the fence to

behind the bleachers, and you can even jump on them if you like. Now take out

your phone, choose the camere option, get it so the three dudes' faces are in

the picture of your phone, snap it, and then send it to X. If he calls you

then you got the guy; if he texts you then you need to snap again from another

angle, but you have to get all of their faces. Once he points out the right

guy you can basically kill all of them because they carry guns, but you want

to make sure you kill the target first because he will run to a car and speed

away. So kill him and you can run away.

So after that mission, go to the @ cafe nearby and after you check your spam

emails (what else is new?) go to the ringtones option on the homepage and

buy whatever ringtones and themes you want. Personally, Honkers and Lesbians is

the way to go (what else is new?).

*NOTE: If you got the email about ZiT, you can call them and learn the info of

songs you hear. The number is 948-555-0100 and if you call when a song is on

the radio you can learn the name and artist of the song.*

Now go to Dwayne at the "D" on your map. Should get a call from Michelle too

to go somewhere, but hold off on that.

Ruff Rider


Ride down to the marker, maybe with a good handling or heavy car, and after

the scene you better let the girl live for later in the game. Then just get

in your car or the nearby bike and chase the guy down. If you can ram him over,

that's great. However, your safest bet is to shoot him off the bike and run

him over as he falls off, or just shoot him again before he gets in a car. If

the cops are after you, shake them and then go to the Cluckin' Bell in the

downtown area.

After that, remember Pathos? The underground rapper dude? Go to the north end

of "Time's Square" and he will be there.



Yep, gotta bail him out again, but this time you have to shoot those haters.

Kill them and then get to a nearby car to take him to the hospital. I don't

think you are timed at all, but you can get to the hospital before his talking

is over and you can hear him out before letting him off. That's that.

Now go to Dwayne for his second mission.

Undress to Kill


Yep, because it's been too long since you've been to the strip club. The club

is owned by gangsters, so go there and feel free to start shooting the bouncers

before offing the three marked leaders. Get the first two in the club and then

come out to the parking lot. If you can shoot the third one before he gets too

far away you will save yourself a lot of time and ammo. If not, you gotta chase

him down the highway and shoot him while driving. Once you kill him the mission

is over.

Hostile Negotiation


This is when I got a call about Roman from Mallorie. Soon after you should get

a text from Dimitri. If you do not, then wait until you get this and then come

back to read it, but you have no choice of when you accept this mission.

Go to the south end of Bohan and toward the warehouse. There is a gun before

you step on the marker, but have your AK in hand. After the scene, sneak behind

the two enemies and blindfire on them to kill them easily. The rest on the

floor and a few up above are killed with your standard pop and fire gunplay.

Make your way up to the next level and when you clear all the guys out, go over

to the steps and you'll get a body armor. Keep moving up the level where

Roman is being held and clear your way across the bridge and into his room. You

have a few seconds to get close and then you need to quickly aim at the guys

head without hitting your bro. Even if you miss you get one split second to

try again before he shoots. If your aim is good, just follow Roman down to the

truck and drive him home. Feel free to save afterward.

Now make your way back to Algonquin Island. If you go down the eastern road

along the river, toward your new safe house if Roman calls you, you should

run into a green friend marker at a corner, so check it out.

*NOTE: If you check the physical map and find the LCPD in the northeast side

of the island, that's where he is.*

Jeff's Wife


Just hop in the car and follow them to a cafe. Don't get too close of they

will run. Just get them into view and snap a photo. If you get the message to

leave the place, just go outside and the mission is over.

Now just wait around until Playboy X calls again for the final mission from


The Holland Play


This one is a long one. The first call from Playboy is just an intro into the

subject. Then you are free to do whatever. At some point Dwayne will call and

give you his side of the story. Now, you can try to call Playboy X, but he

may not pick up. If not, you may have to wait a while before he calls you


Once you get a second call from Playboy you are forced to finish this mission.

You are given an X and a D on your map. It's your choice, but here are the

rewards for each kill. If you kill X you get his crib and D will be your BFF.

If you kill Dwayne then you get money from X but he will not be your friend.

The choice is pretty clear: kill Playboy X. Go to his loft and after the

scene just blindfire to kill the four enemies (one by the pool table). Then

run outside and after the quick scene you need to jump to the roof and then

down the flights of stairs. Outside you need to kill a gunner and a driver,

then go find X stuck at a locked door and gun him down, or maybe execute him.

After you do, Dwayne is your friend and the fancy loft is now your own safe

house. And there has to be something said about a game where you can watch

an HDTV on your HDTV.


The Paper Man( PAP1010 )


Go the question mark in the middle of the city, where Michelle wanted you to

go, and you will be in the hands of U.L. Paper.

Wrong is Right


Well, if you didn't realize it by now, Michelle is a cop, and her name isn't

Michelle, it's Karen.

Go to Broker and into the building. Get on the computer and check his emails;

visiting is optional. Read all three and then get out.

Head down the road to the location. Now you must chase and shoot him dead. This

chase can go on for a long time if you suck, so don't suck. Kill him and if the

fuzz is on you they should go away once you get him, I think, maybe not.

Go back to the "U" on the map.

Portrait of a Killer


He will send you a text message and then request you get a cop car. No, don't

even worry about a police station. Just find a cop car, kill the cop, and then

outrun the police. Or yes, if all else fails just go to your old spot back in

Broker to get that one parked one.

*NOTE: There are two police stations to the northwest of where you meet Paper.*

Once you got it, use the computer and search by photo to upload your image.

When you have him, mark him on your radar and head out back to Dukes. When at

the place, just park on the right and then get out and feel free to snipe as

many enemies as you can see. Go up and clean the rest out, then you will notice

one more is on a roof, but no ladder. Go to the crates and hop up them to get

in view of the last enemy and kill him for a job well done.

*NOTE: Now may be the time when you are forced to finish The Holland Play, so

go up and read if you need to.*

Go back to Paper for the next job.

Dust Off


This is you basic "follow the moving vehicle until it stops and then shoot the

bad guys" mission. Make sure you have a good car and then go the marker, which

is on the road FYI. Then get on the highway and stay on it as you go south.

When you get to the tip of the island, curve around and follow this highway

north. Once the copter stops on your left, turn left, ram the gate, and then

try to crash the car into the people exiting the copter. Get out and kill them

all before getting in the bird and quickly flying away, as a guy will try to

get on (it's great if he grabs the leg and gets tossed in the air!). Now fly

it east, hopefully you have flown one with Brucie, and land at the marker to

end the mission.

There is a car nearby and if you exit through the north gate you can wait for

the guard to raise the bars so you can get through. I think you know what I'm

about to say. Take a break and take your remaining friends out on the town,

mainly Brucie and Jacob.


Paper's next mission will take a while to trigger, so feel free to start on

the Packie missions and Paper will call again.

Paper Trail


This mission is easier than it seems. For one, I hope you know how to pilot

this thing by now and that you realize the ascend and descend work much

quicker than it seems. Anyway, just get up and follow the chopper all around

the city, through the buildings, under the bridge, and then over the water;

if you are really scared and not good, just take it slow on the turns among

the skyscrapers.

Once you are over the water you must line Jacob (hanging out of the left side)

with the chopper so that he can fire. The chopper seems to bog up and down, so

maybe just try to stay at the height it will come to and hope Jacob connects.

It shouldn't take too many shots before you blow it out of the skies.

After you get it, fly him to the south end of Algon island, maybe take a

quick look at the Statue of Happiness, and land it to end the mission. Paper

calls soon after and he will help you, later.

For right now, let us continue our work with Packie. Go back to him for the

next job; yes, take the helicopter over there.


Packie McReary( PAC1111 )


You may have to start this first one before finishing the Paper missions, so

go to the Dukes area and find the "PM" to get it started.

Harboring a Grudge


Kate looks like my kind of woman; you can have the grandma. Get in your fly

ride and go to the harbor in Algonquin. Follow Packie to the side of the

building and then climb with him, taking note of the shimmying part. After the

scene you need to climb down on the right and then get to the crate, take

cover, and toss a frag and start shooting. Kill all the guys all around on

the ground, then kill the guys on both sides in the warehouse.

*NOTE: It may actually be easier to stay up on the roof and just use the pistol

to kill everyone.*

Get in the truck and wait for Packie, then go out through the gate in the

front (not the fence or you will get stuck). Of course bad guys will chase you,

but you are now told how to drop grenades while driving. You just switch to

the frags, hold down the shoot button, and when it starts beeping you can let

it drop; wait too long as it is beeping and you will kill yourself. You can

also shoot if you want, and this truck can take loads to damage, so just try

to get to the destination quickly.

Paper will likely call to finish his missions up, so go do that if so, and

when that is done come back to Packie.

Waste Not Want Knots


Just get a four-seater and drive to that island with the old hospital. Park and

then follow the boys along the fences to enter the warehouse area. Shoot it

out with the bad guys, but your biggest enemy is the friendly-fire, so know

where your allies are at all times. Kill all the enemies and go inside to fight

more enemies on your way up the stash.

Once you have it, fight your way back down the stairs and this time take the

back door in the upper right corner, just be careful of the guys all around.

Go to the dock and then you will be prompted to swim, which should be your

first time. Swimming is just like walking and running. Get to the boat, get on

like a you would a car, and then drive to the dock; just note the sharp turns

are done with the handbrake button.



After that mission Packie will soon call you and tell you to hit it off with

Kate. Call her up and go get her way to the east. Drive her to the bar where

the darts are and just get wasted (which is just as rewarding as it is in

real like kids); I will not make an Irish and drunkedness joke at this time,

but I could. Hopefully you are way in the like with Roman and you can call

up a cab to take you guys home; if it's your first time in the cab just set

the destination with the run button and after the driver is done talking you

can skip the ride.

*NOTE: You can also call a cab, which is to run up and hold the "get in car"

button to get in as a passenger.*


This next mission if for Jeff, which happens at I-don't-know-when, but when

he calls you must go to him.

Jeff's Wife Who Stabbed Herself Fifty Times


The car park is underground and if you follow the markers you will be able to

get there. Just get the car and try to drive to the northern end of the

island without the cops spotting you, but they probably will. Just shake them

and get to the marker. Now all you do is back up a bit, get some speed going

down the grassy hill, and then bail on the car like 50 feet before you hit the

edge. If you sink the car successfully you will get a message saying so and

then call Jeff.


*NOTE: FYI, the area you dumped that body is prime territory for the ladies

of the nights if you catch my drift. You must try out all three "services",

not for the empty virtual moaning or to see that there is no health boost,

but just for Niko's one-liners.*

For the next Packie mission you must have a whole get-up of expensive clothes.

So, go to either Perseus clothing shops on Algonquin (the two lower ones).

The trick is to buy a suit and shoes only, not the slacks on the wall; this

is because the suit comes with pants. So buy a suit with a tie and any shoes

and then come back to Packie between 6:00 AM and 7:00 PM.

*NOTE: Make sure you get full armor before going into this mission.*

Three Leaf Clover


Just get a four-seater and then drive them downtown Algonquin. Note you get

an M16, I think. After the scene just go down into the vault through the

blasted door. After the next scene you are very surrounded.

Your goal now is to follow Packie to the north, on foot, as you guys plow

through tons of cops. Just clear the cops outside, feel free to toss a frag

or two at the cars, and then go out and follow them to the right where you

will fight more cops down the alley. The rest is more of less the same and just

make sure you are with your friends. Then you will hit the subway station.

Fight your way down the stairs, ready for the groups of SWAT with armor on,

and then shoot it out when near the tracks. Then get on the tracks with you

guys and make sure you cover your backs. When they say run, go with them down

the tracks and make sure you avoid getting run over. When you get to the

service stairway, climb them and then go through the door to get out (the door

swings open). Then kill the two cops on the right before getting in the SUV,

or the cop car I guess.

All I did from here was run away and go north, out of range of the cops and

that lost the wanted level. If you are not so fortunate, just go west to the

paint shop. Once you shake the cops, take Packie back home.

Feel free to now take Kate on another date. You will also get a lot of calls

about new ventures. You should have mission open for Gerry McReary, Francis

McReary, Derrick McReary, and Ray Boccino.


The Family McReary( MCR1212 )


Let's do the first mission with Gerry now, which is in the backyard of Packie's


Actions Speak Louder Than Words


Go up the street and pick up the bomb in an alley. Then get a good car and

drive to downtown Algonquin and go to the street either behind or in front of

the alley with the car, but you can't block the alley. Plant the bomb and then

go park in the spot across the street from the car.

Now stay 5-10 car lengths away from them as you follow the car all the way up

north. When there and after the scene, get out of the car and go to the marker

in the park. Whip out your phone, select Gerry, and the select detonate. Now

just kill the remaining targets from afar or up close, but you need to quickly

get in your car to make your escape from the cops. There is a nearby Pay N

Spray. Once you lose them, the mission is over.

Go back to Gerry for phase 2.

I Need Your Clothes, Your Boots, and Your Motorcycle


Yes, apart from the longest titles in the game, this is a line from Terminator

2. Go get on the motorcycle and then head to Algonquin, again. Hit the marker

and then you have to chase the dude on two wheels, which is hard, but you are

given some room for error, or two. Just try to pop at least his tires while on

Algonquin, but he will take to a tunnel that goes to the third island of

Alderney. Just chase him down, shoot him or hope he wrecks, and then it's

over. You seem to have a long leash to get behind if you crash, but please just

try to stay with him and under control.

After this mission Gerry will go away for a while, so now go to Francis on


Final Interview... Part 1


Go to the @ cafe up north. Get on the computer and click the "Tom Goldberg"

banner, click "Careers" and then "Submit Resume". Feel free to read your fake

resume and then submit it. That's it, now exit and you will give a call and

then get a text from the company saying they are closed. You are free to do


To finish this mission takes a long while, so part 2 is in the next section.

Now go to Alderney island and head to Derrick's location.



There are cop cars to the north of the park, so just steal one while no cops

are looking and you're good (I'll feel real dumb if this was the case for all

the cop car missions). Park and access the computer and type in Bucky Sligo.

Mark his location and then drive all the way north to the Burger Shot.

*NOTE: Feel free to get a shotgun and armor from the gun shop or Little

Jacob - you'll need both.

Once there, anyone with half the ability to drive should be able to keep up

with his slow car as he drives through back-alleys and fences. When he gets to

the house you can shoot him before he gets inside. Go with with your gun and

start blasting. You have to work quick because the cops will be on you in a

hurry. You don't want to risk being arrested, so you pretty much have to shoot

at them too; if no cops see you shooting up the house you will be in a good

position. If the cops are onto your before you kill all the thugs, consider

running out the back door and just hoofing it on foot until out of range, or

just get a car and either run or get some new paint.

Once you shake the cops you get the call from Derrick about the mission being



The Italian and Irish Connections( CON1313 )


Check your map to see a "RB" for the Roy symbol, downtown Algonquin. However,

there is one green friend marker in town to go visit real quick. He is north

of the gun shop on Alderney. Well, provided you let him live that is.

Ivan the Naive


Just drive up the street with him and then onto the marker. You will be

behind cover after the scene. Waste the guy on the roof to the right, then

the guys in the alley, then the guy on the stairwell on the left, and then

anyone else. Collect the guns and money and then talk to Ivan.

Now go to Algonquin, to the Time's Square area, and go to the south end; which

is north of Ray Boccino's mission marker, which is also northwest of the gun


Jeff's End


That's about it. Just go up to him, trigger the scene, and he dies. Do stay and

listen to the guy that ran him over. Walk away to "clear" the mission.

Now go to Ray's marker at long last.

A Long Way to Fall


You will get a text while going up north. Get off at the marker and go meet

the guy with the 72 jersey. Point a gun at him to intimidate him, then go into

the building and get on the elevator.

Now begins your tango with goons in pop and drop shooting. You must get up to

the three floor from here and there will be enemies at each corner and then

some. There are health kits in some places if you need them. Best to have a

shotgun, but any gun works. When you get to the third floor, go in the room and

waste three enemies. Go to the kitchen, grab the health, and then come back.

After the scene, go back to the stairwell and kill two guys on your way to the

roof. There is one more goon on the roof, then you can waste the target from

the doorway, or just go over and kill him.

Beating this mission sets you back on the ground and Ray will text you about a

new safehouse in Alderney. Brucie should call too and tell you that a Stevie

will ask you for new rides. Do any dates you need to do if you haven't in a

while, or whatever Stevie asks of you. If you do at this time, it should take

long enough for the Goldberg offices to schedule an interview with you, but it

will take another day, the next noon in fact, so you are free to waste time

until then. Just know that you need to be there by about 9 AM, and most likely

you will need to buy a new set of shoes from the nearby Perseus.

*NOTE: If you need something good to do with your time while you wait, go get

a knife, from Little Jacob's gun service.*

Final Interview... Part 2


Just like the Packie mission, have a suit and tie and shoes on from Perseus, no

pants. Go to the building at nine in the morning, before noon, and hit the

marker to be buzzed in. Go the receptionist and then follow her. Go into

his office.

Once the interview starts you can stand up, which doesn't raise alarm. Then get

your knife out and target him. He will cough up the files on his desk, then go

over and slash him once (a stealth kill). Then run out of the building and take

the files to Francis. Easy mission, but poor pay.

Since you're here, do Francis' next one.

Holland Nights


Go up the Holland, the area to the north, and get to the marker. Now, you can

go up the stairs on either side, and you can go up them without killing the

guys on the ground. However, you will have to fight them on the way back. And

the side you go up should be the side you come back down.

When you go up the steps you will hit a guy that wants to fight, so just shoot

him and then the guys on this level. Follow the walkway and make sure you are

ready for guys to be around every corner. Clarence will just make his way up

to the roof, but don't shoot him before then. Just waste his guys as you make

your way up there. When you get to the roof you are given the choice of saving

him, and if you do you can meet him later.

The hard part is making it back down to the ground with the cops all over you.

Just run down the way you came up and blast any cops in your way, which should

just keep you at a 3 star level. Quickly run to your car if you can and speed

up north to the paint shop, and even west on Alderney is another just over the


Whenever you wish, go back to Francis who is now way to the south end of

Algonquin, near a fountain.



Go up north and grab the car, then go to the apartment marker further north in

Holland. Go through the door and then up the stairs to the roof. During the

cutscene, notice the number on the phone. Call 545-555-0122 and once you pull

your gun out just zoom in and snipe his head. Simply return to the streets to

make the call.

No more Francis work, so go to Ray.

Taking in the Trash


Go around the right corner and you will drive the trash truck. Head a short

distance east to the first pickup, press the run button to open the back of

the truck. Drive west to the next spot, and after this one you will have

some company. It's actually easy to drop the grenades, just don't blow yourself

up; toss them before too long if you do, or don't at all. Just get to the

garage and you're done.

Now go back to Ray.



Just drive west and to the marker, then you will be in a new, faster car at

the start of the chase. You don't need to kill them, and you lose if you do.

You can shoot at the gunner, but that is it. Just keep up with them and be

ready for when they turn into Middle Park. Then get out and gun them down on

foot. After you kill the first three, go into the bathroom down the steps and

on the right and shoot the doors until you find Luca. Execute him by getting

close, then grab the rocks. Now go to the bridge in the middle of the park,

get on it, and get to the marker. Mission complete.

Again, unless you got other plans, back to Ray. Make sure you got armor on.

Museum Piece


Just go back to the park and go meet Johnny. After the scene you have a big

fight to get outside. It's just your standard pop and shoot gunplay. Start with

the guy on your left, and the rest is just being ready for enemies with every

step you take. Once you clear the top areas, both sides, once you get down

the stairs there will be more enemies up top. Clear the bottom, go through the

doors, be ready for guys around the corner, and then kill two more outside by

the cars.

*NOTE: These guys drop good guns, especially the beefier pistols. Pick those up

and you can use it for the whole fight. It's the Combat Pistol.*

Next is the chase where you only need to get that enemy car out of your radar.

This is easy if you swing around the park and then zip down the other side.

I guess you could stop and shoot that car out once you lose the rest of the

enemies; just zoom away, it's much easier. And when you call Ray the mission

will be over.

Not trying to sound like a broken record, but if no prior engagements, return

to Ray yet again. However, let us go south of Ray's marker to a little park

where a friend is marked.

Marnie's Junk


Just drive her to Alderney, give her $500, and that's it.

Now back to Ray.

No Way on the Subway


Just drive way up north. After the scene you will be in a bike chase, so do

your best to shoot them off, but it will likely take you the whole duration of

the chase to finish off the second buy. Watch out when they get on the tracks

for the subway as you can easily miss the hole, but even if you fall you should

try to shoot one of them down so you can take their bike. Once in the tunnels

just try to keep up and do your best to shoot him, but I'm pretty sure you

can't kill him until you get to the dead-end over the water. Watch out for the

left turn when you hit the open area of track, then follow him to the dead-end

where you can kill him.

After the mission, drive back and look for a place on the right to get on a

walkway so you don't have to drive all the way back the way you came. You

should get a call about a Talbot, and then you call Roman.


The McReary Mess( MES1414 )


Weekend at Florian's


Go pick up Roman, who should be just up the street if you exited the bridge

via the walkway, and then drive him south. Best to have a four-seater already

as you'll need one once you speak with Talbot. Drive him up north, but he's a

real stickler about proper driving, so try to obey the law so he shuts up.

Just follow his directions and you will end up on the west side of the island.

It's just a scene to enjoy, that's it.

You can stick around and wait for Bernie's mission to pop up, but I say just

go to Ray to get closer to finishing his part up. Paper should also call soon

to confirm he is still searching for Darko.

Late Checkout


Go up north to the hotel and then take the elevator up, the one on the right.

Just blast the first guy and then take cover. Toss a frag down the hall and

make your way down the hall as you clear the rest out. Go up the stairs as

you handle enemies and go through the doors. Kill the guys in the living room,

then go to the kitchen where you can let one guy live. Go upstairs and kill the

guy in the next room, then go up to the roof where you will waste Isaac and

two goons.

Grab the body armor on the right and then take the stairs on the left where you

must fight three more goons. Now go to the corner of the next roof and use

the lift to get to the ground. Then just go to the streets, get a car, zoom

either north or south to shake the cops, and you're done with Ray's missions.

You should get a text soon from Ray to go meet him at a pier. Go to the "PB"

marker on Alderney to meet Phil Bell.

Truck Hustle


Get in a car and go north to the alley. After the scene you should toss a frag

into the middle, then toss one soon after at the truck that pulls in. Just stay

here and kill everyone, just watch out for the shotgunners that will try to

rush you. Move down the alley and soon the truch will pull out, so jump out of

your cover and run after it. Get to the marker at its back and then tap the

run button to pull yourself up. Then get to the roof, and one the roof you need

to watch the movement of the truck as you crawl up to the front; if the truck

turns left, you pull to the right and even roll. Once you have the truck drive

it an old mansion and that's that.

*NOTE: Thought they look different, I'm pretty sure this is reference to the

mansion from the first game, and I believe the islands from GTA3 have been

switched in GTA4, sans the dam on the island with the airport. But other than

that the cities of the two games have little in common.*

This is when I got the call from Dwayne to start hanging out, so do that if

so. You should also get a most interesting call concerning Roman and Mallorie


After whatever, go to Derrick, who is near you safehouse in Alderney.



Boat up north, then follow Kim in the big boat. Soon some speedboats will come

into the picture with guns blazin'. Shoot them as best you can, and once you

pass under a bridge you will get the okay to let go of the wheel. You'll have

the RPG in hand and you need to blast the chopper and the boats. Take the wheel

and lead in on home.

You're in Bohan, so get back to Alderney for the next Derrick mission.

Tunnel of Death


Drive up north and grab the truck in the alley. After the scene, drive the

truck down the tunnel, but be ready to turn to set the truck across the two

lanes of the one side of the tunnel.

After the next scene just start wasting all the cops. Once they are done for,

drive down the right side of the tunnel, toward Alderney, and all I can say is

you have to shake the cops in the downtown area, which is the north end of the

island. Can't shoot at them, so just weave in and out of turns and just keep

moving. Once you see the wanted zone freeze and you are close to the edge, get

out of the zone and just wait in a corner or something until you are clear.

Now drive the truck toward the marker on the east end, then take the new car to

the northwest end of the island, down a dirt road along the coast. Waste poor

old Aiden.

Now go east and you should see a green marker nearby in an alley, which is

west of the paint shop. Prepare of the most disturbing thing in recent gaming


Eddie's Heavy Bag


Get in the car nearby if you don't got one and then drive him to the east end

of the island. Drive him to the marker at the dock and then wait for him. Then

drive him to Algonquin, but be sure to hear his conversation out, or not, it's

really up to you.

So after that creepiness, things work out pretty well as Francis McReary's next

mission should be south of you, so go there. This mission is on Algonquin, FYI.

Blood Brothers


Well, get in a car and head to the east end of Algonquin. Get to the marker and

then jump up to the platform on the side of the building to find the lift and

take it up. Get into position and you have a choice.

To put it plainly, kill Francis, the prick cop. He just gives you the ability

to wash away a wanted level. I don't know what the difference is, but I think

killing Francis skips his two last missions. I'm not sure, but I iced him




You get sent into this mission upon completion of the last one, so you must go

to your safehouse and put on your suit and smart shoes, if you don't already

have them on. Then drive south to the church. Of course you get ambushed, so

get out your big gun and get ready to waste two cars-worth of enemies, then

some more up the alley in front of the church. Just don't get blasted.

Now you have to drive the hearse to Colony Island while under fire, and while

not going too fast as the coffin will slide out if you do. Just take it easy,

try to blast the enemy car, and make it to the cemetery with the dead guy


You soon learn Gerry in in the correctional facility on the south end of

Alderney, so go there.

I'll Take Her


Go north to the @ cafe in the neighborhood. Get on and click the autoeroticar

.com link. Click "View Cars" and then scroll down to the Feltzer. You now

have her number. I say either do a quick mission is you've just missed the

time and it's late at night, or just go on a date if you need a little bit of

time to waste.

If it is between 8AM and 9PM, call her number and then go to the south side and

pick Gracie up to test her car. Drive a bit south and watch for the "initiate

kidnapping" message. Then turn around and head north along the set path. She

will try to turn the wheel, so brake when she does. Just drive down to the

downtown area until you smack her, then drive to the alleyway, both markers.


Killing New People( KIL1515 )


This section is meant to take care of the other random people we've missed, as

well as move the story along.

For your first mission, go to Bernie on Algonquin.

Hating the Haters


Just get in the car and drive over a block to the park. Now jog behind him at

about three-car lengths behind. Under a bridge you will run into the hater, so

chase him up to the bridge and get on a scooter (a Faggio, yes). Gotta chase

him as best you can through the park and try to shoot him off. If you don't

manage to get him early, when you get to the road of the bridge you will pick

up Bernie. Then if you haven't finished off the hater, just do it on the main


After that, take Bernie way down to the Perseus store to the south.

Now go toward Bernie again, but go north of him to find a green friend marker

on a corner. Go see her.

Breaking Marnie's Habit


Just pick her up and take her to the train station I believe. A nice end to

what could be a sad story.

Anyway, back to Bernie's.

Union Drive


Now, I found a Turismo down the street, which is the best car in the game, so

hopefully you are just as lucky. Pick up your friend and then head to the north

east corner of the island.

*NOTE: I'm starting to get the sense that most chases can't be ended before

they have ran their course.*

Now begins the hardest chase yet, and you need the Turismo just to keep up.

Try your best to shoot them eary before they get to the highway because it's

a mess once they do. You get maybe one mistake on this chase and if you do

crash you had better correct yourself fast. Here are a few things to note:

he will change lanes toward the south end of the highway, a cop will try to

get him but will fail, there will be many vehicles in your way, and the chase

eventually ends at a park where you can shoot it out with them.

Kill them, shake any cops on your trail, and then take him home. It's a good

idea to store this car in the yellow lines of a safehouse for a race or what


Remember Clarence from that Francis mission? Head to the Holland area, well,

where the projects area is, the place where you chased him to the roof, and he

should be there. It's east of the Modo store.

Clarence's Revenge


Yup, he didn't learn his lesson the first time. Just shoot it out with him -

he doesn't go down easily - but there is no way you should lose this pop and

shoot battle. Collect his dough as payment.

Bernie should text you soon about the next mission, so head way down to the

pier at the south end of Algonquin. Now head south to Bernie between 5:45AM

and 6:45PM.

Buoys Ahoy


Just boat him east to the marker by the beach. This chase is and exercise in

using the handbrake on the boat, which should be the run button or a shoulder

button. Using the handbrake makes you turn much more sharply on the boat and

with more control that in a car. Just follow them to the end of the chase where

they will beach themselves on land and run. So beach yourself and then get out

and chase down both men. Kill them, come back to Bernie, and that's it.

Now, feel free to go east and see the Pavilion Towers from the World's Fair,

then do any dates you may need before going south, all the way toward the

bowling alley. You should see a green friend marker on the bordwalk on the

west end.

Mrs. Faustin's Retribution


Go north a bit to meet the boyfriend and just beat him up with your fists, and

try not to get caught by the cops. You can chase him, but if you just run into

him he will stop and you can beat him up in the alley. You'll get a call later

saying that the daughter and the sleazeball have broken up.


After that, notice the "B" marker on your map, even though you've beaten all

of Bernie's missions. Go there to find an Infernus parked in the lot. Drive it

out and take it to a parking spot in front of a safehouse because you want to

save this thing for races.

Now you may have already heard about Gracie, so go to the little white person

marker that looks like a "V" in Alderney.

Gracie's Pic


Just go in and up the stairs one level. Go in the white door and get her to

look up. Take her photo with your camera and send off the picture. Leave the

building and that's that.

Ray should call you soon, but let us go to the south end of Alderney, to the

pay phone for the Assassination missions.

Assassin's Pay Phone


I believe these are in random order. Here are all nine, and you can do them

all now or not. Guns and armor are provided nearby for each mission. Keep in

mind the gun shop is right behind you. Best to buy an RPG for certain missions.

Hook, Line, and Sinker - Head north toward the old mansion, but go down to

the beach. Get in a boat and head east until you reach the target, then chase

him and shoot him. You want to target the driver as you can kill him without

blowing up the whole boat. Should be easy.

R.U.B. Down - Just go up to the dealers and maybe shoot an RPG into them if

you have one. Kill as many as you can, then chase down the rest. Gotta kill

them all quickly before one gets too far away. The RPG route is probably

the best, or a grenade.

Taken Out - This one is way tough as you got the two guard cars and then you

need to take out the limo. Again, an RPG is a quick fix, or even a grenade in

the limo's path. Whatever you do, you just have one shot before they flee, so

make your first shot count.

Derelict Target - Just approach the building and you will see two of targets.

Get back and snipe them and their buddies; one is on the ground and the other

in a window up above. Then get in the building and start climbing the stairs

while fighting the set bad guys. Kill the last target and the mission is over.

Industrial Action - You get the expensive sniper rifle for this job, so be

sure to pick that up by the stacks. When you get to the refinery you need to

pick anywhere to start sniping. Kill as many as you can from your spot, but

they will scatter. Move around to the middle, using the stairs along the outer

fence to jump inside, and then just keep looking up for the red markers. Snipe

them and that's it.

Watar Hazard - Another sniper rifle provided. This one is simple, just go to

the marker, go to the sidewalk, look into the water, snipe the guy, and that's


Migration Control - Another sniping mission. Just drive to the Booth Tunnel,

but don't go in. Instead, drive or run down the steps on the right side and get

into view of the helipad. Wait for the woman to walk up the steps to the

chopper and sniper her before she gets on. If you don't, I'm not sure what

happens but I'm sure you fail.

Bailing Out for Good - This isn't a sniper mission, but I say it is. Provided

you have a sniper rifle on your own, drive to the police station and when you

get close you need to quickly step out of your car, get out your rifle, and

then snipe the dude, or the driver. If not, I imagine you have to chase them

down and kill them.

Dead End - Given grenades for this one. Drive up north toward the bridge, then

get ready to chase the target a short distance into an alley on the right. When

you do you will be in the middle of an ambush. Just kill all the enemies that

cover the exits and the ones you get stuck with and that's it. Shake the cops

if they spot you.


Now you should have long gotten a call from Packie to go see Gerry at the

pen, so go to the south end of Alderney when ready.

She's a Keeper


Drive up north to the safehouse and pick up the *****. You gotta get her to the

north of Algonquin while under fire, but don't get tore up of you fail (you

kill her, but more importantly, you fail). You may get some cop heat on you,

or not, just take her near the pay n spray up north and drive her into the


Now go back to Gerry at the state pen.

Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend


Yep, you came all the way back to the correctional facility just to go back to

pick up the girl and Packie. Head to Bohan and then take the turnpike bridge,

but after the gate you will hang a right to get on the island roads. Follow the

path around, though I'm sure there is a faster way, and go to the pier.

After the scene, just stay behind the car as you waste a few enemies, then

follow Packie into the pit area as you kill the rest down here and start on the

ones up high. Kill them and get on the ramp, body armor there too, and then

take out the guys on the walkways. Make your way to a split in the road where

Packie takes the left path and you take the right; grenades by a box before

you take your path. Use those grenades to blast the cars that pull in in the

middle, then go help Packie kill the guys on his side.

After the next scene, kill the last two guys, then take the ladder down to the

streets. All that is left is to get a car and take Packie home (don't follow

the yellow lines on the radar, just get up the nearest ramp to get on the


That concludes your dealings with the McReary's, finally, but you can tell

it is all intermingling.


Meeting New People( MEE1616 )


The New Women


Let me start by saying there are three other women to date: Alexandra Chilton,

Carmen Ortiz, and Kiki Jenkins. You can find them on the internet. Alex is

on, while the other two are on, as SoBoHoe and

LawChick (it's all in an email you got at some point).

*NOTE: Add the "www." before each address. Alex is listed as "Party girl...".*

I won't go into great detail on the women, and I won't say anything more at

all. They are just there to have fun with, literally, and have no bearing on

the story. If you want to add three more "buddies" to your phone that will call

you at all hours of the day, be my guest. I would rather save them for after

the story.


Go to the southwest corner of Algonquin island, more to the west of the gun

shop. You should see a guy selling handbags on the sidewalk.

Hossan's Quality Goods


Get a car and then just drive him a bit south to the marker. After the scene

make sure you pick up Hossan and then go after the guy. It's best to spin him

out from behind, then run him over, or just gun him down. After that, take

Hossan back to an alley.

Now go to the north end of Algonquin, just a tad north of Modo, and you should

run into Cherise, a certain someone from an earlier mission, provided you

spared her life.

Cherise's Boyfriend


Just drive her north a bit and then go beat up the dude, not kill. Talk to

her and that's that.

This next one has to be at night. Go back to around the area where you found

Hossan, west of the southern gun shop on Algonquin, and you should run into


Poor, Unfortunate Sara


Drive her up north to the west side of Middle Park, then fight her husband, or

whoever that is.

Now go to the Jimmy Pegorino marker on the north side of Alderney, but make

sure you got a suit and tie and shoes on for the job.

Pegorino's Pride


Get in the car and don't leave Pergorino behind. Drive them all the way south

to an old refinery. After the scene, go into the building and get to the

stairwell, a shotgun under it, then get to the top and to the point. Wait for

the enemies to pop up in the back and start sniping all the red targets. A

car will pull up, so snipe them too.

Now get out a machine gun and go back down to the ground. Kill the many enemies

behind cover on your way to the back of the warehouse to save Pegorino. After

you get him and the scene, follow the marked car. It is hard enough just

following it out of the dirt path, let alone following it on it's series of

jumps and ramps. Just don't get too far behind and soon the car will stop and

you can gun them down.

Grab the cash and head back to the mansion. Mission complete.

Jimmy should text you real soon, so go back, or I guess stay there; maybe you

have to walk away to get the text.



May want to load up on grenades, about ten or so. Just drive down south. After

the scene the chase gets wild and crazy, but if he went any faster it might be

a bit more difficult. As it stands, they go pretty slowly and the end point is

not too far away. Just follow them at a distance as they go through the alleys

and you'll be fine.

When you get to the auto lot, just toss two grenades at the sides of them,

then quickly clean up the survivors after the cops get on your tail. Just watch

out for the exploding cars yourself. Once you kill everyone, go to the south

side of the car dealership to find vehicles to make your escape from the fuzz.

Get lost and the mission is over.

There is a "P" mission over at the classy strip club called Honkers - you

know, the wallpaper on your cellphone?

Catch the Wave


Drive you guys to the truck under the overpass in the downtown area. Then

drive it all the way to that one island from a few missions back. There is

actually an on-ramp before the toll booth, FYI. The roads down here are one-

way, but feel free to run over the grass.

After you get the briefing from the cutscene, shoot the guys around the truck

while inside, then get out and take cover on the left side of the doorway. Pop

the guys up top on the right, then the guys on the bottom, and then move out

to get the rest, all the while watching up top for more enemies. Move up with

your friend and be ready for bad guys to pop up anywhere, even behind you.

Once out on the docks, go left, grab the body armor, then get on the boat. Just

follow Phil, but some enemy boats will tail you. If you can actually stay in

FRONT of Phil, that will work and that should prevent the bad guys from

shooting you up, or just shoot back at them if you want to. Go to the dock

after the attackers give up and jump off to end the mission.

Let us now head to the southeast side of Algonquin, go a Pier 45. Out in

the front should be Sara, maybe at night only.

Sara's Package


Just drive to the northern Perseus, buy the package, say hello to the twin

assistants, then return it to her. That's it for her.

Now go to Alderney, to the west side of it, north of the @ cafe, maybe at

night again. Yep, him.

Eddie's Sickness


Thank God! Just run back a bit and blast him with the shotgun. This has to be

one of the more satisfying kills in the game. Feel free to keep blasting into

his dead body.


The Mob Game( MOB1717 )


You should have three mission prospects out there: Jimmy, Phil, and this new

Gambetti guy. Well, let's go to Phil since he was here first.

*NOTE: Make sure you have plenty of M16 ammo.*



Just ride south a bit and make sure you have plenty of M16 ammo and armor. Take

the lower tunnel, which just swings you to a hole in the wall on the left. Go

through it and get the jump on the first two enemies you see. May want to go

out the door on the right so you can get the one guy out here before he gets

you first.

The climb to the top is just three levels of enemies. The main thing is to

toss a frag up the stairs before you go up there, then make sure no is directly

above you as you come up the steps. Then it's just take cover and shoot at the

bad guys. When you get to the top floor, consider tossing a frag to the pillars

to clear out the hiding enemies. Run to the run as the fat man jumps out. Kill

the guards and then stand at the window to shoot anyone down below.

Drop down but stick to the wall as I believe enemies can shoot you from above

if you go away from the wall. Kill the guys, grab the med kit on the ground if

you need it, and then go around the corner to kill more guys. Mow your way

into the bridge and then be aware of the many enemies up in high places. Climb

up the ladders after him and at the top there is a scene. After the scene you

can shoot him off, or just unload onto the chopper - even an RPG will work.

And that is a success.

There is one more random friend to find. Granted that three days have passed

since the mission involving her, go to Gracie, just north the last mission, or

west of the gun shop.

Gracie's Revenge


Just go up to her and she calls in the reinforcements. Just take cover behind

a car and shoot each goon from afar. And if you've followed me, this should be

the last random friend encounter.

Well, unless you got other plans, back to Phil for one more mission.

To Live and Die in Alderney


Just drive up north to the old mansion. Now you just need to follow Bell to

the end of the chase, which isn't too hard, and the cops don't seem to bother

you much, so you don't have to shoot at them.

Once you do ditch the cars, fight the cops and the SWAT. Once you kill them,

cross the street and get in the van. Just lose the heat, which is easy if you

can get into the pay n spray quickly, and then drive to the old safehouse.

Easy mission, and if not preoccupied or in need of health or armor, just go

over to Jimmy's down the road.



A good ol' fashion whackin'. Go down the road a bit to enter the hospital. Go

in without any guns on your hand, then take a right. Go all the way to the end

of the hall and blast the two cops. One more is in the room around the corner

on the left, then ice Anthony.

There will be a few cops to greet you on your way out, and the two you saw in

the front. Just make you way back out, and from here you have options. If you

plan to outrun the cops, get the cop car; if you want to hit the pay n spray,

get whatever you drove up here in. If you want to outrun them, go directly

south and over an open edge to shake them good, then just go to the tunnel or

wherever. The paint shop is nearby if you choose that route.

And once you lose the cops that will be it. Ray will text you soon and tell you

to go the Jimmy. So stock up on all your stuff and head back to Jimmy's one

last time.

Pest Control


The first part is just the scene, then you wait around and Jimmy tells you to

ice Ray. I guess tackling the game in the order I did meant he calls you soon

after, so just head to Holland in north Algonquin. And if he doesn't call you,

take Dwayne on a date, and do any missions you've missed thus far, minus the


Once you get the call you are forced to whack Ray. He is in east Holland, which

is the northern area of Algonquin for the millionth time. Go there and after

the scene you just need to follow him, don't start shooting just yet. Just stay

five car-lengths behind them and they will soon stop at the gas station. An RPG

to the lead car is great, then just pick off the body guards, or blast them

just the same. Either way you need to quickly take out the lead car, then come

back and finish off the guards, but you must work fast before the distances are

too great, I think.

When all are dead, the mission is complete. No more Alderney mob bosses.

If you've been following me, in your General stats there should just be some

percentage of Roman's mission progress. Everyone else should be done with.


Old Man Gravelli( GRA1818 )


Well, only one guy with work, and that is Gambetti. Go there, which is in

Broker, at the hospital.



Drive over to downtown Algonquin, get out to meet Bobby, then follow the lead

car. Of course the new detour is a trap. Once you have control, kill the guys

behind you, then the ones in the open in front of your cover. Then run across

the street to the other alleyway, but be ready for more thugs to show up.

Kill the new enemies and the old ones, but be sure to get the ones up on the

roof behind you.

After that, get in the car and drive Bobby south, but more thugs show up. All

I did was park in the street and ice all of them from the comfort of my car -

it worked, so I don't know. You could always just get out and shoot, or even

run all around the city trying to shake them, but the city hall is just a few

blocks away from the trap, so don't go too far away. Once those guys are dead,

drive him to the marker and you're done.

Back to the old man.

Dining Out


Yes, the rice box is all the way on Alderney, so go there. Go in the restaurant

and then just start blasting if you like. Post up at the pillar in the dining

area and pick off the guys up top, then watch look up and behind you as you

go up the steps for two more guys to pop up. Watch for a guy to come out of the

door on the right, then go in the office. Point the gun at the manager and grab

the body armor on his desk.

Now come back out and blast your way to the kitchen doors, which are up on

this level to the right. Two guys will be waiting behind the doors, then run

through to try and catch Kim while he is going out. If you can shoot him before

he takes off in the car, great. Otherwise you'll have to jump on the bike and

chase after him. If so then just target the driver's area and he'll be dead


Make your long trek all the way back to Gambetti.

*NOTE: You may want to save right here, in case you want to see the alternate

ending. That is because as soon as you finish this mission, you are forced

into the next one.*

Liquidize the Assets


Well, at least you'll know how to get from Broker to Alderney. Get over there

and to the south of Alderney. Once you get the rundown scene of the enemy

stronghold, you could run around the whole block and never find the ways to

get in the building. No matter what you do, you should find a way to snipe

the sniper that is on the roof of the northern building.

The blunt approach is to go to the east side, find the fence more toward the

south, and ram through it. You not only run right into the teeth of the enemy,

you are also in prime sniping position from the guy up high, not to mention

the other guys on the rooftops. If you can kill everyone, great; if you just

blow the vans and leave, that works too.

However, the better option is to go beside the gate fence and look for the

lower fence on the right of it. Hop over it and run to the end. Jump on the

shack, then the top of the stone fence, careful not to fall off, and then start

jumping up the air vents to get to the top. Once on the roof, kill the guys up

here, climb the ladder, get to the sniper's position, crouch, and then you

start sniping the guys down below. Grab the body armor up here and then take

the stairs to get to the ground. Then clean up any survivors as you either

frag or shoot the vans to death. It's not that hard of a mission if you do

things this way.

That will be all if you've followed me. No more missions, just the final set

to end the game.


The Road You Travel( END1919 )


You don't get a choice, as soon as you finish the last mission you will

begin this one.

That Special Someone


Paper will call and tell you Darko is landing at the airport. That is when

you call Roman, and then you need to go pick him up in south Broker. Then head

to the airport in east Dukes. Get to the marker and then make the decision.

I will let you know that the game doesn't change much, so choose what you

want. I walked away.

In the most solemn moment in GTA history, perhaps video game history, you will

then take Roman to Brucie's place down by the pier.

Now you will call Bernie, and soon after Jimmy calls you again to go see him

at Honkers of all places. Save, in a different file, and go there.

*NOTE: Again, I can't stress it enough. If you want to see both endings without

much work, you had better hurry to a safehouse and save a file in a new slot.

There are two endings, and you will make your choice very soon.*

One Last Thing


Okay, so this isn't a mission at all. Jimmy asks you to work with Dimitri.

Get in a car and head to a safehouse and you'll get calls from Romand and Kate.

*NOTE: Absolutely the last chance to save in a new slot and go back to that

save later to see both endings.*

Now is the time to make your decision:

Deal - Head to the south of Alderney to the $ sign.

Revenge - Head to the west side of Broker to the red dagger.

It's up to you, you get two different last missions and two different endings.

If you want to know the story differences, gotta play them both yourself, or

just read up on both.




I choose Revenge.

Head to the pier south of Brucie's place.

A Dish Served Cold


This first part is fun. Once the scene is over, go up the ladder of the crane

nearby and get all the way to the top. The rifle up here is an old one, so if

you have the new one you should keep it. The hardest part about the sniping

is just making sure you find everyone. I would guess there are about 15 or so

enemies on the ship, including the 3 down below you. Just look at where the

bullets are coming from and shoot them.

After all is quiet, go back down the ladders, get on the boat, and go right.

There is rifle ammo, then go up the ladder and up the ramp to claim body armor

and grenades on the raised area. Watch out for stray enemies down the right

side of the ship (right from the direction you stepped on), and make your way

to the doorway on the south end.

Post up, blindfire on the guy in front of the doorway, and then toss a frag

inside. Run in with your shotgun and blast anyone alive. Make your way to the

stairs, and after viewing the high class reading material on the table, go up

the steps and blast the guy down the hallway. Post up and toss in a frag, then

once again run in with the shotgun, or pop and shoot. There is a gun in the

first cabin on the left, and body armor in the second on the right.

Go to the other end and out either doorway. Go down the walkway, don't post up

on the corner, and shoot the two enemies in the open. There are two more on the

other side, but you need to be more concerned with the guys up above and behind

you, on both sides as well. Go up the right side and clear all the guys out,

even the one guy in the control room. Save the body armor unless you are like

about to die, and operate the controls.

Now there will be a few new guys, so go out each doorway from up here and

shoot them, both in front and behind you. Grab the body armor after and head

back down to the second level barracks. Equip your shotgun as there will be

one guy in a cabin and another on the steps. Two more in the kitchen below,

then make you way to the open units, which open when you get close to them.

Jump on a box, then try to kill as many of the four enemies down below as you

can, then jump into the hold and kill the rest. Proceed along for a cutscene,

then get out your shotgun and you can blindfire most of the bad guys. Toss a

few frags all over, then run to Dimitri with a shotgun in hand. There is a

scene, then blast him. Now just follow the path to get back to the mess hall,

a place you've already come through, and then run back down the ramp to get

off the ship and into your car.


Now just wait for the calls to roll in. As you can tell, Roman is getting

married to Mallorie tomorrow. He tells you to get some sleep. Meanwhile, Phil

calls to say how Jimmy and the Pegs are done with. So either go waste time

until morning, or go to sleep and save (keep that earlier save though).

I'll assume you have your suit and shoes still on, and that you are sleeping

at your original safehouse in Algonquin.

Mr. and Mrs. Bellic


Kate calls around 8AM and asks you to pick her up at her mom's house, so go

get her. Bring her back to the same church that the funeral took place. Talk

about the most un-important person to get killed (and what was Badman doing



Anyway, after the scene you will be in your original clothes, so feel free to

change them. Jacob will text you about getting guns, so do that if you need

to. You're in Bohan, of all places.

Out of Commission


Get a car after Jacob calls you and go to Alderney. Get to the car and get in.

Follow the SUV up to the raised highway and keep pace. Once you hit the beach

you will have a scene.

Now it's just fight your way through the masses of enemies to get into the

abandoned warehouse. Just get the guys up on the roof, then feel free to snipe

the rest. Just fight your way to the doorway, then kill the guys in here. Med

kit on the left, and fight you way to the next room for another scene.

Chase him up the stairs, then you can fall off the ladder or just drop down.

Either fight all of his goons of just run to the end of the walkway and jump

off. Quickly get on the dirt bike to your right, then follow the coastline.

You don't have to go lightning fast, just don't crash and don't lose him. When

Jacob's chopper arrives, get ready for an upcoming jump. You don't have to go

up this ramp very fast at all, because I know I didn't, and so long as you

hit the ramp you will make it.

Tap run as fast as you can to pull yourself up to the chopper. You have guns,

but it doesn't matter if you hit him. Try to avoid the missiles but you can't

avoid them all. Just follow the boat to the island with the Statue of Happiness

where you will crash.

On foot, chase Jimmy down and onto the grass. Shoot him up and enjoy the final





Head to the southwest end of Alderney, to the money sign.

*NOTE: If this is your alternate, and you want it to be like the Revenge way

is the end you want, then just don't make a save file. Not sure what to do

about the autosave, but if you just want to see this ending, then flat out

don't save your game over a previous file.*

If the Price is Right


Just get in a car and head east, stop at the gate and then go inside the

facility. After the scene you get out and follow Phil up to the roof. Jump

throug the skylight when he does and start blasting guys, mainly the ones on

the left side of the walkway. Then go right as you kill more guys up here and

grab the grenades. Pick off the guys down below you from up here, then try to

snipe the guys running around down the way. Fight your way down to the ground

and enemies will pop up with about every inch you advance, or at least it

seems like it.

So once you are to the ground and all the enemies are dead, move up to the

other half of the warehouse. More fighting, but if you look in the middle of

the area by come pallets you should see a med kit. Climb up the stairs nearby

with Phil and follow him down the walkway to the room, fighting enemies along

the way. After the scene, fight your way down the steps out the door of this

room and go outside the open doorway. Hang a left as the truch speeds away.

You have a choice of a bike or truck. Be a man and take the truck, you too


The only hard part is avoiding the tiny things in the road that could make your

bike flip out. Other than that, just shoot up the truck until it explodes,

hopefully before it gets on the highway, and then grab the money. Take Phil

back to the spot and that's it.

Mr. and Mrs. Bellic


You'll get the calls from everyone, mainly that Jimmy is happy with you, so

is Roman, and Kate isn't. If you sleep until tomorrow, the day of the wedding,

Kate will not go with you. The wedding takes place at 10AM.

Yep, this time you take a bigger emotional hit. After the scene you will be

back in your old clothes. Wait for Jacob's text, then his call; feel free to

stock up on supplies. Head on over to his marker in Alderney after he calls.

A Revenger's Tragedy


*NOTE: Yeah, this is the same as the last mission in Revenge, so worry not if

it looks and reads that same as that mission, because it is and I just copied

and pasted, inserting Dimitri's name where appropriate. That's the American


Get a car after Jacob calls you and go to Alderney. Get to the car and get in.

Follow the SUV up to the raised highway and keep pace. Once you hit the beach

you will have a scene.

Now it's just fight your way through the masses of enemies to get into the

abandoned warehouse. Just get the guys up on the roof, then feel free to snipe

the rest. Just fight your way to the doorway, then kill the guys in here. Med

kit on the left, and fight you way to the next room for another scene. This

one has Jimmy and Dimitri.

Go up the stairs and then blast the bad guys, but instead of jumping off the

building you need to go right and up the roof; you could even ignore the

enemies and just run up to trigger the scene.

After the scene you will be in the water. Swim to the boat and hop in. Chase

Dimitri in the boat. No jump this time, just follow the chopper and kinda try

to dodge the rockets, though, I think if you move you risk getting hit. All

I did was follow behind him, just a tad to the left.

At some point Jacob's chopper joins the chase, and soon after you will see a

target marker under it as he flies low to the water. Get to it and the tap the

run button to get in. Once in control of the chopper, ascend a good deal before

going after him, just enough to get over the lower buildings. Follow him

through the skyscrapers of Algonquin and over the Broker area; if you stay

above him I believe that makes it harder for his rockets to get you. After

you two swing back into Algonquin you will both crash land on the statue


Mow down the first couple of guys and keep following Dimitri. Shoot him down

to enjoy this alternate cutscene, or however you want to view it.

*NOTE: If you have a lot of armor, or you like to roll the dice, as soon as you

step off of the chopper, run to the right and across the grass. You will take

a lot of damage, but you avoid fighting the goons.*


* 5. Missions by Character ( MIBC555 ) *


Will just be all the stuff in the walkthrough, just in a neat order for those

just looking at the guide for a specific mission.


* 6. Pigeons ( PIG6666 ) *


As I have not even typed this in yet, I hear going to this website, on the in-

game computers, will reveal the maps of the pigeons:

Again, that's an in-game computer internet address.


* 7. Friends / Girlfriends ( BFF7777 ) *


This will be about all the friends you can have, the dates you can take them

on, and girlfriends.


* 8. Completionist (COMP888 ) *


At the moment all I have is this link from the NeoSeeker forums, thanks to a



* 9. Secrets ( SECR999 ) *


As of now it seems like people only know of the heart in the Statue of

Happiness, but I have yet to check it out for myself.

Dial 911 to repair car.

This section will most likely be cut, especially if this is all I can find.


* 10. Cheats ( CHE1010 ) *




Annihilator Helicopter - Kill all 200 Flying Rats

Rastah Color Huntley SUV - Complete 10 Package Delivery missions

Remove Ammo Limit - Get 100% completion


Secret in-game website: - Provides maps for all of these: weapons,

health, armor, vehicles, pigeons, ramps, and entertainment locations.



These are all dialed into your phone (press up twice to pull up the keypad).

*360 NOTE: Not sure as I don't have the 360 version, but if you are an

achievement whore, I would strongly recommend you stay away from cheats of

all kind. I hear just one achievement "Clean the Mean Streets" is disabled,

but I don't know.*

265-555-2423 Banshee

468-555-0100 Change weather

662-555-0147 Feltzer

486-555-0150 Get a different selection of weapons

486-555-0100 Get a selection of weapons

265-555-2423 Presidente

267-555-0150 Raise wanted level

267-555-0100 Remove wanted level

362-555-0100 Restore armour

482-555-0100 Restore health, armor, and ammo

948-555-0100 Song information

227-555-0142 Spawn a Cognoscenti

227-555-0175 Spawn a Comet

938-555-0100 Spawn a Jetmax

625-555-0150 Spawn a Sanchez

227-555-0168 Spawn a SuperGT

227-555-0147 Spawn a Turismo

359-555-0100 Spawn an Annihiliator

227-555-0100 Spawn an FIB Buffalo

625-555-0100 Spawn an NRG-900



Assassin's Greed - Complete all 9 assassin missions

auf Wiedersehen Petrovic - Win all ranked multiplayer variations, all races

and Cops 'n Crooks, as both sides

Chain Reaction - Blow up 10 vehicles in 10 seconds

Cleaned The Mean Streets - Capture 20 criminals through the police computer

Courier Service - Complete all 10 package delivery jobs

Cut Your Teeth - Earn a personal rank promotion in multiplayer

Dare Devil - Complete 100% of the unique stunt jumps

Dial B for Bomb - Unlock the special ability of phoning for a bomb to be


Driving Mr. Bellic - Unlock the special ability of taxi

Endangered Species - Collect every hidden package

Fed The Fish - Complete the mission "Uncle Vlad"

Finish Him - Complete 10 melee counters in 4 minutes

Fly The Co-op - Beat Rockstars time in ranked versions of Deal Breaker,

Hangman's NOOSE, and Bomb da Base II

Full Exploration - Unlock all the islands

Genetically Superior - Come first in 20 singleplayer street races

Gobble Gobble - Score 3 strikes in a row, a turkey, in 10-pin bowling

Gracefully Taken - Complete mission "I'll Take Her"

Half Million - Reach a balance of $500,000

Impossible Trinity - Complete mission "Museum Piece"

It'll Cost Ya - Complete a taxi ride without skipping from one island to


Join The Midnight Club - Win a ranked multiplayer race without damaging your

vehicle too much and have damage enabled

Key To The City - Achieve 100% in "Game progress" statistic

King of QUB3D - Beat the High Score in QUB3D

Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie - Kill a Rockstar developer in a ranked multiplayer


Liberty City - (5) After you meet all friends, the ones left alive like you

above 90%

Liberty City Minute - Complete the story missions in less than 30 hours

Lowest Point - Complete mission "Roman's Sorrow"

Manhunt - Complete the most wanted side missions from police computer

No More Strangers - Meet all random characters

Off The Boat - Complete the first mission

One Hundred And Eighty - In a game of darts score 180 with only 3 darts

One Man Army - Survive 5 minutes on 6 star wanted level

Order Fulfilled - Complete all 10 Exotic Export orders

Pool Shark - Beat a friend at pool

Retail Therapy - Unlock the ability to buy guns from a friend

Rolled Over - Do 5 car rolls in a row from one crash

Sightseer - Fly on all helicopter tours of Liberty City

Taking It For The Team - Be on the winning team in all ranked multiplayer


Teamplayer - Kill 5 players who are not in your team, in any ranked

multiplayer team game

That Special Someone - Complete the mission "That Special Someone"

That's How We Roll! - Unlock the special ability of helicopter

Top Of The Food Chain - Kill 20 players with a pistol in a ranked multiplayer


Top The Midnight Club - Come first in 20 different ranked standard multiplayer


Under the Radar - Fly underneath the main bridgs in the game that cross water

with a helicopter

Walk Free - Lose a 4 star wanted level by outrunning the cops

Wanted - Achieve the highest personal rank in multiplayer

Warm Coffee - Successfully date a girl to be invited into her house

Wheelie Rider - Do a wheelie lasting at least 500 feet on a motorbike

You Got The Message - Deliver all 30 cars ordered through text messages

You Won! - Complete the final mission


* 11. Author Info / Copyright *




Xenctuary - for this link: - for the cheats, secrets, and achievement list

clouddgr - for pointing out that I had the Okami controls, instead of GTA



Please contact me if you need any help, if you want to praise me, if you want

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My email:

[email protected]

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more likely I'll reply. Which means the better you set me up, the easier it is

for me to knock it down.

X. Wanted - Xbox 360 controls, I'll credit the first person that helps. If

anyone else emails and I don't respond, you'll know why.



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