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Destiny 2 400 Light: How to Hit Max Light Level in Solstice of Heroes

Destiny 2 players are doing everything they can to prepare for the upcoming Destiny 2 Forsaken expansion coming in September. Bungie will be hosting a Destiny 2 summer holiday event called Solstice of Heroes, which begins on July 31, 2018. What’s so special about it? Besides being a celebration of the past year, it also provides the only way for players to get Destiny 2 400 Light level armor before the Forsaken expansion arrives.

Destiny 2 400 Light: Solstice of Heroes Summer Holiday Event

The Solstice of Heroes summer holiday event will require players to replay old story missions, as a way to remember the events of Destiny 2‘s main campaign story. It offers Redux missions (altered story missions) for a limited time, which includes Homecoming, Spark, Payback, 1AU, and Chosen.

Destiny 2 400 Light: How To Hit Max Light Level

Completing these Redux missions will allow players to upgrade their Solstice of Heroes armor, which is actually the same armor equipped by players when the Tower fell during the launch of Destiny 2. Players will first gain the Shattered Set at light level 240, which can later be upgraded to the Rekindled Set at light level 340. After that, players can then upgrade their gear to the Resplendent Set, which will be the only set exclusively set at light level 400. Check out the Resplendent Set in all its glory below.

Destiny 2 400 Light level Resplendent Armor

These armor pieces will also have uniquely different designs. The Shattered set will be comprised of broken pieces of the original armor when the Tower fell, while the Rekindled set will have an all-white color scheme akin to the statue of heroes in the Tower during Solstice. Meanwhile, the Resplendent set looks worthy of its light level 400, with its glowing gold and while ensemble. In the meantime, check out all the main changes and improvements arriving in the latest Destiny 2 1.2.3 update, including the return of Bounties and much more.