FF7 Emerald Weapon Fight Walkthrough and Strategy

Emerald Weapon is an optional boss fight in Final Fantasy 7. This creature, along with Ruby Weapon, represents the greatest combat challenge the game has to offer. The Final Fantasy 7 Emerald Weapon fight is tough. The beast has high HP, devastating attacks, and if you don’t have a particular item, the Underwater Materia, you have a 20-minute timer in which to win the fight. Below we have a full guide and walkthrough on how to take down Emerald Weapon in Final Fantasy 7 and what your reward will be.

Final Fantasy 7 Emerald Weapon HP and Attacks

Emerald Weapon has the highest HP of any enemy in the game. To defeat it you’ll need to inflict 1,000,000 HP of damage, which is a tall order when your party is getting stomped, literally.

Emerald Weapon has six different attacks, all of which are very powerful. The interesting thing about Emerald Weapon is that it’s one of the few enemies in Final Fantasy 7 whose attacks you can influence. There are a series of eyes on its shoulders, that close if you hit them. It will only use some attacks when the eyes are open, and some only appear when the eyes are closed.

Emerald Weapon’s attacks are:

  • Aire Tam Storm: This move damages your whole party. The amount of damage it causes is based on how many pieces of Materia a character has equipped. For each piece of Materia a party member has slotted they will take 1,111 damage. Therefore, the less Materia you equip for the fight, the better off you’ll be when facing this attack. Beware, if you have more than nine pieces of Materia slotted for a character this attack is an instant kill.
  • Emerald Beam: Does damage and dispels any helpful status boosts like Barrier, Regen, Haste, etc.
  • Emerald Laser: Lasers shot from Emerald Weapon’s eyes. Blue eye lasers hit for moderate damage and orange eye lasers drain MP.
  • Emerald Shoot: Does over 9,000 damage and dispels helpful status effects.
  • Foot Stamp: This attack will hit for 8-9,000 HP damage on all party members. This attack will only be used when all of Emerald Weapon’s eyes are closed.
  • Revenge Stamp: A counterattack that is similar to Foot Stamp. Does moderate damage.

Final Fantasy 7 Emerald Weapon Fight Preparations

Preparing for the Emerald Weapon fight in Final Fantasy 7 is an arduous process. Since Aire Tam Storm does damage based on how much materia you have equipped, one of the keys to winning this fight is to try to keep materia usage to a minimum. To do that you’re going to have to rely on items and raw strength to keep your health up.

Your first order of business is to get your characters leveled as close to having 9,999 HP as possible. Level 99 would be ideal, but you can probably start thinking about taking on Emerald Weapon when your main party is around level 80. You’ll also want to stock up as many Megalixirs as you can. You can get these as a drop from Master Tonberry in the Northern Cave or by Morphing Tonberrys in the Battle Arena at the Gold Saucer.


Now that you’ve got your item supply stocked up, and your characters are naturally close to 9,999 HP, you’re gonna need to master a few materia. First off, breed a Gold Chocobo (we’ll wait) and head to the island in the northeast part of the map. There you’ll find a cave with the Knights of the Round Summon materia inside. Go cast it a whole bunch of times on the little orange ball looking enemies in the Northern Cave called Movers. Remember to slot the materia in a triple growth piece of equipment to make this process faster.

Next, head over to the materia Cave to the east side of the land mass that Wutai is located on to grab the Mime Materia. Now, you’ll need to go master the Mime Materia to get a second copy. These are crucial to your Emerald Weapon battle strategy.

Now you need to head over to Battle Square at the Gold Saucer and get the W-Summon Materia. You’re gonna have to fight a whole bunch to get it, but this is the perfect opportunity to Morph those Tonberrys for some Megalixirs. Once you get the W-Summon, you don’t have to worry about mastering it. You can move right on to the next step. During this process, you should also receive the Final Attack materia.

More than likely at this point you’ve already picked up the Phoenix Materia. If not, head over to Fort Condor and grab it from the nest at the top of the reactor.

The final piece of this puzzle is getting the Underwater materia. It’s found on the submarine docks at Junon, and there’s a good chance you’ve already picked it up.

Final Fantasy 7 Emerald Weapon Fight: What Should I Equip?

Now that you’ve got all your items and materia, you’re ready to outfit your party.

  • Character 1 Materia: W-Summon, Knights of the Round, Final Attack+Phoenix
  • Character 2 Materia: Mime, Underwater Materia
  • Character 3 Materia: Mime

With this set-up, you’ll be able to avoid taking a ton of damage from Air Tam Storm, which will give you an edge to taking down Emerald Weapon. With that attack being less of a threat the only one you really have to watch out for is Foot Stamp.

Final Fantasy 7 Emerald Weapon Location

Now that you’re ready to fight Emerald Weapon, you need to find it. You’ll have to hop in your submarine and dive to find the creature, and although it spawns in random locations, it’s always in the same general area.

Dive and look in the ocean between Junon and Costa Del Sol to find Emerald Weapon’s location. Sometimes it’ll be swimming about, and other times you’ll see it just sitting in one spot. If you’re having trouble finding it, just surface and submerge again and it will reappear in another place.

Final Fantasy 7 Emerald Weapon Fight Strategy

Final Fantasy 7 Emerald Weapon Emerald Laser

The method we’re gonna use to defeat Emerald Weapon is pretty straightforward, but it still requires concentration to pull off.

You’ll want to start the fight by using W-Summon to cast two instances of Knights of the Round. You’ll then use Mime with the other two characters to repeatedly double-cast the summon. The main thing to worry about here is just keeping up the summons. You’ll have to use some turns to throw a Megalixir out and regain HP and MP on your characters, but if you keep the pressure up, this will mostly just be a battle of attrition.

As an insurance policy, your Final Attack+Phoenix that is equipped on your Knight of the Round character should let you jump back in the fight. Since your party has so little Materia equipped Air Tam Storm shouldn’t be a major bother, and even the character with the most materia can take two rounds of it before hitting critical HP. Foot Stamp is your primary issue here, but it’ll only be used when the eyes are closed on Emerald Weapon’s shoulders.

Just keep your health up and stay cautious. It’s better to overheal than risk dying during this fight. Just keep the Knights of the Round coming, and eventually, Emerald Weapon will go down.

Final Fantasy 7 Emerald Weapon Reward: Earth Harp

For taking down Emerald Weapon, you’ll get an item called Earth Harp. It doesn’t do anything by itself, but it’s precious to one character in the game.

Head over to Kalm once you’ve got the Earth Harp and speak to the Kalm Traveler. He’ll trade you a Master Command Materia, Master Magic Materica, and Master Summon Materia for it. Not that great a prize for how much work you put in, but taking down one of the two hardest bosses in Final Fantasy 7 is a reward in itself.