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Ninja Gaiden II Xbox360 Cheats

Unlockable Ninja Suits and Extras


How to Unlock
Black Jaguar CostumeComplete Path of Mentor
Camoflauge Ninja Suit

Complete the game on Warrior
Gamerpic.Collect all 30 crystal skulls
Music TestClear the game on any difficulty
Old Film FilterBeat the game.
Red Ninja SuitComplete the game on Acolyte

The Silver Xbox

In the bottom of the Statue of Liberty across from the Test of Valor, there is a bamboo curtain you have to slice through. Inside of it there is a Silver 360 that will heal you. You can use it as many times as you like. It also makes a sound from the 360's start up.

New Game +

To unlock New Game + you must beat the game, watch the ending credits and save your game.

New Game + let's you begin play on the same difficulty level you completed with all the items from the previous game at their current level.

Crystal Skulls

The Crystal Skulls are found at the following locations.

Chapter 1

1. After obtaining the Fire Ninpo, you will come outside to a ledge where you are supposed to jump off and land below to fight more enemies. If timed correctly, you can jump across to the roof on the other side to get the skull you can see from where you are standing. If you fall short, use the ladder to climb up and try again.

2. The skull is found up next to the first flaming archers you encounter. Run up and jump off the tree halfway down the stairs as you walk towards the bridge they are firing from.

Chapter 2

3. Go to the river bed shortly after learning the Water-Run technique. The skull is resting on the bottom near the end of the river before the bridge. Hold A to dive down and collect it.

4. Defeat the sub-Boss in the room with giant golden dragon winding around. Go to the second floor. Jump to the platform on the left-hand side. Smash through the wall to find a hidden room with the skull on one of the shelves.

Chapter 3

5. Near the beginning of the sewer area, after learning the Wind Blades technique there should be a short path to the right with a metal staircase. Ascend the stairs to reach the skull near the top.

6. After you learn how to perform the Invisible Path technique, go the opposite way of the main path. There is a small crevice in the wall you can run back and forth on to reach a rock platform with the skull.

Chapter 4

7. Go to the streets shortly after exiting the subway. After running for a little while and turning a few corners, you will find an open area and some crowded apartment buildings to your right. There is a skull on one of the steel apartment exterior staircases/balconies near a ninja corpse. Use Wall Run to reach it.

8. Near the middle of the level when jumping from the broken overpass to a ladder, you should see a ledge with a skull on it in front of you. Either use a correctly timed jump to reach it, or wait until after you get above that area and climb back down a ladder to collect it.

9. The skull is on the girders inside the Statue Of Liberty. When you are climbing up the stairs to the saved game point, jump on the girders in the middle of the room. You should see the skull resting on one of them.

Chapter 5

10. Located on a boat in the second body of water you can access. Instead of crossing the bridge, hang left and go around the corner to where you obtain the Kusarigama. Run across the river. The skull is on one of the boats.

11. Shortly afterwards, you will walk into a marketplace with some tables and chairs with a single exit on the right-hand side. The skull is immediately to your right outside the doorway you exit.

12. After collecting the spear gun and swim through about two areas, there will be groups of exploding jellyfish creatures. Reach the second group of such creatures on your right in a small passageway. They will respawn for awhile. Keep killing them and collect essence. After they are all dead, swim over there for a skull at the bottom of the floor to your left.

Chapter 6

13. At the very start of the level, immediately turn around and jump on the section of roof behind you that slopes down into the water. Cross over to the other side of the roof. Walk down a few step to the skull tucked away very close to where you were originally standing when the level began.

14. When you reach the guillotine, cut the rope for the skull.

15. In the library with a fireplace inside the castle where you fight a lot of ninjas, there is a skull on one of the bookshelves. It will appear after you make the books fall out by hitting the bookshelves.

Chapter 7

16. When you first reach the controls at the front of the ship and start destroying them, a skull will be uncovered slightly to the left of the main control panel.

17. The skull is hidden in an alcove on your right after you start walking into a new hallway around the time that you find the Tonfas off a dead ninja. It is near some debris.

Chapter 8

18. The skull is in the snow when you are crossing the minefield. It is found after the first section of mines where everyone was shooting at you through the windows of the three story building.

19. Once you get back inside again and leave the bell tower, you will begin descending a winding square staircase. The skull is in one of the holes on the wall with candles in it.

20. After you enter the subway, in the room before where you find the dignitary's ID card is a skull on the right-hand side of the room.

21. The skull is on the one of the gears about halfway up the area where you are jumping from one to another. It is on one of the medium-sized horizontal gears.

Chapter 9

22. Go to the big open body of water you reach with the two searchlights. Go all the way to the right-hand corner. The skull is behind one of the big wooden towers.

23. After using the jade mask and entering a new area, you will eventually reach a rope you must use to climb across to reach the other side. About midway through this climb (just past the giant tree), is a branch you can turn and swing towards on your right. Swing to this and then to one more branch for the skull.

24. After defeating the worm Boss, immediately after the game save is another area with smaller worm enemies. The skull is on the far right-hand side of this room on the ground.

25. After watching the short intermission sequence with the dead ninjas floating down the river, jump into the water. The skull is in a small alcove on the left near the bottom, midway to the other shore.

Chapter 10

26. After the fight with the worm enemies in the acid pit, use a Flying Bird Flip to reach the area above you. Wall Run on the wall to your immediate left, then jump to the one on the right. Once back on solid ground, turn around and Wall Run one more time from the wall on the left and jump to the ledge in front of you to reach the skull.

27. Once you enter the area with many flying dragon enemies, you will quickly reach a path descending to the area below. Once it levels out, follow it around to the left instead of where you normally go. The skull is on the ground in a small open area.

Chapter 11

28. After you passing the second shop, you will climb up a ladder and jump out a window into a familiar village setting from the original Ninja Gaiden. Go to the right of the village and turn right into a narrow alley near the exit. There is a skull in the far back right corner of this alley.

29. Pass through an underwater tunnel into a new area. The skull is in a clearing inside a small wooden structure on the right.

30. Immediately after leaving the ninja fortress, instead of climbing across the rope in front of you, go to your left and drop down into the opening in the floor. Follow this area back to the beginning of the original game and jump down all the ramps to the far bottom left.




How to Unlock
Dragon Sword Master (5)Complete the game using only the Dragon Sword
Dual Katana Master (5)Complete the game using only the Dragons Claw and Tigers Fang
Eclipse Scythe Master (5)Complete the game using only the Eclipse Scythe
Falcon's Talons Master (5)Complete the game using only the Falcon's Talons
Feat of a hundred Slashes (20)Achieve a 100-hit combo with any weapon
Feat of a Thousand Obliterations (20)Defeat 1000 enemies using Obliteration Techniques
Feat of Ultimate Destruction (20)Defeat 1000 enemies using Ultimate Techniques
Karma of the Master Ninja (20)Obtain all of the Crystal Skulls
Karma of the Mentor (20)Obtain 20 Crystal Skulls
Karma of the Warrior (20)Obtain 10 Crystal Skully
Kusari-gama Master (5)Complete the game using only the Kusari-gama
Lunar Staff Master (5)Complete the game using only the Lunar Staff
Mastered Counter Attack (5)Successfully performed the Counter Attack Technique
Mastered Flying Bird Flip (5)Successfully performed the Flying Bird Flip Technique
Mastered Flying Swallow (5)Successfully performed the Flying Swallow Technique
Mastered Furious Wind (5)Successfully performed the Furious Wind Technique
Mastered Invisible Path (5)Successfully performed the Invisible Path Technique
Mastered Obliteration Technique (5)Successfully performed the Obliteration Technique
Mastered Reverse Wind (5)Successfully performed the Revers Wind Technique
Mastered Shadowless Footsteps (5)Successfully performed the Shadowless Footsteps Technique
Mastered Ultimate Guidance (5)Successfully performed the Ultimate Guidance Technique
Mastered Ultimate Technique (5)Successfully performed the Ultimate Technique
Mastered Unrivaled Soaring (5)Successfully performed the Ultimate Soaring Technique
The Art Of Inferno (5)Successfully performed the Art of the Inferno Ninpo
The Art of the Flame Phoenix (5)Successfully performed the Art of the Flame Phoenix Ninpo
The Art of the Piercing Void (5)Successfully performed the Art of the Piercing Void Ninpo
The Art of the Wind Blades (5)Successfully performed the Art of the Wind Blades Ninpo
Tonfa Master (5)Complete the game using only the Tonfa
Vanquished Alexei (15)Defeat Alexei in battle
Vanquished Elizébet (15)Defeat Elizébet in battle
Vanquished Genshin (15)Defeat Genshin in battle
Vanquished Volf (15)Defeat Volf in battle
Vanquished Zedonius (15)Defeat Zedonius in battle
Vigoorian Flail Master (5)Complete the game using only the Vigoorian Flail
Way of the Acolyte (100)Complete the game on the Path of the Acolyte
Way of the Master Ninja (100)Complete the game on the Path of the Master Ninja
Way of the Mentor (100)Complete the game on the Path of the Mentor
Way of the Warrior (100)Complete the game on the Path of the Warrior