Kung Fu Panda Xbox360 Cheats


Cheat Codes

On the Main menu, go to extras, and then cheats and enter one of the following.


Down, Down, Right, Up, LeftInvincibility
Left, Down, Left, Right, DownUnlocks all multiplayer characters
Up,Down,Up,Right,Left4x Damage Multiplyer
Left, Down, Left, Right, UpMultiplayer Po has dragon warrior outfit and additional move set
Right, Left, Down, Up, RightObtain All Outfits
Left, Right, Down, Left, UpObtain Full upgrades




How to Unlock
Awesomely Awesome (30)Defeat 250 Enemies.
Fastest Warrior (20)Obtain a Hit Chain of 10 or higher using only Fast Attacks.
Fearless (20)Make it through an entire level without blocking an attack.
Game Completed - Master (20)Complete the entire game on the Master Difficulty setting.
Invincible (50)Make it through the entire game without dying.
Kung Fu Warrior (20)Obtain a Hit Chain of 15 or higher using any combination of attacks.
Level 1 100% Completion! (20)Complete level "Po's Dream" 100%.
Level 10 100% Completion! (20)Complete level "Secret of the Sands" 100%.
Level 11 100% Completion! (20)Complete level "The Palace" 100%.
Level 12 100% Completion! (20)Complete level "The Warrior's Destiny" 100%.
Level 13 100% Completion! (20)Complete level "The Final Battle" 100%.
Level 2 100% Completion! (20)Complete level "Tournament of the Dragon Warrior" 100%.
Level 3 100% Completion! (20)Complete level "Level Zero" 100%.
Level 4 100% Completion! (20)Complete level "Protect the Palace" 100%.
Level 5 100% Completion! (20)Complete level "Lake of Tears" 100%.
Level 6 100% Completion! (20)Complete level "Wudang Temple" 100%.
Level 7 100% Completion! (20)Complete level "Treacherous Waters" 100%.
Level 8 100% Completion! (20)Complete level "Wudang Rescue" 100%.
Level 9 100% Completion! (20)Complete level "Howling Moon" 100%.
Master Of All (30)Unlock Everything.
Panda Stumble Extreme (20)Panda Stumble for 60 Seconds. Forced Stumble doesn't count.
Panda Stumble Warrior (20)Obtain a Hit Chain of 5 or higher using only Panda Stumble.
Strongest Warrior (20)Obtain a Hit Chain of 5 or higher using only Strong Attacks.
Ultimate Dragon Warrior (30)Purchase All Upgrades.
Untouchable (20)Make it through an entire level without getting hit.