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Fortnite P90: What Is the New Compact SMG?

Epic Games has announced that the Fortnite P90 will be coming soon to the game. The new compact SMG was revealed on the in-game news feed, which all players see when booting into the game. With the P90 SMG being a popular weapon used in many mainstream shooters, there is no doubt a lot of hype surrounding this weapon, especially when considering its usually large magazine size. Here’s what you need to know about the Fortnite new compact SMG, including its expected release date and stats.

Fortnite P90: What Is the New Compact SMG?

The new Fortnite P90 is the latest weapon to work its way into the “coming soon” slot in the title’s in-game menu. It’s described as a “compact SMG,” though is unmistakably based on the real-life P90. Its description reads: “Epic and Legendary rarity SMG that excels at close quarters combat.” This will be the second SMG added in just as many weeks, with close-quarters weapons really dominating the battlefield right now.

If the new Fortnite compact SMG’s magazine size is also based on the P90, then it seems reasonable to expect a huge magazine size and little recoil. We anticipate the disadvantage to be low damage per shot, though this could be offset with the weapon’s Epic and Legendary rarities.

Fortnite P90 Compact SMG Release Date and Stats

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The expected Fortnite P90 release date is this week. The Content Update should arrive on Tuesday, which is expected to implement the new compact SMG for all Battle Royale players to find and use. Its Epic and Legendary rarities should make it more difficult to find, with supply drops and treasure chests being the go-to Fortnite P90 locations.

As for the Fortnite P90 stats, the compact SMG is expected to have a large magazine size, allowing users to keep on spraying. As mentioned above, however, players should expect low damage per shot as this weapon’s weakness.