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Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations 2019 | ‘Dance in front of different’ guide

The Fortnite birthday cake locations are different for 2019, with the second birthday celebrations sending players to different areas. The “Dance in front of different birthday cakes” challenge makes its return, requiring players to get down and boogie in front of ten cakes. A specific dance isn’t required, as even the default dance will be recognized. This means all players are able to take part in the challenge, no matter their level. The birthday cake challenge is also separate from the Battle Pass, meaning it’s totally free to complete. (Our complete guide to the birthday challenges can be found here.)

Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations 2019

While the end of Season 9 (and the beginning of Season 10) is the main event that players are celebrating, there is also another important milestone that developer Epic Games wants to recognize: Fortnite’s second birthday. Yep, the game has now been out in the wild for two whole years. Whether you’ve been busy flossing since the game’s day one launch, or have only just jumped into the zany universe, you now have the ability to celebrate the game’s birthday.

One of the Fortnite Birthday 2019 challenges requires players to “Dance in front of different birthday cakes.” These cakes, for whatever reason, have been strewn about the island at various landmarks. Some are easily spotted at named places, while others are a little more hidden. Use our map below to quickly locate the cakes.

If you remember this challenge from last year, know that the cake locations are slightly different. Again, check the map below to ensure that your knowledge is completely up to date.

Once you’ve located a cake, simply bust out one of your dance moves. If you’ve successfully danced in front of the cake, the game will acknowledge this with a popup showing the number of different cakes that you’ve danced in front of.

Fortnite Birthday Cake Locations