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Fortnite Birthday Challenges 2019 Cheat Sheet

With its second birthday celebration event imminent, we have got wind of the Fortnite Birthday Challenges 2019 edition. You might get stuck on one or all of these tasks, so you will want a cheat sheet to help you complete them. Luckily for you, we are here to help. Read our Fortnite Birthday Challenges 2019 guide to see what tasks await you, and what rewards you will earn. Happy Birthday, Fortnite.

Fortnite Birthday Challenges 2019 | Play matches

Fortnite Birthday Challenges 2019

This first celebratory challenge event is very easy to complete. It’s so simple, in fact, we actually thought about not including it in our guide. We’d be wrong not to add everyone in, though, so here it is.

All you have to do is play 10 matches in Fortnite. That’s it. Once you have finished your 10th and final match, you can pick up a special Frosted wrap for your troubles. It looks so good we could eat it. But we won’t, promise.

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Fortnite Birthday Challenges 2019 | Dance in front of different birthday cakes

Fortnite Birthday Challenges 2019

The next birthday challenge will prove to be slightly more tricky if you don’t know where to look. You will have to dance in front of 10 different birthday cakes that are spread across the Fortnite map. These aren’t hard to spot once you are within touching distance, but the map is so big that you might have trouble actually locating them.

We don’t know where they will be based yet as Epic Games haven’t patched them in. Once we do on Thursday, we’ll provide the locations on a map image.

After you have visited all 10 birthday cake locations, you will tick this task off your list. As a reward, you can spin some groovy birthday music with the B-Day Beats Music Pack. We’re going to party like it’s 1999.

Fortnite Birthday Challenges 2019 | Outlast opponents

Fortnite Birthday Challenges 2019

This will be a breeze of a challenge if you are good at Fortnite. If you aren’t, well, it shouldn’t be that challenging for you, either. It will just take you longer to complete. In order to check this challenge off, you will have to outlast 500 opponents across as many matches as it takes. We bet that you won’t finish dead last or second-to-last in every match, so it won’t take you 500 matches to complete this challenge.

You will have great games and bad ones, however, so don’t sweat it if you start to worry about ticking this one-off. 500 opponents spread over a week or so isn’t that difficult, so you should beat this challenge before the event ends.

If you do, you can pick up the Fortnite second birthday wall spray as a gift. Look at how cute the number two is as the cupcake’s candle. D’aww.

Fortnite Birthday Challenges 2019 | Gain health or shield from birthday cakes

Fortnite Birthday Challenges 2019

The fourth and final birthday celebration event challenges requires you to get health or shield from birthday cakes. Sounds easy enough and it is. All you have to do is replenish 50 health or shield points by eating birthday cake portions.

These should really be located by the giant birthday cakes on the map. If they aren’t, you might find them in chests or crates as consumables. Simply eat them to refill your health or shield bar. Once you hit the required 50 points, you will be golden. Pick up the Birthday Cupcake emoji as your prize for doing so.

Once you have completed all four challenges, you will earn one final reward. It’s the Birthday Slice pickaxe, which is a giant fork with a wedge of birthday cake slapped on its end. Imagine how funny it will be to beat people to death with it. If that amused you, you will want to get your skates on and complete these tasks. Go, go, go!