Final Fantasy Tactics A2: The Sealed Grimoire DS Cheats


Unlock Libra ability early

If you have a copy of Final Fantasy Tactics Advance, put it in the Slot-2 (GBA) of your DS and you will aquire the clan ability 'Libra' at the start of the game.

Clan Abilities

During Luso's summer journal answer the three questions in one of the following orders to unlock a different clan ability from the beginning.


How to Unlock
AP Up 1Answer B, C, C
Clan Up 1Answer B, B, C
Evade Up 1Answer B, A, A
EXP Up 1Answer B, C, B
Gil Up 1Answer B, A, C
Lucky 1Answer B, A, B
Power Up 1Answer B, B, B
Smash Up 1Answer B, B, A
Speed Up 1Answer B, C, A


Unlock Classes

ClassHow to Unlock
ArcanistComplete The Nu Mou Nobles quest
Assassin classComplete quest,Veis Assassin
BeastmasterComplete the quest Knowing the Beast
CannoneerComplete Quest: The Bangaa Brotherhood
Chocobo KnightComplete the Popocho's Chocobos quest
DragoonComplete Kyrra, Dragoon
FighterComplete "To be a Fighter"
FlintlockComplete "Of Kupos and Cannons"
FusilerComplete the Goug Consortium quest
GeomancerComplete "Geomancer's Way - Sun"
Green MageComplete Green Dominion Quest
HeritorComplete "Gifted" Quest
LanistaComplete "A Lanista's Pride"
Master MonkComplete Banbanga!
ParivirComplete "The Eastwatch" quest
RaptorComplete "Instrument of Inspiration"
RavagerDo the quest "Ravager"
ScholarComplete the Treasured Tomes quest
SeerComplete the Cat's Meow quest
SpellbladeComplete "To Be a Spellblade" quest
Trickster Complete the Sleight of Hand quest
VikingComplete the Lord Grayrl! quest

Unlock the FFXII Espers

Complete these quests to unlock items that allow you to summon the Espers from FFXII, as long as you have a full Smash Gauge.

UnlockableHow to Unlock
AdrammelechComplete "The Moorabella Cup"
BeliasComplete "The Comoa Cup"
HashmalComplete "The Fluorgis Cup"
MateusComplete "The Gratzon Cup"
UltimaComplete "Hunted"
ZaleraComplete "The Last Step"
ZeromusComplete "The Five Kings"