Spore PC Cheats

How to Survive a WAR in Space Stage

Stuck in a War with another Empire? Spaceships too powerful for you? Need help defeating their home planet?

Then use this cheat!

First, fly in to their home planet. (It is usually a T-3 planet)

Next, open up the Cheat Console (Control+Shift+C)

Then, type in "refillMotives" without the quotation marks, but DON'T PRESS ENTER!

After that, pull out your MEGA LASER! (If you don't have one, buy one from another empire.)

Next, start shooting your Laser! I recommend destroying turrets, then destroy any two buildings before targeting the City Hall. (The big building in the middle.)

After that, rival spaceships will start flying at you! Shoot them down with your Laser or Missles!

Then, if your health is low, PAUSE THE GAME BEFORE SHOOTING MORE! Open up the cheat console (Control+Shift+C) and press enter! (If you still have refillMotives on the bar.) Then you will restore your health AND your energy!

Next, keep shooting down cities and conquer the Home Planet!

After that, they should surrender. Repeat all these steps on their colonies and they should disappear from the galaxy. (Which means VICTORY!)

See spore creators XD

Do you wanna see spore creators for fun XD

It is simple

1)First go to the menu

2)Then just turn around the screen over and over and over... FAST

3)And do it until you see pictures

4)happy turning ;D

Cheat Codes

Press Ctrl+Shift+C to open the console screen then type a code into the console and hit enter.

Code                                                Effect
capturePlanetGIFCaptures a spinning GIF of the planet you are on and dumps to AnimatedAvatars directory.
setConsequenceTrait (trait)cell carnivore, cell_herbivore, cell_omnivore, creature_aggressive, creature_social, creature_mixed, tribe_aggressive, tribe_social, tribe_mixed, civ_
stylefilter -nonechange view back to normal
help (command)Explains action and usage of a command.
styleFilter -oilPaintGives the game an oil painting effect
addDNAincrease how much DNA you have to spend.
moreMoneyIncreases your money in Civilization or Space stages.
helpLists all cheats and debug commands.
killallhintsRemoves all hints from the game.
refillMotivesReplenishes depleted health and other motives.
SetTime (h, m)Sets time of day at the Avatar's position, and optionally a speed multiplier.
freeCamToggles free camera mode.
unlockSuperWeaponsUnlocks all superweapons for your Civilization type.
spaceCreateUnlocks and recharges all creation tools in Space Mode.
styleFilter -filmNoirView game in black & white



Hidden Heads

At the title screen get the galaxy spinning with your mouse and after a few seconds, Will Wright's and other folks who worked on the game's heads will fly out from the center of the vortex.



Cheat Codes for Creature Creator

Press [CTRL]+[SHIFT]+[C] while in edit/create mode to bring up the cheat window.

Code                         Effect
AddDNAAdd 150 DNA Points
helpList Codes


Start Tribal stage with two domesticated animals

Before you finish the Creature stage,make sure you have members of other tribes in your pack. When you evolve to the Tribal stage, your pack members will turn into domesticated animals in your tribe's pen.


Cell Stage Achievements

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Aluminum CellFinish the Cell stage on Hard difficulty.
Cell AddictFinish the Cell stage 25 times.
CompletistUnlock all the parts in Cell stage.
Creature Stage UnlockedPlay enough of the Cell stage to unlock the Creature stage.
LandfallFinish the Cell stage and clamber onto the planet's surface!
PacifistFinish the Cell stage without killing another creature.
SpeedfreakFinish the Cell stage in under 8 minutes.


Civilization Stage Achievements

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Adamantium CivilizationFinish the Civilization stage on Hard difficulty.
ConclusionFinish the Civilization stage by launching ICBMS and destroying all other cities.
EconomistFinish the Civilization stage with more than 8 economic cities.
Fear of FlyingComplete the Civilization stage without buying any air vehicles.
Ghetto BlasterMake 10 Anthems.
Military StrongmanFinish the Civilization stage with more than 8 military cities.
MissionaryFinish the Civilization stage with more than 8 religious cities.
RelentlessComplete the Civilization stage 10 times.
Rolling ThunderComplete the Civilization stage in less than an hour.
Space Stage UnlockedPlay enough of the Civilization stage to unlock the Space stage.
Spice HoarderControl every spice node on the planet simultaneously.
StarmanConquer all the other cities in the Civilization stage and launch your first space vessel.


Creature Stage Achievements

UnlockableHow to Unlock
BestialComplete the Creature stage 10 times.
CerberusEvolve a creature with three heads in the Creature Stage.
DevourerEat 50 different species across any number of games.
Epic KillerKill an Epic Creature in the Creature stage.
Everyone's BFFFinish the Creature stage by befriending at least 20 other species.
EvolverFinish Creature stage.
Flight of the BumblebeeFly for over 200 meters without touching the ground.
FoeExtinct at least 20 other species in Creature stage.
General CusterLead 30 posse members to their death in the Creature Stage.
Iron CreatureFinish the Creature stage on Hard difficulty.
Max PowerBuild a creature with max stats in at least four abilities while playing the Creature stage.
SluggerFinish Creature Stage without using legs.
SocialiteMeet 200 creatures made by other players.
Speed DemonComplete the Creature stage in less than an hour.
SurvivorComplete the Creature stage without dying.
Tribe Stage UnlockedPlay enough of the Creature stage to unlock the Tribe stage.
Village FolksHave three posse members from different species.


General Achievements

UnlockableHow to Unlock
ArchitectCreate and share 50 buildings.
Automotive EngineerMake and publish 50 vehicles.
BiologistCreate and publish 100 different creatures.
Can't Win For LosingDie at least once in every stage of Spore.
CreatorSpend more than 50 hours in the Creators.
De'ja` VuStumble across one of your own creations when exploring the universe.
Front Page NewsHave one of your creations or Sporecasts featured on the Spore website.
Galactic GodEvolve a creature from cell to intergalactic space traveler in one continuous game.
Pathological CheaterUse a cheat more than 50 times.
PhotographerSend a photo or video to a friend from the Test Drive mode.
Rising StarHave 5 different Sporecasts subscribed to by at least 10 different people.
Social EngineerMake 5 Sporecasts of 50 assets or more.
Spore AddictSpend 100 hours in your Spore galaxy.
Spore FanSpend 50 hours in your Spore galaxy.
Universe in a BoxPlay every game level and use every creator at least once.


Space Stage Achievements

UnlockableHow to Unlock
42Find the Center of the Galaxy.
Alter EgoPlayed Space as all 10 archetypes.
Alter Ego's Alter EgoAchieve Master Badge Level 10 as all archetypes.
Bard HeroAchieved Master Badge Level 10 as Bard.
Bard PassionPlay as Bard.
Bio EngineerEdit 25 creatures with the Creature Tweaker.
Careless ParentLose 5 planets.
Civil EngineerPromote 20 alien tribes to civilizations.
ConquistadorCapture 15 star systems.
Diplomat HeroAchieved Master Badge Level 10 as Diplomat.
Diplomat PassionPlay as Diplomat.
Ecologist HeroAchieved Master Badge Level 10 as Ecologist.
Ecologist PassionPlay as Ecologist.
Empire BuilderMaximize colonies on 10 planets.
GunnerDestroy at least 500 other spaceships.
Identity CrisisForge an alliance between two space faring races of your own creation.
Knight HeroAchieved Master Badge Level 10 as Knight.
Knight PassionPlay as Knight.
Manifest DestinyFind Earth.
Maxis ScoutEarn 100 badges in the Space stage.
Oh the Humanity!Gained for destroying Earth using a Planet Buster in the Space Stage.
Palm GreaserPay 50 bribes in the Space stage.
Quest MasterComplete 150 missions in the Space stage.
Quietus StarDestroy 20 planets.
Scientist HeroAchieved Master Badge Level 10 as Scientist.
Scientist PassionPlay as Scientist.
Shaman HeroAchieved Master Badge Level 10 as Shaman.
Shaman PassionPlay as Shaman.
Split PersonalityComplete a "Change Archetype" mission.
Super PilotSpend at least 40 hours piloting your spaceship.
ThiefSteal 50 crates of spice in the Space stage.
Trader HeroAchieved Master Badge Level 10 as Trader.
Trader PassionPlay as Trader.
Wanderer HeroAchieved Master Badge Level 10 as Wanderer.
Wanderer PassionPlay as Wanderer.
Warrior HeroAchieved Master Badge Level 10 as Warrior.
Warrior PassionPlay as Warrior.
Zealot HeroAchieved Master Badge Level 10 as Zealot.
Zealot PassionPlay as Zealot.
Zoo KeeperMake 15 zoo planets.


Tribal Stage Achievements

UnlockableHow to Unlock
Civilization Stage UnlockedPlay enough of the Tribe stage to unlock the Civilization stage.
Domestic BlissDomesticate and farm three different species.
Ergonomically TerrificComplete the Tribal stage in less than an hour.
FounderComplete the Tribal stage and build a city.
MedicHeal one of your tribe members back to full health 5x in a single game during the Tribal Stage.
Steel TribeFinish the Tribal stage on Hard difficulty.
TribalComplete the Tribal stage 10 times.
Tribal SocialiteConvert all 5 other tribes to your belief system.
ViciousKill all members of all 5 other tribes and raze their villages.
Watchful ParentComplete the Tribal stage without the death of a single tribe member.

Thanks to Revolution Reader Wolfform!