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Fortnite Whiplash: How to Get the Whiplash Fortnite Skin

Fortnite is full of cosmetic items to buy. The Fortnite Cash Shop updates daily with new skins, emotes and other cosmetics to purchase. Fortnite Season 5 is no different, and many new outfits have found their way into the game, including the Fortnite Whiplash skin. What is the Whiplash skin? How do you get the Whiplash Fortnite skin? We reveal all below.

How Do I Get the Fortnite Whiplash Skin?

“Brake for no one” is the Whiplash outfit. To download the Fortnite Whiplash skin, all you need to do is pop into the Cash Shop. Once there, you’ll need to fork over 800 V-Bucks. The uncommon outfit is a part of the Racer Royale Set. This includes the Victory lap pickaxe and the Checker glider.

You can equip the Whiplash outfit in the Locker screen before any match begins.

What is the Fortnite Whiplash Skin?

fortnite whiplash skin

The Whiplash skin is a female only outfit. It’s a skin-tight suit featuring a split-down-the-middle design of black and yellow. Black-and-white checkered details such as a belt, collar, and leg-straps finish the look. Black boots with yellow laces accompany the outfit.

When Can I Buy the Fortnite Whiplash Skin?

An uncommon outfit, the Whiplash outfit will appear from time to time in the daily Item Shop. Its rotation has been fairly heavy and it has been up for sale 11 times since April 3rd, 2018. It was last a featured item on July 1st. While we don’t know for certain when the Whiplash skin will return, we can look at its rotation history for a bit of advice. It was last available on July 10. Generally, it is rotated every couple of weeks, so the Whiplash outfit should appear again before long.

What’s our advice if you want to know exactly when the Whiplash skin will return? Check the Cash Shop every day. It rotates daily. The Fortnite Whiplash outfit should crop up before long.