Box art - Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle

DBZ Dokkan Battle Android 21: How to Get Android 21

Android 21 is coming to Dokkan Battle soon. This character premiered as part of the story mode in Dragon Ball FighterZ, and this will be her second ever appearance. Getting the Android 21 Dokkan Battle card will be a significant coup for players as it’s one of the few cards that comes with transformation mechanics. Read on below to find out more about the DBZ Dokkan Battle Android 21 card.

How to Get Android 21 in DBZ Dokkan Battle

According to an issue of V-Jump magazine, Android 21 will start with SSR rarity. The initial card will be Android 21 (Transformed) “An Explosive Appetite.” Getting Awakening Medals in an event and using them on the card will trigger her transformation into Android 21 (Transformed) “Violent, Predatory Impulses” and level the card up into Ultra Rare. The card will be able to level up a third time by meeting as yet unannounced battle requirements. The third and most powerful evolution is Android 21 (Transformed – Evil) “Violent, Predatory Impulses.”

We don’t know when Android 21 will hit the game, but it looks like she’ll be included as part of a special event crossing over Dragon Ball FighterZ and Dokkan Battle called “The Super Warriors Saga.” This event will be taking place in August, so expect Android 21 to hit the game in the next month.

Android 21 has the cells of all the Z-Fighters, Frieza, and Majin Buu, and is the strongest Android revealed to date. Unfortunately, she also inherited the Android’s drive to absorb others and take their power. Though she has a good side which is similar to Android 16, she also has an evil side that gets out of control and seeks to destroy and devour strong fighters.

Android 21 should make a great addition to anyone’s Dokkan Battle roster, and you’ll be able to get her in the coming month.