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                              Beautiful Katamari


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  =Stage 1: Egg School                                                   [ST01]

  =Stage 2: Delightful Dirigible                                         [ST02]

  =Stage 3: Oasis Cafe                                                   [ST03]

  =Stage 4: Lady Luck Casino                                             [ST04]

  =Stage 5: Sunrise Castle                                               [ST05]

  =Stage 6: Roller Roaster                                               [ST06]

  =Stage 7: Cloud 9 Forest                                               [ST07]

  =Stage 8: Seadome                                                      [ST08]

  =Stage 9: Coolhouse                                                    [ST09]

  =Stage 10: Shani Circuit                                               [ST10]

  =Stage 11: Dynaville                                                   [ST11]

  =Stage 12: Schloss Kosmos                                              [ST12]

  =Stage 13: Chateau Notre Desir                                         [ST13]

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  Walkthrough                                                            [WKTR]


 100 Points / 120 Points numbers are reference only. It may vary depending on

the number of target items collected.

 Some presents/cousins only appear in Normal mode and not Eternal mode.


 Control and Tips                                                        [CTRL]


-Basic controls

 Push both sticks forward to go forward.

 Push both sticks backward to go backward.

 Push both sticks backward while going forward to stop in a hurry.

 Push both sticks to the same side to sidestep.

 Push one stick forward to rotate to that direction.

 Alternate each sticks forward and backward to dash.

 Press both sticks (click) to quick turn.


 When the items you're aiming for is not lined up to the direction you're

going, push one stick forward and the other stick backwards to turn instead of

pushing sideways or backwards. Because it's much faster going forward you'll

almost always want to push forward to save time and gain momentum.

 If there is a chance of bumping into a large item, walls, or moving items that

can block your path, do not use dash. Bumping into an object can seem like a

small deal, but if you lose any items that was inside your katamari, you're

losing more time and size compared to the time you saved by using dash.

 Pick a good starting spot. Usually this means finding a starting point with

easy size boosters around the point. For example, if you start at 5cm, and just

start at any spot, it'll take several seconds to get up to let's say 6cm. In

the meantime you fail to pick up items that are 6cm~7cm. If you pick a starting

spot with say tons of coins or tons of sugar cubes, you can go up to 7cm in

less than 2 seconds.

 This doesn't mean you're saving a few seconds going from 5cm to 7cm. It means

you'll have opportunity to pick up 7cm items earlier, which can make a big

difference between taking 10 seconds to 6cm and taking 2 seconds to 7cm. It's

quite crucial to make the earlier part of the stage near perfect, so that you

don't have to replay a longer than 10 minutes mission because you failed the

stage by a few seconds.

 Rolling 8 seconds faster in the early part of the stage can end up as having

30 seconds left over versus few seconds short. Yes, restarting stages to pick

a good starting position can take up some loading, but weigh the two. A minute

loading versus redoing a 18 minute stage because you failed.

 When going for 120 Points, be patient. It's very unlikely that you get 120

Points on your first try except a couple stages. Expect at least 5 tries to get

100 Points, and another 5 tries to go from 100 Points to 120 Points. This

number is assuming you're familiar with the game first, like if you've played

the previous Katamari games or something.

 There's no perfect route. There are hundreds and thousands of items that you

can pick up in a given area. There's no need to exactly follow my route. I mean

, there's no difference between picking up 30 items going clockwise, and

picking up 30 items going counter-clockwise. I may have said go right first,

but if you find going left more suitable for you please do so.



 -Stage 1: Egg School

 Planet: Moon

 Time Limit: None

 Objective: Roll up Marcy

 Target Item: None

 120 Points: 50cm

 Present: 1. Camera - Near the starting position

 Cousin: 1. Marcy - Outer rim, in the ball

         2. Prince - Outer rim, in the ball when playing as Marcy

 This is a tutorial stage. Basically the controls are explained in this level.

Once you get the hang of it, feel free to collect stuff. Start with the small

objects and when you're almost done with them your katamari will be big enough

to tackle the small walls.

 At that size you can roll up Marcy by mistake and finish the stage with a tiny

katamari, so try to avoid the balls for now. Roll up floors and the outer walls

maybe some angels too. Roll towards the windows and you can climb up the

windows to grab more wall pieces. When you're done with pretty much everything

in stage, roll up Marcy and the stage will end.

 Since there's no time limit, take your time to collect everything possible and

you'll be likely to end up with ~51cm which will net you 120 points.


 You can go change your character to Marcy, and play the stage again to roll

the Prince.



 -Stage 2: Delightful Dirigible

 Planet: Satellite

 Time Limit: 3min

 Objective: 20cm

 Target Item: Playful things

 100 Points: 33cm

 120 Points: 36cm

 Present: 1. Ring Toss - On top of a center table facing the door

 Cousin: 1. Huey - Across the sewing set

 Now the random starting position plays a roll in getting high points. It looks

like the shelf starting position is the best when aiming for 120 points. Mainly

because of the tons of coins there to boost size very quickly.

 If you start at the shelf, slowly roll down while the King is talking. If you

roll up something the clock will start. Collect small things on your way to

the table. Roll around the table, and go across to the outer edge around the

room. Go back to the table and to the lower level around the room.

 Now head to the kitchen, there are bunch of stuff on the tabletop. Sweep

across the kitchen, there should be a lot of things even though they may be


 Go past the old man and sweep everything you can. As you run out of things to

roll up, you would be getting closer to 36cm or maybe already bigger than that.

 I forgot where I got the present and Cousin, I think I was big (>20cm) when I

got them so I didn't really see them. You'll very probably get them when aiming

for 100 points.



 -Stage 3: Oasis Cafe

 Planet: Mercury

 Time Limit: 5min

 Objective: 50cm

 Target Item: Drink

 100 Points: 81cm

 120 Points: 91cm

 Present: 1. Glasses - On top of a wardrobe at the park

          2. Scarf - On the top shelf inside candy store inner room

 Cousin: 1. Kunihiro - Running between two rooms

         2. Johnson - At the part on top of lunch

 Drinks come in various sizes, so don't limit your thinking to canned drinks.

Roll around the room to build your Katamari size first. Ground floor has a lot

of small things, you can try the Shogi boards for high concentration of Shogi


 Once your Katamari got bigger, head to the center table. There are boxes of

small drinks. And work your way to the edge of the room again. If your Katamari

got one size biggere then you can head outside. Before that sweep the room one

more time for more stuff.

 Work on ground floor, if you see bottled drinks on second floor go grab it.

You'll very likely pick up other things on the way anyway.

 Head outside. Go to the hamburger shop to your right, pick up stuff on your

way. It doesn't matter if you choose the front door or the back door because

you'll cover almost the entire burger shop anyway. I like to use the back door.

 Roll up things on the ground, then use the broomstick to climb up. Up to the

shelf to pick up some food, then fall to the grill. Back to the tip of the

broom, and to the window side in front of the customers. Now cover the cashiers

area and fall to the ground. Roll up things and head out the main door.

 Now you'll have to cover the entire park. Do not bump into things that are

obviously bigger, like the penguin. When you get bigger, backtrack to the candy

shop/burgershop area to pick up things you couldn't before. And then back to

the park for every last piece of stuff.

 Big Tripper area should have been unlocked at this point. Each area holds 3-4





 -Stage 4: Lady Luck Casino

 Planet: Venus

 Time Limit: 5min

 Objective: 60cm

 Target Item: Expensive

 100 Points: 1m25cm

 120 Points: 1m50cm

 Present: 1. Crown - On top of the sofa

          2. Cloak - In the garden, first left quarter circular bush

 Cousin: 1. Twinkle - Flying around the top shelf located left of the sofa

         2. Paula - Walking around a lake with lotus leaves floating

 Expensive things include metals, money, handbags, cocktail, anything that's

on the luxurious end of things. The starting position doesn't really matter as

long as you are close to the casino table and spot a stack of sugar cubes or

caramels. I like to start near the roulette, there are caramels nearby.

 First off while the King is talking, find a stack of sugar cubes or caramels

without picking up anything. One stack of those will make your size bigger than

6cm, then head to the stack of chips. Roll those up and you'll quickly increase

in size. Go on top of the paperbill stairs to the sofa, and on top of the sofa

there's a trail of rings, collect them all.

 Head straight up to the shelf, and roll up the mountain of trump cards. Dive

in to the fruit plate, you'll find expensive fruits. Now hunt around for

expensive things. There's a wine cellar right underneath the fruit plate table

and there's another stack of wine with expensive keys instead of corks on the

other side of the room.

 Sweep the room a couple times for expensive stuff and size. You don't want to

come back here later to find out small expensive things have disappeared since

your katamari has grown too big.

 Now head out of the room, sweep the floor. Before you exit, on the left side

there's a secret stack of gold bars and diamonds. Get them all for expensive

and quite some size too. Knock on the handbag tree as well. You can go back

in to the room for things you missed since you're bigger now.

 Exit to the garden and roll things up. Around 1m50cm you can send humans

flying, before that you can roll up pets.

 Now the important thing from now on is, the size guideline is for rough

measure. Even if you have 1m 35cm you may get less than 100 points, even if you

have 1m 70cm you may get 100 points. This is due to the small number of

expensive things you rolled up. Make sure your higher priority is the expensive

ones when things are of similar size.

 Subzero area and Sunrise Castle stage should have been unlocked. You're free

to go with your preferred stage first. It doesn't affect anything.



 -Stage 5: Sunrise Castle

 Planet: Comet

 Time Limit: 6min

 Objective: 2m

 Target Item: Japanese

 100 Points: 3m20cm

 120 Points: 3m80cm

 Present: 1. Party Whistle - On frying pan's handle

          2. Samurai Hair - Behind a stall in park

          3. Katana - Near the roots of carrot farm

 Cousin: 1. Odeon - On the shelf in front of 2 toys

         2. Fujiro - At the center of of blocks next to Takoyaki stand

         3. Ryu - Underneath a bridge

 When the stage stars, aim for the trail of Shogi pieces for initial size boost

there are also trail of coins. And then keep rolling until you get big enough

to exit, you should be very familiar with this candy shop at this point. So I

don't think I'll have to walk you through this part. Let's say make your

katamari about 30cm because there are some Japanese things in here.


 Head to the hamburger shop as usual, collect until you get 50~55cm, then exit.

Again, the hamburger shop should be somewhat familiar too. This part is mainly

for quick size boost so don't hang out here forever.

 Go to the park, there are a lot of Japanese stuff around here so collect them

for a while and head across town. You can get tons of Takoyaki before you leave

too. Also there is a mask stand, candy apples, wishing plates, you will become

~1m when you collect all those.

 Now this town is filled with bigger Japanese stuff. Get whatever looks very

Japanese, including people wearing Japanese clothes and Ninjas. The town is

quite big, so keep rolling around till the end. Mainly aim around the houses

for a size boost, and then annihilate with your massive katamari. Get on top

of the roofs for easy to pick up Japanese stuffs.

 Go back to the park to pick up big Japanese stuff you missed early on.

 Now Tropiquasor area and Cloud 9 Forest should have been unlocked.



 -Stage 6: Roller Roaster

 Planet: Mars

 Time Limit: None

 Objective: Reach 10,000'C

 Target Item: Hot

 100 Points: Reach 10,000'C in less than 2min41sec

 120 Points: Reach 10,000'C in less than 1min53sec

 Present: 1. Peacock - Hamburger shop on the table

          2. Lolipop - In town where a series of people jump

 Cousin: 1. Miso - Burger shop behind 2 spinning ships

         2. Lalala - On top of riceball in the middle of the river

 This is a funky stage where you have to make your Katamari hot, instead of

just big. The temperature will gradually decrease, and cold items significantly

decrease the katamari's temperature. Look for steam and flame to locate hot

items, and use your intuition to avoid cold food. (Hot ICE cream anyone?)

 Roll around the burger shop, where there are tons of hot food. Just scavenge

around and you can build your katamari to 5,000'C solely in the burger shop.

Things are small, so watch your Katamari size as well as the temperature.

There are containers that pop out items when you hit them. Some contain hot

items like Ramen, some contain cold drinks so if you know drinks are coming out

evade them.

 Once you can go out, do so. Grab whatever food you can, your main goal here is

to get the tower of pots as fast as you can. Don't bother bumping into big

things even though they're fiery. Grab the first burning pots in front of an

old man. Proceed and get the large tower, but be careful if you're not too hot

to begin with, a gigantic ice cream on top can kill your temperature.

 This stage is a race against clock while avoiding cold things, than collecting

many of hot things. Whatever isn't cold will raise the temperature, so.



 -Stage 7: Cloud 9 Forest

 Planet: Jupitor

 Time Limit: 6min

 Objective: 5m

 Target Item: Plant

 100 Points: 12m

 120 Points: 14m

 Present: 1. Flower - A fairy is holding it in the garden

          2. Handbag - Left side of a ranch behind a house

          3. Mustache - Behind circuit's stands

 Cousin: 1. Ichigo - Walking around the circular shape in the garden

         2. Pu - On prize stand in the lake (sea?)

         3. Kinoko - On top of a hill, mushroom

 First if you start in front of the house, knock the cocktails off for a size

boost. Roll around the garden quickly, and go around the garden to the swimming

pool, there are small plants you can roll and some easy to pick up size boost


 Now get out of the garden, collect merchant stands to the right. Then head to

the lake to get all (if you can) for lotus leaves. Obviously you want to get

as many plants as possible because it's REALLY hard to get 120 on this stage.

 Once you've grown to 3m, head to the circuit. Now your size will increase at

much faster speed. Roll up people, barrels, cars, trees and stuff. It's about

equally good all around town so you can go any way you want. Big Katamari means

more degree of freedom.

 The problem is, it's quite hard to balance between plants and size. If you

pick up a lot of junks, you'll require bigger Katamari, whereas if you focus on

plants you'll produce a similar score with smaller Katamari.



 -Stage 8: Seadome

 Planet: Neptune

 Time Limit: 8min

 Objective: 25m

 Target Item: Ocean-related

 100 Points: 45m

 120 Points: 65m

 Present: 1. Survival Kit - Floating on the river

          2. Secret Wig - On top of a boat floating around the circus.

          3. Headphone - In the sea

 Cousin: 1. Beyond - Near the TV station

         2. Marny - Rolling a katamari on a road

         3. Mu - Standing in the lake next to two headed monster

 When you start, start collecting small things. Try to get to 1m50cm by the

time you reach the TV station. Knock off all the kids and roll them up to gain

size. And start destroying the TV station, until your katamari size is just

under 3m. Not only will you have a hard time getting to 3m, that size katamari

will stuck on doors easily and waste your time.

 Now move past the 3m line, roll up gorillas and drums. Quickly go through

school playground, follow the tracks to roll up fallen boulders. You probably

already have discovered the boulders but anyway.

 Go to the other side of town, and roll up stack of vehicles (You know this

place already as well, right?) Work your size up to 12m and head to the casino

house. You'll gain a few meters on the way and that'll help.

 Roll up boats, instead of going over the 12m line. And then head to the sea

for islands. Go inlands, and it's now time for building katamari.

 When you get tired of (what used to be) the city, head to the sea. Because

you want to pick up every remaining ocean related things out there.

 Coolhouse and Shani Circuit should have been unlocked. Go with whichever one

you prefer.



 -Stage 9: Coolhouse

 Planet: Pluto

 Time Limit: 3min

 Objective: 1m

 Target Item: Cold

 100 Points: 1m70cm

 120 Points: 2m

 Present: 1. Mask - Next to the wall, in the river of garden, next to bridge.

          2. Streamer - On top of table in a room upstairs

 Cousin: 1. June - In a fish tank in the middle of first floor

         2. Sherman - Walking on frozen lake

 If you start inside the house, get to the door without picking up anything

while the King is talking. As soon as the stage starts, go through the door

and collect the cocktails.

 Roll around the garden till ~40cm and head inside. Head to the secret stash.

This time it's full of 360 consoles. Collect them all and you'll be 50cm


 Head out to the swimming pool side of the garden. There are tons of 360

wireless controllers in front of a penguin. As far as Katamari goes I hate 360

controllers. My hands were fine with PS2 controllers on both Katamaris I've

played, but 360 controller gave me bruises =P. There are more consoles here

and there.

 Collect things in the garden and give a quick spin inside the house.

Go back out and grab penguins and skis. Move around and use the green garden

to get 1m70cm. At this point you can roll up people, and can't go into

the house (Katamari is too big).

 But it's okay there are plenty of things in the garden to keep us occupied.



 -Stage 10: Shani Circuit

 Planet: Saturn

 Time Limit: 7min

 Objective: 300 rings

 Target Item: Ring-shaped

 100 Points: 2000 rings

 120 Points: 2300 rings

 Present: 1. Horn - In a cart rolling around a fountain

          2. Rear end of the train

 Cousin: 1. Ban-Ban - Floating around the yacht

         2. Nickel - Rolling a Katamari in the road.

 Okay, this is a tricky stage. It's very easy to clear it, but it requires more

work to get high points.

 Grab some tubes at the seaside pool, some bicycles. And sweep the stalls for

more ring things. Get some tires, although it doesn't count toward the ring

count you can grab the musicians for size boost. Go over the green archway and

underneath, go around town grab stuff and build the size. Aim for 600 count

when you reach 3m.

 Go over the fence to the new area, anything smaller than 4m is too small to

tackle vehicles, so grab ring things on the side of roads instead of staying

on the road. There are some tire-men walking about, they're tall but composed

of tires so you can grab the entire thing and boost the size and count at the

same time.

 Guess what cars have? 4 tires of course! When you get big, aim for traffic.

At the beach there's a tower of cycles between 4 heavy vehicles. And a bus will

fall at the end. Whatever you do, main priority on vehicles.

 Once you get bigger than 12m, don't be afraid to tackle houses, you're bound

to pick up some ring things during the process.

 After 2,000 ring count, you probably ran out of obvious ring things. A good

strategy would be just go over a place with high concentration of stuff. You'll

have no idea what you're picking up but some of them have to be ring things.

 Getting bigger is only half the point, you want to pick up ring things first.

Forget the really big ring things, instead of picking up dozen islands to grab

4 super size tires just grabbing a couple cycles will benefit you more.



 -Stage 11: Dynaville

 Planet: Sun

 Time Limit: 10min

 Objective: 500m

 Target Item: Energy

 100 Points: 1.45km

 120 Points: 2.10km

 Present: 1. Bag - On top of roof supported by 2 horses

          2. Long Nose - Carried by flying Santa

          3. Cap - Behind a building where elephant is on

          4. Guitar - On top of volcano

 Cousin: 1. Shikao - On a leaf in a road with a girl doing giant swing

         2. Shignolo - An intersection near the christmas tree

         3. Peso - Riding on a blue plane

         4. Nai-Nai - On a boat near frozen island

         5. Odeko - Next to an island with two towers

 Start near the sea side sumo wrestlers. Grab the small stuff, go on merchant

stalls for their items. You can very quickly reach 2m. Then head to the rich

house, sweep the garden for a quick size boost. Head out and roll up more

things to reach 3m.

 Head to the next area. Start with small things and move on to cars and booths

and whatever else you like. Quickly roll around and get to ~10m. Head back to

the sea side area, picking up things on the way. Once 12m is reached, pick up

the yachts and houses.

 Now feel free to annihilate the city. Roll up the entire area and you'll get

80~90m easily. Head to the 60m blockage once the city is gone. Destroy that

city as well, then move on to the frosty land. Grab the lands and you'll grow

in size in no time. Alternate between land and sea until you get to 300m.

 Head out to the sea and pull out the islands. They'll pop out like carrots.

Follow the trail of islands and you'll reach 500m. Now you can roll up the

mainland as well. It takes less than a minute from 500m to 1km, since mainland

pieces are SO big.

 Roll over lands and you'll find some lands will shake but not grabbed. You'll

need to just roll around picking smaller land until you get to 1.5km. Once you

get to 1.5km, your katamari will increase fast again, bigger lands add a lot.

When nearing 1.8km, things slow down a bit, there aren't much to collect. So

cover lots of ground (I mean sea) to roll up quantity.

 Surprisingly, you'll end up with a lot of Energy items, I'm guessing you roll

them up when the land bits are popped out.



 -Stage 12: Schloss Kosmos

 Planet: Giant

 Time Limit: 18m

 Objective: 10,000km

 Target Item: Powerful

 100 Points: 1,000,000km

 120 Points: 1,400,000km

 Present: 1. Goggle - On flamengo's back near starting postion

          2. Rabbit - On top of snowtop mountain

          3. Giraffe - Near an upside down giant man

          4. Omen - On snow mountain near a giant penguin

          5. Train - Found in universe somewhere

 Cousin: 1. Lucha - Boxing with a Kangaroo

         2. Kenta - Golf course around school

         3. Havana - Amusement park

         4. Macho - Baseball stadium

         5. Nick - Near an island with dinosaurs

         6. Mag - On Rocky Mountain

         7. Ace - In the universe

 This stage requires very little walkthrough because it's a compilation of most

previous stages in one. But I'll try to be specific.

 Build 1.5m from town, get 3m in TV station, go through 3m barricade and quick

run of school. Go to train station, make 6m and take on traffic. Head to the

rich house, build 12m and go through. Annihilate towns, build a couple dozen

over 60m, and go through 60m barricade.

 Pure carnage till you get to 300m. Then take the lands to increase to 500m.

Take on mainland to 1km. Keep working to 2km.

 Now you'll find out this stage has far more things compared to the last one.

Things slow down when you near 2.5km, but once you hit 2.5km more things spawn.

It won't be too hard to hit 3km. Once you do, you won't believe how fast your

Katamari grows.

 Quickly get to 1000km, if you're reading this prior to playing you'll be like

"what the heck?" but 1000km won't take long. Work to 2400km, then start working

on things on the land opposed to the land itself.

 At about 3800km you'll start to pick up piece of continents. Before I can tell

what size the katamari is, entire continent starts to get rolled up.

 Roll most of the Earth and 10,000km! Now you get 2 extra minutes, and get to

roll the Milky Way. You'll be 300,000km in no time, the world will grow a bit


 A black hole appears, which is a stage objective. Try not to get sucked in or

roll it if you want high points. As you work your way out of the black hole

you'll grow bigger and free from the suction.

 It's hard to tell what can be rolled up and what's background. But your

katamari will increase at pretty much random. After ~1,200,000km you can tackle

the King. After you grab the king and work your way up to 1,500,000km King will

end the stage.

 If you have trouble getting over 1m or 1.4~1.5m there are some things to do.

Beat all previous stages 10 times on Normal mode to create 10 planets of each.

Before UFOs and other stars get sucked up by the Black Hole, stay close to the

Black Hole and grab them first. You can get on the back of the King by rolling

up the Rainbow.



 -Stage 13: Chateau Notre Desir

 Planet: Uranus

 Time Limit: None

 Objective: 60m

 Target Item: Varies

 100 Points: 3212 Memories

 120 Points: 3328 Memories

 Present: 1. Horse - On top of a bottled ship

          2. King Mask - On top of a swimming fish surrounded by yachts

          3. Pinwheel - Near a golf course

          4. Thunder Drum - Near the factory area

          5. Premium Omen - In a city near raining blue demon

          6. Brother - Near London

          7. Twinkle Twinkle - Black Hole

 Cousin: 1. Velvet - Under the fireplace

         2. Norn - Pond of the garden

         3. Jungle - Near the root of tree left of garden circled by someone

         4. Natsuo - River between the circuit and factories

         5. Kuro - Near spinning Budha

         6. Daisy - Behind a mountain with a Kanji

         7. Foomin - Between the Twin Tower

         8. Slip - Japan

         9. Dipp - Next to Venus

 King will tell you which item to collect. Once you hit 60m, no more memories

will be added. So try to collect smaller items of the requested category.

My first try was 99 Points. So getting 100 points isn't too hard. Just use your

intuition to figure out which item belongs to which category. Personally Japan

category gave me most trouble, especially when 50m+.

 The best way to get 100/120 Points is to minimize picking up things that are

not the requested category. Sometimes you unwillingly pick up unwanted things

because the katamari is too big. While that's hard to avoid, it's easy to

remember which items belong to which category.


  Achievements                                                           [ACHV]


-Offline Achievements

 =Cousin Achievements

  10 Cousins (5) Find 10 Cousins.

  20 Cousins (10) Find 20 Cousins.

  30 Cousins (20) Find 30 Cousins.

  40 Cousins (40) Find 40 Cousins.

 =Presents Achievements

  10 Presents (5) Collect 10 Presents.

  20 Presents (10) Collect 20 Presents.

  30 Presents (20) Collect 30 Presents.


 =Request Achievements

  Request x 3 (5) Complete 3 Requests.

  Request x 6 (5) Complete 6 Requests.

  Request x 9 (20) Complete 9 Requests.

  All Requests (60) Complete all Requests.

  Katamari Fan (40) Complete 100 Requests. (Secret)

  Katamari Lover (80) Complete 200 Requests. (Secret)

 =Collection Achievements

  Collection 20% (5) Roll up 20% of the Collection.

  Collection 40% (10) Roll up 40% of the Collection.

  Collection 60% (20) Roll up 60% of the Collection.

  Collection 80% (40) Roll up 80% of the Collection.

  Collection 100% (80) Roll up 100% of the Collection. (Secret)

 =Katamari Size Achievements

  Mini Katamari (5) Make a katamari that's 30cm or more!

  Small Katamari (5) Make a katamari that's 1m or more!

  Sorta Big Katamari (5) Make a katamari that's 5m or more!

  Big Katamari (10) Make a katamari that's 30m or more!

  Jumbo Katamari (20) Make a katamari that's 500m or more!

  Colossal Katamari (60) Make a katamari that's 10,000km or more!

 =Playtime Achievements

  50 Hours Playtime (40) Played for 50 hours. (Secret)

  100 Hours Playtime (80) Played for 100 hours. (Secret)

 =Other Achievements

  Katamari Perfectionist (100) Clear all Normal Time Attack mode (Secret)

  Speedy Roller (10) Hint: Zip through the course with Dash.

  Quick Turner (10) Hint: Use Quick Turn to your advantage.

  Manic Roller (20) Hint: Running into walls will destroy your katamari.

  Non-stop Roller (30) Hint: Roll through the course without stopping once.

  Responsible Roller (30) Hint: Roll through the course without bumping into

                          any objects.

-Online Achievements

 =VS Achievements

  Online Roller (5) Play online.

  Frequent Online Roller (10) Play online 10 times.

  Resident Online Roller (40) Play online 50 times.

 =Cookie Achievements

  100 Cookies (5) Obtain 100 Cookies.

  1,000 Cookies (40) Obtain 1,000 Cookies.


  Other Achievements Guide


Speedy Roller (10) Hint: Zip through the course with Dash.

Quick Turner (10) Hint: Use Quick Turn to your advantage.

Manic Roller (20) Hint: Running into walls will destroy your katamari.

Non-stop Roller (30) Hint: Roll through the course without stopping once.

Responsible Roller (30) Hint: Roll through the course without bumping into

                        any objects.

 Non-stop Roller and Responsible Roller can easily be unlocked at the same time

. Unlock an Eternal mode on any stage first. As soon as the stage starts, start

rolling, avoid any large object that can bump into you or you can't pick up.

Pick up a small object and immediately press X to stop rolling.

 Manic Roller and Speedy Roller can be unlocked at the same time as well. Go

into Eternal mode again, bump into walls with dash for 30 times. Exit Eternal

mode by pressing the X button.

 Quick Turner can be unlocked on its own or while you're doing the dash roller

achievements. Just quick turn (Press both sticks) 30 times and exit eternal



  Collection                                                             [CLTN]


 Because there are so many items that can be collected, it's nearly impossible

to tell you where to get each. I made a note of hard to find items, and size of

ALL items.

 So if you're missing something, look at the item name, look at the item size

to determine which stage you need to play in order to pick up the missing items

. Again, for the hard to find items, I've included the stage name and short

description (Which should be enough to locate the item because they're not


 Use "-category" to search without the quotes. for example "-Vegetable" to

search for Vegetable category. (Note: The category is VegetableS not Vegetable

, so I included in the example here)



Tomato 16cm5mm

Cucumber 10cm9mm

Eggplant 17cm8mm

Onion 21cm1mm

Corn 36cm6mm

Carrot 57cm0mm

Broccoli 24cm9mm

Sweet Potato 29cm4mm Seadome, near sunflowers

Leek 43cm5mm

Bamboo Shoot 48cm2mm

Chinese Cabbages 89cm8mm

Soyabean 5cm5mm Kitchen of Candy Shop


Salad 17cm7mm

Daikon Radish 76cm9mm

Daikon Radishes 63cm8mm

Turnip 58cm2mm

Big Turnip 11m93cm9mm

Gromwell Cabbage 39cm7mm Dynaville, stall near fountain

Cabbage 74cm2mm

Squash 50cm7mm

Yellow Squash 57cm4mm

Gigantic Pumpkin 1m95cm0mm

Tomato Box 1m04cm8mm Dynaville, near kettles

Green Pepper Box 1m04cm8mm Dynaville, near kettles




Pineapple 65cm0mm

Gigantic Pineapple 2m37cm2mm

Cherries 8cm0mm

Monster Cherries 12cm0mm

Strawberry 7cm2mm

Giant Strawberry 10cm8mm

Rabbit Apple 11cm1mm

Apple 19cm8mm

Monster Apple 36cm9mm

Peach 25cm1mm

Monster Peach 1m00cm5mm Cloud 9 Forest, near fountain

Mandarin Piece 5cm2mm


Mandarin 14cm1mm

Mandarin (3) 22cm3mm

Orange Box 1m04cm8mm

Banana 21cm4mm

Banana Bunch 40cm6mm

Pear 24cm6mm

Pear 15cm3mm

Melon 32cm9mm

Monster Melon 60cm7mm

Persimmon 24cm2mm

Grapes 41cm2mm

Muscat 41cm2mm


Canned Peach 34cm3mm




Pizza 42cm6mm

Gigantic Pizza 1m36cm5mm

Hamburger 17cm3mm

Hamburger (Unwrapped) 20cm2mm

Champion Hamburger 37cm2mm

French Fries 23cm5mm

Nuggets 28cm2mm

Beef Patty 15cm1mm

Take-Out Burger 36cm0mm

Egg Sandwich 18cm5mm

Sandwich 18cm5mm

Croissant 15cm6mm


Bread Loaf 22cm7mm

Toast 19cm00mm

Sliced Bread 32cm8mm

Bakery Section 53cm6mm

French Bread  38cm6mm

Long French Bread 1m41cm9mm

Fried Chicken 21cm4mm

Hot Dog 23cm5mm

Poultry 1m17cm

Sliced Ham 19cm4mm

Ham 34cm0mm   

Meat 49cm8mm


Sausage 8cm3mm

Sausage (Uncut) 21cm0mm

Canned Tuna 13cm3mm

Canned Sardines 18cm2mm

Cheese 8cm6mm

Cheese (Bigger) 29cm5mm

Round Cheese 48cm1mm

Daughter's Bowl 22cm2mm

Son's Rice Bowl 22cm2mm

Mom's Rice Bowl 25cm5mm

Dad's Rice Bowl 29cm6mm

King's Rice Bowl 1m32cm7mm Roller Roaster, Next to a hut


Fried Shrimp 14cm9mm

Big Fried Shrimp 1m67cm2mm

Hamburger 32cm8mm

Jumbo Hamburger 1m38cm6mm

Dried Kelp 5m15cm7mm

Omelet Rice 29cm1mm

Turkey 81cm4mm

Stew 27cm7mm Roller Roaster, near Stew (Pot)

Stew (Pot) 1m10cm6mm Roller Roaster, inside a campfire

Curry Roux 42cm0mm Roller Roaster, near Curry

Curry 1m10cm6mm Roller Roaster, inside a campfire

Rice 95cm6mm Roller Roaster, in front of a hut


Gyoza Dumplings 6cm4mm

Shumai Dumpling 12cm3mm

Steamed Bun 22cm9mm

Fried Rice 75cm7mm

Roast Pork 1m28cm2mm

Cup Noodles 24cm1mm

Cup Noodles (Thin) 27cm2mm

Cup Noodles Section 59cm8mm

Ramen 46cm5mm

Gigantic Ramen 1m50cm8mm Roller Roaster, River

Kebab 31cm1mm

Roast On Bone 50cm0mm


Large Meat 1m38cm6mm

Bento Lunch 27cm1mm

Big Bento Lunch 44cm8mm

Special Lunch Box 31cm4mm

Frozen Rice 25cm4mm

Cereal 33cm7mm

Octopus Sausage 7cm2mm

Chicken Rice 12cm7mm

Kid's Size Beef Patty 15cm6mm

Sunny-Side Up Egg 16cm2mm

Radish Salad 20cm0mm

Gratin 26cm5mm


Corn Soup 32cm8mm

Curry and Rice 35cm9mm

Spaghetti 36cm9mm

Kid's Salad 13cm2mm

Ham and Melon 19cm8mm

Yakisoba 25cm7mm

Soft Marshmellow 4cm8mm

Egg 13cm6mm

Pack of Eggs 30cm4mm




Chocolate Cake 22cm4mm

Shortcake 22cm2mm  

Cake Box 45cm3mm  

Milk Candy 6cm0mm

Candy 6cm0mm

Coffee Flavor Candy 6cm0mm

Grape Flavor Candy 6cm0mm

Kintaro Candy 3cm8mm

Marble Lollipop 10cm8mm  

Lollipop 10cm8mm

Candy Can 12cm3mm

Lollipop (Pink Marble) 18cm5mm


Marble Cake 12cm0mm  

Sponge Cake 9cm4mm

Chocolate 4cm1mm

Chocolate (Flat) 4cm2mm

Chocolate (Box) 11cm7mm

Chocolate (Purple box) 11cm7mm

Marble Chocolate Ring 12cm6mm

Italian Chocolate 17cm5mm

Sweetheart Chocolate 10cm8mm

Chocolate Pie 5cm0mm

Caramel 4cm4mm

Caramel Box 11cm3mm

=Pg 3

Gum Stick 4cm5mm

Gum 8cm5mm  

Red Pop 5cm0mm

Yellow Pop 5cm0mm

Apple Gum 6cm2mm  

Yogurt Cup 7cm8mm

Vinegared Kelp 9cm0mm

Corn Snack 13cm5mm

Triangle Rice Puff 16cm8mm

Potato Chips 32cm9mm

Rice Cracker 15cm5mm

Dried Squid 17cm4mm


Dango Dumpling 9cm5mm  

Hishi-Mochi 47cm0mm

Canned Sweets 14cm8mm Sunrise Castle, under kitchen

Grilled Fish 24cm6mm

Gigantic Fried Fish 1m08cm0mm  

Creme Caramel 14cm6mm

Chocolate Parfait 35cm3mm

Strawberry Parfait 33cm5mm

Jumbo Parfait 1m47cm7mm Roller Roaster, on top of pots

Cream Puff 18cm9mm

Melon Bread 21cm8mm

Choco 22cm2mm


Pancake 31cm2mm

Baumkuchen Cake 39cm2mm

Tart 8cm0mm

Chocolate Donut 14cm0mm

Big Chocolate Donut 72cm0mm

Strawbery Donut 14cm0mm

Strawbery Donut (Big) 72cm0mm

Cookie 6cm5mm

Chocolate Cookie 5cm6mm

Star Cookie 5cm0mm

Cookie Sandwich 5cm8mm

Kid's Jelly 10cm8mm


Fruit Jelly 15cm8mm

Apple Pie 22cm7mm

Bean-Jam Pancake 16cm3mm

Roasted Chestnuts 23cm1mm

Pink Rice Cake 23cm7mm

Cylindrical Snack 26cm5mm

Fruit Candy 40cm6mm

Kiddy Chocolate 39cm7mm

Okaki Section 44cm7mm Sunrise Castle, on back of a student


-Japanese Food


Noodle with Kitsune 39cm8mm

Oden 20cm7mm

Small Takoyaki 7cm5mm

Takoyaki One Bite 9cm3mm

Takoyaki 6 Pack 19cm9mm

Okonomiyaki 25cm8mm

Salmon 16cm5mm

Grilled Fish 28cm7mm

Flavored Seaweed 8cm1mm

Fish Cake 10cm9mm

Steamed Fish Cake 17cm7mm

Sashimi Boat 63cm1mm


Tuna Roll 9cm9mm

Cucumber Roll 9cm9mm

Tuna Sushi 9cm8mm

Squid Sushi 9cm8mm

Toro Sushi 9cm8mm

Egg Sushi 9cm8mm

Octopus Sushi 9cm8mm

Shrimp Sushi 9cm9mm

Mackarel Sushi 9cm8mm

Salmon Roe Roll 11cm3mm

Onigiri (Rice Ball) 16cm0mm

Large Onigiri 1m12cm5mm Roller Roaster, in the river


Lunch Box 38cm6mm

Soba Noodles 37cm5mm

Pork Bowl 40cm5mm

Gigantic Pork Bowl 1m64cm9mm Roller Roaster, river near spinning Pork Bowls

Pickle Tub 1m08cm9mm

Kagami-mochi 35cm2mm

Cooking Pot 52cm0mm

Gigantic Cooking Pot 1m40cm8mm Roller Roaster, near burger shop

Tofu 19cm2mm

Nattou 20cm5mm Oasis Cafe, right middle shelf of candy shop facing outside




Sports Drink 17cm0mm

Soda 17cm0mm

Apple Juice 17cm0mm

Soda (Coke) 17cm0mm

Coffee (Can) 17cm0mm

Green Tea (Can) 17cm0mm

Orange Juice 17cm0mm

Milk Carton 17cm6mm

Tetrapack Milk 20cm2mm

Milk Bottle 19cm9mm

Coffee Milk 19cm9mm

Large Milk Carton 26cm0mm


Baby Bottle 19cm3mm

Milk Can 96cm6mm  

Drink 21cm7mm  

Soda Bottle 18cm9mm  

Yogurt Drinks 21cm9mm

Orange Juice (Bottle) 22cm6mm

Tropical Juice 24cm3mm

Pet Bottle Juice 31cm1mm  

Bottled Green Tea  34cm6mm  

Round Water Canteen 26cm8mm  

Water Canteen 42cm2mm

Ice Cream Float  33cm2mm  


Mixed Juice 34cm9mm

Teapot 31cm2mm

Lemon Tea 31cm8mm

Mug 20cm0mm Candy Shop kitchen by windows

Teacup  18cm0mm  

Tea Can 23cm0mm

Teapot 28cm7mm  

Thermos Pot  51cm1mm  

Kettle 72cm9mm  

Coffee Milk  5cm8mm  

Pack of Coffee Beans 28cm8mm  

Japanese Cup 12cm7mm


Japanese Bottle 22cm1mm

Lao Jiu 82cm1mm   

Expensive Bottle 25cm0mm

Grape Juice 25cm8mm

Sparkling Bottle 31cm3mm

Pineapple Drink 20cm2mm

Soda Drink 20cm2mm

Melon Drink 20cm2mm

Red Grape Juice 25cm4mm

Ice-cold Drink 28cm4mm

Glass Bottle 38cm7mm

Canned Beverage Section 48cm4mm


Drink Section 61cm2mm

Oasis 201m34cm1mm




Frying Pan 66cm1mm

Wok 96cm1mm

Kitchen Knife 12cm8mm

Kitchen Knife 50cm6mm

Cutting Board 43cm1mm

Sugar Cube 5cm0mm

Pepper 13cm0mm

Salt 13cm4mm

Soy Sauce Container 17cm2mm

Sugar 22cm5mm

Dou Ban Jiang 20cm2mm

Miso 26cm6mm


Hot Sauce 17cm4mm

Dressing 22cm3mm

Barbecue Sauce 22cm8mm

Mustard Sauce 23cm5mm

Ketchup Sauce 23cm6mm

Cheese (Bottle) 24cm8mm

Shao Xing Jiu 31cm2mm

Soy Sauce Bottle 26cm9mm

Spatula 21cm1mm Roller Roaster Burgershop grill

Spatula (Small) 22cm6mm

Ladle 28cm3mm

Mayonnaise 25cm5mm


Ketchup 25cm5mm

Strawberry Jam 15cm0mm

Marmalade 15cm0mm

Honey 25cm0mm

Butter 25cm4mm

Fork 7cm6mm

Spoon 8cm1mm

Chinese Spoon 16cm3mm Oasis Cafe, on Candy Shop shelf

Teaspoon 10cm3mm

Camping Pot 46cm8mm

Rice Container 60cm7mm

Rice Cooker 76cm6mm


Steamer Lid 37cm1mm   

Dumpling Steamer 38cm6mm

Expensive Plate 18cm5mm

Small Plate 18cm5mm

Square Dish 24cm0mm

Plate 30cm8mm

Square Plate 33cm3mm

Large Flower Plate 1m46cm7mm

Kid's Plate 41cm1mm

Sweets Plate 1m73cm5mm

Big Plate 58cm9mm

Fruit Plate 93cm3mm


Chinese Bowl 45cm6mm

Milk Jug 10cm9mm

Teapot 14cm5mm

Tea Jar 28cm4mm

Chopsticks 8cm8mm

Peeler 16cm7mm Sunrise Castle, below table connected to candy shop table

Plastic Wrap 22cm8mm

Takoyaki Hotplate 23cm0mm

Hot Plate 81cm9mm

Shaker 20cm8mm

Coffee Mill 25cm6mm

Blender 57cm5mm


Clay Stove 68cm4mm

Tongs 26cm8mm

Rice Cooker 79cm4mm

Shabu-Shabu Pot 88cm9mm

Tray 47cm7mm

Foodcoart Tray 47cm7mm

Tray 53cm5mm

Tray 30cm4mm

Lunch Box 40cm7mm

Lunch Box 58cm3mm Roller Roaster, going around a chair

Mircrowave Oven 1m5cm3mm

Takiba 3m16cm4mm


Toaster 58cm5mm




Dustpan 34cm2mm Oasis Cafe, infront of burger shop

Duster 80cm2mm Roller Roaster, near five towers

Broom 66cm3mm

Bamboo Broom 90cm8mm

Cleaner 41cm5mm Chateau Notre Desir

Deck Brush 76cm0mm TV station Racing girl

Wet Towel 30cm3mm Roller Roaster, near five towers

Wet Towel 1m35cm5mm Roller Roaster, near five towers

Cleaning Bucket 70cm2mm Roller Roaster, near five towers

Bucket 77cm5mm Roller Roaster, near five towers

Toilet Plunger 57cm5mm

Old Magazine 39cm0mm


Old Books 53cm2mm

Old Newspaper 70cm9mm

Garbage 1m26cm1mm

Trash Bag 1m26cm1mm

Mandarin Peel 14cm2mm

Sink Strainer 23cm8mm Delightful Dirigible, candy shop kitchen

Dust Bin 53cm0mm

Trash Can 1m30cm2mm

Garbage Can 1m35cm1mm Roller Roaster, Behind vending machine

Metal Trash Can 1cm26cm2mm

Trash Can 1cm26cm2mm

Garbage Dump 4m48cm5mm Sunrise Castle, leftside of park


School Incinerator 4m64cm1mm




Laundry Basket  73cm2mm  Sunrise Castle, near locker

Clothing Peg 6cm6mm

Clothing Peg (Brown) 6cm6mm

Soap 10cm4mm

School Soap 25cm2mm Sunrise Castle, in candy shop

Senbai 37cm2mm Dynaville, rich house

Washtub 52cm6mm

Dishwashing Liquid 33cm2mm Oasis Cafe, Candy shop

Sponge 15cm6mm

Laundry Pole 1m30cm0mm

Laundry Deck 1m50cm0mm

Laundry Hanger 49cm5mm


Washstand 1m15cm0mm Sunrise Castle, near locker

Hose Reel 85cm2mm

Washing Machine 2m35cm7mm

Carwash 6m10cm2mm Circuit gas station

Water Tap 1m55cm4mm

Faucet 27cm3mm Roller Roaster, Burgershop near deep fryer

Outdoor Sink 4m37cm7mm

Purification Fountain 8m42cm4mm

Shampoo 30cm6mm

Shampoo Section 48cm5mm Sunrise castle, near locker

Detergent Section 64cm7mm




Dictionary 27cm0mm   

English Dictionary 23cm7mm Seadome, in TV station

Paperback 13cm9mm Oasis Cafe, Candy shop mid shelf

Comic 28cm7mm

Magazine 29cm3mm Delightful Dirigible, right of old man on shelf

Weekly Magazine 30cm0mm

Fashion Magazine 34cm2mm

Animal Book 35cm8mm

Plant Book 35cm8mm Seadome TV station

Encyclopedia 35cm8mm

Telephone Book 50cm6mm Near public payphone

Home Doctor Book 56cm8mm


Magazine Rack 1m71cm6mm

File 66cm1mm Chateau Notre Desir, TV station

Paperback 20cm0mm

Green Book 51cm2mm

Red Book 51cm2mm

Purple Book 68cm5mm

Bookmark 11cm0mm




Sticky Tape 35cm4mm   

Sticky Tape (Blue) 11cm6mm

Thumbtack 3cm1mm

Blue Pushpin 3cm5mm

Yellow Pushpin 3cm5mm

Glue 7cm4mm

Kid's Glue Stick 7cm9mm

Clip 1cm8mm Lady Luck Casino, near music player

Green Clip 4cm5mm Lady Luck Casino, near music player

Red Clip 4cm5mm Lady Luck Casino, near music player

Sand Eraser 7cm4mm

Eraser 8cm1mm


Small B Pencil 4cm0mm   

B Pencil 4cm3mm   

H Pencil 4cm1mm   

Pencil with Erasor 7cm2mm   

Fancy Pencil 7cm0mm   

HB Pencil 7cm9mm

Blue & Red Pencil 9cm7mm

Ballpoint Pen 6cm5mm

Diary 19cm4mm

Manly Pen Box 27cm3mm

Girly Pen Box 29cm8mm

Pencil Stand 18cm7mm


Pencil Sharpener 26cm2mm   

Permanent Marker 8cm6mm

Paper Cutter 16cm3mm

Scissors 18cm8mm

Big Compass 53cm2mm

Calculator 28cm0mm




Ribbon 24cm1mm   

Wooly Hat 34cm5m

Top Hat 48cm2mm

Glasses 9cm3mm

Sunglasses 32cm0mm

Funky Sunglasses 10cm7mm

Nose Glasses 23cm3mm

Lip Balm 7cm1mm

Lipstick 7cm6mm

Nail Polish 8cm8mm

Hairpin 4cm5mm

Plastic Comb 13cm9mm


Hair Brush 21cm1mm   

Hair Dryer 33cm3mm

Red Sock 11cm6mm

Blue Sock 12cm7mm

Light Blue Wooly Sock 22cm4mm Roller Roaster, near spinning snowman

Orange Wooly Sock 22cm4mm Roller Roaster, near spinning snowman

Sandal 31cm1mm

Pumps 34cm0mm

Kid's Shoe 23cm5mm

Sneaker 36cm0mm

Leather Shoe 39cm6mm

Striped T-Shirt 59cm1mm   


Fur Coat 1m17cm4mm Roller Roaster, in the middle of stall

Gloves 18cm6mm

Briefs 24cm7mm

Wooly Pants 34cm8mm, Roller Roaster, near spinning snowman

Earring 4cm1mm

Perfume 17cm1mm

Powder Compact 11cm7mm

Brand Name Bag 36cm7mm




Guitar 1m10cm9mm   

Cello 1m38cm6mm

Harp 2m40cm6mm

Tatebue 20cm2mm

Ocarina 29cm6mm Schloss Kosmos, in front of a gentleman

Trumpet 52cm4mm

Keyboard Harmonica 48cm6mm

Conch Shell 47cm9mm

Harmonica 16cm8mm

Grand Piano 3m91cm2mm

Organ 1m77cm8mm

Pipe Organ 25m79cm6mm


Cassette Tape 9cm7mm   

Cassette Radio 62cm3mm

Cassette Radio (Pink) 64cm7mm

Stereo 87cm5mm

Gramophone 1m12cm1mm

Stereo Speaker 1m14cm5mm

Headphones 53cm4mm

Record Case 36cm3mm

Record 32cm4mm

Bell 4cm8mm

Windchime 20cm1mm

Bell 83cm1mm


Baby Rattle 10cm2mm   

Hanging Bell 3m40cm1mm

Bell 30cm0mm

Big Drum 1m23cm1mm

Small Drum 1m10cm5mm

Cymbal 1m22cm5mm

Gong 1m40cm5mm

Castanet 12cm5mm

Court Musician Flute 42cm5mm

Court Musician Drum 45cm5mm

Metronome 32cm4mm

Cork 6cm2mm




Ping Pong Paddle 33cm7mm   

Ping-Pong Ball 9cm4mm

Baseball 19cm9mm

Golf Ball 11cm0mm

Tennis Ball 13cm5mm

Dodgeball 43cm8mm

Football 49cm4mm

Soccer Ball 55cm7mm

Scoreboard 7m7cm2mm Seadome, behind circuit

Ping-Pong Table 3m25cm7mm

Baseball Glove 27cm8mm

Baseball Cap 37cm6mm


Home Plate 42cm0mm

Baseball Bat 57cm8mm

Base 76cm4mm

Pitcher Mound 3m84cm2mm

Basketball Hoop 5m58cm5mm

Soccer Goal 8m55cm6mm

Wrestling Ring 9m87cm3mm

Sumo Ring 10m43cm5mm

Oxygen Tank 80cm7mm

Bull Pen 1m31cm4mm

Surfboard 1m38cm5mm

Shuttlecock 19cm8mm


Ski Pole 72cm3mm   

Tennis Racket 74cm9mm

Snowboard 1m09cm0mm

Green Ski Board 1m40cm1mm

Yellow Ski Board 1m40cm1mm

Blue Ski Board 1m40cm1mm

Flagstick 64cm6mm

Hurdle 1m43cm3mm

Kendo Mask 75cm7mm Sunrise Castle, in the park

Green Helmet 82cm2mm

Red Helmet 82cm2mm

Racer 1m65cm2mm


Red Racer 1m45cm6mm   

Purple Racer 1m45cm6mm

Blue Racer 1m45cm6mm

Soccer Player 1m58cm0mm

Surfer 1m60cm0mm

Runner 1m60cm0mm

Benchwarmer 1m78cm2mm

Fielder 1m84cm0mm

Batter 1m93cm4mm

Catcher 1m98cm7mm

Yellow Boarder 1m86cm5mm

Red Boarder 1m86cm5mm


Green Boarder 1m85cm5mm

Green Skier Lift 2m02cm7mm

Purple Skier Lift 2m02cm7mm

Red Skier Lift 2m02cm7mm

Skier 2m07cm3mm

Jumper 2m14cm8mm

Skier 2m00cm4mm

Red Skier 2m00cm4mm

Green Skier 2m00cm4mm

Ice Skater Boy 1m36cm7mm

Ice Skater Grandpa 1m56cm1mm

Ice Skater 1m70cm2mm


Speed Skater 1m77cm5mm

Canoeist 2m83cm2mm

Caddy 1m55cm6mm

Gentleman 1m72cm8mm

Golfer 1m76cm3mm

Sumo Referee 1mm75cm5mm

Flagman 1m84cm8mm

Basketman 2m07cm0mm

Skydiving Man 2m11cm0mm

Parachute Man 10m01cm0mm

Glider Man 8m22cm4mm




Trainee 1m50cm3mm

Trainee 1m55cm2mm

Beetle Fight 20cm9mm

Pro Wrestler Bout 3m00cm3mm

Sumo Bout 4m67cm5mm

Judo Bout 4m50cm3mm

Killer Move 2m85cm0mm

Barbell 1m68cm0mm

Dumbbell 27cm7mm

Axe 45cm2mm

Pickaxe 72cm6mm

Lawn Roller 2m24cm7mm


Powerline Stand 1m22cm4mm

Elephant 9m13cm4mm

Large Elephant 14m31cm5mm

Indian Elephant 30m10cm8mm

Wrecking Ball 13m45cm7mm

Crane 22m09cm9mm

Crane Scaffold 17m55cm0mm

Crane (L) 111m35cm0mm

Crane Scaffold 34m80cm9mm

Ferris Wheel Base 103m31cm5mm

Boxer 1m88cm7mm

Judo Wrestler 2m10cm3mm


Sumo Wrestler 3m00cm1mm   

Komusubi (Sumo Wrestler) 2m33cm7mm

Ozeki (Sumo Wrestler) 3m70cm5mm

Yokozuna (Sumo Wrestler) 5m48cm4mm


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