Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates Boss FAQ

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Ring of Fates for Nintendo DS "Boss FAQ"

By Mykas0

version 1.15


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0~. Version History

1~. Introduction and important tips


B01~. First Boss

B02~. Second Boss

B03~. Third Boss

B04~. Forth Boss

B05~. Fifth Boss

B06~. Sixth Boss

B07~. Seventh Boss

B08~. Eighth Boss

B09~. Sixth Boss revisited

B10~. Ninth Boss

B11~. Tenth Boss

B12~. Eleventh Boss

B13~. Fifth Boss revisited

B14~. Second Boss revisited

B15~. Third Boss revisited

B16~. Seventh Boss revisited

B17~. Final Boss

B18~. Secret Boss


FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions

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0~. Version History

-> version 1.15 <-

- Updated several sections of this guide.

-> version 1.13 <-

- Updated the "Frequently Asked Questions" section;

-- Added another strategy to the "Sixth Boss" battle.

-> version 1.11 <-

- Added another strategy to the "Third Boss Revisited" battle.

-> version 1.1 <-

- Added other strategies for several boss battles.

-> version 1.01 <-

- Added another strategy for the sixth boss battle.

-> version 1.0 <-

- Wrote all the guide.

1~. Introduction and important tips

Unlike what happens in the usual "Final Fantasy" games, "Crystal

Chronicles" is an action RPG. This basically means that boss battles are

all about timing, sometimes you just have a very limited amount of time to

hit a particular spot, and this may be the difference between a harsh

defeat and a clear victory. While I can't help you when it comes to the

timing itself, this guide will help you understand what you have to do in

each battle, leading you across the main points of the enemy attacks and

helping you on the task of defeating them.

Before heading to the sections pertaining to each boss, I strongly suggest

you read the many tips stated below. While they don't magically save you

from your foes, they may be more helpful than you may imagine, and by

following these I can assure you that you'll have an easier time dealing

with all bosses that will cross your path. Now, on to some tips:

- Sometimes, you may be following a proper strategy but your enemy just

causes you too much damage, eventually defeating you. Well, this may be

a sign that you're under levelled, so maybe you should try defeating a

few more enemies before proceeding, which is quite easy to do if you

bear in mind that the number of enemies you fight in a particular room

gets replenished each time you re-join it. Keep on fighting, gaining

levels and you will eventually cause more damage to your enemy, apart

from suffering less of the damage they try to cause you.

- Each time you gain access to new equipment in store, always try to buy

the best they have. Essentially, try to get lots of healing items and

the best armor/weapons available, as they'll surely prove useful later

in your adventure.

- In the arena where each battle takes place, there's usually a Phoenix

Down around, which can only be seen (or picked up) by members who are

dead/fainted. In case one of your party members die during a battle and

you want to revive him, take control of that particular character and

look for that feather, which may have a random location. After finding

one, pick it up and your character will be instantly revived with some


- Maximizing

the effect of healing magic is very important. If, in the

middle of a level or while fighting a boss, you decide that you need to

heal, quickly call all your characters to a particular spot (which you

can do by pressing "L") and aim the magical spell at the middle of the

place where everyone is standing. If done correctly, you'll manage to

heal (or revive, if you use one of the orange orbs) several characters

with a single spell, which turns out being very good if you're running

out of magic orbs.

- Eventually, you may find that one of the stores available in town allows

you to order items. In case of weapons, the item ordered appears to

depend on the character who is ordering it, and you should use that to

your advantage, trying to get the best possible weapons and armor for

the characters who need them the most. Later in the game, this is the

best way to get powerful weapons, and it turns out being very important

when you're facing the strongest bosses this game has to offer.

- Another interesting store placed in town allows you to buy unusual

items, ones that improve certain gameplay aspects, such as the amount of

magic that you can take with you, or the stats of each character. This

allows you to improve the HP, SP, attack, defense and magic of each

character, which you can do by selecting a character (just press his

face, in the lower screen) and using him to interact with the shop

owner. It is up to you how you spend those improvements, personally I

gave all stat boosts to the main character, but you can manage them in

the way that better beneficts your gameplay style.

This may be all for this section, but I strongly suggest you always try to

follow these tips, as they will prove quite useful as you advance further

in your adventure, and progressively face harder bosses.

B01~. First Boss

The first boss you find in this game looks like a golden scorpion with a

red shining tail, which you should hit for maximum damage. Personally, I

fought this enemy at level 5, but you may have an even easier time if

you're stronger than I was.

Unlike many other bosses classical in this kind of game, this monster can

be actually damaged in every part of his body, with the amount of damage

merely depending on the point you're hitting. You should start by hitting

the sides of the enemy, but you can also jump on top of his shell and

strike him a few times, being careful with his short spin, as it can

damage you.

If you're away from his normal attack range, he will start throwing some

sort of laser, which you can easily dodge by getting away from the frontal

section of his body. When he sticks his tail on the ground, take your time

to give a few quick strikes to the tip of his tail, his weak point, an

action which will cause him a lot of pain.

If you're actually in trouble, you can always press "R" and quickly tap

the weak points in the enemy body for some quick damage. Also, be aware

that there are four chests in the four corners of this room, three of

which have items which, when picked, restore 100 HP. Use them when you

have less than 50 HP left for a maximum effect, as using these items makes

it a lot easier to beat this fearsome creature.

B02~. Second Boss

This is exactly the monster that you can see in the game's opening

sequence, a purple bull or, for those of you who actually know what I am

talking about, a childish version of a Behemoth. I fought him at level 10,

but I'm sure you can beat him at lower levels.

Fortunately, defeating this enemy turns out being easier than the first

one was, as this enemy can only perform two kinds of attacks (three, if

you count the long-range laser, used only when you're away from him), both

of which are easy to dodge. If a purple/pink aura appears under the enemy,

it means that he is going to cast a spell. However, if he lifts his front

paws, that means he will perform a minor shockwave, one that damages

everyone who is near him.

Either way, you should try to attack this enemy from his back, as that

makes him unable to attack you with some of his powerful magic. As you can

easily notice, when he is trying to cast magic he will have a slower

turning speed, and you should take that time to go around him and strike

his back. Be aware that this doesn't cause him more damage or anything,

but it simply makes it safer for you. You can also use blue magic orbs, if

you have any, to freeze this monster for a few seconds, which makes it

possible for you to land a free quick hits and later allows you you to

gain access to his weak point, a crystal placed in the middle of his

belly. If, as previously stated, he lifts his front paws, run away from

him (you could also jump, but that requires a specific timing, in order

for you not to be damaged) and wait until he gets back to his normal


If you ever need to heal, simply use a green magic orb to summon a small

healing spot that can quickly restore 200 HP to your

character, even if

its effect lasts only for a very limited amount of time.

Strategy by absoldragon:


I noticed he appears to have a weakness for thunder. I cast thundara (I

locked the first ring under him, then moved another thunder ring under and

released), and after a brief stunned animation, he flipped over onto his

back, his paws waggling in the air, allowing me to jump on his stomach and

stomp on his weakpoint without retaliation.


B03~. Third Boss

This big blue bird, whose weak point is near his head, is tougher than he

looks, even when faced at level 12. Fortunately, you now have two

characters, and that makes it slightly easier to defeat him.

He can cause some wind, which will try to push you away from the platform,

but that's easy to dodge. As you can easily notice, his main attack motion

consists in charging to the direction where his beak is pointing at, while

heavily damaging everything that is placed in front of him. Sometimes, he

may may get his beak stuck in the ground, and you can use such opportunity

to land some hits on his head. Since that doesn't happen very often, it is

probably an unreliable strategy for you to depend on.

In order to avoid the attack pattern stated above, you should try to

attack this beast from any of his sides (or even from behind, if you get

the chance to). Red magic orbs (yep, fire ones) also seem to work quite

well, provided you can actually hit this enemy with them, which is only

possible to do when his body is next to the floor.

Another issue that you must take care of is your current partner, who

doesn't seem to care about healing at all. So, when you have enough time

for such a task, switch to the green orbs and heal your friend, who will

probably prove to be an important ally during the rest of the battle.

Finally, if you're actually in trouble, I suggest you use your main

character's "R" attack. When you see a purple target on screen, quickly

tap it and you may cause a lot of damage to your enemy, which may turn out

being an important feature to turn the tide of this battle.

Strategy by Thor The Hammer Gunderson:


Wait until he tries to divebomb you, then when he's flopping on the ground

quickly leap on top of his head and start stomping the crystal. You can

do some major damage since you won't fall off when he starts flying again,

just jump off when he tries to shake you off him and wait for him to

divebomb you again. Easy.


B04~. Forth Boss

As odd as that may sound, this boss battle consists of your former friend,

the very same one who helped you in the last battle, stuck inside a huge

red crystal. I fought him at level 13, and had no difficult time defeating


Unfortunately, this enemy attacks consist only of powered-up magical

spells, all of which are a lot stronger than your current ones. However,

there's an easy way to avoid them, and that can be done by merely picking

up the magical orbs that he throws at you, an action that you should do as

quickly as possible, since it makes it impossible for him to cast his

strong magical attacks.

Also, he was placed in a place which is hard to access, as you'll either

have to jump around while hitting him with your sword or use the platform,

if there's one available at that point in time.

Your best bet is relying on the attacks from the "R" button (be careful,

as they heavily drain your SP) and jumping to the platforms as soon as

you see one. When that happens, continuously strike the enemy with your

sword, but never forget about picking up the magical orbs, since he can

use them to cast very damaging magical spells.

In case your health gets dangerously low (which will probably happen if

your attacked with the previously-mentioned spell), run away to the lower

place of this arena and heal, either using a potion or via the green magic


Keep on repeating this strategy, being specially careful to catch ALL the

magic orbs he throws, as they prevent him from unleashing more powerful

attacks. If you do that and continue attacking with physical hits, your

battle will be over, sooner or later.

Strategy by Alasteir O. :


Be sure to include the fact that at most times he will have to summon many

magic rings before releasing them - always keep away from the oldest one

because that one is the one that is most likely to explode first. It is

also possible to stay on top of the rings, so long as they don't activate.

A second thing is that you can intercept his rings if you are having

trouble avoiding them. To do this, cast any spell and then drag the ring

you created to a ring that is approaching you, then release your spell.

What will happen is you will steal his spell and it will not harm you. It

is best to do this with "Fire" Magicite because you will be picking up a

lot anyways, and you do not want your "Fire" Pouch to be full when he

drops the next one.

A third thing is that the platforms will ONLY appear or disappear when his

magic thread, the thing that shows up when you drag the stylus in the Yuke

tribal menu, touches it. Furthermore, it is quite acceptable to wait a

second before picking up the Magicite when he throws it because you want

the platform in front of him to appear.


B05~. Fifth Boss

Despite the fierce appearance, this man-eating plant turns out being an

easy foe, whose weak point was placed right inside its mouth. I fought it

with my strongest character at level 19, but I guess I overlevelled, and

if you do the same thing I doubt you'll have any trouble at all.

As you can see, this boss is composed by a main plant, which you can

always hit, and some small versions of the boss, which seem to be stronger

than the main boss itself.

At first, you should simply ignore the main boss. Instead, focus all your

attacks in the smaller plants, until both of them are gone. Either

physical attacks or magic will do, with the red magic orb (fire one, as

you probably know) working specially well. When all of those are down, the

main boss' mouth will open, making his weak point quite visible. When that

happens, start controlling the main character and jump on top of this

monster's mouth, hitting the monster's weak point with as many sword

strikes and as quickly as possible. Don't be afraid of his spinning

attack, since such move doesn't appear to be that damaging.

Repeat, and sooner or later this weak foe will be down. You must be warned

that both the left and the right side of this stage contains bee hives,

which spam poison-inducing bees. Those won't be very troublesome if you

simply stay away from their locations. If, sooner or later, they attack

you, you can easily get rid of them with a few minor physical attacks.

B06~. Sixth Boss

Facing this huge fish, whose weakest point is placed right in the middle

of his head, you're probably going to face your biggest battle so far. My

characters were around level 22, and not even at this level was I able to

defeat the enemy without some problems.

This enemy usually tries to suck you to the water, but he also has a

strong beam that he can unleash from his horn, harshly damaging your

characters and maybe even dazing them for a short amount of time. As you

may suppose, the best way to win this battle is by trying to stop this

fearsome beast from performing any of the two stated actions. Seems

impossible? Well, it isn't, and that turns out being the best way to

complete this battle. When facing this powerful enemy, be sure to take as

many blue magic orbs (ice ones, that is) as possible, as you'll be needing

every one of those. As soon as the battle starts, try to lure the huge

fish to one of the sides (ignore the floating platforms, as they mean

trouble!), wait until he is next to your characters and then quickly use

some Ice magic on your opponent. While this doesn't take away much of the

opponent's life, it will freeze him for a short amount of time, allowing

you to land up to three quick hits on his horn, which can be done by

jumping and quickly striking with your sword. Repeat as many times as

necessary, adjusting your location to the places where the fish heads to,

which will change in the middle of battle. Since this is the best (and

safest) way to win this battle, I strongly suggest you keep on repeating

this strategy until the battle is won. You can also use red magic orbs

(fire ones, as you probably know) and your main character's "R" special

attack, but none of those seem to work that good here, even if they are a

good way to cause some quick damage on the opponent. Be aware that it may

take you several tries to figure the best way to attack the fish's horn,

and you may need to play this battle for several times before (finally)

managing to win it.

Oh, In case some of your party

members die, which may occur due to the

powerful beam that comes from the fish's horn, don't bother reviving them,

as they'll probably die again before the end of the battle. As for the two

cauldrons placed in both sides of this area, feel free to ignore them, as

I doubt you'll have any time to recharge your number of magical orbs, a

task that you should perform only at the end of this battle.

Strategy by LordUgly:


You state that the sixth boss (the big fish) is a fierce opponent, and it

was when playing with the clavat, but if you play with your Yuke it's


His attacks can be easily dodged by just running away and i just let the

rest of the party die, since they can't think for themselves and stay near

the enemy. Then, what makes my battle so different with yours? My attacks!

The orb you throw with the Yuke can go underwater and hit him for some

minor damage, but every point of damage is welcome. When the fish finally

comes above water and goes near you, just keep hitting him with the orbs.

Because the orbs have an area of effect, they hit both his face (which is

the only thing you hit with any other race) and the crystal on top of his

head. That's massive damage from the orb and you even hit him with your

staff, dealing some more damage! Considering this, the whole fish is a

piece of cake!


Strategy by Matt B.:


The sixth boss, if you time it right can be hit for huge damage if you

cast any attack type spells with all four characters all at once. Grouping

the four rings together before releasing any of them, and hitting the

fish, will result in about 1124 damage from "Blizzaja", "Firaja" or

"Thundaja". It only took me two of these huge spells to take him out.


Strategy by Alasteir O. :


He wasn't that hard playing with Yuke. Just have to master the art of

charge-stopping attacks so he attacks overwhelmingly quickly, then just

randomly throw orbs into the water and cast Blizzard or Blizzaja when he's

near. Mind, this is how I beat him using no team members on Multi-Play's

Single Player mode, not story, using a Yuke.

In Story Mode, I killed him in almost one shot with a Firaja spell. He had

barely a quarter of his life remaining.


B07~. Seventh Boss

Unlike the previous boss, this monster that looks like a huge dinosaur is

actually quite easy to defeat. There's a man mounting the fearsome beast,

and that turns out being a key point here. Personally, I easily defeated

this monster at level 29, but here I'm sure you can do it even if you're

weaker than I was.

At first, the beast won't seem to display any kind of weak point, so you

should rely on a previously used strategy - attack this enemy from his

back, in order to stop him from hitting you with his powerful magic. Keep

on doing that, which won't cause much damage, and eventually the knight

who is mounting the monster will be thrown away. When such event happens,

rush to that person's location and constantly stalk him, throwing as many

quick stabs as possible

. Be aware that you can also control the dragon by

taking the knight's seat, but that's not as useful as it sounds.

When such knight-like figure goes down, he will throw some sort of weird

potion at the dinosaur, making the monster slightly more powerful and

allowing him to finally display his weak point, which is placed in the tip

of his long tail. Obviously, you should once again turn around the monster

and try to hit this weak point, as doing so will not only maximize the

damage you cause but also prevent the enemy from hitting you with any of

his powerful fire spells. Causing critical hits will paralyze the enemy

for a short while, but I advise you against use any magic, as it doesn't

seem to be that useful in this battle, but throwing a few attacks from the

main character's "R" special may be a good idea. If you need to heal your

members, simply move away from the middle of the arena and do your job,

the huge monster won't follow you.

This monster is not very strong, and if you follow the strategy stated

above I promise he will be down in no time. Good luck facing this weak


Strategy by yammer7777:


You said that at first he has no weak point, but this is not true because

as with all bosses the weak point is the crimson crystal. In this case, it

is being worn by the night-ish figure around his neck, all you have to do

is get ON the dragon and attack the knight-ish figure. Also, when he falls

off, instead of attacking him you can get on the dragon and temporarily

use him to finish the the knight-ish figure.


B08~. Eighth Boss

This battle is split into two different sections. At first, you'll face

someone who resembles a familiar face, but after defeating him you'll have

to face this boss' true form, the one of a shady figure whose weakest

point is a crystal placed in the middle of his chest. I fought both

enemies at level 33, and while none of them were particularly hard, this

turned out being a long battle.

For the first part of the battle, you should simply strike with your

sword, as magic is not that effective. You can also use the main

character's special attack by pressing "R" as usual, but I strongly

advise you against it, since you'll be just spending your free SP.

After beating the easy part of this battle, there's yet another boss to be

fought. He is not very strong, but one of his attacks is particularly

painful, as there's no way to save you from its effect, after it hits your

characters. So, when you see a purple/black circle near the enemy's mouth,

it means that he is going to use his most powerful attack, one that casts

Doom on your characters, instantly killing them after 9 seconds. So, each

time this happens, pull your main character back as quickly as possible

and, without further delay, pull all your characters away, which you can

do by pressing "L". Repeat this each time your enemy performs the stated

motion, in order not to be hit by this fearsome attack.

As for attacking this second form, you can either stab the shady body of

your opponent, which isn't very damaging, or jump and aim at the crystal,

causing significantely more pain. So, I suggest you use a green magical

orb to make the boss' body visible, which makes it possible for you to

cause it a lot more damage.

Actually, cycles of running away and coming back to strike the enemy is

what you should mostly do, as such a strategy prevents your characters

from dying and allow you to properly damage your enemy. Be aware that your

enemy also has a magical spell that can strike far away, but since he aims

it with a black target, you can easily dodge it by simply running away

from the stated target. Keep on following this strategy and, sooner or

later, your opponent will be down.

Strategy by yammer7777:


On part 2 of boss eight, doom CAN be gotten rid of by the spell "clear"

(the blue-green orb under the green orb, and please remember they have

names). Also you will do much more damage to him if you cast any healing

spell ("clear", "cure", or "raise", but not "potion" or "ether" or any

attack spell) on him, as it makes him solid.


B09~. Sixth Boss revisited

The huge fish is back, and I fought it at level 37.

You're free to use the very same strategy that I mentioned the last time

you fought against this enemy, but since you're now able to take this

battle to a whole new level, I suggest you take the easy way out. So,

instead of repeating the cycle I mentioned in section "Bo6~", I suggest

you throw a yellow magic orb to the water, obviously in the corner formed

by the two walkable sides. This will cause a small spark and activate the

yellow switch seen inside the water, which will lower the water level to a

height that won't damage your party.

As you can easily understand, a fish out of the water is no good, and

while he can still attack with some minor sparks that affect those who are

inside the water, he won't pose you much of problem. Strike him from the

top of the rock platforms available, heal if necessary (he is not that

powerful outside of the water, but he can still attack!), continue

striking him and eventually he will be down. If, for some reason, the

water floods the lower part of the scenario, simply throw another yellow

orb and repeat everything.

Unlike in the previous battle, here you don't have to hit the opponent's

horn in order to effectively damage him. Keep on striking and he'll be

down sooner or later, but be sure to battle him ONLY outside of the water,

as that makes this battle astonishingly easier.

B10~. Ninth Boss

This huge monster, with two golden hands and a samurai-like suit, may turn

out being a powerful foe your level is not high enough. Also, before

fighting this boss I suggest you fully upgrade all your weapons and armor,

as they'll be put to good use in this battle. If you have failed to find a

place to upgrade them, let me tell you how to get there: after entering

the castle, go up the stairs and you'll see a fainted guard. From there,

instead of going right (which leads you to this battle), turn left and

follow that path, which allows you to go to the usual city. Personally, I

fought this monster at level 37, but I suggest you try to face him at an

even higher level, as you'll perhaps have an easier time.

Before everything else, I must warn you that this enemy has plenty of

different attacks, the most dangerous being the one where he casts Doom in

your party, killing any targetted members in less than 10 seconds. Another

attack worth mentioning is the one where his two golden hands detach from

the main body and circle around the main boss, launching two powerful


I suggest you start by taking care of those golden hands. While they are

circling around the main boss, quickly hit them from any of the sides

until both of them are defeated. Later, he may summon them once again, and

when that happens be sure to get rid of them as soon as possible.

Now, advance to the main boss and give him as many strikes from your sword

as possible. Magic isn't that good, unless it comes to healing your

characters, an action that you should perform as often as necessary. In

case of need, you can also rely on the main character's "R" special

attack, as that one seems to work quite good, and may turn out being a

good way to inflict a lot of damage in this powerful enemy.

It is important to notice that there aren't any Phoenix Downs in this

arena, unlike it happens in many others. So, in case one of your

characters goes down, you should either use a magical spell (the orange

orb) or continue the battle without reviving your friends. Either way, the

most important thing is continuing to strike the main enemy, as simple

sword strikes and proper healing appear to be the best way to bring him


Finally, you can also combine your spells with Chelinka's yellow magic

circle in order to cast more powerful spells, which is also quite helpful

if you decide to approach this boss with non-physical attacks.

B11~. Tenth Boss

While this red, human-like, monster isn't very strong, I suggest you be

careful when facing it, as he may put you into trouble if you're not

totally focused in the battle. At level 38, I managed to beat him but

not without the expensive death of one of my party members, and therefore

I have to advise you to be careful about what you do when you're facing


At first, the monster will start by jumping high and unleashing a magical

spell, which is easily dodgeable by running away from the black target

symbol that he uses. When he goes back to the floor, quickly move to his

position and hit him a few times, relying mostly on physical attacks.

Later, he may also jump and perform a powerful physical attack when coming

down, which is harder to dodge. When that happens, I suggest you switch to

the main character's "R" strike or use arrows from your third party


Finally, when the enemy is running out of health, he may turn into three

copies of itself. Fear not, keep on hitting them and eventually he will

die, just don't allow those copies to attack (i.e. don't leave them

alone!) or you may get into trouble.

While this battle isn't that hard, harder ones are still going to cross

your path... so, I strongly suggest you go back to town and stock-up on

goods, as you'll surely be needing them, for what you're going to face


B12~. Eleventh Boss

This big enemy in a red robe, fought next to a huge crystal, can be quite

damaging if you don't know what to do. At level 42, he managed to beat me

easily for a few times until I found out a proper strategy to fight him,

which I'll help you with.

Basically, this enemy has a few amount of attacks, the most powerful of

which is a laser summoned from both hands, which strikes almost everything

in front of him with so much power that, more often than not, your

characters will be instantly killed or suffer harsh damage, apart from

turning blind for a while, which makes it impossible for them to see their


Wouldn't it be wonderful if you could just avoid this powerful attack,

which turns out being this boss' most powerful technique? Well, actually

you can, and that's the best (and easiest) Way to defeat him. Instead of

running around, start controlling your main character and quickly run to

this boss' back. This is quite easy to do, since he barely moves. When you

get there, start hitting him with your sword. If he tries to turn around

and face your character, follow his back, preventing him from ever facing

your main character. If he uses an attack where he becomes resistant to

physical attacks, don't EVER abandon your position, as he

will later

strike again and attack you, possbly causing more damage than you can

handle. Forget about all the other members of your party, as they'll die

sooner or later) and keep on hitting the enemy's back with your sword, a

task that you should obviously repeat until he dies.

There are probably many other strategies for this battle, but I think this

is the best one, as it simply makes it impossible, or very hard, for the

enemy to actually hit your main character, while you're free to damage him

in any way you want. In case you're wanting to use some magic, I strongly

advise you against doing so, since he appears to be resistant to any kind

of spells.

Strategy by yammer7777:


When he throws his thingy on his back, destroy it and it will take him a

while to get it back. This is important, as without it your attacks will

act as if hitting a weak point.


B13~. Fifth Boss revisited

Yet again, you have to face the man-eating plant. At level 42 and with the

best equipment that money can buy, this was an easy battle. I'm sure yours

will also be quite easy, even if you're facing this boss with a single

member of your party.

As before, you should start by defeating the two smaller versions of the

boss, which will make him open his mouth. Then, when such a thing happens,

jump to his mouth (ignore the spinning motions, as they are barely

damaging by now) and hit the crystal a few times. If the enemy throws a

few spores at you, which may poison your character, simply run away to

avoid them, and heal if you need to. Keep on striking this monster's weak

point, available in the middle of his mouth, and he will be down in no

time at all.

B14~. Second Boss revisited

Our favourite Behemot is back, and at level 42 he also turns out being an

easy opponent.

As soon as the battle begins, throw a blue magic orb at your opponent to

freeze him, before quickly hitting him. When the effect of such spell

ends, your enemy will put his belly up and you'll be able to give it a few

hits, an opportunity that you should obviously take to cause him as much

damage as possible. Now, repeat this whole strategy until he is defeated,

but be careful not to run out of blue magic orbs. If that happens, simply

strike this monster from his back, being specially careful with the attack

I mentioned in the original strategy, i.e. the one where he puts his front

paws up and cause a shockwave that damages everything in his surroundings,

as that one can significantly damage your current character.

B15~. Third Boss revisited

A Big blue bird is once again waiting for you, and even at level 42 you

won't have any trouble facing him.

As odd as it may sound, you can actually beat this battle by mindlessly

throwing arrows at your opponent, as it turns out being quite easy to

dodge any of the attacks that he may throw at you. So, put all your

efforts in dodging his attacks, which turns out being quite easy, and give

him the taste of your arrows. Don't bother using this character's "R"

special move, as it just takes too long to unleash and it's not really

worth your trouble. Instead, run away when the enemy blows some air at

you, move from his path when he charges at you and take your time to aim

some more arrows at him. After charging at you, he gets his beak stuck in

the ground for a while, and you should obviously take such time to throw

some carefully placed arrows at the top of his head, where his weak point

was placed. Repeat for several times and he will die.

Strategy by Deiyin:


I just thought that I would add my two cents worth in as far as a strategy

to beat the bird the second time around while only using Gnash. He can

double jump, and in doing so, he can get onto the top of the bird's head

with no trouble at all. From this point, I found it extremely easy to

simply stomp the living hell out of the bird's crystal. Since this enemy

telegraphs its attacks quite blatently, it's not hard to just jump off if

it's about to do a large attack.


B16~. Seventh Boss revisited

The huge dinosaur is back, this time without anyone in his back. At level

42, this is once again an easy battle.

Ultimately, this battle turns out being infinitely easier than the

original one. Simply turn around your opponent and hit his tail a few

times, which will heavily damage him and even disable him from ever being

able to damage you. If he falls down, which tends to occur often, take the

time to give a couple hits exactly on his weak point, i.e. the tip of his

tail, and by doing so you'll turn this battle into an even easier

experience. I doubt you'll even have to heal your character...

B17~. Final Boss

At level 43, this turns out being an hard boss battle. It is composed by

three phases and it mostly fought in the middle of a huge meteor.

For the first phase, you just have to destroy the red crystal seen in the

screen. Ignore the purple bombs, they aren't important, just focuse on

destroying the crystal, which is easy to do, and then advance to the right

side of the screen. After getting out of the first area, repeat this very

same task for the second one and you'll finally get into the battle's

second phase.

In the second phase, you have to defeat the main boss, whose HP bar is

shown, as usual, in the upper left corner of the screen. As usual, you

should try to strike him from the sides, which makes it impossible for

your opponent to strike you physically. Unlike before, you shouldn't

attack him from his back, since he may target up to three magical spells

at the same time and, if you're hiding behind his back, it may be harder

to see when the spells are coming for you. Since this is a big deal, I

suggest you get rid of all those spells markers as soon as possible, which

you can do by destroying the red crystals which are placed in this arena,

as your enemy is able to summon one spell marker for each crystal that is

placed there. If, later in your battle, he summons more crystals, try to

get rid of those as soon as possible, as they may seriously damage you.

After doing that, start striking him, as I just stated, from one of the

sides (I suggest picking the one in the right side of the screen), but you

must be very careful, since this enemy actually turns himself quickly,

which may put you into trouble. Keep on striking and eventually you will

see a new cutscene, after which the third phase of this battle will


Fortunately, this phase is easier than the one you just faced, as it is

easier to dodge all enemy attacks and even easier to damage your powerful

foe. As you can see, your enemy no longer casts the powerful magical

spells, instead relying on powerful attacks that just damage the ones who

are placed in front of him. You should obviously try to strike him from

back, but such a task is not simple at all, since your enemy can still

turn around quickly. So, use your character to constantly hit your enemy

from the back and, each time you see the enemy starting to call for any

sort of attack, call all your allies by pressing "L". If done correctly,

this will make it possible for your allies not to suffer any damage at

all, apart from quickly moving them to a position where they may be able

to attack safely. Keep on attacking, but there's something that you should

be specially careful with: at the time you strike the final blow, you must

have all your characters alive. Try running away from your opponent,

healing them sooner than you normally would or anything like that, but

what really matters is that, when you strike your last blow, all your

party must be alive.

After this third phase ends, you'll see the enemy standing in the middle

of a spinning circle. Now, if not all of your characters are alive, you'll

be in trouble, since you will have to revive them before doing this part,

which is very (VERY, I said!) important. Controlling your first character,

cast a magical spell in one of the small circles that go around the room,

which should light that circle and instantly change your control to the

next party member. Repeat this action for the next three party members and

this battle will finally end.

B18~. Secret Boss

After completing the game once, you can replay it with stronger enemies,

and shortly after the first few parts of the adventure you'll unlock a new

dungeon, which has an icon that looks like a blue river. In that

area, you'll find poisonous air (hint: to open the gate, defeat all the

squirrel-like enemies) and, if you reach one of the exits of the second

area, you'll face this powerful enemy, which looks like a huge blue crab

with some weapons stuck on his face. Personally, I fought it at level 76,

and unlike other bosses, you can later come back to this area and fight

him once again, even after killing him. According to some readers, this

happens because this boss is also present in this game's sequel, the

original Crystal Chronicles released for Gamecube, and so killing him

would conflict with that game's own storyline.

This boss has three main attack patterns. In the first one, he may jump on

top of your party, heavily damaging everyone. For the second, he may throw

you some poisonous spores. The last one merely consists of an headbutt,

which may cause you some damage. However, your biggest problem here isn't

the boss, but the environment itself: since you're fighting in poisonous

place, your members lose their HP just by being alive, which obviously

isn't a good sign.

As you may suppose, the most important thing here is fixing the

enviroment problem, as doing so may provide you fair battle conditions. To

do that, take your forth party member (the one with the cauldron) to the

squared stone spot and press R, which will summon a cauldron filled with

light, one that protects you from the poison, if you stand inside its

effect radius. Eventually, this effect will vanish, and when that happens

you should quickly summon a new cauldron, and be sure to do that as soon

as possible!

Now that you've fixed the main problem, it's time to think about the boss

itself. First of wall, wait until your enemy comes to land, and then try

to strike him always from behind. The best equipment you can get is

very important, as it will enable you to damage your enemy quicker, in the

few times you have the opportunity to strike him. If he jumps, check his

location by looking at the huge shadow and, after moving out of that

particular area, quickly call all your party members by pressing "L". If

you need to move the cauldron, be aware that you can pick it up as it was

just another item, and keep on healing your party members, re-summoning

the cauldron and striking from his back until he dies.

When facing this battle, there's something you should obviously have in

mind: since facing this boss is just a sidequest, it is a good idea to

face him in the best possible conditions, which include a level as high as

possible and the best weapons you can find. If you really can't seem to

defeat this enemy, come back later and you'll surely have an easier time

facing him. Keep on trying and I'm sure that, sooner or later, you'll be

able to defeat him.

FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions you, readers, may have... in case you mail me an

interesting question and I think that other readers should also hear the

answer, your question will be added here and your name will be credited.

Q: [Insert something here], where should I go next?

A: Did you noticed that this was a Boss FAQ, not a FAQ/Walkthrough? Be

sure to read one of those instead, since I have no idea on what to tell

you about that kind of question.

Q: Hey, my strategy is better than yours! What should I do?

A: First of all, if your strategy is indeed better than mine, just use

yours instead of mine. Also, you can mail me that strategy and in case

I find it interesting, I will also add it to this Guide and credit you.

Q: Why should I use ice magic against the Behemoth? [Insert other magic

type here] seems to work just fine!

A: You can use any kind of magic you want, but by using Ice-based spells

you will also stun the enemy for a little while, allowing you to give a

few extra hits to your enemy. Other types of magic simply allow you to

directly hit the enemy's crystal for a while, but by following my own

advice you'll be able to do not only that but also throw a few extra

hits before even aiming at the crystal.

Q: What's the difference between bosses from the first story mode and the

ones fought when you're replaying the adventure?

A: Their attack patterns are always the same, but when you're replaying

the game they'll be stronger and have a lot more HP.

Q: Why didn't you included the names of each boss in this guide?

A: Thanks for asking. When fighting any kind of enemy, there's no way to

check its correct name, making it impossible to include such

information in here. So, instead of giving names for some bosses and

leaving others totally nameless, I decided to place a description of

each boss in the first paragraph of each section, apart from stating

what level I was at. This was made to show you the fair level you

should be at, when facing each battle.

That's all...

B_END. Special Thanks

I want to thank the following people:

- Everyone who made this game;

- Alasteir O., for several corrections;

- Everyone who contributed strategies, they are credited along with their

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- Everyone who likes my works, it's for those people that I like to work

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