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Fortnite Week 4 Secret Tier Battle Star Location: Road Trip Guide

The Fortnite Week 4 secret tier Battle Star location might give you the hump this week. That’s because it’s tucked away in a place where you might not think to look. Once you’ve completed all seven Week 4 Battle Pass Challenges, you’ll be rewarded with the nifty reward of a secret Fortnite Week 4 loading screen. That loading screen, which you can glimpse below, will provide you with a hint on how to unlock the final Battle Star’s location (though it’s a lot more vague than previous weeks) and go up a tier. But let’s bypass all that, shall we? Here’s the exact Week 4 Battle Star location, including directions for the easily-lost, like me.

Fortnite Week 4 Secret Tier Battle Star Location

fortnite week 4 secret tier battle star location

As you can see below, this week’s Battle Star is found north-east of Lucky Landing and just into the new desert biome south-west of Paradise Palms. Once you make your way to the marked location (follow the road along if you get lost), you’ll find a camel just sitting there at the side of the road. You will need to be climb on the camel, which has a soft drink beverage right next to it. Once you’re on the hump, you’ll have to press search and, voila, the secret Battle Star is all yours and you’ve just gone up a tier. It really was that easy.

If this is the fourth week in a row where you’ve found the secret Battle Star, then you’re now over halfway to unlocking the much-anticipated Road Trip skin, which required you to find the Secret Tier Battle Star seven weeks in a row from Fortnite season 5’s outset.

So, along with that, you’ll also have the added bonus of getting 5,000 XP from all seven challenges already completed. Now you can kick back, rest, and watch as the others hurriedly try and grab the Battle Star. Not you, though. You’re ahead of the game.