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Overwatch Summer Games 2018: When Is the Overwatch Summer Games Happening?

The Overwatch Summer Games return for another sunny Overwatch event. Blizzard has confirmed that the seasonal event is returning for its third season with the Overwatch Summer Games 2018. We went to Rio two years ago, coinciding with the 2016 Rio Olympics, and we were brought to Sydney last year. This year players will visit Busan, South Korea. Read on to find out whether fan-favorite Copa Lúcioball will be returning this year, and what else is in store for all players.

Overwatch Summer Games 2018: When Is The Overwatch Summer Games Happening?

Blizzard announced the news on its official Twitter account earlier today. The Overwatch Summer Games will run from August 9 to August 30, 2018. Check out the tweet below.

Overwatch Summer Games 2018: Is Copa Lucioball returning?

Lúcioball has been a staple for the past two Overwatch Summer Games. It is an Arcade game mode exclusive to the event and features gameplay adapted from real life football/soccer but with simpler rules and changes that complement Lúcio’s abilities. Last year, three Special Achievements were tied to the competitive Copa Lúcioball, granting special sprays to anyone who completed the placement matches.

Since the new Busan map will be based around Lúcioball, the answer is indeed yes. At the time of writing, we have received no details on what rewards players will obtain in this year’s Copa Lúcioball.

Overwatch Summer Games 2018: Will There Be New Skins?

There will most likely be new skins for the Overwatch Summer Games 2018, as has been the tradition. Players received Olympics-themed skins in 2016 and summer-themed skins in 2017. This year’s offerings will surely be highly anticipated by Overwatch players.

Players can still look forward to the fact that all cosmetics from the past two Overwatch Summer Games will be unlocked and available at discounted prices. The new skins for Overwatch Summer Games 2018 will probably be unveiled when the event begins next week.