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Fortnite Galaxy Skin: How to Get the Samsung Galaxy Skin

The super cool Fortnite Galaxy Skin has been revealed as a bonus for those who pre-order Fortnite on Android devices. Unfortunately, the Galaxy skin will likely not be available outside of the Android version of the game, and even there it’s limited to a very specific set of devices, namely the Samsung Galaxy produce line (and not even all of those). What is the Galaxy Skin in Fortnite? How do we get it? We’ll answer all your questions below.

Fortnite Galaxy Skin: How Can You Pre-Order the Galaxy Outfit?

The Galaxy skin looking cool is all well and good, but how exactly can we get our greasy mitts on it? The Fortnite Galaxy skin isn’t available in the Item Shop. At least it isn’t right now. The new Fortnite skin has been leaked via a data-mine of the Fortnite 5.2 update. This leak shows that it isn’t available in the Cash Shop. If it’s not available to buy, how do we get our Fortnite character decked out like the stars above us?

Well, it’s an exclusive skin for Fortnite on Android. The upcoming Fortnite Android edition is set to launch as a timed exclusive on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Look at that name again. The Samsung Galaxy.  The skin is an exclusive for the upcoming flagship smartphone and according to Samsung will also be available to those playing on the Galaxy Tab S4. Whether or not the skin will come to other platforms is unknown but also unlikely. To get you hands on the skin you’ll likely just have to play the game on one of those two devices.

“Gamers who play Fortnite on a Note 9 or Tab S4 will also get access to a special skin: Galaxy” – Epic CEO Tim Sweeney at the Samsung Unpacked conference

Fortnite Galaxy Skin: What is the Galaxy Outfit?

The Galaxy Outfit is an upcoming ultra-rare, male-only skin in Fortnite. With it equipped, your character will look out of this world. No, really. The outfit looks like the heavens themselves have grafted their good self onto your person. The glowing suit pairs black boots with an almost see-through uniform that looks exactly like the stars at night. Glowing blue fingers and eyes finish the look that comes with a whimsical white long hair and beard combo not unbefitting of the Gods themselves.