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No Man’s Sky Update 1.54 Patch Notes Revealed

Hello Games is engaging maximum speed when it comes to churning out hotfixes for No Man’s Sky. This is especially true since the massive No Man’s Sky NEXT update, which fundamentally changed the game in many ways. Another hotfix arrived earlier today and it’s No Man’s Sky Update 1.54 for all versions of the game. It’s not exactly a big one, considering No Man’s Sky Update 1.53 was released merely last week.

We will list down the changes, bug fixes and improvements arriving with update 1.54 below. Players afflicted by certain problems will be glad to learn that at least some of them are quickly being addressed by the developer, as we can see in the patch notes for No Man’s Sky Update 1.54.

No Man’s Sky Update 1.54 Patch Notes Revealed: Bug Fixes And Improvements

There’s not much going on in update 1.54 but it fixes several game-crashing issues. It also adds one improvement to the game in reducing its memory footprint, which would allow for smoother gameplay.

  • Fix for crash while reloading mission markers from save
  • Fix for issue where invalid characters could be inserted into a save, causing it to fail to load
  • Switched to using lockless small block allocator for physics to reduce memory footprint
  • Fix for occasional crash when looking up data about substances in UI pages

No Man’s Sky Update 1.54 Patch Notes Revealed: How To Report Other Problems

If anyone is still experiencing other problems and issues with No Man’s Sky, developer Hello Games actually encourages players to report any issues or problems they encounter during gameplay. Players can do that by heading to this page. It will ask for the nature of the player’s problem, the player’s email address, subject, description, game version, platform and more. Doing this will help Hello Games identify and address any other issue that requires fixing.