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Monster Hunter World Skip Cutscenes: Can You Skip Movies in MHW?

Figuring out how to skip Monster Hunter World cutscenes would save a ton of time. Unfortunately, knowing which ones are skippable and which aren’t isn’t exactly an intuitive process. We’ll let you know which movies you can skip in Monster Hunter World and how to do it below.

How to Skip Cutscenes in Monster Hunter World

There’s a ton of little pre-rendered scenes throughout this game. Some of them are charming, but when you’ve seen them for the millionth time, you’ll likely just want to bypass them and get into the game. Furthermore, there are longer story cutscenes that can get really annoying if you just want to hunt monsters.

The good news is that you can skip cutscenes that are smaller. On the PS4, Xbox One, or PC the monster capture, eating, smithy, and other small scenes can be skipped with the following buttons:

  • PS4: Options Button
  • Xbox One: Menu Button
  • PC: Escape

You’ll be able to tell which movies you can skip in Monster Hunter World by pressing any button when one is playing. If you can bypass it, you’ll get a button prompt telling you how to do so.

Now for the bad news. Many of the more extended story scenes are unskippable. No matter how much you mash and fight with your controller, you’ll have to watch the whole thing.

PC gamers might have some hope coming their way concerning skippable cutscenes, though. The recently released PC version of Monster Hunter World will likely eventually get a mod that allows you to bypass all cutscenes. It’s had some problems already, namely concerning Denuvo implementation, but it’s likely to become the definitive edition of the game in time.

So, sorry folks. For now, you’ll just have to watch those longer cutscenes. Fortunately, except for the beginning, they don’t pop up too often.