Infinite Undiscovery Achievements List



How to Unlock
Aerial Acrobat (20)Work on your aerial combos.
Artistic (30)Learn every tune.
Aspiring Chemist (5)Improve your alchemy skills!
Barrel of Lulz (15)Detonate all the barrels in prison.
Bestselling Author (5)Improve your writing skills!
Blitzkrieg (10)Keep on surprising the enemy.
Capell to the Rescue (30)Rescue the imprisoned.
Claridian Chef (10)Keep improving your cooking skills!
Claridian Hammer (10)Keep improving your forging skills!
Claridian Hand (10)Keep improving your enchanting skills!
Claridian Mind (10)Keep improving your alchemy skills!
Claridian Scribe (10)Keep improving your writing skills!
Compulsive (50)Obtain every item.
Down to Earth (20)Work on your down strikes.
Filthy Rich (20)Gather as much Fol as you can.
For the Children (30)Rescue the child before he gets hurt.
Goldsmith (5)Improve your forging skills!
Groundbreaking (20)Work on your ground combos.
Guardian (30)Deliver the villagers without letting any of them perish.
Hero of the Millennium (20)Defeat as many enemies as you can.
High Enchanter (5)Improve your enchanting skills!
Imperial Guard (20)Hurry to the empress.
Infinitely Unobservant (10)Keep on getting surprised by the enemy.
Marathon Man (20)Hurry to the village under attack.
Mister Chef (5)Improve your cooking skills!
On the Run (30)Deliver Aya to the village without getting hurt.
Reckless Driver (30)Use the carts in the mine.
Rock, Stock, and Barrel (30)Use machines of war to destroy your foes.
Sagacious (30)Learn every spell.
Social Butterfly (10)Take advantage of your party's skills.
Stalwart (30)Learn every battle skill.
Surprise! (5)Attack the enemy without being detected.
The Tide of Battle (20)Watch out for the tsunami.
Time for Glasses? (30)Keep on clocking hours.