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PUBG Twitch Prime Jungle Crate: How to Get the Twitch Prime Jungle Skins

Similar to the previous Spa Day set, the PUBG Jungle Skins are a Twitch Prime limited-time exclusive.  This new crate drops on August 17.  This second set of Twitch Prime exclusive gear is perhaps just a bit more rugged than the first set.  If your enemies even see you coming, they’ll get the dignity of being killed with style with the contents of the PUBG Jungle Crate.

PUBG Jungle Skins Twitch Prime:  How to Get PUBG Jungle Crate

For those interested in showing off some tropical swag, first you must have a Twitch Prime account.  Ideally, you’ll then want to link your PUBG account to your Twitch Prime account.  Once you’ve got one and linked it, you only have to follow these steps to start running through the jungle in style:

  1. Sign into PUBG.
  2. On the top-right, click the Twitch “Glitch” icon
  3. There, you’ll find instructions for linking PUBG account to Twitch Prime.
  4. Check your inventory menu and the new gear should be there.

PUBG Jungle Crate Twitch Prime:  PUBG Jungle Skin List

The items included in the crate are:

  • the Explorer Helmet hat
  • the Colonial Coat jacket
  • the Leopard Print Vest shirt
  • the Tiger Print Bandana
  • Pilot Knickers pants,
  • Leather Boots.

In addition to this Amazon explorer ensemble, players looking to embody the apex predators of the jungle will definitely appreciate new M16A4 and the SCAR-L skins.  The scaly Croc Bite skin for the M16 goes for a more subtle green-tinged look.  Meanwhile, the SCAR-L Bengal Blade skin will have you slinging hot 5.56 death with an eye-catching orange and black tiger-stripe theme.

Players who have already claimed a previous Amazon or Twitch Prime theme box will already have these items added to their inventory.  This second set of items are definitely a marked change from the previous Spa Day set.  These wildly divergent sets imply some more craziness could be incoming in the next two planned crates!