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Sea of Thieves Skeleton Ships Spawn Times

Sea of Thieves recently got a much-welcomed PVE expansion in the Cursed Sails update.  Cursed Sails’ new skeleton ships only spawn at certain times of day, however.  Fortunately, enterprising Reddit user noob761 and other users of the Sea of Thieves subreddit managed to piece together the skeleton ship spawn time in each region to help players optimize their skelly-smashing exploits.  If you’re salty from sailing fruitlessly or just don’t have much time to play, this should help you experience the new content.

Sea of Thieves Skeleton Ships Times: Spawn Window and Location Laid Out

If you want the new customizations – like ship livery and sweet new ink – you’ll need to return the dead to rest in all three regions.  The bony buccaneers appear at certain times linked to the in-game clock and server time.  Players have translated this into plain English for those who don’t feel like staring at digital clockwork too hard.  Skeleton ships appear in these regions over a 12-hour period starting at midnight and noon Eastern Standard Time.  This means you (and your crew) have a chance to fight the skeleton ships twice per day.

  • The Ancient Isles:  12:00 to 4:00
  • The Wilds:  4:00 to 8:00
  • The Shores of Plenty 8:00 to 12:00

When the players trigger the Sea of Thieves skeleton ships, they’ll descend upon your vessel to attack.  Your options for actually sinking skeleton ships are fairly limited, as the respawning crew will patch up the vessel as you damage it.  What is guaranteed to work, however, is filling their ship with water as the skeletons cannot bail their ship out.  There are two tactics most players agree will help you return the skeletons to the depths.  Fill the undead ship with as many cannonballs as you can put down range.  If you’re impatient or nuts, you can board the ships to prevent the skeletons from repairing them.  Whether you go safer but slower or quicker but crazier depends on what crew you’re sailing with but the result of sinking skeleton ships is the same regardless:  Loot and bragging rights.