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Fortnite Pump Shotgun Buff: What About Other Fortnite Shotguns?

Fortnite design lead Eric Williamson has revealed that Epic Games is planning to include a Fortnite pump shotgun Buff in the upcoming Fortnite Update 5.30 next week. The developer considered shotgun weapons too overpowered to the point that they were overused by players in the battle royale game. Both the pump shotgun and the tactical shotgun were nerfed just two months ago, which was probably more than players would have liked. To balance the scales once again, Fortnite Update 5.30 will introduce a buff to the Fortnite pump shotgun.

Fortnite Pump Shotgun Buff: Pump Shotgun Equip Times Reduced

All we have to go on, for now, is Williamson’s tweet from earlier today, which mentioned that the Fortnite pump shotgun equip times will be slightly reduced. How much faster? We will probably be given the details next week, as we get closer to the eventual Fortnite Update 5.30. Check out Williamson’s tweet below.

Fortnite Pump Shotgun Buff: What About Other Fortnite Shotguns Like The Fortnite Tactical Shotgun

In the tweet above, Williamson confirmed that other Fortnite shotguns will “remain unchanged for now.” Players will definitely be wondering about the Fortnite tactical shotgun, which received a nerf update earlier in June. The Fortnite tactical shotgun nerf update decreased its headshot multiplier from 2.5 to 2, effectively making it weaker. However, the Fortnite pump shotgun received a more punishing nerf in the very same update. Its headshot multiplier was decreased from 2.5 to 2 and its overall damage dropped from 90/95 to 80/85.

Looking at that, it’s no surprise why Epic Games decided to buff the pump shotgun first, instead of the tactical shotgun or the heavy shotgun. Perhaps the developer will consider buffing the other Fortnite shotguns in the future. In the meantime, check out our Fortnite Week Six Challenges guide here, and work towards obtaining 6,000 worth of XP by completing all the challenges.