Star Wars: The Force Unleashed PS2 Cheats


Cheat Codes

From the "Options" menu select "Enter Code" or choose the "Extras" selection from inside the Rogue Shadow and select "Cheat Codes" and enter one of the following.

Password                        Effect
SPEEDER1,000,000 Force points
COUNTDOOKUAll combos at maximum level
TYRANUSAll Force powers
KATARNAll Force powers at maximum level
LIGHTSABERAmplified lightsaber damage
CORTOSISImmunity to all damage
VERGENCEUnlimited Force power
AAYLAUnlock Aayla Secura costume
GRANDMOFFUnlock all costumes
CHOSENONEUnlock Anakin Skywalker costume
DANTOOINEUnlock Ceremonial Jedi Robes costume
PAUANUnlock Darth Desolous costume
HIDDENFEARUnlock Darth Phobos costume
DREXLROOSHUnlock Drexl Roosh costume
PALPATINEUnlock Emperor Palpatine costume
MANDALOREUnlock General Rahm Kota costume
NERFHERDERUnlock Han Solo costume
WOOKIEUnlock Kento’s Robe costume
T16WOMPRATUnlock Luke Skywalker costume
JEDIMASTERUnlock Mace Windu costume
MARAJADEUnlock Mara Jade costume
MARISBROODUnlock Maris Brood costume
STORMTROOPUnlock Navy Commando costume
BENKENOBIUnlock Obi Wan Kenobi costume
HOLOGRAMUnlock PROXY costume
TOGRUTAUnlock Shaak Ti costume
INTHEDARKUnlock Shadowtrooper costume
HOLOCRONUnlock Sith Robe costume
KORRIBANUnlock Sith Stalker Armor costume
YELLOWJCKTUnlock Yavin Luke costume