Star Wars: The Force Unleashed DS Cheats


Unlockable                            How to Unlock
Darth Vader for multi playerBeat the game
Jedi Robes CostumeBeat the game with Light side choice
Sith Stalker costumeBeat the game with Dark side choice


Cheat Codes

Select 'Extras' at the title screen then 'Unleashed Codes' and enter the following.

Password                    Effect
CPLOOLKBFAll force powers at maximum
MOMIROXIWAmplified lightsaber damage
CPLZKMZTDDarkside ending outfit
TVENCVMJZInfinite force power
EEDOPVENGKento's robe
CURSEZRUXLightside ending outfit
QSSPVENXOMore health
lightsaberMore powerful lightsaber
mandaloreRom Kota
holocronSith robes
wookieeStarkiller's father's robes
sithlordUnlimited Force Energy