1942: Joint Strike Xbox360 Cheats


Unlock the Black and Red Shinden

Clear the game on Wing King difficulty in solo or co-op mode to unlock the black and red Shinden, To access it press the Y button while the Shinden is highlighted on the plane select screen. game


Unlockable                       How to Unlock
Blitz (10)Complete the game on the Wing King difficulty setting.
Combat Ace (40)Complete the game with over 2,000,000 points.
Concerted Combat (10)Destroy 30 enemies using a Joint Strike.
Fangs Out (10)Defeat all of the bosses with an A rating in one play-through.
Lightning Rod (6)Complete the game with the Lightning.
Mosquito Wing (7)Complete the game with the Mosquito.
Padlocked (25)Defeat all of the bosses with an S rating in one play-through.
Sharpshooter (10)Get a 90% or better accuracy rating.
Shinden Striker (7)Complete the game with the Shinden.
Shooter (30)Complete the game with over 200,000 points.
Tiger (30)Collect 30 medals.
Wingman (15)Complete 3 levels of the game while playing Co-Op.