LEGO Batman: The Videogame Achievements List


Unlockable                                     How to Unlock
0000001 00000011 (20)Build the giant LEGO Robot.
1007 Mountain Drive (30)Complete Wayne Manor bonus level.
Atomic Backbreaker (20)As Bane do the Backbreaker on Batman.
Be a Hero (40)Super Hero on every level.
Boy Wonder (10)Perform 20 backflips in a row with Robin.
Cobblepot School of Driving (20)Smash all the cars in the robot level.
Crime Lord (25)Complete the third episode - Villain.
Crusader (25)Complete the third episode - Hero.
Down the rabbit hole (20)Use Mad Hatter's mind control to walk 5 enemies to their deaths.
Dressed to Impress (20)Get all suit upgrades.
Eat floor... High fiber (15)Slam 20 goons into the floor with Batman.
Gentlemen, start your screaming (15)Knock 5 people into the ground with a vehicle at once.
Heads I win, tails you lose (20)Defeat 10 goons and 10 police officers with Two-Face in a level.
Hero (25)Complete the first episode - Hero.
Ice to see you (15)Freeze 50 enemies as Mr. Freeze.
Is it a bird? Is it a plane? (10)Glide for 9 seconds.
It's the car, right? (30)Unlock all Vehicles (Hero/Villain).
Justice League (30)Unlock all the Hero characters.
Kill-a moth (20)Defeat Killer Moth.
Kiss from a Rose (15)Eat 15 enemies with the Venus ride on .
League of Assassins (30)Unlock all the Villain characters.
Make it snappy (20)Build the Croc ride on.
Memorabilia (35)Collect all Memorabilia.
Natural Habitat (10)Smash all street lights in Episode 1 Chapter 1.
Nice Outfit! (20)Collect all suits.
Oh, I got a live one here! (10)Shock 30 people with Joker's hand buzzer.
Say hello to my little friends (15)Destroy 20 policemen with penguin bombers.
Scare Tactics (10)Scare 5 enemies with Scarecrow.
Shot to the goon (20)Defeat 8 goons in 8 seconds.
Sidekick (15)Complete a level in co-op.
Smash Gordon (20)Defeat Commissioner Gordon with Harley Quinn's Hammer.
Start of something wonderful (15)Shock the Joker with the Joker.
Super Builder (20)Build 50 LEGO build-its.
Super Hero (25)Complete the second episode - Hero.
Super-villain (25)Complete the second episode - Villain.
Thanks a million (30)Complete Arkham Bonus level.
The city is safe... for now (50)100% game completion.
The Destroyer of Worlds (15)Destroy 12 objects at once with Bat Bombs.
The Most Dangerous Man on Earth (20)Defeat Joker, Two-Face, Riddler and Catwoman as Batman.
The Richest Man in Gotham (40)Max out the stud counter.
There and back (10)Destroy 10 objects in one Batarang throw.
Throwing up (20)Throw 50 policemen with superstrength.
Unbreakable (30)Finish a level without dying (Character) with no extras.
Vigilante (25)Rescue 25 civilians.
Villain (25)Complete the first episode - Villain.
Who needs curiosity? (20)Defeat Catwoman 9 times.