Cabela’s Dangerous Hunts 2009 Achievements List


Unlockable                                How to Unlock
Apiphobia (20)Destroy at least 10 Bee Hives playing Career Mode.
Bronze Sharpshooter (50)Earn all Bronze Medals in Action Zone.
Completionist (60)Complete the game 100% on Normal.
Experienced Hunter (50)Complete the Career Mode on Normal.
Gold Sharpshooter (100)Earn all Gold Medals in Action Zone.
Perseverant Award (50)Complete all Bonus Missions.
Platinum Sharpshooter (200)Earn all Platinum Medals in Action Zone.
Pro Hunter Award (100)Complete the Career Mode on Difficult.
Rabid Completionist (120)Complete the game 100% on Difficult.
Silver Sharpshooter (75)Earn all Silver Medals in Action Zone.
Skilled Hunter Award (20)Use all Power-Ups at least once.
Snakes on a Plain (20)Take down at least 15 Poisonous Snakes playing Career Mode.