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WoW BfA Cat Lady Location: Where to Find Catherine Morgan

Finding the WoW BfA cat lady location has been high on our priority list after Blizzard employees started tweeting about their feline friends being inserted into the game. If you’re a WoW fan who also loves cats (and who wouldn’t), we’ve got you covered. We show you how to find the Boralus’s cat lady, Catherine Morgan, and tell you what you have to do to meet her cats.

For the cat-obsessed, this won’t be your first rodeo. We’ve been able to collect cats in WoW for a long time now, and the truly devoted will have the Crazy Cat Lady title for collecting as many cute cats as possible. However, Catherine Morgan takes being a cat lady to the next level and you really have to see it in person.

WoW BfA Cat Lady Location: What You Need to Access Boralus

Catherine Morgan’s magical realm of cats is in Boralus. To get to Boralus, you’re going to want to be an Alliance player. Unfortunately, the Kul’tirans are going to be more than a little hostile against those who root for Sylvanas.

You have to have finished the following quests:

  • (110) The Speaker’s Imperative
  • (110) Tides of War
  • (110) The Nation of Kul’Tiras
  • (110) Daughter of the Sea
  • (110) Out Like Flynn
  • (110) Get Your Bearings
  • (110) The Old Knight

Once you’ve done the above, you’ll have access to Kul’Tiras and you’ll get the choice to pick how best to assist the Alliance in their efforts to get military support against the Horde. You don’t necessarily have to pick the option in (110) A Nation Divided that motivates you to stick around town. However, it won’t hurt.

WoW BfA Cat Lady Location: Where is Catherine Morgan?

Now that you’ve accessed Boralus, it’s time to find the elusive cat lady. Luckily for us, the streets of Upton Borough are well-paved and it shouldn’t be hard to find her. The closest flight path to you is by Proudmoore Keep, and you’re a hop, skip and a throw from the Tradewinds Market if you want to take the scenic route. In the vicinity of Unity Square (54,71) is where you’ll find her, at a place affectionally called Catty Cathy’s.

Once you get acquainted with her, you’ll realize that she’s got a staggering amount of feline friends — 25 in total. Take your time in getting to know each and every one of them; they’re all special and very cute. Now that you know where to find this cat lover’s haven, what are you waiting for? We’re sure you’ll have a favorite kitty in no time.