SimCity Creator Wii Cheats

New Building Sets

Enter one of the following as your city's name in order to unlock the corresponding building set

Unlockable                      How to Unlock
Egyptian Building SetName your city "Mummy's desert"
Greek Building SetName your city "ancient culture"
Jungle Building SetName your city "Become wild"
Sci-Fi Building SetName your city "Future picture"

New Buildings

Unlockable                        How to Unlock
Art museumRaise education to level 90
Basketball courtBuild 2 of : Tennis courts, baseball fields and playgrounds
Bus stopReach 1920
High schoolRasie education level to 75
House of worshipPopulation of 4,000
Large GardenBuild 4 small gardens and have a population of 50,000
Large ParkBuild 4 small parks and have a pop. of 50,000
MuseumRaise education level to 100
Nuclear Power StationRaise education level to 115
Opera HouseBuild 3 museums and 3 art museums
Recycling PlantBuild one landfill zone
Solar Power PlantReach year 2000
StadiumHave a pop. of 350,000
TV stationHave a pop. of 350,000
UniversityRaise education level to 90
Wind Power PlantReach 1985