de Blob Wii Cheats


Unlockable Secret Missions

Unlockable                            How to Unlock
Billboard-o-ramaBeat Hanging Gardens
Blob SmashObtain a gold medal for Chroma City Fun Park
Crane FightingObtain a gold medal for The Chroma Dam
Deep DownObtain a gold medal for Ministry of Ink
Factory RunBeat Chroma City Fun Park
Forgotten ForestObtain a gold medal for The Docklands
Hill ClimbBeat Ministry of Ink
INKT AcedemyBeat The Chroma Dam
Inky CanyonObtain a gold medal for Hanging Gardens
Jetbike BlitzBeat Guggentraz Island
Leaps of FaithObtain a gold medal for Uptown
Lost FreewayObtain a gold medal for Downtown
Miles O SilosBeat The Docklands
Seaside RollerBeat Last Resort
Ship to ShipBeat Uptown
Sinking FeelingBeat Lake Raydia
Sizzle RaceBeat Downtown
Top of the WorldObtain a gold medal for Last Resort
Tower of PowerObtain a gold medal for Lake Raydia
TrainspottingObtain a gold medal for Guggentraz Island


Go to the start menu and hold C then enter one of the following

Code                             Effect
press B, B, 1, 2, 1, 2, B, BUnlock all of de Blob's moods and make all music tracks available
press 2, 2, B, B, 1, 1, B, BUnlock multiplayer modes

Cheat Codes

When playing a level, hold down the C button and enter these codes (These codes can be used multiple times)

1,1,2,2Adds an extra life to th amount you character has
1,1,1,1Turns on invincibility. Can be used again to turn off invincibility.


 1,2,1,2  Extra 10 minutes of playing time