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Fortnite Timed Trials: How to Find Every Stopwatch in the Week 3 Challenge

The Fortnite Complete Timed Trials Week 3 Challenge is undoubtedly one of the trickiest yet. Testing both your speed and building prowess, as well as your ability not to be killed by other players, you’ll need to find five stopwatch locations, as well as completing each course within the time trials’ time limit to unlock the 5 Battle Stars. Below, we’ve listed some of the stopwatch locations to help you complete the challenge.

Fortnite Complete Timed Trials: What is the Week 3 Challenge?

The Complete Timed Trials challenge is unlike anything you’ve faced before. As long as you have the Season 5 Battle Pass, you’ll spy blue translucent stopwatches dotted around the map. Once you go up to them, hold square/X/whichever PC command you have mapped for “interact” and it’ll kick off a time trial not too dissimilar to the Super Mario red coin challenges.

Fortnite Complete Timed Trials: Stopwatch Locations

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While there are apparently still more stopwatch locations to be discovered,  we’ve listed five of the main ones above. Here’s where to find them.

  • Lonely Lodge: On top of the Lonely Lodge in Lonely Lodge. Lodgeception.
  • Paradise Palms: In the river, just upstream from the waterfall.
  • Tomato Town: Downstream, past the bridge.
  • Retail Row: Next to a large tree.
  • Near Salty Springs: Halfway down the snaking lake; by the riverbank.

Fortnite Complete Timed Trials: Strategy and Time Limit

While there’s no official timer, it appears that you get a 30-second time limit to grab all eight stopwatches upon beginning one of the five Timed Trials needed to complete the week 6 challenge.

However, that’s easier said than done. Most stopwatches are going to be in mid-air. The best strategy may be, if time permits, to take a three-step approach, with each 30-second run being a fact-finding mission of sorts.

  • First go: Scout out all 8 stopwatches. You will see them “fly” off to their current positions upon interacting with the first stopwatch
  • Second go: Start building your structure so you can grab all eight stopwatches with very minimal fuss on the third go.
  • Third go: Now your structure is in place and, hopefully, designed to get to each stopwatch efficiently, you can now go round and grab each of the stopwatches.