Star Wars: The Force Unleashed FAQ/Walkthrough

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                                   THE FORCE

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| Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Guide  |
| Created by: Axel7174                  |
| FAQ and Walkthrough                   |
| Copyright 2008 Ryne Gardner           |

Version History
Version .40 - 9/18/08 - 9/19/08
--Guide started. Trying to juggle working on this and playing through another
save of Final Fantasy XII. Next update should be forthcoming.

Version .70 - 9/24/08
--Almost there. I'm so glad I have almost all of next week off. Huzzahs are in
order! In any case, I did the walkthrough up until Mission 7. Also, I added
more extra information, and also more of the "necessary" stuff to make the
guide feel more complete, seeing as how I was too lazy to do it last time.

Version 1.10 - 9/27/08
--First completed version! I completed the walkthrough, added a few of the
Extras sections and also worked on some of the Basics information. Other things
include the finding of the last Holocron on Felucia (thanks to a tip), and also
fixes of errors and other things. Still working on adding more but I'm glad I 
got this off the ground. Oh, and hail most of the week off! Schwing!

Version 1.25 - 9/29/08
--I added a few more sections, including the Bosses section. I also got a tip
for that pesky Holocron in Felucia and one of two I was missing on Imperial
Raxus Prime, leaving only one left I'm missing. I finished the Holocrons
section by adding the Death Star group. Other additions consist of minor fixes,
including a format change for the pre-mission information. 

Version 1.30 - 9/30/08
--Tiny update. I really wanna get more of the prefacing information up but I'm
being a little lazy or distracted I like to say by other things. For now, I
almost finished the Bosses section and I also finished the Holocrons, both in 
the Walkthrough and in the Holocrons section itself, thanks to a few more tips. 
More to come in the near future. 

Table of Contents

1. Intro........................................................ [it00]
 * About The Author
 * About TFU
 * Using This Guide
2. Basics....................................................... [bc00]
 * Controls..................................................... [bc01]
 * Force Powers................................................. [bc02]
 * Force Combos................................................. [bc03]
 * Force Talents................................................ [bc04]
 * General Tips................................................. [bc05]
3. Walkthrough.................................................. [wk00]
 * Kashyyyk..................................................... [wkin]
 * Mission One - TIE Fighter Factory............................ [wk01]
 * Mission Two - Raxus Prime.................................... [wk02]
 * Mission Three - Felucia...................................... [wk03]
 * Mission Four - The Empirical................................. [wk04]
 * Mission Five - Cloud City.................................... [wk05]
 * Mission Six - Imperial Kashyyyk.............................. [wk06]
 * Mission Seven - Imperial Felucia............................. [wk07]
 * Mission Eight - Imperial Raxus Prime......................... [wk08]
 * Mission Nine - Death Star.................................... [wk09]
4. Extras....................................................... [ex00]
 * Bosses....................................................... [ex01]
 * Costumes..................................................... [ex02]
 * Lightsaber Crystals.......................................... [ex03]
 * Holocrons.................................................... [ex04]
 * Cheats....................................................... [ex05]
5. Miscellaneous................................................ [ms00]
 * Frequently Asked Questions................................... [ms01]
 * Credits/Special Thanks....................................... [ms02]
 * Contact Info................................................. [ms03]
 * Legal Hullabaloo............................................. [ms04]

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       /  /   ==           ____....=---='''~~~~ 


|  Introduction  it00  |

About The Author
I don't have much to say about myself. Sometimes I'll pointlessly use the
Version History in my guides to discuss (vent) briefly what's going on in the
life of Axel. All I can say is that since I've started doing this, I've really
enjoyed it. So here we are, with yet another guide. Schwing!

About The Force Unleashed
There are quite a few good Star Wars games out there now. My favorite,
strangely enough, will probably always be the Star Wars Trilogy Arcade game. 
Games like KOTOR rank up there as the best. This latest entry, The Force
Unleashed takes a new spin on things. It's an overall fun game with a few minor
setbacks, bringing perhaps the greatest use of Force Powers since Jedi Outcast
and KOTOR. It also gets the rare privilege of being canon. Hopefully you'll
enjoy this game.

Using This Guide
When using this guide, make note of the quickjumps provided. Use the ctrl+f
function and the codes provided in the Table of Contents to jump to a section
of the guide fast. If you have questions, please check the FAQ section before
e-mailing me. 

|  Basics  bc00  |

First let's go over all the basics to the game. Controls and all important info
regarding your character's progression will be found here. 

Controls     [bc01]
I'll be laying out the controls as they apply to both the PS3 and Xbox 360.
However, and this is important, I will only be referring to the PS3 controls
through this guide. The application is really easy to figure out, as far as
which button corresponds to its console counterpart, so don't worry about it.

|Action           |PS3 Button         |360 Button         |
|Movement         |Left Analog Stick  |Left Stick         |
|Camera           |Right Analog Stick |Right Stick        |
|Center Camera    |R3                 |Click Right Stick  |
|Jump             |X/Cross            |A                  |
|Saber attack     |Square             |X                  |
|Force Push       |Circle             |B                  |
|Force Lightning  |Triangle           |Y                  |
|Force Dash       |L1                 |Left Button        |
|Block            |L2                 |Left Trigger       |
|Lock On          |R1                 |Right Button       |
|Force Grip       |R2                 |Right Trigger      |

Force Powers     [bc02]
As you progress through the game, you'll earn Force Points which are basically
experience points. Earn enough and you gain spheres to use in three facets for
leveling up the Apprentice. The first we'll look at are Force Powers. 


|  Walkthrough  wk00   |

So begins the adventure. The classic Star Wars style opening will run, followed
by a quick cutscene. Once you have control, it's time to rock, Dark Side style.

_____________                __________________________________________________
Introduction ______________/ This will be a day long remembered...
_____________/   Kashyyyk   __________________________________________________

Ah yes. You now have the reins with the Dark Lord of the Sith himself. Darth
Vader's style is not too dissimilar from what you'll be experiencing soon with
the Apprentice. He does have a few noteworthy differences however. Instead of
Force Lightning, Vader has his classic Choke attack which you can use by 
hitting Triangle. Other than that, his moves are an available future copy of
what you'll be getting soon enough. Schwing! It's also important to note that
Vader technically can't run. He kind of... speedwalks. I don't mind walking,
because it builds up the moment that it is in fact, Darth Vader, slowly walking
towards his enemies that are cowering in fear of him. If you're in a hurry
though, by all means tilt that stick as far as you want.

Proceed forward and you'll encounter a few of your Stormtroopers under siege by
a bunch of Wookies. Get close enough and the game prompt will inform you about
Force Push. As it says, go ahead and hold Circle to charge the blast. Unleash
it and the gateway in front of you will be blown to bits. Smashing! Take out
the Wookies with Choke, Saber Throw and whatever you wish. Proceed forward into
the next area. Here are a bunch of barriers. You can pick them up and toss them
at the oncoming Wookies if you'd like. Really, this level is mostly tutorial,
get your feet wet kinda stuff. Go about dispatching your enemies as you see
fit, I'll just be putting my own suggestions down.

Move forward past a couple more Wookies and you'll hit a checkpoint. Keep going
and you'll encounter a new type of enemy. These Wookie Berserkers wield some 
blades and they're here to shank you! Well, not if Darth Vader has anything to
say about it. Get used to blocking with L2 and then strike back with melee 
attacks from your Lightsaber. Take them out with this and also try Force 
Repulse by holding L2 and then holding Circle to unleash a blast that knocks 
back nearby enemies. Dispatch these guys and continue onward. You'll come to a
bridge. Perfect place for a Force Push. Charge it up and let it fly and watch 
the carnage ensue. Move forward and cut down any in your path. On the other 
side will be another barrier so use Force Push to blow it down Big Bad Wolf 

Now proceed forward and go right up the slope. You'll be greeted by more Wookie
Berserkers. Take them out and enter the building. A lift will take you up. At
the top, continue down the next path and you'll find even more Berserkers. Take
them down with a Force Push if you want, although the ensuing wreckage will 
block your path briefly. Otherwise, just go with the trusty saber and continue
onward. You'll eventually come to an area with a few bridges. The nearest one
will be destroyed when a TIE Fighter careens into it. Move toward the other one
and you'll see a welcome party coming to greet you. Use the various force
powers and what have you to take them down. They'll come at you wave by wave
for a while but you're far too powerful for them so don't worry. Eventually,
you can cross the second bridge for a checkpoint.

Clear the path of even more enemies and cross the final bridge to the left. 
When you get across, move toward the large hut there with a familiar insignia
on it for a scene. 

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This fight is more or less straightforward. You'll notice the camera assumes
almost a Fighting game-esque style. Most major Boss fights will be like this.
You've still got access to all your Force powers, but now up against a Jedi, it
will not be as easy. 

He'll start off swinging, and chances are your first saber attack will cause
a Saber lock. Hit Square repeatedly to win this for a little damage. He's
susceptible to Force Push, especially if you charge it up. Just make sure you
have the time and distance to do so. Choke won't work because he'll just wave
it off, so don't bother. You may be controlling the Dark Lord, but this guy
isn't a pushover. He'll get cheap, especially toward the end. Learn to use the
more powerful melee attack by pausing between each strike. This will break the
Jedi's guard and knock him down. If you're at close quarters and the Jedi is
on the ground, attempt to stab him which will deal a larger amount of damage. 
Keep him honest with Force Push and even a Force Repulse to knock him back. 

Eventually the Rogue Jedi will use the Force to bring down a TIE Fighter on
you. Stay away from the center of the battlefield and you might be ok. It won't
be a huge problem anyway. Keep attacking and keep him off guard to get in hits.
When you get his health low enough, you might find the Rogue Jedi starting to
get a little cheaper. He'll use Force Push a lot so avoid the damage and the
inconvenience by jumping and holding Square to come crashing down on him. The
damage will be nice and you'll also knock him down. Keep attacking and dodge
his Force powers and the TIEs he brings down. A prompt will appear when he's
near dead. Input the buttons correctly one at a time as they appear to win. 

FINISHER - Square, Circle, Circle, Circle

A scene plays and that ends that. It will be followed by another two scenes and
after that you'll gain control... as the Apprentice. 

____________                         __________________________________________
Mission One _______________________/ I've got a bad feeling about this...
____________/  TIE Fighter Factory  __________________________________________

-Escape the Hangar
-Reach the second level of the construction facility
-Escape the Infuser Room containment field
-Ascend the Wing Assembly
-Disable the Assembly Line containment field
-Defeat General Rahm Kota
Bonus Objectives
-Destroy 5 TIE Fighters (Talent Sphere)
-200,000 Force Points (Combo Sphere)
-Collect all Holocrons (Power Sphere)

Before you even gain control, you should probably recognize this level if you
played the demo. Yes, it's the same place. There will be a few differences,
some of which I'll note later on at the appropriate times. Most importantly now
however, is that unlike in the demo, you won't have quick access to some of the
abilities that the Apprentice had then. So don't expect to walk in and start
tearing the place apart just yet. For now, just proceed down the hall. If you
want to feed your ego, go ahead and abuse the poor little droids. Continue to
the first door and give it a few Force Pushes to pry it open.


Take on the first few Stormtroopers you meet here. There's a Sith Holocron at
the very end of this walkway. Grab it for Unlimited Energy for a short time.
Make use of it and jump down and engage all the enemies. There's a lot of them
so start taking them out fast or you'll be overwhelmed. Use a couple Force Push
attacks and then slash a few with your saber. Grip some of the objects and hurl
them at other opponents. Mix things up and you'll earn more Force Points, but
of course, you're awfully limited at this stage. 

See the TIE Fighters overhead? Use them! Try to get almost underneath them and
if you see the targeting reticle, use Grip to hoist one down. Hurl at some of
the Stormtroopers if you can or toss it at other TIEs. The real goal here is to
destroy 5. A counter will appear saying how many you've destroyed. There's more
than enough here so destroy 5 and you'll earn a Force Talent Sphere. Take down
the rest of the enemies after that.

Now before we get out of here, make your way to the other side of the hangar.
On the walkway opposite the one you used to get in here, you'll find a Jedi
Holocron, identified by its yellow glow. Grab it for 10,000 Force Points 
(1/15). Now turn your attention to the destroyed shuttle just laying there. Use
some double jumps to get to the very top of it. From here you can again double
jump to reach the walkway. Get on and go to the end and you'll find a Holocron 
giving you the Yellow Lightsaber Crystal (2/15). Schwing! We're finished here 
so make your way to the door (yellow dot). Use Grip to move the sliding lock on
the door to the left with the Left Analog Stick. This opens one door, revealing
another lock mechanism. Slide this one with the Right Analog Stick. Now proceed
into the next hallway. 

Stroll down the corridor and in the intersection a few of Kota's men will 
ambush you. Take them out and then turn left. You'll cross a larger room and
on the other side more of them will be waiting. Dispatch them and proceed into
the small room they were inhabiting. The door directly ahead of you is your
next goal. There's a door to the right too however. Blast it open for another
Holocron, good for another 10k Force Points (3/15). 

In the next corridor, a bunch of Kota's men will appear. Take note of the 
containers with the red lights on them. These are your futuristic version of
the "explosive barrel". Use them wisely with Force Grip and hurl them at your
enemies to take them all out in one fell swoop. Beware them though because they
can hurt you too if you get too close and fling that saber around. You might
have earned your first Level Up here too. For each level, you gain one of each
Sphere. Go ahead and use them now if you'd like. Since I can't account for any
but my own playthrough, I'll make notes of when I use the spheres to level up.
If you get them before or after me, it doesn't make a difference. I'll only be
making suggestions for you to pick from. Some skills and powers I definitely
recommend more than others, but it's ultimately up to you. That said, press
Select and let's take a look.

You should have one Force Combo Sphere, one Force Power Sphere, and two Force
Talent Spheres. You got the other one by destroying 5 TIE Fighters hopefully.
As you can see, a lot of abilities are currently locked. From what you have to
pick from, I usually go with Force Push Rank 2, expending the 1 Force Power
Sphere. You only have two Force Combo abilities to choose from at the moment,
and they're Saber Sling and Dashing Blast. I prefer to hold onto my one Combo
Sphere for now and wait until I can get Sith Saber Flurry. If you want to buy
one now though, go with Saber Sling. As for Talents, it's really up to you. 
Since you have two, you might want to expend them on two abilities with a cost
of one, rather than spending both spheres on one ability with a cost of two.
That probably sounded really confusing worded that way... In any case, I went
with Force Focus and Battle Meditation. Choose what you want and let's get
back to the game.

Head down the next corridor and a large group of Stormtroopers will be waiting
in a nook to your left. If you went and bought the Force Push Rank 2 upgrade,
go ahead and use it now. You can charge your Force Push again finally. Makes it
feel more like the demo now, huh? A fully charged Push will take out all the
Stormtroopers easily. Now opposite of this nook is the next door. Force it open
and you'll reach the next area and objective.


Turn right and go down this walkway. Use the nearby barrels and containers and
fling them at the enemies further down. Some TIE Fighters will fly past and
shoot at you. Pesky flies need to be swatted. You can throw containers at them
if you'd like. Ah, but where's the ingenuity? Better idea. See those pillar
like structures at the edge of the platform? Target these with Grip and using
it, you can bend them outward to the left. Do this and bend the pillars so they
are directly in the flight path of the TIE Fighters. Next time one comes by...
BOOM! Muhahaha. Ahem. Yes, now continue down the walkway.

Some TIE Fighter pilot who apparently had too many shots of Jack Daniels will
crash into the walkway, destroying the bridge to the next area. The gap is very
small though and you can easily jump over it. Do so and head toward the big
fight going on down the way. Start flinging things at the various enemies. Try
to mix it up though. Get involved with your saber and other moves. Try Gripping
and throwing guys off the ledge for the Long Way Down bonus. When they're all
dead, blast open the door on the left and enter.

A mob of troopers await you. Use Force Push and your saber to put them to bed.
The lift on the right will come down, with some of Kota's men aboard. One 
includes the Militia Trooper, who is the melee fighter of the bunch. Kill them,
then turn your sights on the door to the left, opposite of the one you blasted
open to get here. There is another platform here, and there seems to be nothing
of interest. Oh wait, what's that glow? Why yes, it's another Holocron! Clear
the obstruction and collect it for a Force Talent Sphere (4/15). Schwing Now go
back and take the lift up.

Hopefully you bought the Force Push upgrade, because if used correctly, you'll
be in for a brief treat here. At the next floor, a few of Kota's men will run
at you. Another works the gun at the back. Just charge up the Force Push and
let it fly. The blast will blow the enemies back and most likely make a few of
the explosive barrels go off, making for a few fireworks. Mop up any remaining
foes and then open the door to your right first. Turn left and you'll find
another hidden Holocron at the end of this platform. It rewards you with a
Force Combo Sphere (5/15). Now go back and open the other door.

Go down this platform and engage the enemies with Grip and other methods. The
platform is a bit narrow, so it's efficient (not to mention hilarious) to pick
up foes with grip and then just drop them. Continue until you reach the area
before that large structure. 

Surprised? No AT-ST here this time. Another difference between this and the
demo. Take out all the measly Stormtroopers, then cross the gap to the left.
Kill more enemies and then turn left to go down this platform. There's a small
opening on the side but nothing in there. Proceed down to the next one. A group
of Militia Troopers pour out. Use Force Push to disperse them. They're melee
guys and if they jump you at once it can get annoying. When they're down, enter
the small alcove they came out of for a Holocron, netting you another 10,000
Force Points (6/15), and hopefully a Level Up. You probably have a few now so 
you can upgrade if you'd like. I'm going to wait just a bit before I do it 
though. For now, just continue down the platform. A few more Saboteurs appear,
but they fall easily. Get to the end and turn right. The doors will open

A lot of Militia guys in here. Watch out for the Troopers in particular because
they get annoying fast. Use Saber Blast and Grip to help you take out the other
pesky foes. Grab the Sith Holocron at the center of the room, amongst all the
screens and computers for a temporary boost in damage. Imperials will show up
too eventually so wipe them all out as well. When they're all goners, enter the
next hallway.

Meet the Militia Elite, another vexation. Make him your primary target. Try to
grab the nearby explosive barrel with Grip and fling it at them. Rush the Elite
if he survives and take him out fast. Through the next door, another group will
attack. Fend off the Troopers, then take out the Elite. Enter the next room.


This room is cool, but don't gawk too long or else you'll be taking a long nap.
The room is swarming with Militia guys, and they've set a trap in the form of
an energy field that vaporizes anything that touches it, a trap you can take
advantage of. If you can, charge up a Force Push immediately to blow a ton of
enemies into the energy wall. The biggest problem here is the Troopers as they
whack away at you with their dumb nightsticks. Take them out and use Grip to
fling them away and into the wall. Don't neglect the Elites for too long
however, as their constant shooting will deplete your health in no time. Use
the wall to your advantage and clear the room. Then Force Grip the device that
you can see and target behind the energy wall. Pull it out and the wall will
recede. Follow your objective marker and enter the next room.

A small group of Militia guys. The windows in the back are breakable so try
to fling objects (or the enemies) into them and the vacuum created will pull
them helplessly into space. Otherwise dispatch them with your saber and move
on. The next room is much like the one with the energy wall, just... sans the
energy wall. There's still a lot of enemies here. Make a rush for the Sith
Holocron in the corner however. It will grant you Health Drain Aura. This will
drain the health of nearby enemies, making this job much easier. Continue to
the next room.

In here, use Grip to pull out the object on the left and use it as a platform.
Grip the folded up platform on the wall next and pull that out so you can jump
to it. Jump up to the opening and dispatch the Stormtroopers. Head down this
hallway and you'll drop down to another corridor. Blast open the next door to
reach the next objective.


Another skirmish going on here, and right in the middle of it is an AT-ST. No,
wait... it's an AT-CT? Yeah, I'm as confused as you. This thing has a grav gun
like weapon. Try not to target the Militia guys, because they'll help you
weaken the creature. Also, once they turn on you, you'll be in big trouble.
Just stay back and fling objects at the AT-CT until a prompt appears. Finish it
off with Square, X, and Circle. Now kill all the Militia guys to clear this
area for now. To continue, head toward the back where the assembled wings are
rising up. Use them as elevators and jump on one, riding it to the top. Turn
your attention to the opposite walkway and the Militia guys at the guns. Take
them out with objects or rush them. Just beware the Militia Troopers waiting
to beat your brains out. You can take them all out by taking out the precarious
walkway on which they stand. It will drop them all down below, but strangely
enough, might not actually kill them. Now from here, go to the left most TIE
Fighter wing lift. Ride it up further and you'll reach a secret walkway. Behind
the containers is a Holocron for 10,000 Force Points (7/15). Now from here,
look toward the building below that houses the exit to your next area. Don't
drop down though. Jump onto the roof of this room from the secret walkway and
you'll find another Holocron for another 10k (8/15). Now drop down and enter
the next room. 

Again there's a battle going on. Grab the Sith Holocron on the right for some
help. Take out all the enemies, then turn your sights on the wing assembly
here. This one is a little less productive, but there's a Holocron waiting
above. Thing is there's no way to reach it. Time to get creative. Use Grip and
grab one of the wings on the ground. This is really tricky, but you need to
manipulate the wing in a way that will let you slide it into the holders and
use it as a platform. Aim it for the column to the right of the Holocron, and
low so you can reach it from the platform to the right. Try banging the wing
up against walls so you can rotate it enough to get it in there. Jump up and
grab the Holocron when you succeed for another 10k (9/15). By now you hopefully
got the Bonus Objective for 200,000 Force Points, earning a Combo Sphere. I'm
going to go ahead and use them now so go ahead if you haven't already. With only
two Force Power spheres, I can't get anything so save those. Force Talents, I
went with Affinity Rank 1, Saber Mastery 1, and Combo Mastery 1. For Force
Combos I bought Sith Saber Flurry and Saber Sling. I decided to save 2 for now.
Now, go back to that center wing platform and head to the left, climbing up
them so you can get in position to jump to a walkway on the right. Do so and
then jump the gap to the next walkway. Grab the Holocron (10/15) for your
first augment Lightsaber crystal, Power Crystal Rubat. Add it to your saber
right now and it will deal extra damage. Jump down now and head through the
door with the flashing yellow light. 

You'll be behind another Imperial-Militia battle. Interrupt things with a few
charged Force Push attacks. Dispatch the rest, then approach the lift. It will
come down with a few Militia guys aboard. Kill them and then take the lift up.

In here you'll find another assembly. Take out the Militia enemies first. You
can use the assembly arms and Grip them to aim their lasers which will kill
any enemies they touch. It's kinda tough, so it's easier to actually just Grip
the enemies themselves and place them in the path of the lasers. Move down and
pay attention to the left wall, looking for an opening. Find it and enter this
short hallway for a Holocron, good for another 10k (11/15). Continue and your
next objective will present itself. 


Eventually you'll come across another energy field wall you can't traverse. Go
up the ramp to the left and take out the enemies. Enter the next room up here
and you'll get a nice workout fending off a large group of Kota's goons. Use
moves like Saber Sling and Grip to throw them into the energy wall for easy
kills. Look around the room and notice the blue columns of light energy. In
the group of columns that was on your left as you entered this room, there is
a Holocron. The energy of the columns may repel you, so get in there quick and
grab it for a Force Power Sphere (12/15). 

Face the containment field and target the device behind it. Pull it out to
again deactivate it. Still facing where it once was, turn right and enter the
corridor here. Another Holocron awaits for another 10,000 Force Points (13/15).
Head back now and the path is clear. Enter the next assembly line. Use Grip to
fling objects at the enemies on the walkway. Watch for another corridor, this
time on the right side. Enter it for another 10k Holocron (14/15). Use the Sith
Holocron in the room if you need it to finish off any enemies. When the coast
is clear, approach the ramp at the end of this room. Before you go up, turn
right and find the final Holocron for another 10,000. Assuming you found them
all, this will also get you a Force Power Sphere. Enter the door and you'll
be told Kota is above you. Take the lift up.


Watch the scene, then prepare to fight.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This guy is a step up from the Rogue Jedi but some of the tactics will still
apply. This starts off simple enough. Kota will engage you in saber attacks.
Block them and counter with attacks of your own. Use Sith Saber Flurry if you
have it, since it will be more effective than normal combos. Kota is vulnerable
to Force Push, should you catch him off guard, and Leaping Slam. Use both to
knock him down. Get to his body quickly and attempt to stab him for extra
damage, or at least slash him a few times as he's getting up. 

He'll combo attack you and it's hard to escape if the first slash hits. He'll
also go to the center of the room and leap up. If he does this, jump into the
air quickly. Kota will come crashing down with hi sown Leaping Slam, and the
shockwave will spread out in a wide radius, hurting you should you be on the
ground at that moment. Kota will also go to the far platform and use the Force
to throw objects at you. Just dodge them with Dash and wait for him to return.

Aside from using Force Push (which only works sometimes anyway) and Leaping
Slam, you can fight fire with fire and fling objects at him. Also, when he
does his uber Leaping Slam attack, he is weakened briefly, giving you a window
to strike him. Try using Saber Sling and then approaching his body quickly for
the stab attack. 

Take him down a bit and a quick scene will play. Now the area of the facility
is plummeting and the floor will become very hot soon. Kota will assume his
position on one platform. Take the other because the hot floor will drain your
health. Grab nearby objects with the Force and throw them at Kota before he
does the same to you. You can also attempt to jump to his island and saber him
but it's not as effective as the former. When things cool down, get close again
and use the various tactics to weaken him. Eventually when his health drops low
enough, the Finisher prompt appears. 

FINISHER - Square, Square, X, Circle

A scene plays and you'll get the results for your work. Congratulations, you're
done with the first mission!

Watch some story unfold and soon enough, you'll be whisked away to Raxus Prime
for your next mission. 

____________                 __________________________________________________
Mission Two _______________/ Do... or do not. There is no try.
____________/  Raxus Prime  __________________________________________________

-Blast your way into the giant hyperdrive engine
-Find a way through the crashed starship
-Destroy the Scavenger's camp Shield Generators
-Find a way to cross the Junk Chasm
-Infiltrate the Jedi Temple and defeat Kazdan Paratus
Bonus Objectives
-Destroy 10 Scavenger Skiffs (Talent Sphere)
-250,000 Force Points (Combo Sphere)
-Collect all Holocrons (Power Sphere)

You start off in a large area and the way forward isn't immediately clear. 
Nevertheless, you have your first objective. 


First off, the game will notify you that you have unlocked Force Lightning,
which you can now use with Triangle. It will be helpful in getting through here
and also for getting a Bonus Objective. Start by dropping down a ledge. You'll
see a large engine in front of you trapped under some debris. Use Force
Lightning on this to send it flying toward the large structure. It will hit a
damaged opening, slightly opening it up more. Not enough though. From here, go
left and you'll find a large pool of waste that will damage you should you 
stand in it. On the other side, under the next platform is the first Holocron.
Either use Grip on the platform that is laying in the waste and raise it up
slightly, so you can use it to cross, or just step in for a brief moment and
Force Dash in the air to the Holocron for 10k Force Points (1/15). The waste 
won't hurt you much anyway so it'll be fine. Once you have it, use Grip to 
raise the platform as high as you can, then jump to the next ledge. 

A few Rodian enemies greet you here, and they apparently have Grav Gun
capabilities. Take them out fast, then target the nearby engine with Lightning
and it will completely reveal the opening. Drop down to the next ledge. A Skiff 
will drop off some more enemies, including some Rodian Heavy Defenders, who are
like the Militia Elites from before. Focus on the Skiff however and try to 
target it if you can. Unload on it with Force Lighting and it will blow up. 
One down, nine more to go. Take out the Rodian Heavy Defenders next.

Turn to the right a bit and face the vast waste pool. There's a platform that
is a little well hidden. Try to find it and Grip it to make yourself a bridge.
Jump to it and then target the very next one in line and raise it. Jump to it
and a Skiff will attack. Force Lightning it for another kill going toward your
Bonus Objective. The next platform is already raised and it's beyond those
pillars obstructing your path. Use Force Push to clear the pillars from your
path, then jump and Dash over to the next platform. Here you can find a Sith 
Holocron for Invincibility. Nice. Good timing, as another Skiff attacks. Use 
Force Lightning again and take out the Rodian Heavy Defenders. There's another
engine here in case you missed one before. Go that way now, toward the large
structure, using the cliff and the platform ahead. Enter the core.

Inside you'll find some pesky Jawas. Take them out; they're not too hard. Go
around the center and you'll find more. Watch out for the grenades they throw,
and then take them all out. Jump onto the platform some of them were occupying,
and from here you can begin your ascent. Go across the pipes and up the various
ledges until you find some Heavy Defenders blasting at you. Get closer and wipe
them out. Now very close to your position, you can see a platform above you
with a lone Jawa guarding a Holocron. There's two ways to do this. First method
is a little tedious, but it works. Near the exit are two crates. Use Grip and
try to stack them on top of each other as far to the end of the ledge as you
can. Watch out for the Jawa and his grenades though; try to take him out if you
are able to target him. Use the crates and double jump up to the ledge. The
other way is much easier. Below that platform is another platform. Jump to it,
and go around until you get to a long line of pipes. Go to the top and you'll
be able to jump to the large structure in the center. Do so and go around this
narrow ledge until you're facing the Holocron ledge. Jump and Dash to it, take
out the Jawa, and claim the Holocron for a Force Power Sphere (2/15). Now just
drop down and go through the opening.

Out here, two Rodian Rippers will attack you. Use moves like Saber Sling and
what have you to take them down. Also note that you can press Square, then 
Triangle to do a sweet Lightning attack on them. Not only is it a good move, it
infuses your saber with lightning which for a very brief time, boosts your
attack. Continue forward and blast open the obstruction. Take out the Jawas
ahead fast, because their constant grenade throwing can get annoying. Drop down
to the next area for a lot more enemies, mostly Rodian. Take out the Heavy
Defenders fast because they can eat away your health in little time. Continue

Across a small gap you'll see a narrow path. It's being rained on by what I
presume is liquid hot metal. Grip the large metal structures outlining this
area and bend them downward until they lock into place (the Apprentice waves
his hand when they're in the right position). Do this for all three and then
you can cross safely. Head forward and through a small passage until you reach
another large area. 

Before you drop down, look to your left and grab the Holocron for 10,000 Force
Points (3/15). Now head down into this area and you'll discover a new foe and
a new objective.


You'll probably be unexpectedly ambushed by one or two of these robots that
can seemingly teleport around. They're a little tougher and more durable than
what you've fought so far, but they're not too tough. Use Force Lighting to
stun them a bit and whack away with Sith Saber Flurry and other moves. Also,
try to use Lightning Grenade which works wonders. As the game probably told you
before, you can now use Lightning to charge gripped objects. Now when you throw
them, they make an electric explosion. Do this to the Scrap Guardians and they
will go down easily. Try to face them away from the Rodian Heavy Defenders
though, because then you'll start losing health. If they do start shooting,
ignore the Scrap Guardians and take them out. One or two Skiffs will also
appear to the left of the crashed ship. Try to take them out before they fly

Once the coast is clear, turn your attention to the large ship. There is a very
big round plate that is resting on the ground, not too far from the ledge where
the Skiffs were. Find it and you'll notice the small crack in it. Force Push it
to blast it open and you'll find another Holocron inside. This one grants you
the Compressed Red Lightsaber Crystal (4/15). 

Now you've surely noticed the large area that is flashing blue, hinting that
you can do something with it. Stand a few feet away from it and use Grip and
both the Right and Left sticks to raise it up. Jump to the top and then use it
to get to the ship by jumping and Dashing. Use Force Lightning on the gun
turret here to open it up. 

Fight the Rippers before they throw things at you and take out the Heavy
Defender as well. Drop down the hole here and you'll find a bunch of Scrap
Guardians going at it with the Rodians. Use some nearby objects to use
Lightning Grenade and go for the Scrap Guardians. Take them out, followed by
the Rodians, but watch for a Skiff. Take it out and any other enemies. At the
end of this platform, where the Skiff appeared, you'll find a Holocron for
10,000 Force Points (5/15). 

Turn around and head back, going to the right path where some more Scrap
Guardians may be waiting. Deal with them, then find the cracked opening like
before that will lead you back inside the ship. You'll find a long corridor
inhabited by Jawas. Perfect place for a charged Force Push. At the very end,
you'll see an opening above you with a Jawa. Take him out, but don't jump up
there yet. Directly in front of you is a closed doorway. Blast it open with
Force Push for another Holocron, good for another 10k Force Points (6/15). I
leveled up just before getting this, but hopefully getting this helped you get
a level up as well. Let's upgrade now. I had 7 Force Power Spheres, and I spent
4 on the Lightning Rank 2, and 3 on the Force Grip Rank 2. For Combos, I had 4
Spheres to use, so I spent 3 on Sith Slash and Dashing Blast, saving one for
later. And for Talents, I spent the only 2 I had on Fortitude. Choose what you
want, these are just suggestions. Once you're done, let's continue.

Jump up to the opening and go inside. The next area will load and once it's
done, you're presented with your next objective.


A bunch of Heavy Defenders and Rippers will be waiting in this ravine. 
Lighting Grenade will help tons. Electrify objects and hurl them at these guys
for quick and stylish finishes. Take out any remaining and cross the walkways
to the far side. Here, use Grip to pry open the doors and then enter for a

Here, start by using nearby objects to take out a Rodian pretty close to you,
and one on the far structure in the distance. Head to the that structure and
nab the Sith Holocron for damage increase, then take out all the Rodian Heavy
Defenders to the right. You'll also see a Holocron over here, just below where
all the floating objects are coming out of. Grab it for a Force Combo Sphere 
(7/15). Move left from here toward the Jawas and destroy them. Head over to the
energy wall. A few Rodians will fight you, but you can just toss them into the
wall. No sweat. To the left of the energy wall is a long walkway. Follow it all
the way down for a Holocron, giving you the Gold Lightsaber Crystal (8/15). The
field won't go down yet, so head to the right of it and enter the doorway there
for a lift.

Through the next corridor you'll arrive at another open area. Take down the
Jawas and Rodians around you. To the very right of where you entered is a
platform. Jump up here and you'll find the next Holocron, granting you the
Compressed Yellow Lightsaber Crystal (9/15). 

Approach the ramp leading to the electrical device. More Heavy Defenders will
attack so use nearby objects to Grip and throw at them. Use Grip to slide the
mechanism to the left which will in turn, destroy the generator controlling the
energy field. Go behind the machinery however and there will be an opening. 
Drop down to locate a Holocron that rewards you with a Force Talent Sphere
(10/15). Now turn back and return to whence you came. Some Heavy Defenders wait
so just cut them down, then head back to the lift. 

Even more enemies await in the previous area. A lot of them in fact. Try using
Grip on one and using him as a Lightning Grenade to toss at his buddies. Don't
let the Heavy Defenders have their way with you. When they're all dead, go to
the area where the energy wall used to stand. Pass through into the next area.


A new enemy called the Scrap Drone will appear. Lightning and your saber work
well, just beware that they explode when defeated. Drop down into this area and
you'll see some stuff going on. Go to the left side and some Scrap Guardians
and Drones will attack. Take them down, favoring Lightning attacks and the like
to quickly eliminate them. Continue down this path until you encounter the
large engine like machine. Use Lightning on it to get it pumping. Now make
your way back and a new foe will present itself. 

This mini-boss, the Junk Titan is a tough customer. He will swipe at you when
close, throw junk at you when you're far away, and also pound his fist down,
sending a fiery upburst through the ground. This attack in particular can
be a little vexing, because even if you dash away from it, the explosion may
still hurt you. Use any nearby objects and infuse them with Lightning before
sending them flying at the titan. There are only a few laying around, so get
close and jump up at the Titan's supposed head and start wailing away with the
Lightsaber. Follow this up with a long bout of Force Lightning which will
really drain his health. Continue this up until a prompt for a Finisher
appears. Hit Square, Triangle, and Square as they appear in succession to
finish this guy off. 

Now that that's done, head to the high ledge on the right and besides a few
Scrap Guardians and Drones, you'll find a Holocron worth another 10k Force
Points (11/15). Defeat the Scrap enemies and then approach the giant metal
object that the engine you electrified started to exhaust on. Go to the highest
ledge here and Grip the object. Just hold it in Grip for a while, and a scene
will eventually take over, showing you making a bridge. Your next objective
presents itself.


Carefully jump down to the makeshift bridge you created. Cross into the next
area. A bunch of Scrap Guardians show up. Use the large junk ball and infuse it
with Lightning to throw it at them for good damage. Use other Lightning based
attacks to finish them and the rest. At the next ledge you'll see a large metal
object you can Grip. Pull it down so it's level enough to make a platform. Jump
to it and then across to the other side. 

Immediately when you reach this platform, turn your attention to the left where
you see a lot of metal pillars. Use Force Push and bust them down. You'll find
more metal objects like the one you just used as a platform. Use Grip on the
one in front of you to bend it downward and then get on it. The next one you 
want to target is to the right. Do so and bend it down also. Jump to this one,
and then from there to the platform where a Holocron is laying. Get it to
obtain the Sith Robe costume (12/15). Now head back to where you started. 
Continue through this area and more Scrap enemies will confront you. Try to use
one as a Lightning Grenade on the others. Wipe them out and move on. 

In the next area, another Junk Titan will form. He can get annoying with the
junk he throws at you. Try to Grip something immediately as his body is forming
and then use Lightning on it and throw it at him before he attacks. Use a few
other objects and also attack him with your saber and Force Lightning to keep
him honest. When the prompt appears, hit Square, Triangle, and Circle to finish

Approach the large glowing doors. Force Push them open to gain entry. There's
a Holocron on your immediate left, giving you another 10,000 Force Points
(13/15). You might also have leveled up again, but we'll upgrade in a moment. 
The next Holocron is floating above, just a ways in front of you. To reach it,
use one of the nearby AT-ST heads as a platform. Grip one and set it below
the Holocron, then step on to nab it for Power Crystal Firkrann (14/15). The 
last Holocron is nearby as well. Use the AT-ST head again to jump to the 
platform to the right. Grab the Holocron for 10,000 Force Points and a Force 
Talent Sphere if you got all the Holocrons (15/15). 

Alright, time to upgrade. Still only had one Power Sphere unfortunately, so
nothing there. With five Combo Spheres, I spent three on Sith Saber Smash,
which I strongly recommend you get. It will give you access to a large amount
of combos using Force Lightning. With the remaining two I bought Sith Slam. 
Finally, I spent one of my two Talent Spheres on a Defense Mastery upgrade. Get
what you want and then proceed through the doorway ahead. Ride the lift to the
top for a scene.

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

This guy is a bit annoying at first. And odd fellow too, going by appearance.
In any case, his attacks are pretty simple. He'll scurry toward you and deliver
his saber attacks. He's sometimes vulnerable to Force Lightning and also to
the Lightning style attacks of Sith Saber Smash which I hope you got. Beware
his wide slashing counterattack, which is pretty hard to dodge, but he'll use
it if you attack him while he's blocking. Just try to be creative and find
openings and bring his health down a little. He'll eventually blow open the
back wall and climb the pillar there. Using the Force he'll create... a Junk

Take this guy out the same way as before. If you're low on health try to 
alternate between up close and personal saber attacks (while in mid-air) and 
Force Lightning. While your Force energy recharges, jump up again and slash at
him. When the prompt appears, push the buttons to finish him off. 

After the Titan is defeated, Kazdan Paratus will throw junk at you. Just dodge
it or time it so you can push it away. The latter is tougher but more fun.
Paratus will crash down onto the platform, allowing you to engage him again.
Use Force Lightning to stun him and use other combos to weaken him. If he's
knocked down, be sure to try and stab him while he's laying there for more
damage. If you use Force Lightning on him, especially if you and he lock blades
and both back off (you'll know what I mean), there's a chance you'll get into
a Force Lightning battle with him. This is sort of like Tug of War. A dial will
appear and a meter will spin around it. A large space in red on the dial 
represents the area you have to land in. Press Triangle when the meter lands 
in this area to push your Force Lightning harder. Do it successfully to win; 
if you miss or wait too long, you'll be beaten. This may also happen with Force
Push, except to win this, you just have to tap Circle repeatedly. 

He's very tough and you might find it hard to hit him. An easy way I found to
hurt him was to use Force Lightning when I was really close. While he's stunned
use Sith Slash (Square, Triangle, Triangle) and the blow will send him flying.
Then before he recovers, grab him with Grip, hit him with Lightning, and then
throw him around. Pretty good combo. Kazdan Paratus will jump to the column
again and toss more junk at you, and he will also likely form another Titan. 
Take it down and then finish off Paratus. You might get into more Force
Lightning battles. Make sure you win and strike when he's vulnerable. The
prompt will appear soon enough.

FINISHER - Square, Circle, Square, Triangle X

A scene plays and you're finished. View the results of your labor and watch
the next scene prefacing your next job. 

______________             ____________________________________________________
Mission Three ___________/ Feel, don't think. Trust your instincts. 
______________/  Felucia  ____________________________________________________

-Fight your way through the Mushroom Ascent
-Make your way to the Ancient Abyss
-Defeat Shaak Ti
Bonus Objectives
-Destroy 4 Rancors (Talent Sphere)
-375,000 Force Points (Combo Sphere)
-Collect all Holocrons (Power Sphere)

This mission starts out innocently enough. You'll have earned another new
Force Power, Force Repulse. Like Force Lightning, it would be beneficial to
upgrade this before this before the mission's end. 

Head down the ledge and you'll encounter the local residents, the Felucians. 
These guys are not too hard. Try to stick to Force Powers mostly, because they
are sometimes are able to ward off your Saber. They have these blade like
appendages on their arms and so when you use Melee attacks, they might do that
sort of blade lock then back off thing that you probably have done at least
once or twice with one of the Boss enemies so far. It will happen a lot though
since these enemies populate this planet far and wide. Start out by slaying the
first few, then go forward for a quick scene. A whole group will come toward
you. Just charge up Force Push and let it fly. 

Before proceeding, you can see a Holocron in plain sight to the right. Grab it
for 10,000 Force Points (1/15). Continue onward, going around the bend here.
You'll encounter another unexpected enemy, the Yerdua Poison-Spitter. Just
dispatch it with a few Saber slashes, then continue on your way. Enter the
cave and it will wind around and take you to a new area.

The camera will pan around and show you just about every Holocron in here. For
now, head toward the right, along the outer ridge of this area. A swarm of
Felucian Warriors will attack. Take them out and also the Poison-Spitter. Fend
them off for a while, using Grip and Lightning Grenade, and other moves like
Cannonball, Saber Sling, and the like. Eventually they'll all be put to rest.
There should be a sloping path leading up. Don't go this way yet. Instead, look
for the ledge that is below the one you're standing on now. Drop down and here
you can find a Felucian Slug. It seems to be docile, but slay it if you want.
More importantly, grab the Holocron here for 10,000 Force Points (2/15). Now
return to that sloping path above.

Go up this narrow sloping path to reach an outer ridge. You'll start heading up
again, going around the outer path. Eventually you'll see another path spanning
across on your left with a Sith Holocron on it. Go that way, grab the Holocron,
and run up this path. Another Jedi Holocron awaits nearby so jump off the path
to grab it for 10,000 Force Points (3/15). Now go around this ridge until you 
can get back onto that sloping path you just left. 

Take it to the top this time and go around this new level. More Felucians 
attack so dispatch them. Use your new Force Repulse if things get hairy. 
Continue and take a path up to a Poison-Spitter and destroy that. Facing the 
plant's location, turn to your right toward the center of the pit. A platform 
holds the next Holocron. Jump and Dash over to get it for another 10k Force 
Points (4/15). Jump back and continue. 

Up this path, you'll undoubtedly find a Sith Holocron for Health Drain Aura.
Use it and destroy any attacking Felucian Warriors. Keep going and when you
get to the area where a lot of detachable plant bulbs (for Gripping and
throwing) are, a lot more Felucians will crawl out of the woodworks to attack.
Defeat them carefully, using Force Repulse to clear any ganging up on you, and
other attacks to finish them. Move up this ridge just a ways and on the left,
you should see a series of platforms going up in a spiral direction. Jump to
the first one and then from there, jump to each platform in succession to find
a Holocron which will bestow upon you the Unstable Red Lightsaber Crystal
5/15). Schwing! Head back down to where you where and enter the cave with all 
the flora in it. 


After this narrow passage, you'll be told by Juno about the Felucian Shamen
and how they have a tendency to buff up the other Felucian Warriors. In other
words, they're annoying beyond measure. Any time you see Felucians with that
red aura around them, it means there's a Shaman nearby. The red aura basically
renders your Saber attacks totally ineffective and makes damaging them a hassle
so it's in your best interest to go after the Shaman as Juno indicates. The
Shaman is tricky however and he'll teleport around to escape. Just hone in on
him and take him down. After that, dispatch the other Felucians as normally. To
the right from where you entered here (opposite the direction the objective
marker is pointing), you'll find a Holocron tucked away. Grab it for 10k Force
Points (6/15). 

Enter the next big bog area. More Felucians appear and a horn sounds,
indicating a Shaman is nearby. Find him immediately and kill him. But wait, the
red auras do not dissipate! There's another Shaman nearby! Find him and take
him out as well, then focus on the Felucians and Poison-Spitter enemies. There
is a Sith Holocron nearby for Unlimited Force Energy. Use it to zap any enemies
or use Repulse or what have you. They get really annoying here because they
tend to ambush you from behind a few dozen times so be careful.

When the threat is over, try to find a few more Holocrons. You should see in
this area, all the jagged rock formations shaped like horns. Grip these and
remove them. Most of these rocks are large, but there's one that is kind of
broken. Lift this one and you'll discover a Holocron for 10,000 Force Points 
(7/15). The next one is a little harder to find. To the left of where the 
objective marker is there is a path that isn't on the mini-map. You'll know it 
by the giant blue flowers in front of it. Find this spot and enter. At the end,
you'll find the Holocron for the Compressed Gold Lightsaber Crystal (8/15). Now
head back and follow the marker to the next area. 

You'll go down the path and into a small cave inhabited by a pair of Felucians
and a Felucian Snail. This small cave is kind of split by a small rock
formation in the center. There's a space at the top of this rock however that
is home to another Holocron. Jump up and grab it for a Force Combo Sphere
9/15). Keep going. Eventually the path narrows and you encounter some Felucian
Warriors engulfed in the red aura. You know what that means. Find the Shaman 
and take him down first. Then turn your sights on the new enemy, the Chieftain.
I like using Sith Flurry, the grab move against these guys, then stabbing them
as they lay helpless. Destroy him and the rest, then drop down into the next 
area for a quick scene.

A rancor? Where's a bone when you need it. Oh wait, nevermind. In any case,
turn your attention solely on the large brute stomping toward you. Grab nearby
objects, electrify them, and throw them at the Rancor for damage. The Rancor is
a much more aggressive, faster Junk Titan. He'll throw things at you like the
Titan, but he'll also swipe at you unrelentingly. Use objects (including the
Felucians) to throw at him, and also Force Lightning. Eventually the prompt
appears. The Finisher for normal Rancors is Square, Triangle, Square, Circle,
Triangle. That will take care of the beastie and get you 1 out of 4 Rancors for
a Bonus Objective. Now's not a bad time to upgrade either. Hit the menu. 

My upgrade Spheres at this point were five Power, four Talent, and four Combo.
Starting with Force Powers, I suggested earlier to upgrade Force Repulse which
will require three so I spent that and saved the remaining two. For Talents, I
spent two on Resilience, and two on Fortitude. For Combos, take note that you
now have access to the Aerial Combo attacks which are, to put it bluntly,
badass. You need to unlock Aerial Ambush first to get the others but it's worth
it. Other than that though, you could also opt for Lightning Bomb. Up to you. 
When you're finished, resume game. 

In this area, more Felucians will likely spring out and attack. If you upgraded
Force Repulse, it really proves its worth. Take them out, then look for a
nearby Holocron in this area. It's up against the wall, among all those tall,
weird looking plants. Grab it for 10,000 Force Points (10/15). Now follow your
objective marker into the next valley. A whole mess of Felucian warriors under
the buff spell of a Shaman appear. Target the Shaman but be careful because the
space is tight and there are a lot of enemies here. Use Force Repulse once the
Shaman is history. Grab the Sith Holocron up ahead if you want for Unlimited
Energy, then take on the Felucian Chieftain and the other enemies. Enter the

Inside you'll find another Shaman. Take him out and the Felucians. Right here
within the rock formation is a clearly visible Holocron. Nab it for another 10k
Force Points (11/15). Move forward and out of this cave, into a very narrow
corridor. More Felucians attack. Locate the Shaman and do your thing. In the
tight space, Repulse is superb. Head out of this tunnel into a much more open

Notice the Rancor in front of you. Same tactics apply. Try to use Felucians
with Grip as Lightning Grenades and toss them at the Rancor to soften it up. It
will probably draw closer so use Force Lightning and anything else to take its
health down until the prompt shows up. For this one, the Finisher goes Square,
Triangle, Square, Circle, Square. The enemy on the top of the Rancor drops down
and although he looks like a Chieftain (and acts like one) he's called a Rancor
Rider. Kill him and then move back a short ways. See the small platforms on
your right? Jump onto the nearest one you can get onto. Follow the series of
platforms one by one until you find a Holocron for 10k Force Points (12/15).
Keep jumping across these platforms to find another one, this Holocron good for
a Force Talent Sphere (13/15). By now, you've probably earned the attention of
another Rancor. Drop down and deal with him. 

Beware the large tree structure in the center. It has some strange snake like
appendage wrapped around it that when hit with Force Lightning, whips out at
you violently. You can use this to help you, but it's more annoying than
helpful. A large group of Felucians will attack as well. Grab the Sith Holocron
nearby for help in the form of Health Drain Aura. Especially grab this if the
third Rancor stumbles onto the scene. If you have to deal with two, try not to
stay far away because they'll throw rocks and you'll die a quick, painful
death. Stay close, but not too close, and use Force Lightning, followed by some
quick aerial Saber attacks. Rinse and repeat until you can use a Finisher on
one, then focus solely on the other. It can be tough and the Felucian Warriors
don't make it any easier. Slay one or two to regain health if you need it, and
if you get the chance, use them against the Rancors as Lightning Grenades. 

Now don't breathe easy just yet. You probably noticed a lot of the Felucians
have the red aura. When the last Rancor falls (and for that you should get the
Bonus Objective, rewarding you with a Talent Sphere), find the Shaman who
usually hides behind the second tree structure. Kill him, then deal with the
Felucians with Force Repulse and other moves. Also, on this tree, you'll find
another Holocron for 10k Force Points (14/15). Retreat a little and look for
the other Holocron. It'll be on top of some platforms much like the other two
you got coming into this area. Find a way to reach it by getting on the lower
platforms. Grab it for 10,000 more Force Points (15/15). If you managed to find
them all, you'll get a Power Sphere. 

Approach the narrow corridor leading to the exit and to the next area. In the
next location, walk forward for a scene.


Time to put up...

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Force Repulse helps a lot in this one. If you upgraded it, this fight should
take little time at all. Shaak Ti's attacks are a little more unique. She still
has Force Push, among other things, but she also has an interesting shockwave
sort of attack that homes in on you. She'll also throw some sort of Force
Energy at you at times. When you damage her, she'll also call on Felucians, but
this is good because you can recharge lost health by defeating them.

Start out by using Force Repulse to knock her back. Always try to stab downed
enemies for damage. Shaak Ti will probably use Force Push or her shockwave
attack. It's hard to dodge but it won't hurt too much. Also, it could just be
me, but she seems to be more of a slouch at Lightsaber combat as compared to
Kazdan Paratus. You might be able to get her with Sith Saber Flurry a few times
and other combos. Eventually, if her health drops a bit, she'll call forth some
Felucians to attack you. Again, favor Force Repulse to not only knock them out,
but also Shaak Ti. Finish any of them off, then go after her again. When she
isn't protecting herself with the red barrier, you can sometimes avoid her
projectile attacks by jumping to her and then crashing down onto her from above
with a Leaping Slam. If you get in a Lightning or Force Push battle, hit the 
buttons correctly to win. 

Eventually after enough damage, Shaak Ti will drop down to the area below and
you'll follow. The second phase of the fight begins. Nothing changes really
though, especially in your strategy. Continue to use Saber attacks and also
Force Repulse. A Sarlaac monster native to Felucia writhes in the background,
and its appendages will wrap down on you. Shaak Ti will also call on more
Felucians. Again, if she uses projectiles, try Leaping Slam and also keep using
Force Repulse, especially to take out the Felucians and regain health. Just
be wary of the Sarlaac's attacks. Keep up your assault and eventually the
prompt will appear. 

Finisher: Square, Square, Square, X, X, Circle, Triangle

A scene will play and the mission ends. View your results, then watch another
scene. Things are getting interesting. 

_____________                   _______________________________________________
Mission Four _________________/ Never tell me the odds. 
_____________/  The Empirical  _______________________________________________

-Escape the ISS Empirical
Bonus Objectives
-Destroy all remaining escape pods (Talent Sphere)
-150,000 Force Points (Combo Sphere)
-Collect all Holocrons (Power Sphere)

Alright now. After the... somewhat confusing turn of events, you'll gain
control in a lab room. The Empirical is in flight, although not for long. You
gotta escape. Start off by breaking off your little glass cell. Any methods
will do fine, though using Force Repulse feels cooler. Upon breaking free
however, poison gas will be tripped in the room. To prevent your health from
being sapped away, locate the strange blue machine in one of the corners of
the room. Target it with Force Grip, and pull it up with the Right Analog
Stick. That will do it. Now get out of the room and let's get started. 


Outside you'll find the first Holocron, floating right there. It grants you the
Blue Lightsaber Crystal (1/5). Schwing! In the first hallway, a legion of
Stormtroopers await you. No problem. Dispatch them with a Force Push or what
have you. Proceed down the hall when they're dead. Enter the door on the right
and continue into the following room.

Ah yes, this room. Engrave it well in your memory, because this is the exact
turning point to where things potentially become annoying beyond all measure.
I'm exaggerating, but indeed, you will be introduced to a lot of new enemies
from here on out. They each vary in special resistances to some of your
abilities. Case in point, meet the Imperial Evo Trooper. He has a new gun that
not only hurts, it can stun you for a short while. On top of that, these guys
have special shields that render them immune to Force Lightning. Well fu*k me
running. Lightning based Combo attacks may still work, but you're better off
being more creative in dealing with these guys. The faster the better, since
they can bring you down fast. Also watch out for the Imperial Interrogation
Droids. Take out the enemies on the ground floor of this room first. Then, find
the door down here which is directly under the door you entered from on the
upper walkway. It's hard to see but go toward the wall and it will open. Inside
is another Holocron, this one giving you a Force Talent Sphere (2/5). 

Now, facing the room again, you'll surely notice these glass cells, much like
the one used to hold you not too long ago. The fourth one of these has another
Holocron inside. Bust it open like a piggy bank and retrieve it for a Force
Combo Sphere (3/5). Now, get on the upper walkway again, deal with any
remaining foes, then approach the flashing blue door and blow it open with

Proceed down the next few corridors and you'll reach the room with the escape
pods. A group of new foes are waiting, including Shadow Troopers, who merely
vanish from sight suddenly. Start things off with Force Push to get most of
them off their feet and not shooting you at once. Make sure you go after foes
unrelentingly to get health you might need to stay alive. Continue trusting
Force Repulse and still avoid Force Lightning for now, although Lightning
Grenade will still work for some of these enemies.

When they're all down, look to the left at the escape pods themselves. Hit each
with Force Lightning to start them up and get them to explode. Getting each
will fulfill your requirement for a Bonus Objective, netting you a Force Talent
Sphere. Also, under the rightmost escape pod is another Holocron, this one
giving you a Force Power Sphere (4/5). If you're done here, move into the next

Take out the troopers, grabbing the nearby Sith Holocron if you need health.
At the very end of this hallway, you'll find the last Holocron, which hands you
a new crystal, Power Crystal Lorrdian (5/5). You'll also get a Force Power
Sphere for getting all of them.

This is where things get a trifle frustrating. The flashing blue door on your
left marks your next target. Open it up and you'll see a new enemy, the Purge
Trooper. Without a doubt, one of the more aggravating foes you'll encounter.
He's not easily stunned by Saber attacks. He has a short range melee attack,
a grapple attack that he'll use often if you let him get close, and a REALLY
annoying long range blaster attack that attempts to home in on you to some
degree. You'll learn just how vexing these guys can be soon enough. For now,
use Force Repulse to knock everybody back, and then try to take out the Evo
Troopers first, so you can focus on big blue. You can keep him pinned for a
while with Force Lightning, and he'll remained stunned for about a second more,
letting you get a Saber slash or two in. Just beware his close range grapple
and other moves. Keep him honest with other Force Powers. Try to make it
through with most of your health intact. The next room is the last one, but it
is no walk in the park. Let's level up our skills and whatnot. 

I had eight Force Power spheres. If you have enough, you might want to consider
Force Lightning Rank 3, but it will cost you 6 Power Spheres. It will help in
the next room however so it's up to you. I personally went with Push Rank 3,
and saved my remaining four since I couldn't get anything else. For Force
Talents, I had five and purchased Force Focus Rank 2, Vitality Rank 1, and
Defense Mastery Rank 2. Finally, for Combos, I bought Sith Throw and Lightning
Bomb, another move that may help shortly. When you're confident you have what
you want, go on and enter the next room.

In this last room, you've got quite a mountain to climb. Two hordes of troopers
await you on the left and right but are easily taken care of. It's what awaits
you below that makes your head ache. Two Purge Troopers, along with anybody
else who is left over. Try to stay in a corner and line them up so you can
Force Lightning them both. Use Force Push if possible and stab them when they
are knocked down. If any other troopers are alive, keep them as safety nets
in case you lose too much health, so you can get it back. If you die here, you
have to do the last room and the last hallway over again. Lightning definitely
helps, and if you got Rank 3 it will hit both Purge Troopers more easily. The
Lightning Bomb also works as well. 

When they're all dead, focus on the two devices down here. Grip them and lift
them up to release the energy field above. Take out all the wimpy Imperial
Officers and you'll rescue Juno and end the mission.

Scenes play and so forth. You'll eventually wind up in a familiar locale, on
a new mission.

_____________                __________________________________________________
Mission Five ______________/ I am a slow learner...
_____________/  Cloud City  __________________________________________________

-Protect General Kota!
-Escape Cloud City with General Kota
Bonus Objectives
-Freeze 10 Imperials in carbonite (Talent Sphere)
-200,000 Force Points (Combo Sphere)
-Collect all Holocrons (Power Sphere)

After the scene you'll already be under some fire. Luckily, you have a guest.
Well, perhaps not so lucky. In his state, General Kota isn't exactly a prized
companion. He'll attack nearby enemies, but he's slow and on top of that, he
does not follow you around easily. You'll often be leaving him behind for long
periods of time, only to have him catch up by the time all the fighting is
over it seems. Of course, you can remedy this yourself by using Force Grip on
the General and "carrying" him with you to place him near enemies. Just be sure
if you do that, you DROP him, and do not throw him, otherwise you'll most
likely kill him and fail. 


From the start, go down the walkway to the next bar area and a few
Stormtroopers will open fire. Take care of them easily. You'll be notified of
your new Force Power. You can now throw your Lightsaber by holding L2 and
pressing Square. Schwing! That's not all though, you can now unlock a new
Combo, but more on that soon. Also near here, you'll encounter another new
face, the Imperial Senate Guard. The first thing you'll likely notice is the
weapon this guy has. You're probably thinking, how can this guy wield a
Lightsaber? Well, the Databank reveals all. The Imperial Senate Guards actually
have pikes (staff/spear like weapons) with a blade forged of Cortosis, that
nasty mineral that resists Lightsabers. Great... These guys aren't too hard
though. They're vulnerable to most of your Force Powers, but also a lot of
Combo attacks, particularly your grapple moves like Sith Flurry and Sith Throw.

When he's gone, take the time to find a Holocron. It's on top of the bar, so
jump to the very top of it and you'll find it here. Grab it for Power Crystal
Ruusan (1/5). Now, go across the next walkway to the exit. Turn right though
and enter this little parlor here with what at first glance looks like a table
but is actually a small carbonite freezing pod. Inside this pod is another
Holocron, giving you the Unstable Gold Lightsaber Crystal (2/5). Grab it and
then go into the corridor. 

Another Senate Guard may attack. Take care of him, then enter the next room.
Down ramps from the left and right come two more Senate Guards. Hopefully
General Kota will keep one busy for you as you attend to the other. Either way,
when they're both down, head up the ramp.

You'll encounter some nearby Stormtroopers, and some more Imperial Senate
Guards will be rushing to meet you. You should see some canisters near you;
there are more of them in this open area. They contain carbonite materials.
Throw them at enemies or throw the enemies into the canisters to freeze them
in carbonite. Do this 10 times for a Bonus Objective and a Talent Sphere. Take
out as many enemies like this as you can. Now, from the ramp that led to this
lower area, go to the very right of this platform. There should be a bunch of
canisters. Hiding behind them is a Holocron for 10,000 Force Points (3/5). 

There's a new problem however, in the form of yet another new enemy. You'll
surely see the yellow laser sights floating about. Scout Troopers can shoot you
from afar, and while not much of an a threat on their own, accompanied by other
enemies they are a real pain. Go after these guys and cut them down. Find the
ramp on the right side, leading to a walkway going up. Follow this path to meet
more Scout Troopers. Yet another new guest drops in on you however. This time
it's the Jumptrooper. These guys are like annoying flies, but easy to swat. 
Just use Force Lightning and their jetpacks will malfunction, sending them
flying. If you take out at least 3/4 of their health with lightning, the
collision/fall should kill them, but it's possible they survive and come after
you still, so be aware of that. 

Now, when you reach that second pillar on the walkway, turn left, looking back
toward the open area you were just in. You'll see a Holocron floating in
mid-air. Leap from the walkway and double jump and then Dash, all in quick
succession to try to land on it. It might take a few tries, but eventually you
should nab it for a Force Combo Sphere (4/5). Get back on the walkway and
continue on your way.

After leaving the second pillar, you'll hit a checkpoint. This is important
because the last Holocron is extremely close. Notice the large overhead pillar
going across. Jump on top of this and run down it to the left to find the
Holocron. It rewards you with the Unstable Yellow Lightsaber Crystal, and the
Force Power Sphere if you got all the others (5/5). 

Head to the next pillar and fight some more troopers, including more devious
Scout Troopers. Finish them off then find the nearby ramp leading down to
another open area. This area is a bit notorious for the plethora of enemies
thrown at you. There are two Ugnaught piloted mechs with grav guns that will
just continually toss things at you. There are Jumptroopers, Imperial Senate
Guards, Scout Troopers and more. You'll be fending off many a nasty attack from
every side. Grab the nearby Sith Holocron for Unlimited Force Energy and make
the most of it, because this part is not easy. Take out easier enemies for
health, but don't ignore enemies like the Ugnaught mechs and the Scout

Eventually it will cool down, but only for a moment. You'll see a scene of a
shuttle unloading a new fierce competitor. Seems like we're meeting newer
enemies by the minute! The Shadow Guard has Force Powers apparently and he'll
try Gripping you and using Lightning. Try ignoring him and go after the
Jumptroopers and the Scout Troopers first because they will be more of a pain.
Once they're taken care of, deal with our Saber slinging friend here. 

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Compared to what you've fought so far, this guy is a pushover. He'll assume
Mini-boss status soon enough. For now, know his attacks which are pretty 
simple. He has a similar melee attack to the Senate Guards. The key difference
is that this guy has some use of Force Powers, including Lightning and Push.
Lightning will hurt but not much. He'll also use Grip and if he gets you, you
need to tap Circle repeatedly to escape. Both Grip and Push can be blocked
though. The Shadow Guard advertises his Force Power usage well enough that you
can block beforehand with L2 and prevent the attacks. 

For damaging him, you can go toe to toe with him, trying to time your blocks
with his strikes so you can counter effectively. Tossing objects at him works
very well too. He wards off some Force Powers like Repulse and Push unless you
catch him off guard which is rare. He's vulnerable to the Aerial combos, as
long as he doesn't block the strikes before you get him into the air. Try
experimenting and you'll bring this guy down fast enough. A prompt will appear
for a pretty quick finisher.

FINISHER - Square, Triangle

Thus the mission ends. A cutscene plays and then your progress will appear. On
to the next job. We're getting ever closer to fulfilling that so called

____________                       ____________________________________________
Mission Six _____________________/ So be it... Jedi.
____________/  Imperial Kashyyyk  ____________________________________________

-Make your way to the commander's retreat
-Disable the Comm Tower and containment field
-Fight your way through the Wookie hunting grounds
-Disable the prison containment fields
-Destroy the Skyhook and kill Ozzik Sturn
Bonus Objectives
-Destroy the Imperial Comm Tower (Talent Sphere)
-360,000 Force Points (Combo Sphere)
-Collect all Holocrons (Power Sphere)

After the scene you'll be dropped off on Kashyyyk. It's not overrun by
Imperials after Darth Vader spearheaded the invasion. The game will notify you
of your new Force Power, Lightning Shield. It gives you extra protection and
also boosts your attack temporarily. I don't find it particularly helpful but
you might, and I did actually find it handy one instance later on.

First thing to do is collect a nearby Holocron. From your immediate starting 
position, turn left. You can see on the mini-map there is a little niche there.
Find the first Holocron here, granting you the Compressed Blue Lightsaber 
Crystal (1/15). 

Now head down a short ways and a scene will take over as the Apprentice
investigates the familiar hut. The dialogue and the scene itself reminded me 
of Empire Strikes Back. "What's in there?" "Only what you take with you." 

In any case, after the scene is over you'll be in a new location. Immediately
behind you is a destroyed piece of wood or something. Get behind it and find
another Holocron, this one giving you the Kento's Robe costume (2/15). Now go 
down the next path. Some Incinerator Troopers are waiting and at least two will
approach you. They have shields which will protect them from Lightning and 
their flamethrowers are pretty strong. Start by using Force Push to knock their
shields off, then using any other methods to kill them. Just beware that the
Incinerator Troopers explode when you finish them so you might want to use
moves that will give you some distance. Remember if you have unlocked the 
aerial combos, those work well for a lot of foes here on out.

The third trooper will probably approach when you get closer so dispatch him as
well. After that, you'll see the base entrance up ahead and an AT-KT guarding
it. Try not to draw it close to you and look for another Holocron. There is a
large tree stump to your right. Get on top of it, then face south (or the way
you came from really). Floating in front of a giant branch is the Holocron.
Jump up and grab it for 10,000 Force Points (3/15). This isn't a terrible time
to upgrade either. From this point on, I'm not going to make a whole lot of
suggestions, and more or less leave it up to you on what to choose. As for now,
you can pick whatever you want, but I do recommend the Impale move. 

Approach the base and the AT-KT will attack. Try knocking its health down from
afar with rocks and other objects. Then get close and while ignoring the turret
gunfire, take it down with some Lightning and Saber attacks, then finish it
when the prompt appears. After that, take out the gunners on the towers. Open
the gates to the base with Grip, then enter. 

Easily blow the first few troopers away, then take cover behind one of these
energy barriers as a Scout Trooper will start trying to line you up. Use the
wall to block his sight as you deal with any other enemies. Then go ahead and
throw something at him or go over there yourself. There's a Holocron to your
left on the ledge. Grab it for 10,000 Force Points (4/15). Continue until you
reach two walkways. 


Start with the one going downward. See that big brown metal rafter above you?
Jump on that and then onto the nearby ledge. Follow this path using these
precarious steppings to find a Holocron with the value of another 10k Force
Points (5/15). Now go back to the fork.

Take the upper walkway this time. More troopers are waiting. Resist the urge
to grab these box shaped objects on the walkway. They're some sort of machine
that processes heat and pulling them off unleashes a blast of steam which hurts
a tiny bit. Instead, just cut yourself a path. After you pass the third steam
box however, turn around and look up. Floating in front of the giant pipe is a
Holocron. Get up there and grab it for 10,000 Force Points (6/15). Now take out
the next group of troopers that are no doubt firing at you already up ahead.
There's a Sith Holocron nearby for Invincibility, so use it if you'd like. 

After the immediate threat is over, look to the large tower in front of you.
Use Force Grip to pry open the vent on the side closest to you. Then use Force
Lightning on the generator inside. That's one. Head down the walkway now and
go all the way down until you reach another energy barrier. Turn left at this
point, facing the large pipe. Another Holocron is floating, waiting. Double
Jump and Dash to reach it for a Force Combo Sphere (7/15). Now go ahead and
drop to the ground and deal with those turret gunners. Once that's taken care
of, turn around and face the walkways again. There's one on the right leading
from the ground level. Take this path to find the second vent and generator on
the tower. Blast it with Lightning to complete a Bonus Objective, netting you
a Talent Sphere. A lot of enemies may be popping up from behind at this point,
so deal with them as you see fit, then open the gates to proceed.

Deal with a small swarm of Stormtroopers, then enter the next hallway. It leads
to a big trophy room of sorts. A guest comes running to welcome you. The
Imperial Royal Guard is like the other of his ilk. Grabs like Sith Flurry and
the like do well, as well as certain Force Powers. I still love aerial combos
though so use that too. You can also free the caged Wookie and he'll help you
out, but it's not necessary. Once he's done, take the nearby Holocron which is
sitting on one of the mantles here. It awards you another 10k Force Points
(8/15). Go through the next door indicated by your objective marker. A cutscene
takes over.

After that, you've got more to do. Proceed down the next path.


Juno will warn you of more Scout Troopers so be aware of that. Luckily, there
is a Sith Holocron to your right that will grant you Invincibility. Use it and
take out all the surrounding troopers, including the first Scout Trooper you
see. There are two Wookie cages nearby. Open them with Lightning or a slash of
your Saber. The Wookies aren't bad fighting companions, being able to take out
some of the imperials with ease so keep your eye out. Use one of these to get
onto the platform the Scout Trooper was using. Jump to the Holocron in here for
a Force Power Sphere (9/15). 

Continue forward and more enemies will be lying in wait. There are more cage
devices with Wookies inside so free them. Lead your new army to the enemy and
they will provide some help. Dispatch the Scout Trooper on the tower to the
left and then the rest of the enemies. Eventually a Shadow Guard will appear
and join the fray. Your Wookie pals can almost take him on their own but help
them out. Finish off the Shadow Guard then approach the tower on the left. 
Jump into the basket like part of the tower, then from there, jump up and grab
the Holocron there for 10,000 Force Points (10/15). Drop down and then find a
Wookie cage device to the right in a little nook, almost exactly across from
the tower. Inside are more Wookie captives and a Holocron. This one has another
10k Force Points (11/15). Now proceed inside the door. 

Inside the prison complex, the Imperial Captain, Captain Sturn will contact
you and issue a challenge. Your next objective also pops up.


The field is quite obviously powered by that cable above and to the left. Use
Grip to pry it off and the field will dissipate. Also free the caged Wookie on
the left in the small cell by using Grip to bend the doorway up. They might not
be able to actually get out due to some faulty hit detection programming so
help them with Grip if you're so inclined but be careful not to throw them. 

Proceed down the hall and unlock the next two fields, freeing Wookies along
the way and dealing with the troopers. Some Imperial Interrogation Droids will
come from around the corner and attack. Deal with them, then turn the corner
and there will be more containment fields and more cells. Notably, there is a
cell on the left now in this part of the corridor that has a Holocron inside.
Open it up and grab it for a Force Talent Sphere (12/15). Now continue on and
take out the troopers. Remember that the Evo troopers are immune to Lightning,
but luckily there are a lot of objects to throw around so use those. 

Open the containment field and you're greeted with a Purge Trooper and a gunner
behind one of those flame mortar turrets. The turret gunner is your first
priority so take him out. Then grab the nearby Sith Holocron for Unlimited
Energy. You can go ahead and use this to just merely zap the Purge Trooper the
whole time with Lightning until he's dead. 

There is another Wookie in a cell here, so free him if you want. Also, the
cell next to the containment field has another Holocron inside. Open it up and
get it for 10,000 more Force Points (13/15). Now take the cable down to shut
down the next containment field. A second Purge Trooper is standing there. Use
moves like Lightning Bomb to knock him down so you can stab him. Deal with him,
then head outside.

Approach the Skyhook and you'll hear some messages from a few people. Next, go
forward and as the area begins to open up, look to the right for a large tree.
Floating on one of the branches is the next Holocron. Grab it to get the Purple
Lightsaber Crystal (14/15). Now it's time to learn what pain is. 

Your task is to disrupt the devices of the Skyhook by circling around its base
and Gripping each one. The path is trodden with a lot of enemies, including
Purge Troopers and that makes it all the more frustrating. Start by taking out
the enemy behind the nearest turret, then start going clockwise. Ignore all the
Skyhook pins for now. The first Purge Trooper is waiting, as well as another 
turret gunner. A Scout Trooper near the next Skyhook pin may also get involved
and if so, make him your first priority. Deal with the Purge Trooper next, 
again using Lightning Bomb, Force Lightning and some hit and run Saber attacks.
Throwing objects also works but it usually gives the Purge Trooper a chance to
fire at you with its annoying cannon. After that, continue to move clockwise.

Again, ignore the Skyhook pins for now. The reason is that once you take out
two of them, Ozzik Sturn, your Boss battle this evening will emerge and that's
another giant vexation on top of what is already going to be a painstaking
process. So for your own sake, don't touch the Skyhook pins yet. Make your
immediate priority that of clearing the path around the Skyhook so that it is
free of enemies. 

At the next Skyhook pin, you'll see a cage of Wookies on the left. Free them if
you want, but they'll make more use as target practice than they will as help.
Take out the next Purge Trooper, trying to avoid the watchful eye of the next
Scout Trooper. Kill them both then grab the Sith Holocron for Damage Increase.

At the next Skyhook is where Ozzik Sturn will appear. If you triggered his
appearance already, you'll have to deal with it now, but with the Damage
Increase bonus of the Sith Holocron available (assuming it is available) will
make the task a little easier. We're going to assume you didn't trigger it yet
though and wait. Take out the Purge Trooper, the gunner, and the Scout Trooper
and proceed to the next pin.

On the left is a large platform with a Sith Holocron for Health Drain Aura. 
Definitely helpful. Free the nearby Wookies and take on the next Purge Trooper
and turret gunner pair. Proceed forward and another Sith Holocron is near the
ledge. Grab it for Unlimited Energy. Now, from the location of this Sith
Holocron, face the Skyhook. Up against the wall is a Holocron, the last one for
this level. Grab it for 10,000 Force Points (15/15) and a Force Power Sphere if
you got them all. 

The path should be clear, so go ahead and start using Force Grip on the Skyhook
pins and lifting them up. After two, Ozzik Sturn will appear in his personal
AT-ST model. Work out all the pins until you reach him. Time to showdown. 

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

This isn't much of a fight honestly. He fights like any normal walker enemy.
Just use nearby objects to throw if you can, but beware his heavy firepower.
If there are any Sith Holocrons left over, feel free to use them now. Otherwise
just use normal walker tactics. Use Force Lightning and close range Saber
attacks. Try to focus on Lightning and Gripped objects though if you can. Just
bring his health down enough and the prompt will appear. 

FINISHER - Square, X, Triangle, Circle

Done deal. Finish taking out the Skyhook pins and the job is done. 

Watch the scene and you're off as usual. 

______________                      ___________________________________________
Mission Seven ____________________/  Only a Sith deals in absolutes...
______________/  Imperial Felucia  ___________________________________________

-Fight your way through the Imperial base camp
-Activate the Stabilizer Nexus Power Generators
-Search for Senator Organa in the stomach of the Sarlaac
-Make your way to the Rancor Graveyard
-Defeat the Bull Rancor
-Defeat Maris Brood
Bonus Objectives
-Release the Sarlaac (Talent Sphere)
-425,000 Force Points (Combo Sphere)
-Collect all Holocrons (Power Sphere)

From the start, you can see there's already some action going on. The Felucians
are battling the Imperials, and the Felucians are as annoying as ever. They're
now tainted by the Dark Side so they go by the moniker of Dark Felucian
Warriors. In any case, drop down and start the bloodbath. 


Only a few Felucians will be nearby at the start. You'll probably end up taking
out all the Imperials before the backup arrives and then you've got a mess of
Felucians with no outside assistance. The Felucians hit hard now so don't hold
back on them. They'll continue to come after you for a while so hold your
ground until each one is slain. At that point, look for the giant tooth rock
thing. It's one that you can't do anything with and coincidentally enough, a
Holocron is floating near the tip. Now I'm not sure if there's any easy way to
get this one. You can reach it however by grabbing a few containers near the
beginning and stacking them on top of each other. From there, double jump and
you can reach it. It will award your efforts with a Force Talent Sphere (1/15).

Now make your way to the right. A somewhat difficult to see cave entrance is 
covered partially by large plants. Enter and at the very end you'll find an 
Incinerator Trooper guarding a Holocron. Kill him and claim the Holocron to get
the Green Lightsaber Crystal. (2/15). Exit and then continue along the main 
path. You'll find a path leading to the left with some Imperials waiting. Do
not go that way just yet. You can see on your mini-map there is a small area to
the right and for good reason. Find one of those smaller tooth shaped rocks and
pull it out to find a Holocron nestled underneath. Grab it for 10,000 Force
Points (3/15).

On the walkway, take out the two gunners, then start to make your way across.
More troopers attack, including a Purge Trooper, and then another one at the
end of the walkway beside a turret gunner. If you draw the attention of both
Purge Troopers try to use the many energy barriers to keep them separated. Use
Lightning Bomb and other Lightning combo attacks to deal with them. When the
danger is over, proceed.

Immediately after you get off the walkway, look to your right. The mushrooms
on the tree act as platforms for you to reach another Holocron. This one gives
you the Compressed Purple Lightsaber Crystal (4/15). Now proceed into the next
valley. A group of troopers engage you. Two gunners on the high ledge to your
right will also start firing. Use some of the troopers in front of you as
weapons with Grip and Lightning Grenade to throw them at the gunners. Then deal
with the rest and watch out for the Incinerator Trooper. Move forward and an
AT-ST will drop in on you from behind, causing a rockslide that traps you in
the valley. Deal with the AT-ST with Force Lightning and any nearby throwable
objects that you want to use. Finish it off then work on getting out of here. 

Start by finding the ledge on the left right in front of the rockslide. From
here, jump across the valley to the other ledge. A Holocron rests here. Grab it
for 10,000 Force Points (5/15). Now go through this tunnel all the way until 
you reach the Holocron you might have seen earlier. This one gives you a Force
Power Sphere (6/15). Now retrace your steps until you get to the tunnel 
entrance. From here, try to jump over the rockslide. 

On the other side you'll find a few Imperials and Felucians. Another AT-ST will
drop in so focus on that. Destroy it, then do away with the other foes. After
that, move out of this area and you'll approach a new landscape. Cross the
trench and you'll drop down to the area before a large piece of machinery.


Approach this first large machine and dispatch all the Imperials. The gunners 
will probably be the most vexing so go up and deal with them. Kill the others
as well and then look for a Holocron. It's above you near the shaft of this
crane machine. You can reach it by jumping or you can try and walk across one
of the narrow wires leading to it, which is surprisingly doable. Grab this
Holocron to earn the Power Crystal Vexxtal (7/15). Now there's a machine near 
where the two cables are coming from. Use Force Lightning on this to activate 
it. Two more await on similar structures surrounding this area. Next, drop down
to the opposite side of this large machine and you'll find another Holocron. 
You'll get 10,000 Force Points from this one (8/15). 

Now before you leave, stand either at the far end of the ledge that points 
toward the center of the chasm or drop down the left side of the machine and 
stand near the edge of the chasm. From here hold R1 to target the chain that 
holds the Sarlaac's tentacle. Hold L2 and press Square to toss your saber and 
cut it down, releasing it. You'll have to do this two more times to get your 
Bonus Objective. 

Climb back up and return to where you entered this large chasm area. Now go
the other way around the chasm, to the left. A bridge is extended to the center
area where an elevator is waiting. It won't work until you activate the last
two generators however. Across the bridge, a whole mess of enemies await,
including a Purge Trooper. A Force Push will tackle most of the normal foes.
Use the usual Lightning methods for the Purge Trooper. After they're all down,
go down the walkway on your left from the center. As you cross the bridge, turn
around and jump on top of the small roof. A Holocron is waiting here to grant
you another 10,000 Force Points (9/15). Continue across the bridge, then head
to the left.

Another squadron of Imperials is assembled here. Deal with them all, then climb
atop the machine to find the generator. Zap it and you'll have one more to go.
Stand next near the edge of this large structure and target the chain. Throw
your saber over to sever it, leaving only one left. Head back to the bridge
and cross. Go left from the center to the last area and the last generator.

Climb the structure, deal with the troopers, and then activate the last


Yes, that's your next objective, as disgusting as it sounds. Again, before you
depart, stand near the edge of this structure that faces the chasm, target the
chain and cut it down with a saber throw. That released the last of the
Sarlaac's appendages and awards you with a Force Talent Sphere. Now go all the
way back to the center of the three bridges. The elevator is now working. Take
it down into the Sarlaac's insides. 

Once you are inside, there is a Holocron on the right for you to obtain. This
one gives you 10,000 Force Points (10/15). Continue further inside. You'll see
an unlucky trooper get sucked in by a vacuum. The small little generator you 
see there is able to prevent this from happening to you. As long as it's 
powered, the vacuum won't pull you in. Proceed to the end of this corridor into
the next room and then to the next open area. Before you drop down, you can see
straight across there is a Holocron. It's very far out though and a normal
double jump and Dash combo will not suffice. To get this one, you've got to do
both the double jump and Dash, and follow them with a Dashing Blast. Dashing
Blast is L1 + Circle. If you do it right after you Dash, it will give you the
extra oomph needed to reach this Holocron (thanks to Brad for this). Your
efforts will be rewarded with 10k Force Points (11/15)

Enter the next tunnel. Every time you see one of those small generators, hit it
with Lightning to turn the light on which will close the vacuum. Do this and
traverse this tunnel to come to a large wind tunnel. Every time the air blows
take cover behind a pillar or else you'll be thrown back to the wall. Felucians
will also blow by. Carefully proceed forward and grab the Holocron on the right
as you go for 10,000 Force Points (12/15). Reach the end and enter this room
and just sit tight for a few moments until a cutscene takes over.


Back on the outside, your first order of business is grabbing another Holocron.
It's directly above where you start this new area. Use the nearby overturned
mushrooms as platforms and jump and dash to the Holocron for a Force Combo
Sphere (13/15). Enter the current fray going on with the Imperials and
Felucians. Don't pick a side and just slaughter them all. A Rancor is nearby
though, so carefully damage it and bring it down until you can finish it off.
Two Imperials will also fire on you from a distant ledge with turrets. Throw
some nearby plant pods at them, then approach the ledges they were on. Climb
up and you can see a Holocron high above. Once you reach the very top, turn
around and then jump and dash to the Holocron. It will get you the Unstable
Blue Lightsaber Crystal (14/15). 

Along the next path, two Dark Felucian Chieftains will attack. They're pretty
durable so keep them off balance with a variety of attacks like grabs,
Lightning based Combos and Grip moves (Impale, Cannonball, etc). When they're
gone, you can only go so far before you find another Rancor! Deal with this
big lug and just be careful. When it's dead, don't breathe easy because the
next part is strangely difficult.

When the Rancor falls, and the path opens up a little more, a large group of
Felucians spring seemingly from nowhere and rush you. Try to stay back near
the pathway and lure them to you. Poison Spitters ahead seem to be able to pick
you off from afar if you go in too close and the Felucians themselves are just
really aggressive and do a lot of damage. Use moves like Force Repulse and 
Lightning Grenade and keep them all away. When they're all dead, proceed
forward just a ways and then look to the left for a Holocron. This one is good
for 10,000 Force Points and should be the 15th, but the earlier one in the
Sarlaac is tough to reach (15/15). 

After this just go down this path until you get a scene. Drop down the ledge
and you'll get another quick one. 


Well, you've got quite a fight on your hands. 

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

This guy's bark is definitely worse than his bite. Well, maybe. The point is
he's easier than he looks, and seems at first. You're definitely gonna wanna
stay as far away as possible. This is to avoid his attacks, and also to get you
in position to hurt him.

There are no objects to throw around so you've got only your trusty Saber and
Force Powers. If there's enough distance between you and the Bull Rancor, it
will charge you, hence its name I suppose. Do an olé and let it pass by you
by jumping or dashing out of the way. It will stop for a few moments. This is
your opportunity to damage it. Go with standard Saber combos, using the
Lightning based ones of the Sith Saber Smash. Honestly, your Saber is the best
way to go, because Force Lightning on its own does very, very little to this

It may be a little tedious, but go with this strategy. Let the Rancor charge
you, dodge, then strike it with your Saber for a few moments before retreating
to do the whole process over again. One thing to watch out for is Maris who
will appear out of nowhere at times to attack you. She won't be a huge threat
but she might surprise you every now and then so watch out.

The prompt will appear in due time. 

FINISHER - Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, X

But don't celebrate just yet, because now the fiery Maris wants to tussle. 


I would of gotten away with it if it weren't for you meddling... wait, scratch

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Maris isn't too hard. She has some sort of invisibility power, but it's more
gimmicky than anything else. You can still get a feel for which way she's
attacking more or less, and if nothing else, you can always use lock on. She
isn't the best defensive fighter, so you can sometimes get her with a combo or
two. She'll attack with Force Push and also throw her Sabers at you. 

Like Kazdan Paratus, you can get her with Force Lightning, usually when she's
invisible it will work. Zap her and then you can often get her with a quick
combo. Dodge her Force Push attacks and her Sabers and use Lightning and if
she's getting close, you can also use Force Repulse. Force Push seems to work
sometimes as well to knock her down. Always try to get close to her downed body
and stab her for extra damage. Continue to use these methods and the fight will
go pretty smoothly. Any Saber locks can be won by tapping Square as usual. Just
continue to hit her with Lightning, then follow it up with a combo. 

FINISHER - Square, X, Circle, Square, Square

A scene plays as per usual and then after that, you get your results. Look over
your work, then continue to the next. 

______________                          _______________________________________
Mission Eight ________________________/ I won't fail you. I'm not afraid.
______________/  Imperial Raxus Prime  _______________________________________

-Find the Imperial dropship
-Fight your way to the dropship roof
-Infiltrate the Imperial Ore Collection Facility
-Make your way to the central ring of the facility
-Defeat Proxy
-Overload the Accelerator Towers to destroy the shipyard
-Bring down the Imperial Star Destroyer!
Bonus Objectives
-Destroy the Imperial Tractor Beam tower (Talent Sphere)
-500,000 Force Points (Combo Sphere)
-Collect all Holocrons (Power Sphere)

Seems like ages since we were last here. Well, not really, it wasn't very long
ago at all actually. In any case, head to the ledge before you, then drop down.
Ahh, the good old Rodians. Luckily, they're not more annoying than they used to
be so it's almost a welcome sight. Take care of the first few enemies, then
continue into this chasm.


Before the valley sort of makes a turn to the right, find the high ledge on the
back wall. There is a giant dome shaped object inside the junk. Get on this
ledge, and go to the right. There is a dark corridor inside, and to the left is
a doorway. Enter and drop inside, then go into a room for the first Holocron.
This one gives you Power Crystal Sigil (1/15). Now climb your way back out, and
then go further into the canyon. 

Continue further in and you'll eventually find more Rodians and even a Jawa.
Grab the Sith Holocron here for Health Drain Aura and dispatch these foes. From
the left of this small junk pile you'll see here is a path carved out into the
wall. Enter here to find an easy Holocron for 10,000 Force Points (2/15). Now
go back and then up the path. A bunch of metal scraps block your way. Blast
them open with Force Push.

A few more Rodians will attack here. Go across the edge of this chasm, gutting
the enemies you find along the way. You'll come to a walkway. Jump across the
gap and continue the slaughter. Grab the Sith Holocron here for health if you
need it. From here, go left and cross the large metal beams to a crashed
spacecraft. A Rodian Heavy Defender and a Jawa are waiting so just rip them
apart. Your goal is not inside the ship this time, although there is something
in there. Blow open the door on the ship to find a Holocron, good for a Force
Power Sphere (3/15). Now get out and continue to the left. 

Drop down the ledge and a large gap presents itself. Take care of the Heavy
Defender first. After that, jump and dash across, grabbing the Holocron at the
entrance to the tunnel in the process. It will grant you another 10,000 Force
Points (4/15). Pass through this tunnel to another large valley. Things are
about to get messy here. 

On your immediate left is a Sith Holocron for Unlimited Energy. Grab it, and
then drop down immediately. Locate the three Purge Troopers (yes, three). Try
to zap them all using your Unlimited Force energy and when they're gone, focus
on the rest of the foes, Rodians mostly. Eventually an AT-ST will drop in, and
then even more Rodians will appear. Deal with a few Heavy Defenders on the
surrounding platforms. This will let you take care of a few annoyances, and in
the meantime, the other foes will probably be able to wither down the AT-ST
for you a bit. Focus on that next and finish it off quick. A few Stormtroopers
will be around so take care of them as well. Once the coast is clear, look for
a new Holocron which is on a cylinder shaped platform above you on the right.
Go back to the large platform you came in from. From there, double jump and
dash and you can just reach this one. Grab the Holocron to get the Compressed
Green Lightsaber Crystal (5/15). 

The next Holocron is also very close. Remember that tunnel the group of Rodians
came through? Find it on the right wall and enter this little space. At the end
you'll find a Holocron for 10k Force Points (6/15). The last one is also close,
but it is on the way to the exit. Take the platforms along the left side of 
this area and you'll probably see it floating high above. Climb the cylinder 
shaped platforms until you get to these crude, metal platforms sticking out of
the wall. When you get to the third one of these, you'll be at a good enough 
height to reach the Holocron. Double jump and then Dash quickly to reach it. 
You'll earn another 10,000 Force Points for your effort (7/15). Now climb back
up and you'll reach a tunnel at the top. Enter and you'll see another Holocron.
This one also gives you 10k Force Points (8/15). 

As you proceed further inside, Juno gives you a little bit of foreshadowing for
this mission. The tunnel will bring you to a very large area, where a whole
mess of Imperials are waiting. 


Grab the Sith Holocron for Invincibility and immediately drop down below. Make
your target the Purge Trooper and use the duration of your invincibility solely
to take him out. After that, aim for a Scout Trooper to the left on top of a
large pile of junk. Deal with the other standard troopers as you see fit
following that. There are two more Purge Troopers and we have a few more Sith
Holocrons to help. Try going in this direction and get the Holocrons in a
certain order. 

Start by getting the Sith Holocron to the left, near where you start, behind
the large junk pile the Scout Trooper was on. It gives you Damage Increase. Use
this to find the first Purge Trooper and take him out. Now focus on the Scout
Trooper on the far, far side of the canyon. Climb up and kill him. Resting
here is another Sith Holocron, also for Damage Increase. Use this, go back down
and find the other Purge Trooper. Kill him with the extra damage you can dish
out. There is another Holocron nearby for Health Drain Aura, and one on the
high platform in the center for Invincibility, but do your best to save these.
Go to the far end of the canyon, where that pesky Scout Trooper was. Climb to 
the top of these platforms again, then look toward the center. A large black 
metal tower has a Holocron above it. Jump and dash to this, then get the 
Holocron. You'll get 10,000 Force Points (9/15). 

Now there are most likely some enemies hiding about. Sniff them out and when
you've dispatched them all, the dropship's bay will open. An AT-ST, a few
Purge Troopers and more are waiting. Oh, great. Hopefully you saved those
Sith Holocrons. Grab whichever one you want first. I went with the one for
Invincibility first. Use this to take down the AT-ST first. Then grab the one
for Health Drain aura and attempt to bring down both Purge Troopers with a
flurry of Lightning and other attacks. All goes well, the major headaches will
be gone and you will not have lost a lot if any health. It's not over yet 

Grab the Sith Holocron inside for Unlimited Energy. Use it as you see fit to
finish off any Purge Troopers or other foes. The Scout Troopers will instantly
become your immediate subject of frustration. Climb up to the walkways and
take them out. As you go around from one side to the other, crossing the center
walkway, you'll get a Holocron. This one gives you a Force Talent Sphere
(10/15). Now go down and deal with the remaining foes. Beware both the Shadow
Evo Troopers and the Stormtrooper Commander. The latter fights like a normal
trooper, but his gun packs a punch. The EVO Troopers can go invisible like
other Shadow types and they have Evo Trooper stun guns. Be careful, but also
aggressive. When all is calm, head to the back and step on the metal grating
which is the lift. Take it up for a scene. 


On the new platform, head forward and a group  of Stormtroopers and a few
Imperial Officers will be waiting. Take them out as you carve your way to the
lift at the back end. Take this up, deal with a few more Imperial Officers,
then spy the Holocron at the end of one of the platforms (left if you turn
around). Go down here and grab it for 10,000 Force Points (11/15). After that,
go through the next two doors to reach a new area.


Some troopers will be on the platform above you. Work your way up first, then
jump and dash over to deal with them. This triggers more to appear below,
including some Evo Troopers. You'll have an easy time though. There are energy
fields and a large pit in the center. You can throw guys into the energy fields
for instant kills or just drop them in the pit. Have fun. More foes will appear
again on the above platform so deal with them and the rest until the coast is

The next Holocron is cleverly hidden. From the entrance, take the right walkway
leading up. You'll hit a wall where to small containers are placed. Use these
to blow open the wall here. Enter and you'll find the Holocron which gives you
the Unstable Purple Lightsaber Crystal (12/15). Now from there, jump back to
the center tower. Go around this platform zapping the small units that are
jutting out with Force Lightning. Once you get all five, the thing will
collapse. You'll get your Bonus Objective and a Force Talent Sphere as a
reward. Drop back down and approach the energy fields. Grab the small disc
shaped unit among the big machinery with Grip that is behind the energy wall.
This deactivates it, letting you go down the corridor in the center.

In this next room are three rows of platforms and a group of troopers. There
are Jumptroopers and they'll be your first target. Use Lightning to take them
out easily. Scout Troopers on each side will target you. Get out of the way
and deal with the more immediate threats first. Strangely enough, as you drop
down either side to deal with more troopers, it's possible that the Scout
Troopers will vanish. If they don't however, use the energy barriers on the
lower platforms to block their shots and then just throw things at them. 

When the coast is clear, a large door is as the far end, but ignore that for 
now. There is a cleverly hidden Holocron in this room. It's in the southwest 
corner of this room (or left from where you entered), on a long narrow 
platform, the same platform the Scout Trooper was standing on. It's very, very
far off as you can see, too far for you to reach. However, if you remember that
Holocron in Imperial Felucia, the same trick will work here. First drop down to
the lower walkway on the left side. Go far to the north because the platform
with the Holocron on it slants inward, so it is closer to you on the north part
of the room. Stand in between the barriers and do the double jump, Dash, and
Dashing Blast Combo. Make sure you add Dashing Blast at the end, to get the
extra push you need. If you do it successfully, you should be able to reach the
platform. Just walk to the south end to grab the Holocron for a Force Combo
Sphere (13/15). Now return in the same fashion if possible. Once you're back on
the walkways again, approach the large door at the end. There are two locks on
each of the lower platforms. Use Grip on these to raise them up and that 
unlocks the door. Enter.

In here, a group of Evo and other troopers will attack. Use Force Push to
render the shields on the protected foes useless, then other attacks to finish
them. Start by going to the right and follow the corridor down a ways. You'll
find some troopers and a Holocron, this one for 10,000 Force Points (14/15).
Kill the troopers, then turn around and go back. As you make your way left,
there will be more troopers. Keep in mind you can Grip them and then throw them
out the windows lining this chamber, into some sort of fiery chamber for easy
kills. Proceed until you find another Holocron. This one also gives you 10k
Force Points (15/15). Continue around this area until you find the lift. Take
it up and the next area will load.

A seemingly harmless battle against a Shadow Guard commences. After a few bouts
however, the true enemy reveals himself. 


 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Disappointed by the last few Boss fights? Well, Proxy is ready to give you a
run for your money. He changes shape at will and there doesn't seem to be a
specific pattern to it so it's hard to create the right strategy. All his forms
are those you have faced before however. General Kota, Shaak Ti, Maris Brood,
and the Shadow Guard. Know their attacks and also their weaknesses. Maris is
vulnerable to Force Lightning at times, and both she and Shaak Ti can be hit
by Force Repulse. General Kota's form should be easier now that you have these
powers as well. The Shadow Guard form will defend against most Force attacks
so just try to catch him off guard with Saber attacks like any aerial combos.
Dodge Maris' saber throws, Shaak Ti's dash, Push, and shockwave attacks, and
also the Shadow Guard's Force attacks. Proxy is not hard to hurt, depending on
what form he takes. Just continue your assault and then a short scene takes

Proxy changes form to one more, one that the Apprentice has never seen. o_O
Holy ****! Yes, it's a Darth Maul form! And to go with this fight, the Duel of
the Fates score. Schwing! This is part two, and now Proxy's health is back to
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Marvel all you want (or drool like I did, just kidding), but Darth Maul is very
tough. He's a proficient Lightsaber duelist and he's agile as well. As it
stands, you'll have an extremely hard time hurting him in one-on-one combat.
He has his standard Lightsaber combos, which are impressive to say the least
with his double bladed Lightsaber. He'll also throw it at you, which you can
block, but it will still hurt. He's very tough, and also a bit durable. 

Personally, I like the challenge of a straight on Saber fight with Maul,
because it feels more dramatic. However, the point of this is to know how to
do it easily, and he is not easy so that's what the strategy is for. In
straight combat, he is very hard to predict and defend. You need to be at least
competent at counterattacking to be able to hurt him. If you've had no practice
with this, don't worry. There is an alternate strategy in the next paragraph.
For direct combat however, time your blocks at the moment of impact to make
Maul stagger. Use this opportunity to strike back and get a good combo in. You
might also be able to get him with a combo under normal circumstances when he
is just standing there, but this is rare. Most of your attacks will come as
counterattacks. Again, Lightning based combos work well. Continue to block and
time it so you can counter. Not all of your attacks have to be on the spur of
a counter however. There is one combo that Maul uses, where he ends with his
arms out and stands still for a moment. If you blocked the combo successfully,
you have ample time to strike him. There may also be other opportunities like
this, but just be careful if you decide to go toe to toe with him like this,
because his Saber attacks eat you up. 

The other way is a little bit easier, but not much. Maul is strangely enough,
vulnerable to Grip it seems. It may not be possible often, but it seems you
can use Grip on him a few times. Use Lightning on him and then throw him around
for damage. There are some spinning machines in this area. Throw him into those
for a decent chunk of damage. You can also do a good amount by throwing the
explosive containers at him. This might be more damaging than the other attack.

Regardless of what you choose, you'll inevitably have to fight him directly in
some form. If you get into a Saber lock, hit Square repeatedly as usual to win.
The result will get Maul on his back which is a perfect opportunity to stab him
for good damage so do not miss this chance. Any other time you knock him over,
make sure you take advantage of it. Keep up your guard and be on your toes.
Eventually the prompt appears. 

FINISHER - Square, Square, X, Square

Phew. That was fun, eh? After that, watch the scene and then you'll be able to
continue on your mission? Oh yeah, we're not through here yet. 


Start by blowing open either the left or right door. Immediately turn around
once you're outside and climb to the top of this tower. Deal with the troopers
here. The easiest way is to throw or Push them off the edges. After they're
gone, hit the machine here with Force Lightning to overload it. Three more

Go down the left walkway. Some Jumptroopers will attack. Also watch out for
the sight beams of the Scout Troopers. Approach the next tower and again, deal
with a medley of troopers before taking on the machine with Lightning. Two
down. The next walkway is completely impassable. Turn around now and go back
to the first tower, then past that one and onto the third. A few turret gunners
and a Jumptrooper are your only opposition. Dispatch them, then light up the
third tower. Head to the last one and repeat to complete your objective. Now
you're in for a doozy.


A Star Destroyer comes to Raxus Prime and has its eyes on you. A squadron of
TIE Fighters swoop down. Oh boy.
 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Ok, so it's not *really* a Boss fight, but it's as challenging as one, probably
more so. This is extremely frustrating, especially since there are no 
checkpoints during this whole thing, so dying brings you back to the
beginning of this little fight, despite how much progress you may have made.


Ok this is without a doubt one of the most important aspects of this whole
thing. Bringing the Star Destroyer down is a topic from which many questions
and frustrations emerge. The first key is how to bring the TIE Fighters down
quickly and easily. They'll swoop by the platform and fire at you. You can get
a feel usually, for which TIE Fighter shots will be coming toward you, and
which will miss completely. Always dodge these when possible because they are

There is a small piece of junk that floats by the platform that you can grip,
but this is not going to be your main method of attack against the TIEs. Use
this as your backup. Your main weapon is Grip. The problem is how. This will
take some practice but it's going to make things significantly easier. To
easily grip the TIEs, wait til they get close enough, a moment before they
turn. Aim your Left Analog Stick in the position of the TIE Fighter as compared
to your position. For example, if you're to the right, and the TIE fighter is
veering to the left, aim the Left Analog stick somewhat to the left. You want
the Left Analog Stick to be pointing just about exactly where the TIE is. Use
R2 for Grip and if you aimed correctly, you'll grab it. Again, this takes some
practice to perfect, but you need to aim correctly with the Left stick above
all else. 

Once you have the TIE Fighter, whip it at any others nearby. It's easy when
they are first coming out to chain at least two or three TIEs because they're
all so close together. As you thin them out, it's a little tougher, so it might
be worth it to hold a TIE in place and wait for another to fly by before you
throw it. Killing as many birds with one stone is going to save you a lot of
time and frustration. 

The best way to Grip the TIEs is to align yourself well with them. Pay
attention to the direction they go. They alternate between the left and right.
So TIE Fighters that fly to the left side will make another pass, going to the
right next time. I find it's much, much easier to Grip them when they're going
to the left. I almost never get them when I'm standing on the right side. If
you're closer to the left side of the platform, you can Grip them easier, and
remember, point the Left stick to get them.

If you have one or two left, you can also use the floating piece of junk, but
I find it extremely unhelpful most of the time. Reason is that is very hard
to aim, and it will often fly in the wrong direction instead of at the TIEs. To
actually get it to hit them, you have to hold it and wait for the TIE to get
within range. How close? Well, close enough so that the TIE can start shooting
at you and will probably hit you too. Yeah, I prefer Gripping the TIEs myself.


Now for the big cheese, so to speak. Hold R2 to initiate the process. You'll
see a diagram of two sticks appear, representing the Left and Right Analog
Sticks. These will tell you which way to move in order to properly align the
Star Destroyer. A very, very important thing to recognize, and I've gotten
confused by this myself, is that the default position of the sticks almost
looks like "up". By this I mean, you might think the diagram is telling you to
push the sticks up, but it's really just in a default position. It's kind of
confusing at first glance but don't be fooled. You'll see the difference when
the diagram actually does tell you to push the sticks up so make sure you can
see the difference and know when to keep them still or push them up. 

Your first step will be to bring the Star Destroyer to the left. Pull it left
with the Left Analog Stick, while keeping the Right stick still. The diagram
will tell you to push up on the Right Stick a few times, to keep the nose of
the Star Destroyer up so do so. Just focus on getting it to the left. At that
point, the sticks should glow yellow. Now, they will probably be still and the
Right stick might change to up or down, and it's also possible the Left stick
will go left. Adjust to each position change and keep the sticks yellow. If
you keep pushing them in the right directions, eventually you'll enter what I
like to call, the Pulling Phase. 


The sticks will point downward now. Pull them down and hold them there. Despite
the fact the diagram keeps showing the sticks going up and down, just hold them
down. If you have a DS3, the controller will vibrate. The Star Destroyer will
start coming down, slowly. As you work on this, you'll see a new group of TIE
Fighters coming. Keep holding down until the closest fighter fires its first
shot. Let go at that point and get out of the way. 

As you deal with the TIEs, the Star Destroyer, much to your dismay, will right
itself and get out of alignment. Get rid of all the TIEs fast so you can Grip
the Star Destroyer again. It can be hard to do it quickly enough, and most
likely, it will take a long time to get back into position again, into yellow,
and then into the Pulling Phase. After all that time, you won't be able to
pull it very long. So then the obvious question is, how do I bring it down if
it keeps righting itself? The answer is simple, and this defines the Pulling

Look at it like this. Picture the Star Destroyer as a boss that you can't hurt
because it has a shield. You need to align it until you can start pulling down
(Pulling Phase) to bring its shield down. At that point, picture it as having
an invisible Health Bar, and the longer you pull down on those sticks in the
Pulling Phase, the more "health" you take off of it. What's the gist of this?
Well, the point is that even after you have to let go of the Star Destroyer to
deal with the TIEs, you won't lose any progress on the Star Destroyer. You just
keep pulling it more and more, and depleting its "health". 

So, deal with the TIE Fighters fast, and the more skilled you become at that,
the faster you can deal with the Star Destroyer. Beware that the diagrams of
the sticks can become confusing at times, that even though you're pulling it in
the right direction it won't go beyond yellow into the Pulling Phase. Just try
again when you get the chance and hold the sticks down to keep up the work.
Eventually after 3 or 4 bouts of pulling, you'll bring the sucker down. 

A few scenes play, and things get pretty interesting. The time then comes for
your final mission. 

_____________                __________________________________________________
Mission Nine ______________/ That's no moon...
_____________/  Death Star  __________________________________________________

-Find a way into the Death Star laser tube
-Make your way down the laser tube
-Align the Pulsarium Rings
-Fight your way to the Death Star Laser Convergence Chamber
-Activate the Convergence Chamber Lifts
-Infiltrate The Emperor's Observation Dome
-Defeat Darth Vader
Bonus Objectives
-500,000 Force Points (Combo Sphere)
-Collect all Holocrons (Power Sphere)

After the scene, you'll start off in a pretty large room, wearing some new duds
as well. Snazzy. Well, anyways, if you've never said a profanity in your life,
you might now. Welcome to one of the most annoying rooms in the entire game.


Here's what you've got on your plate. Imperial Evo Troopers, Jumptroopers, 
Scout Troopers, Purge Troopers, turret gunners, and an AT-CT. All in one room.
That's a medley for destruction there. The Purge Troopers will come after you
and fire their annoying cannons. The AT-CT will bombard you with things from
its grav gun. They may seem like obvious candidates for your first victims, but
the true pests are the Scout Troopers. Any attempt you make at attacking other
foes will be continually interrupted by their shots. They are very high up
though, on the walkways. Luckily, there is a lift you can take. Facing the big
energy field that leads to space (the one the ships come through), go to the
right. The lift is in the corner here. It's also to the left of a turret. The
funny thing is, I didn't know this lift was here for a while, and I spent a
good amount of my time (and many deaths) trying to ascend to the walkway by
using the giant containers on the other side of the room that sit under the
walkway. Anyways...

Once you're up there, quickly make your way to the first Scout Trooper. Slice
him up. As you ran up to him, you probably saw a small alcove on your left with
an obvious Holocron inside. Grab it for 10,000 Force Points (1/15). Now hurry
across the walkway to the other side and kill the second Scout Trooper. I
realize this may be very difficult considering the amount of fire you'll be
under, so if it becomes frustrating, I sympathize with you. In that case, go
ahead and try to take on the AT-ST and some of the Purge Troopers, but it won't
get overwhelmingly easy. 

On the other side of the walkway, you'll find another alcove with another 
Holocron inside. This one grants you Power Crystal Katak (2/15). Not a bad
choice for your saber either so use it if you're so inclined. Now for the rest
of these guys. Understand killing the AT-CT will cause an AT-ST appear, and I
believe destroying that makes a few more Purge Troopers appear. So you could be
looking at facing an entire unit of Purge Troopers which is no fun. Try to take
out the AT-CT first, then a few Purge Troopers. Always try to keep a few
regular Stormtroopers alive so you have something to get health from. Try to
save the two Holocrons for emergency only. The AT-CT's destruction conjures up
an AT-ST. Remember that these walkers give you a lot of health, so feel free
to expend some life to deal with some other enemies like Purge Troopers,
knowing that you can get a good amount back for defeating the walkers.

When they're gone, more Purge Troopers and some Evo Troopers arrive. Either
kill all the Evo troopers or just a few to save the others for health. If you
haven't used a Holocron, feel free to use one near the lift for Force Energy
restoration, especially if you're trying to zap all these Purge Troopers. It's
not a bad idea, but tough to pull off with so many. If you can line them all
up and your Force Lightning rank is high enough, definitely try this and you
can zap them all and drain their health as a group slowly. If not, the other
thing to try is stay far away. They'll fire their cannons and that makes this
difficult. Try to however line up some throwable objects with them and you
in a straight line. By this I mean, make it so that you can Grip an object,
infuse it with Lightning, and then toss it all in one quick process. This way
you can try to toss it without being hit (hopefully) by the Purge Trooper
cannons. It's tough but it might work. 

If you run low on health, really low that is, go for the other Holocron which
gives you health back. Try to zap the Purge troopers and always go for the one
with the lowest health, so you can get some back. Take them all out and don't
die or else you'll have to do this whole thing over again. Once they're all
dead, you're out of the woods for now. 

You surely notice the flashing blue grating on the floor. Grip it and pull it
up. This could have been done theoretically at the start, but it's probably
nearly impossible given how many enemies were gunning at you. Even with only a
few Purge Troopers left it probably would have been pretty tough. In any case,
lift it open and drop down inside.

You'll land in the tunnel from which the Death Star's infamous laser fires. The
Death Star is still under construction and they're deciding to give the laser
a try. The tester is pretty eager and he'll be firing that baby every so often
so you'll have to take cover before that. You'll hear the crew announcing it
with a few key phrases and that will let you know how much time you have. The
first is "Cool down cycle complete..." After you hear that, you have roughly
15 seconds before the next phrase, which initiates the countdown. The countdown
is a much more obvious depiction of how much time you've got so keep on your

If you're standing there wondering how this great laser came to be, I suggest
you play Star Wars Battlefront II; just a little FYI there. One of the campaign
missions sheds a little more light on how it was constructed. 


In any case, proceed down the tube. Go all the way down until you reach a big
green lens. Blast it or slash it open and enter the tube. Reach the other end
and cut your way out into the next section. By now you might need to take cover
and it just so happens a room on the left has a few hosts! In the tight space,
Force Repulse works nice. You can also have some fun with these guys as the
laser fires, by Gripping them and placing them out into the tube. The laser
will vaporize them instantly. Muhahaha. *Ahem*. Anyways, when the laser stops,
proceed again.

Some unexpected droids will emerge from the floor. Use Lightning on them and
then continue. Near the end of this section of the tube, another group of
troopers will be seen in another room on your right. Go in and join them. 

When they're dead, there is another door you can open inside this small room.
Go inside and you'll find a Holocron. This one gives you 10,000 Force Points
(3/15). Head back out, break open the lens, traverse the tunnel, and come out
on the other side. In this third section, you can see by looking at the
mini-map, there are some pathways to the sides. Take the left one and enter the
hallway. A turret is at the far end and a trooper will run for it. It's one of
those annoying flame mortar turrets so try to Grip it before he gets to it and
throw it away. Kill him and then enter the room at the far end.

A whole lot of those floor droids and some troopers on the far side will be
waiting. Zap the droids, using the pillar here as cover when they fire. When
they are toast, cross the gap (when the laser is not firing of course) and take
on these shielded troopers. Use Push or Saber attacks to disable their shields
and then finish them off. A few are Incinerator Troopers so beware their
explosive deaths. 

With that done, head back across to the left side. On the far left wall in this
part of the room (it's hard to tell), there is a lift you can take up. Do so
and you'll find a Sith Holocron for Damage Increase; useless now. Go across
this walkway to the center of the room. The top of the laser shaft is here. 
Jump on it like a walkway, then go to the right inside a small tunnel. Here is
a Holocron, waiting, giving you 10,000 Force Points (4/15). Now turn around
and you'll see yet another Holocron in the opposite nook. Go in there and get
it for the Unstable Green Lightsaber Crystal (5/15). 

Now when you're ready, drop down on the right side. Approach the door that your
objective marker is indicating. Grip the door and slide the locking mechanism
up to open it. Head inside and the next area will load.

Open the next door and inside the following room, two Purge Troopers are
waiting. Hopefully by now, these guys shouldn’t be as hard. Keep them honest
with Lightning and there are plenty of objects to throw at them if you can
manage. When they're down, take care of the other foes. There is a door on your
right. Enter and in the room here two Imperial Gunners will be guarding a
Holocron. Slay them and claim it for a Force Talent Sphere (6/15). After that,
go back and proceed through the next door. 

In this short hallway, two Imperial Officers will fire on you with turrets. 
Dispatch them then enter the room to your immediate right. Through two doors 
you'll uncover another Holocron. This one rewards you with 10,000 Force Points
(7/15). Continue onward and the corridor will eventually end. The door to the
left opens up and takes you back to the laser tube. Immediately across from
the door you can see a Holocron. When it's safe to cross, go over there and
grab it for 10,000 Force Points (8/15). Turn right and approach the next
chamber with something weird going on...


Approach the three giant spinning rings. Give yourself a window of about 30
seconds or more to align these things. Grip them one by one and use the Right
Stick (my preference) to align them. Once they're all locked in place, a bridge
will extend to the other side, allowing you to cross. Get on the first bridge
but don't cross. Instead, jump down below. On the south side of this lower
chamber, behind a pillar, you'll find a Holocron. Grab it for a Force Power
Sphere (9/15). Now enter one of the doorways down here, which will take you
to a hallway. A squadron of troopers will likely ambush you, so take them out.
Then turn left and take the lift back up to the area before the rings. Align
them again and this time, cross to the next platform. 

Wait in the doorway for the laser to fire and then stop. When it's clear, align
the second set of rings. Doing so will create the bridges, and also reveal a
Holocron floating above the gap. Grab it as you pass through for 10k Force
Points (10/15). 


Now on the other side, duck into the doorway on your right. Take this corridor
all the way until you reach a new room, and it's a bit awe inspiring. 


Hm, can you feel that? That palpable tension in the air, building ever so
slightly? No? Oh well, maybe it's just me. You're getting closer. In this giant
room, you've got quite a few things to collect. Juno will tell you what to do
and the camera will reveal your next destination, a conspicuous platform with
a round doorway. First we have to do some treasure hunting. 

Turn left and cross the first walkway you see. Watch for the laser shafts you
have to cross in the process, making sure it's not firing. You can see that
perpendicular to this walkway, a metal beam cuts across to another walkway on
the other side. Get on top of this beam and use the camera to look below you at
the laser shaft. It might be hard to see depending on where you're looking, but
in one of the rings of the shaft is a Holocron. Attempt to drop down below and
grab it for 10,000 Force Points (11/15). Now drop down below. 

Two AT-STs will confront you. These things should be easy by now. Use Force
Lightning and other attacks to level them both easily. Once that's done, find
that device you saw while Juno was talking. Use Grip on it and push it in. This
activates a series of gravity lifts, indicated by the bright blue beams. Use
this to quickly rise up to the top of the room. A bunch of Jumptroopers will
ambush you. Use Lightning to deal with them. 

Now depending on which one you took, the directions here might have to be
skewed. But basically, at the very top, the two gravity lifts are separated by
another laser shaft. On top of the end of this shaft is a Holocron. To get it,
stand at the edge of the gravity lift platform that gets you closest to the
long platform jutting out from the shaft. It's a platform with spokes in it
and it will require a double jump and Dash to reach. The key is you don't want
to land too far to the right on this narrow ledge, because if you do, you'll
slide down the end and you won't be able to climb up. It may take a few tries
so just use the gravity lift again if you have to. Get on that ledge and then
jump up to the top of the shaft to claim the Holocron for the Black Lightsaber
Crystal (12/15). 

Ok, since this room is really large, and you'll be moving around a lot, my
directions aren't going to be very solid because it's difficult to account for
every position you may be in and it's hard to be specific like, "this platform"
and such. So you may have to do a bit of searching for these last few Holocrons
but I'll try to help you out as best I can.

If the laser isn't firing, from where you are at the top of this shaft, jump
back to the gravity lift platform. From here, drop down to a platform below,
then another one with a Scout Trooper on it. Now jump across a gap to another
walkway and take this all the way to the left. You'll come to a large alcove.
There should be a door here that slides open. Go inside and you'll find a
Holocron for 10,000 Force Points (13/15). For the next one, it can be difficult
too, so if you're confused, I apologize. It's just hard for this room.

From where you just got the last Holocron, the next one is on the opposite
side of the room and two floors down. Cross to the other side using the
walkways and gravity lifts. Then drop two floors down until you find an area
with Purge Troopers and Evo Troopers. Dispatch them and then to your right in
the corner here, you'll find the Holocron. It gives you another 10k Force
Points. (14/15). One more to go. Time to get to your target now.

Again take the gravity lift up a few levels until you see the target platform
with the round doorway. Get high enough and then drop onto this platform.
Approach the door and the unique locking mechanism will suddenly start to move
and it will open. A welcoming party of four Imperial Royal Guards will rush
out, led by a Shadow Guard. It might seem nuts, but they're not too hard.
Ignore the Shadow Guard and try to knock the Royal Guards off the platform with
throws like Sith Flurry and other methods. If you knock them down, stab them
and remember they are vulnerable to a few Force moves. Do yourself a favor at
the start though, and grab the Sith Holocron to your right in the little
computer area. It will grant you Health Drain Aura, which will make things
significantly easier. 

Once the Royal Guards are down, focus on the Shadow Guard. You've had a few
tussles in the past so you should known his repertoire well enough. He's not
too hard to hurt in straight on combat, and you can use a few Force Powers if
you're lucky. Grabs work well too. Defeat him and your next objective appears.


Use Grip on the sliding mechanism and slide all the way around to open the door
once again. Listen to Juno speak before you enter if you want or else you won't
hear it. After that, proceed inside and a cutscene commences.

After that, it's the showdown you've been waiting for!


Cue the dramatic overture! (dun dun dunn!)

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Darth Vader is a tough customer, but he's not too difficult. If you learned
anything from your duel with Darth Maul, then you should hopefully be able to
tackle the Dark Lord of the Sith. Vader is not affected by Force Push or
Lightning. You can actually hurt him with Lightning but it's almost microscopic
and he isn't stunned by it. On the other hand, Vader's Push is pretty powerful
and it's tough to avoid. When he uses it though, he tires out for a moment.
This is one of your key opportunities to strike throughout this first stage of
the fight. Other than that, if you've gotten any good at counterattacking you
can wait for him to strike, then block and counter for a combo. You may also
Saber lock with him. His Saber locks are tougher than the rest, requiring you
to really hit that Square button to win. Afterwards, any time you knock him 
down like this, be sure to get close and stab him. I've said this every time
but it's really critical. Vader will also pick you up with Grip, and you have
to hit Circle really fast to free yourself. It's not too damaging however. Just
strike when he tires out from Push or counter his Saber attacks. When his life
drops to about 2/3, he'll move the fight into the next room.

The second phase is pretty easy. Vader will isolate himself on a little
platform in the center of the room. Some damaging energy surrounds it like a 
moat and it will damage you little by little if you step on it. Stick to the
outer platform instead. From the center, Darth Vader will throw objects at you
and he's pretty accurate too so watch out. The obvious strategy may seem to be
to jump to where he is and engage him, but it won't work. He'll just grab you
and throw you across the room. Instead, fight fire with fire. Grab something
in the room and quickly hurl it at him. Try to do so before he throws an object
at you. Just one quick one is all you need. If you make contact, Vader will
stumble. Now is your chance to jump to the center platform. Hit him with a few
quick combos. Eventually, he'll Grip you. Let him since even if you break free,
you probably won't get far away and he'll just Grip you again and again. Just
let him throw you; it won't hurt much. After this, just continue this process a
few times of throwing things at him, then attacking him at the center with
combos. When his health drops to about 1/4, he'll jump to the outer platform.
Time to finish this.

Meet him there and then you'll do battle one-on-one again. His moves are still
the same as before. If you lock Sabers with him quickly and you both back away,
you can retaliate with Lightning, but he'll do it too, causing a Force
Lightning battle. The size of the meter for Vader is tiny, so it will take some
skill to get the dial to hit it. Other than that, just go about him the same
way mostly. If he uses Grip on you, sometimes you can break free then come
crashing down on him from above with Leaping Slam. If you're lucky, it will 
knock him down, giving you a good opportunity to inflict more damage. Just 
counter his attacks and so forth until he loses the remainder of his health. 
Then what is perhaps the most dramatic of all the prompts appear. 

FINISHER - Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square

A scene takes place after that, and you are presented with a choice: Confront
Palpatine, or finish off Darth Vader. Depending on what you choose, your final
battles will differ and it will also affect your ending. We'll be going over
both choices, starting with Palpatine.


Go down the walkway to confront Emperor Palpatine. This begins the final

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

What an opponent. The Emperor is different from any of your opponents thus far.
Rightfully so given that it's... The Emperor. His attacks are very simple. He
uses his characteristic Force Lightning and he'll also toss objects at you. 
He'll start off with Lightning. It hurts you and slows you down for a while.
There is a solution however, and I have to admit, it is very clever. You can
block his Lightning by blocking with your saber. The following move has taken
a page from the prequel films. You might block the Lightning regularly, but
if the Apprentice holds his Saber vertically, the Lightning energy will get
stored in it. Keep holding L2 if this happens and you will automatically send
the energy back. This will stun The Emperor long enough for you to get a few
swipes in.

For the most part, he's hard to hit. The old guy is surprisingly nimble, and he
will back away from you continually so getting hits may be tough. After some
time, he will bring down a few objects to throw at you. I prefer not to let
him do this because he's really accurate. He gives you ample time to prevent
this however. When the objects are gathered above, merely jump into the air
close enough (but not touching them) and do a Force Repulse. This will blow the
objects away and he won't be able to throw them at you. After that, he might
be stunned for a short while so get a few attacks in. 

Every time The Emperor loses certain increments of health, he'll cloak himself
in a shield and call on some Guard type enemies to fight you. It's easy to
keep these as one-on-one fights without both of them coming after you, but even
if they do, it's not a huge hassle. Grabs are excellent on these guys, because
you can throw them against the wall for extra damage and then stab them while
they're prone to finish them. Every time you kill them you'll gain health and
this will be helpful. After that, The Emperor attacks again and usually starts
off with Lightning. 

Repeat this cycle and you should find things fairly easy. Always use Force
Repulse to knock away his throwing objects before he uses them, and then block
his Lightning to attempt to send it back. Always strike with a few quick combo
attacks when he is stunned or tired. Regain health from the Guard enemies and
you'll sail on to an easy victory. When the prompt appears, make it count.

FINISHER - Square, X, Circle, Square, Circle

Thus it is done. Watch the scene that follows and then the credits will roll,
in traditional Star Wars fashion. Nice. 

But of course, there is another path... Choose instead to jump down to where
Vader is and you'll choose a different fate. 


 _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __

Round 2. Darth Vader's moves have not changed. He still uses Force Push, and
his various Saber combos. He'll also continue to Grip you, much to your dismay,
forcing you to break free with Circle. He's harder though, and that's probably
because you have to focus solely on Saber combat which calls for countering his
attacks. You did this before in phase one of the first fight, but it was only
to deplete his health by 1/3. This time you've got to beat him like this so
it's understandably harder. 

There a few tips to keep in mind however. Whenever you're close enough and he
begins to charge up Force Push. Simply jump around to his back and start
wailing away. Also, if you get into a Saber lock, like before, take advantage
when he is knocked down. His constant Gripping will get annoying, but take
advantage when you're above him by coming down with Leaping Slam. 

Most of this fight will rely on you countering him. Learn to time him and when
he strikes press L2 and the direction toward him on the Left Analog Stick. With
the right timing and enough practice, you can counter him easily. The problem
is that countering him makes him stagger back a few steps, putting him a little
bit out of range. He recovers very quickly too so you need to follow this up by
getting close again and swinging away fast. Learn this though and you'll be
much better at taking him down. Try to stay in a position that allows you to
see both you and Vader. Don't let the camera defeat you by being in a tough
position, so move around and let yourself learn the timing to counter. Any time
you knock him down, strike. Eventually, you'll bring his health down low enough
for the Coup de grâce. 

FINISHER - Square, Circle, Circle, Square

Thus you'll watch a scene and receive a much darker ending. It's obvious not
canon but it's interesting nonetheless. Then the credits roll. 

Congrats! You've beaten The Force Unleashed!

|  Extras  ex00  |

Get more out of the game! Extra assorted info for finding things you missed,
or getting more information or getting said information faster without going
through the walkthrough. 

  Bosses     [ex01]
If you need to quickly get help on a boss, as in, you don't want to read the
whole walkthrough (go ahead and insult me why don'tcha! Just kidding), you can
quickly get the pertinent info here. I could just copy and paste the strategies
word for word here, but I'm not going to be that lazy. The strategies will be
the same however. 


Attacks: Saber attack, Force Push, Force Grip (TIE Fighter)
Difficulty: 2/10

This guy is pretty easy, but he's still no pushover. Your Force Powers will 
just be waved off for the most part. You've got to trust your Saber mostly.
Hold L2 to try to block his Force Push and other attacks. When he gets close
you can blow him back with Force Repulse. Any time you knock him down, whether
it be by Force Repulse or a Combo attack, always approach his prone body and
attack for a stab move, which deals extra damage. 

You'll probably get into a Saber lock with him at the start. Tap Square
repeatedly to win. Not too long into the fight, he'll bring a TIE Fighter down
to crash on top of you. If you move far enough away, you can avoid this, then
try to hurt him a little in the meantime. You can use Vader's Leaping Slam 
while he's charging Force Push to just attack from above and dodge it at the
same time. Use the more powerful Saber Combos to break his guard and inflict

Really, this guy isn't too hard. Don't let him abuse you with his Force Powers
especially near the end where he will attempt to get really cheap with it. You
can win this one pretty easily.

FINISHER - Square, Circle, Circle, Circle


Attacks: Saber attack, Leaping Slam shockwave, Throws objects
Difficulty: 4/10
Recommended Moves: Sith Saber Flurry, Saber Sling, Force Push, Leaping Slam

Kota has a wider array of attacks than the Rogue Jedi, but he won't prove to
be too difficult. Perhaps his nastiest move is his own version of the Leaping
Slam. This you can see coming quite easily as he tosses his Saber up and then
leaps up to grab it before coming down with a slam attack that sends out a 
powerful shockwave. Dodge this by jumping or getting far away. Kota will also
jump to the far platform and throw objects at you. Time it right and Dash out
of the way before they hit.

In straight Saber combat, he's a bit of a slouch and you can get him with
good moves like Sith Saber Flurry. Sometimes you can also throw him back with
Force Push and if you do, try to capitalize by stabbing or slashing him before
he gets up. You can also take a page from him and toss objects at him,
particularly at the times he is distanced from you. Leaping Slam also works
well. When Kota uses his Leaping Slam shockwave move, he'll be vulnerable for
a moment following it. Provided you didn't get hurt by it, you'll have a good
window to get a combo on him. Don't miss it. Saber Sling works well too. 

After you've depleted enough of his health, he'll use the Force to make a part
of the facility detach and start plummeting toward the nearby planet. Kota will
at this point, confront you again. Use the same tactics with some good Combos
and Leaping Slam and others. Eventually the floor will glow red from heat. It
will hurt you if you stay there so take a position on the platform. Kota will
also stand on the other platform. Use Grip to throw things at him. When things
cool off, engage him again with the same moves and be sure to block his Force
moves and Saber attacks. Counter them if possible for easy attacks. He will go
down in due time. 

FINISHER - Square, Square, X, Circle


Attacks: Saber attack, Force Lightning, Force Push, Throws objects, Summon Junk
Titan, Slam attack
Difficulty: 6/10
Recommended Moves: Force Lightning, Force Grip, Sith Saber Smash, Sith Slash, 
Counterattacks, Leaping Slam

Kazdan Paratus is much more difficult than any of the opponents you've faced
thus far. There is a good chance you'll have to do some trial and error and
learn how he fights. His attacks consist of a few very long Saber combos, Force
Lightning and Push. He'll also blow open the back wall and climb the pillar
there and throw things at you. He'll also summon a Junk Titan on at least two
occasions. You can get into Force Lightning and Push battles with him. To win
the Lightning battle, you have to hit the Triangle button when the spinning
dial is in the red meter area. For the Push battle, hit Circle repeatedly. This
can happen for a lot of the upcoming Bosses too, so I won't be repeating how
to win these. 

Most notably, Kazdan Paratus is a much better Saber duelist. He has long combo
attacks and if you attack him while he's blocking, he will counter with a wide
slash. If you attack and he's blocking the entire combo, back off so you won't
have to endure the counter. Force Push will rarely work, but luckily, Force
Lightning does. If you are any good at countering, it will help here because
he's hard to hit with regular combos. Force Lightning helps you stun him and
this will allow you to slash him a few times. A very good combo to try is start
with Force Lightning, then attack with Sith Slash (Square, Triangle, Triangle),
and if you're lucky, it will throw him into the air. Use Grip on him to pick
his body up. Hit him with Lightning, then throw him around. 

Eventually he'll summon a Junk Titan. Alternate between Lightning and aerial
slashes. Try not to let the Titan attack by using Lightning, and then a few
quick slashes while your Force recharges. The Titan will drop some health for
you after you defeat it. He'll summon a second one later and so defeat that one
in the same fashion.

Paratus will follow the Titan's destruction by throwing a few objects at you.
You can just easily dodge them, or you can try to charge up Force Push and
blow them away, but the latter is more difficult and not recommended if you're
worrying about your health. After that, he'll return to the platform with an
aggressive jump and slam back onto the platform. Engage him again at this point
and continue to use Lightning based moves like Sith Saber Smash and Sith Slash
and take advantage when he is knocked around or down. You should be able to get
to him, even if it takes some practice.

FINISHER - Square, Circle, Square, Triangle X


Attacks: Saber attack, Force Push, Force Energy throw, Ground shockwave, Summon
Felucians, Sarlaac attack
Difficulty: 5/10
Recommended Moves: Force Repulse, Sith Saber Flurry, Force Lightning, Leaping

Shaak Ti is not really as hard as Kazdan Paratus was. She's less of a duelist
and relies a lot more on projectile type Force Powers. At the start, she'll
use Force Push, and a unique shockwave attack that goes along the ground and
homes in on you. She also gathers up Force Energy in a barely visible ball and
throws it at you. Some of these attacks are hard to dodge, but they don't hurt
all that much. 

As said before, she's not as proficient as Kazdan Paratus was with a Lightsaber
so you can sometimes get her with Sith Saber Flurry and other moves. Force
Repulse is your best friend in this fight though. It easily breaks her guard
and throws her back, allowing you to get in a stab while she's prone. Shaak Ti
will also eventually summon a group of Felucians. Force Repulse again comes in
handy here. Knock them down with Repulse and it will also keep Shaak Ti at bay.
Finish them off with stabs, other Saber moves, and Force Lightning. They'll
drop health for you to recharge. 

After a few hits, Shaak Ti takes the fight down to a lower ledge. The Sarlaac
is here, and now on top of her attacks, you'll have to deal with the Sarlaac's
appendages. They cover a large area so they're hard to dodge. Down here, Shaak
Ti will use the same moves. Dodge her projectile type attacks by jumping and
then using Leaping Slam from above. Use Force Repulse to get health back from
the Felucians and stay healthy if the Sarlaac attacks you. Keep this up and you
will win eventually.

Finisher: Square, Square, Square, X, X, Circle, Triangle


Attacks: Melee attack, Force Push, Grip, Force Lightning
Difficulty: 4/10
Recommended Moves: Sith Flurry, Sith Throw, Counterattacks, Aerial Combos,
Throw objects

This guy is not too hard, which probably makes sense given he eventually takes
on a role as more of a Mini-Boss. He's not too dissimilar to other of his ilk.
His moves are pretty standard but he has a few long combos and he's generally
hard to predict, so Counterattacking may be tough. He wards off almost all of
your key Force Powers. Not only that, he's got a few of his own. Force
Lightning is a little damaging and it will also slow your movement. Grip is
more annoying though, forcing you to hit Circle repeatedly to break free. He'll
use Grip especially if you're far away. A lot of his Force Powers are easily
blocked because you can see by his movements that they are coming. Hold L2 in
these instances to block them. 

For hurting him, Counterattacks as mentioned earlier are tough to pull off 
because his melee attacks are hard to read. Try grab attacks instead like Sith
Flurry and Sith Throw. They work well and will also get him down on the ground.
He doesn't stay prone for long, but if you get the chance, take advantage. He's
not too hard honestly. The Shadow Guard is good at defending, but you can get
him with a combo every now and then. Just hang in there and you'll be fine. 

FINISHER - Square, Triangle


Attacks: Side blasers, Heavy cannon, stomp attack
Difficulty: 3/10
Recommended Moves: Force Lightning, aerial melee attacks, throw objects

This guy is pathetically easy. He fights like any AT-ST and at this point in
the game, you should be able to deal with them. He just has one big cannon that
poses little problem for you. Other than that, the moves are similar to any
AT-ST foe and it should be dealt with in the same fashion.

The fight can be a lot harder however, should you trigger Ozzik Sturn's arrival
by disabling the Skyhook pins before clearing the area of enemies. He will
appear after you take out two pins. It's a lot easier to deal with Ozzik Sturn
by himself and not a bunch of Purge and Scout Troopers around as well. If you
have other enemies to deal with, your results will vary (commercial statement).

Still, he's not too hard. Go at him with Force Lightning, then jump up and hit
him a few times with Saber melee attacks. If you saved the Sith Holocron for
Damage Increase, this guy will go down in just a few seconds. Really, no sweat.

FINISHER - Square, X, Triangle, Circle


Attacks: Swipe attacks, bull rush 
Difficulty: 5/10
Recommended Moves: Sith Saber Smash, Sith Saber Flurry, other combos, Lightning
Shield, aerial melee attacks

The Bull Rancor is a bit more intimidating than other Rancors, and heck, other
Bosses in general, but he's still not too difficult to deal with. The main
problem you'll encounter is staying out of the range of his swipe attacks. Just
do that and you'll be fine. Thankfully, unlike other Rancors, he does not have
any long range attacks. He does however, have a bull charge like attack, hence
his name. He'll use this when you're a reasonable distance away from him. He'll
come in fast, but not fast enough that you can't dodge with a Dash or two or by

For attacking, you've got to rely on your Saber here really and that's it.
Force Lightning will barely do anything so forget it. This is not a bad time
for Lightning Shield, a power I otherwise find useless. The attack boost will
help you and the protection might reduce a little damage taken by any possible
swipe attacks. Basically, to hurt this thing, wait for it to charge you. Dodge
this and the Rancor will come to a stop and stay there for a moment. Strike it
at that point at its side. Avoid attacking it from the front because it will
quickly be able to attack you. Get in a combo or two on it and then when it
turns to you, get out of there. Again lure it into charging you and just repeat
the process. There are no objects to throw here so just trust your Saber and
stay alive by staying away until it charges. Do this and you'll eventually
bring the beast's health down. 

FINISHER - Square, Triangle, Square, Circle, X


Attacks: Saber attacks, Force Push, Saber Throw
Difficulty: 5/10
Recommended Moves: Sith Saber Smash, Force Lightning, Force Repulse, Sith
Slash, Force Push

Finally, someone with two Sabers. Maris has a few tricks up here sleeve, but
she's in over her head unfortunately. Her most unique ability is that of 
invisibility. Even with this, you can still almost see her, and even if not,
you can use Lock on. She'll also use regular melee attacks, as well as Force
Push and Saber Throw in which she throws both of her blades at you. She does
not possess any particularly threatening moves. 

When she's invisible, you can use Force Push or better, Force Repulse to knock
her back if you think she's close. Maris is also prone to some combo attacks
sometimes if you catch her off guard so use Sith Saber Smash and other moves to
your advantage. Continue to use Force Repulse to knock her back and always
strike when she's down. Like Kazdan Paratus, Force Lightning can work to stun
her for a brief moment, so take advantage and strike her with a combo when this
happens. Her Saber Throw is tough to avoid so try to block it if possible. Just
be aggressive when you can, and defensive with Force Repulse when she's gone
invisible. The fight will be over before you know it. 

FINISHER - Square, X, Circle, Square, Square


Attacks: General Kota's attacks, Shaak Ti's attacks, Maris Brood's attacks,
Shadow Guard's attacks
Difficulty: 5/10
Recommended Moves: Force Lightning (Maris), Force Push (Maris), Force Repulse
(all), Sith Flurry + Sith Throw (Shadow Guard), Leaping Slam (all)

Proxy is numerous Boss fights in one! Despite that, he won't be overly
challenging. Know each attack from the previous Boss fights and you'll know
what to expect. Knowing each of their individual weaknesses helps even more.
Force Repulse works great on any form he takes, with the exception being the
Shadow Guard. Use a combination of Force powers and Saber combos, depending on
the form you're facing. The Shadow Guard is particularly vulnerable to the
grab moves so use those. Other than that, just strike when possible and dodge
or block the plethora of possible attacks. 


Attacks: Saber attacks, Saber Throw, Force Push
Difficulty: 7/10
Recommended Moves: Counterattacks, Throw objects, Grip, Sith Saber Smash,
Leaping Slam

This is still part of the Proxy fight, but it deserves its own strategy because
this form is dramatically different and he also does not change from it the
entire fight. Also and perhaps most importantly, he regains a full life bar for
this part. 

Darth Maul is extremely good at wielding a Saber. His combos are long and tough
to predict. If you're good at Counterattacking and have the proper timing, you
can go one-on-one with him in a duel. He'll also use Force Push a few times, as
well as his powerful Saber Throw. Saber Throw is really annoying from him
because you can block it, but it will still hurt a whole lot. He's without a
doubt, a step up from most of the fights thus far. Don't be overwhelmed though.

Again, if you wish to meet him head on, be good at timing your blocks and
always strike when you successfully counter. The other easier strategy is to
use Grip, either on him or on objects laying around. Strangely enough, Maul
seems to be vulnerable to Grip. Use it on him and use moves like Impale and
Force Lightning, then throw him around. You can also grab things in the room
if you have the chance and throw them at him for really good damage. Beware his
Lightsaber Throw however. Also, at close range, he is really deadly, because
his long Saber combos do good damage with all the hits. Lightning Shield may
also help you here so don't be afraid to experiment. Keep your guard up and
any time you knock him down, as usual (which is particularly possible when you
get into a Saber lock and win), always try to stab him. Stay on your toes until
this ghost fades back into the past. 

FINISHER - Square, Square, X, Square


Attacks: Force Push, Force Grip, Saber attacks, Throw objects (2nd part)
Difficulty: 7/10
Recommended Moves: Coutnerattacks, Sith Saber Smash, Sith Saber Flurry, Force
Repulse, Lightning Shield

The Dark Lord of the Sith has certainly earned his reputation. He remains one
of the tougher foes in the game, but he is quite beatable. He loves using
Force Push, especially when you are far away from him, which, coincidentally
enough, will happen if he hits you with it. He also loves to abuse Grip by
picking you up. Escape by hitting Circle repeatedly. Other than that, he has
standard Saber attacks that he'll use at close range.

Vader has a very good defense, so a straight on duel is tough unless you are
good at countering his slashes at the right moment. He does have one fatal
weakness however. After he charges and uses Force Push, he will be weak for a
brief moment. You can easily get out of range of his attack and get behind him
before he unleashes Force Push. While he's stunned, use a few Combos and then
back away. Lightning Shield may help you get a little more out of your attacks.
There is a way to do it, whether you want to be aggressive and counter him, or
just attack him from behind when he gets stunned. The choice is yours. If he
uses Grip on you, just hit Circle repeatedly to escape. Saber locks, if won,
will present you with a chance to stab him, so don't miss it. After he loses
enough health, he'll take the fight into the next chamber.

In Part 2, Vader will isolate himself on a small platform surroudned by 
damaging energy. He'll constantly throw things at you, with unerring accuracy.
In the very brief time you have between each throw, pick up an object on the
wall for yourself, and quickly toss it at him. This will stun him, allowing you
access to his little island (if you try to jump there when he isn't stunned, he
will just use Grip on you). Attack Vader with a few quick combos, then try to
return to the outside when he recovers. If you can't get away quick enough, he
will just keep using Grip until he throws you off. Repeat this process a few
times, and always be moving with Dash if you can't find the time to attack,
because the objects he throws will almost definitely hit you if you stay still
too long. 

Eventually the fight moves onto the back platform. Counterattacking is still
the best way to go if you can time your blocks right. Leaping Slam will hurt
him a little and on rare occurrences, may even knock him down. Continue to
avoid his Force Push, and break free from Grip. Always retaliate with Leaping
Slam if he uses Grip and you're above him. You can get into Force Lightning
battles with him, andw inning will do a small amount of damage and stun him.
Just keep up your attacks and block well to win this one. 

FINISHER - Square, Circle, Circle, Square, Square, Square


  Costumes     [ex02]
Many of the costumes you can unlock by completing mission by mission. A few
others are well hidden as Holocrons. Here's a breakdown how or where to find
each costume so you can dress your Apprentice for success.

Costume: Training Gear
How to Unlock: Default costume

Costume: Heavy Training Gear
How to Unlock: Beat Mission One - TIE Fighter Factory

Costume: Sith Robe
How to Unlock: After you depart the Junk Chasm (where the Junk Titan was), you
reach an area with Scrap Guardians. Cross the gap by pulling down a metal ledge
to cross. On the next platform, blow the metal pillars open and then bring down
more platforms to cross the gaps to the Holocron

Costume: Light Training Gear
How to Unlock: Beat Mission Two - Raxus Prime

Costume: Medical Robe
How to Unlock: Beat Mission Three - Felucia

Costume: Bounty Hunter Disguise
How to Unlock: Beat Mission Four - The Empirical

Costume: Corellian Flight Suit
How to Unlock: Beat Mission Five - Cloud City

Costume: Kento's Robe
How to Unlock: Imperial Kashyyyk. After you gain control following the scene in
the hut, turn around and search behind the big splintered tree for this

Costume: Jungle Combat Gear
How to Unlock: Beat Mission Six - Imperial Kashyyyk

Costume: Industrial Explorer Outfit
How to Unlock: Beat Mission Seven - Imperial Felucia

Costume: Jedi Adventure Robe
How to Unlock: Beat Mission Eight - Imperial Raxus Prime

Costume: Ceremonial Jedi Robes
How to Unlock: Beat Mission Nine - Death Star with the Jedi ending

Costume: Sith Stalker Armor
How to Unlock: Beat Mission Nine - Death Star with the Sith ending

  Lightsaber Crystals     [ex03]
It's fun to be able to customize your Saber. The game lets you choose from a
bunch of colors, provided you find the Holocrons. There are also three
different styles to each color. There is standard, Compressed, and Unstable.
The latter two merely change the look and the intensity of the saber's glow.
As far as I know, they don't provide any physical bonuses outside of the
aesthetic properties. 

Red Lightsaber Crystal

Unlocked: Default crystal

Unlocked: Holocron #4 on Raxus Prime

Unlocked: Holocron #5 on Felucia

Blue Lightsaber Crystal

Unlocked: Holocron #1 on The Empirical

Unlocked: Holocron #1 on Imperial Kashyyyk

Unlocked: Holocron #13 on Imperial Felucia

Green Lightsaber Crystal

Unlocked: Holocron #2 on Imperial Felucia

Unlocked: Holocron #4 on Imperial Raxus Prime

Unlocked: Holocron #5 on Death Star

Purple Lightsaber Crystal

Unlocked: Holocron #14 on Imperial Kashyyyk

Unlocked: Holocron #4 on Imperial Felucia

Unlocked: Holocron #11 on Imperial Raxus Prime

Gold Lightsaber Crystal

Unlocked: Holocron #8 on Raxus Prime

Unlocked: Holocron #8 on Felucia

Unlocked: Holocron #2 on Cloud City

Yellow Lightsaber Crystal

Unlocked: Holocron #2 on TIE Fighter Factory

Unlocked: Holocron #9 on Raxus Prime

Unlocked: Holocron #5 on Cloud City

Black Lightsaber Crystal

Unlocked: Holocron #12 on Death Star

There are no other forms of this crystal

There are also Power Crystals. Your Lightsaber has one slot for a Color Crystal
and one for a Power Crystal. The Power ones provide special augment abilities.

Power Crystal: Ilum
-Augment: None
-Unlocked: Default

Power Crystal: Rubat
-Augment: Increased Damage
-Unlocked: Holocron #10 on TIE Fighter Factory

Power Crystal: Firkrann
-Augment: Attacks have a chance to deal Lightning damage
-Unlocked: Holocron #14 on Raxus Prime

Power Crystal: Lorrdian
-Augment: Blaster Deflection Increased
-Unlocked: Holocron #5 on The Empirical

Power Crystal: Ruusan
-Augment: Force Powers use less energy
-Unlocked: Holocron #1 on Cloud City

Power Crystal: Vexxtal
-Augment: Corrupts opponents with damaging aura
-Unlocked: Holocron #7 on Imperial Felucia

Power Crystal: Sigil
-Augment: Lightning attacks do more damage
-Unlocked: Holocron #1 on Imperial Raxus Prime

Power Crystal: Katak
-Augment: Attacks have a chance to drain Health from enemies
-Unlocked: Holocron #2 on Death Star

  Holocrons     [ex04]

Mission One - TIE Fighter Factory
1. In the first hangar, on the walkway opposite of the one you enter on, near
the downed starship. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

2. Climb on the very top of the ship and then double jump to the nearby walkway
to reach it. Reward: Yellow Lightsaber Crystal

3. After exiting the hangar you'll turn left and fight some Militia guys. In
the room they were in there are two doors. The right door hides the Holocron.
Reward: 10,000 Force Points

4. In the area where the TIE Fighters fly by, get to the first tower with the
elevator lift. Open the other door to the other side first and find this behind
some containers. Reward: Force Talent Sphere

5. Take that lift up to the next floor. On your left is the exit to the next
area. On the right is a door leading to another hidden Holocron. Reward: Force
Combo Sphere

6. After you reach the end of the platform, you'll jump a small gap to the
other side of the room. Go down this path until you reach the second opening,
with a Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

7. In the Wing Assembly room. Defeat the AT-CT first, then ride the left-most
TIE Fighter wing like an elevator up two floors to find this on a secret
walkway. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

8. Directly in front of this one, on top of the room that you need to enter to
leave this place, is the next one. Jump from the walkway to the top of the
room for this. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

9. In the next assembly room, use Grip to slide some TIE Fighter wings into the
appropriate slots and use them to find the Holocron above. Reward: 10,000
Force Points

10. From there, jump to the left part of the Wing lifts and get on the walkway
for this one. Reward: Power Crystal Rubat

11. In the next big assembly room where the lasers are working on more TIE
Fighter parts, walk down on the main floor and look for an opening on the left.
Inside is this Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

12. You'll come to a dead end with the energy wall. Go up the ramp to the left.
In this room, on your immediate left is a Holocron tucked between the electric
pillars. Reward: Force Power Sphere

13. In this same room, facing the energy field in front of you, go to the right
and enter the corridor. Find this inside. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

14. After the energy field is down, you enter the next assembly room. Look for
an opening on the right on the ground level of this room. Find the Holocron
within. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

15. At the end of this room is a ramp leading toward the end of this mission.
On the right is a small open space with the Holocron just waiting. 
Reward: 10,000 Force Points

Mission Two - Raxus Prime

1. As you come to the first platform you can raise with Grip, either raise it
halfway or just cross the waste to the space underneath the next ledge. The
Holocron is in there. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

2. In the hyperdrive core area. Climb until you reach the exit. Instead, jump
as if to go under the platform with the Jawa on it. From here go around and up
a long stretch of pipes. At the top, leap to the ledge surrounding the large
structure in the center. Go around and then jump and Force Dash to reach the
platform with the Holocron. Reward: Force Power Sphere

3. When you find the crashed ship, this is immediately to your left as you 
enter the area. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

4. Along the crashed ship is a large cracked plate. Blast it open with Force
Push to find this one. Reward: Compressed Red Lightsaber Crystal

5. On the other side of the ship will be a lot of enemies. At the very edge of
this area there is a Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

6. Back inside the ship, fight through some Jawas until you reach a room with
the next corridor above you. Instead of jumping up, blast open the doors in
front of you for this Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

7. You'll reach the Scavenger's Camp which is a large area. To the very right
of where you enter, underneath where the floating debris comes out, you'll find
this one. Reward: Force Combo Sphere

8. To the left of the energy wall is a long platform. Follow it to find this.
Reward: Gold Lightsaber Crystal

9. You'll go down a lift and enter a new area. To the very right of where you
enter, this Holocron is on some high ledge you need to jump to. Reward: 
Compressed Yellow Lightsaber Crystal

10. In the area where you have to slide the lock to destroy the generator, go
around the generator and find a gap in the floor. Drop down and find this one.
Reward: Force Talent Sphere

11. In the area where you face the Junk Titan, this Holocron is on the right
side. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

12. Where you fight a bunch of Scrap Guardians, you'll have to Grip a metal
platform down to cross. After you cross blow open the metal pillars on the next
platform with Force Push. Bend down some more metal objects to make platforms
to this Holocron. Reward: Sith Robe Costume

13. After you defeat the second Junk Titan, you'll enter a small room. The
first Holocron is to the left. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

14. Floating above in this area. Use Grip and make an AT-ST head a stepping
stone for you. Jump up and get it. Reward: Power Crystal Firkrann

15. Use the AT-ST head to jump to the walkway on the right and grab this
Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

Mission Three - Felucia

1. From where the mission begins, on a slight path to the right where the first
group of enemies appear. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

2. When you come to the large area with the spiraling paths leading upward,
drop down to a ledge below. There's a Felucian Slug there. Next to it is a 
Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

3. As you ascend the large spiral area, there will be one sloping path that 
cuts across with a Sith Holocron on it. Take this path and at the end, jump 
onto the nearby ledge to find this Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

4. Find this one near where you're attacked by a Poison-Spitter. It's on a
platform in the center of the room. Jump and Dash to get it. Reward: 10,000
Force Points

5. Just before the exit to this area, there will be a series of platforms on
your left. Climb them to reach this Holocron. Reward: Unstable Red Lightsaber

6. In the area where you first encounter the Felucian Shaman (red), tucked away
in a corner to the right in that area is this Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force

7. In the bog area where you are ambushed by a lot of Felucians, there are some
rock "horn" like formations. Find the one that looks broken and move it for the
Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

8. In this same area, toward the left of the exit is a cave delineated by the
big blue flowers on the outside. Enter and find the Holocron in a secret area
not shown on the mini-map. Reward: Compressed Gold Lightsaber Crystal

9. In the very next narrow cave, there is a Holocron in the rock that sort of
divides the small room. Jump up and claim it. Reward: Force Combo Sphere

10. In the area where the first Rancor appears, find this Holocron amongst the
weird plants along the walls. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

11. In the next narrow cave, again find a Holocron in the small rock formation
that acts almost like a median. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

12. On the platforms on the right side as you enter the large "Rancor pit"
area. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

13. Same area as the previous one, just on a platform further down from it.
Reward: Force Talent Sphere

14. On a platform with a large tree near the end of the area. Reward: 10,000
Force Points

15. On a platform on the left side of this valley area. Jump up the platforms
to get it. Reward: Force Power Sphere

Mission Four - The Empirical

1. After you leave the first room, impossible to miss. Reward: Blue Lightsaber

2. In the room with the EVO Troopers, drop down to the ground level, then enter
the door that's under the one you entered from. Holocron is hidden in there.
Reward: Force Talent Sphere

3. Same room, break open the fourth glass capsule and the Holocron is inside.
Reward: Force Combo Sphere

4. The escape pod room, under the rightmost escape pod. Launch it to uncover
this one. Reward: Force Power Sphere.

5. After the escape pods room, down at the end of the very next hallway behind
some containers and such. Reward: Power Crystal Lorrdian

Mission Five - Cloud City

1. Find the bar, which is on the second major platform. Jump to the roof of the
bar and find this Holocron. Reward: Power Crystal Ruusan

2. On the platform near the exit to the first area, there is a small pod for
carbonite freezing. Jump in there quickly to grab the Holocron. Reward:
Unstable Gold Lightsaber Crystal

3. When you reach the area with the Senate Guards and Scout Troopers and the
like, as well as the Carbonite canisters, find this Holocron to the right on
the platform, behind some canisters. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

4. Head up the walkway and near the 2nd pillar, turn left. The Holocron is
floating in mid-air. Jump, double jump, and Dash quickly to try and land on it.
May take a few tries. Reward: Force Combo Sphere. 

5. After leaving the second pillar of the upper walkway, the game hits a 
checkpoint. Jump on the nearby overhead beam and walk to the far left to find
this Holocron. Reward: Unstable Yellow Lightsaber Crystal

Mission Six - Imperial Kashyyyk

1. On your immediate left from the starting point. Reward: Compressed Blue
Lightsaber Crystal

2. After the cutscene inside the hut, turn around and find this behind the tree
there. Reward: Kento's Robe

3. Where you encounter the Incinerator Troopers, get on top of the tree stump
to the right, turn around and find this Holocron floating above. Reward: 10,000
Force Points

4. Once you enter the base, you can see this not too far ahead, on the metal
beams on the left. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

5. Take the downward walkway from the fork. Climb onto the big metal rafter
above and follow the various beams to the far side where a Holocron is. Reward:
10,000 Force Points

6. Take the upper walkway and after you pass the third steam machine, turn
around and look up at the pipe above. The Holocron is floating there. Reward:
10,000 Force Points

7. Follow the walkway to the very end where a few enemies and an energy barrier
are. Turn left toward a large pipe. The Holocron floats there. Jump and Dash to
it. Reward: Force Combo Sphere

8. In the trophy room with the caged Wookie and the Imperial Royal Guard. It's
on top one of the mantles. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

9. In the very first tower where a Scout Trooper tries to snipe you. Jump from
the Wookie cage to it, then up again to grab it. Reward: Force Power Sphere

10. Near the exit to this area there is another tower on the left. Try to jump
in the "basket" part of it, then from there, up to grab the Holocron. Reward:
10,000 Force Points

11. Across from that tower, next to another cage of Wookies is another Holocron
to find. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

12. Inside the prison facility, after you turn down the adjacent hall, one of
the cells on the left has a Holocron inside. Pry it open with Grip. Reward: 
Force Talent Sphere

13. Near the last containment field in this adjacent hallway, another cell on
the left has a Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

14. When you get outside, move forward then find a large tree on the right with
the Holocron floating above its branches. Reward: Purple Lightsaber Crystal

15. Between two of the Skyhook pins, up against the wall of the Skyhook, to
the right from where you enter this area. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

Mission Seven - Imperial Felucia

1. The first Holocron is in the very first area, floating near the tip of one
of the tooth shaped rocks. Stack some nearby containers on top of each other
and then jump from them to reach it. Reward: Force Talent Sphere

2. In the same area, look for a large cave with plants in front of it. Enter
and find the Holocron guarded by a lone Incinerator Trooper. Reward: Green
Lightsaber Crystal

3. Before going up the walkway with the Imperials, look for a small nook to
the right with a rock you can lift up to reveal a Holocron. Reward: 10,000
Force Points

4. After you cross the walkway to the other side, look up the tree to your
right. Climb the mushrooms like platforms to get it. Reward: Compressed Purple
Lightsaber Crystal

5. In the valley, an AT-ST will drop down eventually and a rockslide will occur
after that. Defeat the AT-ST, then get on a platform on the left right in front
of the rockslide and jump to the opposite platform where the Holocron awaits.
Reward: 10,000 Force Points

6. Go through this tunnel all the way to the end to find the turrets the
Imperials were using with a Holocron resting there. Reward: Force Power Sphere

7. You'll enter the large chasm area with the Sarlaac and three Imperial
machines with cranes. The first one on your right has a large group of
Imperials guarding it and a Holocron on the top. Reward: Power Crystal Vexxtal

8. Behind this very same machine structure is another Holocron on the ground.
Reward: 10,000 Force Points

9. Go around the chasm to the left and reach a bridge. Cross it, deal with some
Imperials, then from the center, take the bridge on your left. Turn around and
jump onto the roof that is above the bridge you're currently crossing. The
Holocron is on top. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

10. After you take the lift into the Sarlaac, the Holocron is just to your
right. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

11. After a few tunnels you'll come to a very large area to drop down into. 
Save your game here and don't drop down. Look across the distance and you'll
see the Holocron. To reach this one you have to double jump, Dash, and then do
a Dashing Blast (L1 + Circle). The Dashing Blast gives you the extra push to
reach this faraway Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

12. In the wind tunnel area. It's on the right side. Reward: 10,000 Force

13. After you get back on the outside, the Holocron is above you. Use the
overturned mushrooms on your right as platforms to grab it. Reward: Force Combo

14. You'll climb up a large cliffside where some Imperials were using turrets.
When you reach the very top, turn around and then jump and Dash to this
Holocron. Reward: Unstable Blue Lightsaber Crystal

15. After you fight a Rancor and a bunch of Felucians, it's on the left side,
partially hidden by a tree trunk of some sort. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

Mission Eight - Imperial Raxus Prime

1. From the start, drop down the ledge and enter the canyon. Go all the way
forward to the part where it starts to turn to the right. Against the far wall
is a large dome shaped metal object. Get on the ledge here and enter a dark
corridor. A door on the left will let you drop down to a hidden area. Another
door down here leads to the Holocron. Reward: Power Crystal Sigil

2. After the first part of the valley, you'll find an area with a few Rodians
and a Sith Holocron near a small junk pile. On the left is a small path cut out
with a Holocron inside. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

3. You'll enter a more open area, going along the edge of a large canyon. You
will cross a broken walkway, then go across some metal beams to a crashed ship.
The door on the ship can be busted open for a Holocron. Reward: Force Power

4. From the ship, continue on the path and cross a large gap. The Holocron is
at the tunnel entrance here. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

5. In the area where a group of Imperials are fighting with the Rodians (an
AT-ST drops in), there is a large cylinder shaped platform to the far right. 
From where you enter, take the nearest platform on the right, and double jump
and Dash to reach it and the Holocron on top. Reward: Compressed Green
Lightsaber Crystal

6. During all the fighting, a group of Rodians will blow open a wall on the
right. Enter this small alcove and find the Holocron at the end. Reward: 10,000
Force Points

7. Ascend the platforms on the left side of this canyon until you reach the
third of a series of junk platforms jutting out. From here you can jump and
Dash to a Holocron floating in mid-air. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

8. After you climb up those platforms to the top, you'll reach a tunnel. Inside
is another Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

9. The tunnel leads to a very large area with various Imperial enemies and
platforms. There is a black metal tower near the far end with a Holocron on
top of it. Jump to it from the platform that's at the very far end. Reward:
10,000 Force Points

10. When the dropship door opens, go inside, deal with the enemies, then jump
up to the walkway above. The Holocron is on the center walkway. Reward: Force
Talent Sphere

11. In the new area, take the lift at the far end of the platform. Turn around
and the Holocron is at the end of the platform on the left. Reward: 10,000
Force Points

12. In the area with the energy fields and the tower in the center, take the 
walkway leading up. There is a wall with some containers in front of it. Use 
them to uncover a hidden door in the wall. Inside is the Holocron. Reward: 
Unstable Purple Lightsaber Crystal

13. In the red room with the three walkways, Jumptroopers and Scout Troopers 
on the far left and right, there is a well hidden Holocron. After clearing the
room, get on the lower left walkway. You'll notice the Holocron is tucked away
behind a pillar in the far southwest corner (or to the left of where you
entered). To reach it, stand on the northern part of this lower walkway. It's
closest to the far platform you have to reach. Double jump, Dash, and then use
Dashing Blast to give you an extra push to reach this platform. After that,
walk all the way down to the Holocron. Reward: Force Combo Sphere

14. You'll come to a large area that has a path going in a large circle around
a fiery chamber. From where you start, go down the path to the right to find a
Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

15. Again, from the entrance to the area, go left. Go all the way around until
you find a Holocron on your path. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

Mission Nine - Death Star

1. From the start, take the lift which is behind you, in the corner. On the
walkway, the Holocron will be in a small alcove on your left. Reward: 10,000
Force Points

2. On the same level as #1, on the opposite side of the room. Use the walkways
to get over and find it in the opposite alcove. Reward: Power Crystal Katak

3. As you go down the laser tube, you'll reach the second section by breaking
the lens and going through that short tunnel. In this second area, the last
doorway on your right has the Holocron inside. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

4. You'll depart from the main part of the laser tube to a hallway on either
side where Imperials and some droids will attack. In a part of this area on
the left, there are a bunch of computer terminals and such. To the left is a
lift. Take it up and get on the walkway to get on top of the laser shaft. On
the shaft, you can go to the right into a very narrow tunnel for a Holocron.
Reward: 10,000 Force Points

5. Turn around from #4 and it's in another narrow space on top of the laser
shaft. Reward: Unstable Green Lightsaber Crystal

6. The next area loads and you'll come to a room with two Purge Troopers.
Defeat them and then explore a room on your right. The Holocron awaits inside.
Reward: Force Talent Sphere

7. After the room in #6, you'll come to a short hallway where two Imperial
Officers attack you with laser turrets. There is a room to the right in this
short hall. Inside this room is the next Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

8. You'll exit this area and come back to the main part of the laser tube. On
the opposite side of where you enter from, there is a Holocron. Reward: 10,000
Force Points

9. When you encounter the first set of Pulsarium Rings. Align them but do not
cross. Drop down to the area below. The Holocron is in this lower area behind
a pillar. Reward: Force Power Sphere

10. Cross the first set of rings, then align the second set. The Holocron is
floating above the gap at the second set. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

11. The Laser Convergence Chamber. Take the first walkway on your left. It is
connected to another walkway on the other side by a long metal beam. Get on
this beam and angle the camera so you can see the laser shaft below. The laser
shaft has rings around it. Inside one of these rings is the Holocron. Drop down
and grab it. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

12. Activate the gravity lifts and ride one to the very top. Look to the laser
shaft that is inbetween the two gravity lifts. At the top of the shaft is the
Holocron. You have to jump to the long sloped platform extending from it. Stand
at the edge of the gravity lift platform and jump and dash to a high point on
this sloped platform. You have to get close to the top or else you'll slide
off. From there, jump to the top for the Holocron. Reward: Black Lightsaber

13. Return to the gravity lift. Drop down to a walkway, then to a platform
where a Scout Trooper is or should have been. Jump across to another walkway
on this level and go left (or right depending on where you are). Go to the
far end of the room on this level to find a sliding door. Inside is the
Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force Points

14. From #13, go to the very opposite side of the room, and drop down two
levels. There will be a bunch of Purge and Evo Troopers guarding this platform.
In the corner to the right, you'll see this Holocron. Reward: 10,000 Force

15. On the center platform that has the doorway that leads to the Observation
Dome-the same one you encounter the Shadow Guard & Co-you'll find this Holocron
on the left part of this platform. Reward: Force Combo Sphere

  Cheats     [ex05]


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The rest of the pertinent information for the guide goes here.

  Frequently Asked Questions     [ms01]

1) How do I beat (insert) Boss?
A) I decided to go with a Boss section this time around. When it's finished,
refer to it if you need quick Boss tips. In general, I'd say most bosses are
vulnerable to objects being thrown at them, and after that, it comes down to
learning their attacks and how to overcome them.

2) I can't get past (insert) part! The enemies they are teh raping meh!!!11
A) Yeah, the game can get kind of annoying frustrating at times, but just keep
going. Keep in mind that even if you die you keep getting Force Points so you
can keep powering up if you have continued trouble

3) Why should I not change costumes immediately after getting one?
A) I heard of some weird glitch. I wasn't originally sure if it was on both
versions or just the 360 one. However, reader Bruno assures me it can happen
on the PS3 version too (I haven't tried it personally so I couldn't confirm
it). Basically if you get a Holocron that grants you a new costume, and you
change to it immediately, the game will bring you to your last autosave point.
Doing so will make it so the game doesn't recognize that new Holocron, even
though you have the costume. To prevent this, save your game (from the menu)
before you change into a newly acquired costume. 

4) How do I bring down the Star Destroyer?
A) In short, know which way to pull the sticks going by the diagram. Become
VERY efficient at dealing with the TIE Fighters, and just stay alive. Refer
to my strategy for more information.

  Credits/Special Thanks     [ms02]

Well, GameFAQs and other gaming sites out there that let me get this guide out
to the public

Rootsecure yet again for the Ascii art help

Both Stellar644 and XLiao for tipping me on Holocron #10 in Raxus Prime

Legend for helping to find Holocron #2 on Felucia

Brad and also ZeroVirusEXE for the tip on how to get Holocron #11 on Imperial
Felucia (formerly #15)

Marrex for info on Holocron #1 on Imperial Raxus Prime

linkblade91 for the help with Holocron #13 on Imperial Raxus Prime

Bruno for confirming the costume glitch was on the PS3 version too

LucasArts for the game. Even if The Force Unleashed didn't meet all the hype,
it's an enjoyable game and I'm glad it's selling well (from what I've heard)

  Contact Info     [ms03]
If you have questions or found a Holocron that I'm looking for, let me know. If
you e-mail me about a Holocron, don't forget that there's always a chance
somebody beat you to it and although I might credit more than one person, I
won't be going crazy so don't feel disgruntled if you don't get a submission

When E-mailing me tips or strategies or whatever, please leave me a screenname
or something you go by so that I may credit you. If you do not want to be
credited and merely want to pass on the info anyways, that's fine. If you do
not want credit, I will not post the information until that is confirmed. If
you do want credit, please drop a name for me and that's really my only rule,
because I choose not to disclose people's e-mail addresses here. 

Also try to indicate that your e-mail is about the game by putting something 
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E-mail: [email protected]

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removal. Please do not steal my guide and pass it off as your own. As of now,
the following sites have permission to host this guide:

That's all for now. Until next time young Padawans. Schwing!