Crash Bandicoot: Mind Over Mutant Xbox360 Cheats

Cheats Codes

While playing pause the game and hold the block button. Input the buttons on the D-Pad quickly to activate the code. Input the codes again to deactivate them.

Code                                     Effect
Down, Down, Down, UpCrash freezes anything he touches.
Left, Right, Left, RightCrash looks like a shadow.
Up, Up, Up, LeftEnemies leave behind free Quad Damage
Up, Down, Down, UpEnemies leave behind free Special Fruit.
Up, Right, Down, LeftEnemies leave behind free Super-Kick.
Right, Right, Right, UpEnemies leave behind free Wumpa Fruit.
Left, Left, Left, DownVarious body parts enlargen.


Unlockable                                How to Unlock
A Combo to Go (35)Defeat 50 enemies in co-op mode
A Wumpa A Day (15)Find a Crash health upgrade collectible
Big Shooter (10)Fire a large projectile from the mask in coop mode
Break Them To It Gently (25)15x combo scored
Can U Dig It? (5)Enter an underground space
Chuck Is That You? (35)Score a 20x mojo multiplier via combat combos
Crash Grab (50)Collect all Crash voodoo dolls
Crash King (25)Fully upgrade Crash
Crunched (25)Beat Crunch Boss Fight
Don't Recycle (25)Collect all Junkyard voodoo dolls
Duplex Crash (10)Defeat 1 enemy in coop mode
Easy Does It (15)Complete co-op balancing puzzle in Wumpa Island above the waterfall
Fashion Fury (20)Defeat 75 Brat Girls
Follow Your Nose (25)Stun 5 Sludges As Crash
Freezer Burn (25)Collect all Ice voodoo dolls
Girl Power (25)Beat Coco Boss Fight
Glass Is Half Full (50)Complete 50% of the game
Goo Squared (20)Fully Upgrade Sludge
Happy To See Me (5)Store a Mutant in your pocket
Hot Stuff (25)Collect all Wasteland voodoo dolls
Ice On The Cake (20)Fully upgrade Ratcicle
It Took Two To Tango (15)Complete coop balancing puzzle in the Wasteland
Lark In The Dark (15)Beat all 10 levels of arena minigame in Mount Grimly
Multi-Tasking (5)Store a Mutant while riding another one
N Is For Evil (25)Collect all evil school voodoo dolls
Neo Is Getting Angry (50)Beat Cortex Boss Fight
Night Fright (20)Fully upgrade Grimly
No Place Like Wumpa (25)Collect all Wumpa voodoo dolls
Oo Oo Ah Ah (20)Defeat 75 Doom Monkeys
Over Easy (15)Complete co-op balancing puzzle in Mount Grimly
P Stinking U! (20)Fully Upgrade Stench
Roll It Up! (20)Fully upgrade RhinoRoller
Shadow Boxing (20)Defeat 75 Znu
Shell Shocked (20)Fully upgrade Magmadon
Shoot the Works (20)Fully upgrade Snipe
Slap on the Wrist (20)Destroy 75 Slap-E robo-hands
Snow Blows (15)Beat all 10 levels of arena minigame in Ratcicle Kingdom
Spike the Punch (20)Stun 5 Spikes as Crash
Stand in the Sand (15)Beat all 10 levels of arena minigame in Wasteland
Stone Cold Crash (15)Stun 5 Ratcicles as Crash
T to the K (20)Fully upgrade TK
The Dark Side (25)Collect all Mount Grimly voodoo dolls
Whack-A-Nerd (20)Defeat 75 Ratnicians
Would You Like Fries With That? (10)Score a 10x mojo multiplier via combat combos