Twitch Prime Ad-Free Viewing Guide: How to Watch Twitch Without Ads

Twitch recently announced that it was going to can ad-free viewing as part of Twitch Prime. Any new members to the service would have to watch ads just like the good ol’ days, and current Twitch Prime members will be stripped of their ad-free status when 15 October rolls around. However, we’ve got you covered with our Twitch Prime ad-free viewing guide so you don’t lose access to your favorite creator’s goods.

Twitch Prime Ad-Free: How Do You Watch Twitch Without Ads?

Twitch was clear about the fact that any new sign-ups to the Twitch Prime wouldn’t be blessed with the ability to watch streams without ads. However, both existing and new Twitch Prime members will have the option to enable ad-free viewing on a channel of their choice, so long as:

  1. They’ve used their free Twitch Prime subscription to sub to that channel; and
  2. That creator has the option enabled.

The Verge has reported that none of the other perks of Twitch Prime will change and that it’s just the ad revenue system that’s getting an overhaul. As described above, you’ll still be able to watch your favorite creator’s stream ad-free if you choose them to be the recipient of your free monthly Twitch Prime subscription.

However, if you think that you absolutely need ad-free viewing across all streams, then you have another option though it’ll be a little bit more costly. We’re talking here about getting Twitch Turbo, which is a little pricier than Twitch Prime per month, and it gives you a whole raft of additional perks that include total ad-free viewing across the site’s streams.

Currently, these are the only two ways that you can continue to enjoy the ad-free perk that Twitch is rationing to those who are using its subscription service. While Amazon Prime is clearly still going strong, this change on the gaming side of the service seems to be a move to push the pricier Twitch Turbo subscription for those who are truly series about their viewing. As to whether any other aspects of Twitch’s services will be paywalled, only time will tell.