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Stardew Valley Sturgeon Location: How To Find and Catch A Sturgeon

As a kick back and relax game, nothing beats Stardew Valley. There are a lot of things to farm, collect, and find in Stardew Valley, including fishing, but one of the hardest fish to catch is the elusive Stardew Valley sturgeon. It can only be caught in one location, at certain times of year, and even players with a high-level fishing skill have trouble catching the sturgeon in Stardew Valley.

Luckily we’re here to be your fisherman’s friend. We’ll tell you exactly where to find the sturgeon in Stardew Valley, and give some helpful hints on how to catch the sturgeon too. Just in case though, have your “almost got ‘im” fishing stories all planned beforehand.

Where To Find The Sturgeon Location in Stardew Valley

Unlike most fish in Stardew Valley, the sturgeon can only be found in one location, and that’s Stardew Valley Mountain Lake. It’s the one that’s just in front of the mine. If you’re after recommendations for a particular spot, the area in front of the Adventurer’s Guild, by the corner, is probably the most place where sturgeons are most likely to be found.

Bear in mind though, that unlike most fish in the game the wily sturgeons can only be found in the mountain lake at certain times of year. In fact they can only be caught during two seasons: Summer and Winter. Now you know where to find them, let’s move on to the hard part: catching them.

How To Catch a Sturgeon in Stardew Valley

Sturgeons are among the most difficult fish to catch in Stardew Valley, and they’ll probably escape your line a few times before you even see them. For starters, we first suggest being around fishing level 8 at least, and have a decent fishing pole like a fibreglass rod (although it’s possible to catch sturgeons with worse rods). Then, we recommend a trap bobber as a tackle, as it causes the ‘catching’ bar to decrease at a significantly slower rate. You can buy these at Willy’s Fish Shop if you don’t know how to craft them.

Eating something beforehand helps too. Dish O’ The Sea is by far the best meal, since it increases your fishing skill temporarily, but there are other good fishing buff meals if you don’t have that particular one. Your luck on that day can also be a factor in catching the sturgeon, and especially keep an eye on the mood of the spirits, because if they’re happy the slider will move even slower. Get all these together and you’ll be catching sturgeons in no time.