Tenchu: Shadow Assault Xbox360 Cheats


Unlockable Characters

Unlockable               How to Unlock
KaguraComplete Mission Twenty-five (25) with Tesshu - also unlocks Expert Ninja (20) Achievement
NasuComplete Mission One (1) with Ayame
OnikageComplete Mission Thirty (30) with Rikimaru - also unlocks Master Ninja (25) Achievement
RinComplete Mission One (1) with Rikimaru
TenraiComplete Mission Ten (10) with Ayame
TensshuComplete Mission Twenty (20) with Rin


Unlockable                       How to Unlock
Apprentice (10)Finish Mission 28 without being discovered by anyone.
Chunin (15)Finish Mission 26 without taking any damage.
Expert Ninja (20)Unlock Kagura.
Footsoldier (10)Finish Mission 8 with at least 90 seconds left.
Genin (10)Finish Mission 21 with at least 60 seconds left.
Jonin (15)Pull off a 20-hit combo.(Solo Play)
Legendary Ninja (35)Unlock all available characters.
Master Ninja (25)Unlock Onikage.
Neophyte (10)Finish Mission 1 without being spotted by anyone except Echigoya.
Oniwaban (15)Pull off a 15-hit combo.(Solo Play)
Spy (15)Finish Mission 11 without taking any damage.
Veteran Ninja (20)Pull off a 25-hit combo.(Solo Play)