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Stardew Valley Multiplayer PS4: Is There Multiplayer on Consoles?

Stardew Valley this month finally received its long-overdue multiplayer update, so players can finally farm as a communityStardew Valley multiplayer is exciting news for sure, but at the moment it’s only out for the PC version. When can players expect multiplayer on consoles? In particular, is Stardew Valley PS4 multiplayer going to happen?

All important questions, so we thought we’d do our best to answer them. Here’s everything we know about Stardew Valley multiplayer on PS4 and consoles, along with some handy tips on what to expect from it.

Everything We Know About Stardew Valley Multiplayer on PS4

The long-awaited multiplayer update for the game on PC finally went live on August 1st 2018, but what about the PS4 version? Unfortunately, the only answer from developer Chucklefish we’ve received is that Stardew Valley multiplayer on PS4 is “coming soon” with no specific release date.

This goes for the versions of the game on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch, although Eric “ConcernedApe” Barone has said that Switch will be the first console to get multiplayer. We suspect it won’t be long as the PC version is complete, but we’ll let you know when we know a firm Stardew Valley PS4 multiplayer release date.

What to Expect from Stardew Valley PS4 Multiplayer

Stardew Valley multiplayer is an optional mode in the game, where up to four players can play in the same world and farm together. One player owns the world, and can switch back to single-player at any time, and up to three players can join them. You don’t need to start a fresh world just to play multiplayer. Other than that, the game is fairly identical to the offline version, except players inhabit the same world and can either work together or go off and do their own thing.

The most important fact is that players share income, so you are working together for the benefit of the same farm. However, the player who created the world can set profit margins on items sold, which can help re-balance things by reducing gold obtained if your team wants to make things tougher. Your skill levels and inventory remain your own, and you can still choose to enter into a relationship with whomever you wish. And yes, the second most important fact: you can marry other players. Even if it’s just for that reason, Stardew Valley multiplayer on PS4 can’t come soon enough.