Is Rainbow Six Siege Free-to-Play?

Is Rainbow Six Siege free? This is a question that many squad-based shooter fans have on their minds. Having Rainbow Six Siege free-to-play would give players on a budget another quality title to play. Below we go over the cost associated with playing R6: Siege and whether or not you’ll get a chance to play it for free or not.

Can You Play Rainbow Six Siege for Free?

Rainbow Six Siege has a pretty complicated pricing model. It’s easy to get confused as to which of the five editions currently available contain what. Right now, the following versions of the game are available for sale:

  • Starter Edition (PC Only)
  • Standard Edition
  • Advanced Edition
  • Gold Edition
  • Complete Edition

None of these are available for free, but you can get the game at a reduced cost, at least on PC. The Rainbow Six Siege Starter Edition retails for $14.99 but doesn’t allow access to all the operators in the game. It also takes longer to unlock them all in the Starter Edition, but hey, it’s a ton cheaper.

The Rainbow Six Siege Standard Edition retails for $39.99 and comes with the same access the Starter Edition does. The difference between the two is the 20 original operators are unlocked from the start.

The Advanced Edition costs $59.99 and features the content from the Standard Edition as well as two bonuses. With the Advanced Edition, you’ll get 600 bonus Rainbow Six Credits (enough to unlock a new operator) and 10 Outbreak Collection Packs.

If you’re looking to catch up to where the game is now quick the Rainbow Six Siege Gold Edition is an excellent place to start. For $89.99 you get everything included in the lower tier editions as well as the Year 3 pass (which costs $29.99 on its own).

Finally, to unlock everything up to this point you can get the Rainbow Six Siege Complete Edition. This comes with the Year Three Pass and unlocks the Year 1 and 2 operators.