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World of Warcraft World Server is Down: What is the WoW Server Status

If you’ve been gunning to play WoW BfA all week, then you may not have the best of luck right now. The World of Warcraft world server is down, and the status of the WoW servers aren’t looking too good. Blizzard has been quick to try and fix the servers that were unavailable, but some realms are still experiencing issues.

World of Warcraft Realm Status

Blizzard recently completed its scheduled maintenance earlier today, and it was supposed to end at 6:00 AM (PDT). However, shortly after the allotted time was up, players identified that there were ongoing issues with some realms being unavailable.

In particular, players on Area 52 were told that their realm was going to go offline temporarily to sort out any lingering issues. While Area 52 came back online about an hour after the alarm was sounded, there are still issues persisting across multiple realms and Blizzard has said that they will be restarting affected realms to fix the relevant issues. While Blizzard hasn’t quite said what the issue is, it’s reassured players that its engineers are on the case.

World of Warcraft World Server is Down: How to Fix

So far, Blizzard has undertaken successful realm restarts on the following realms to get things back up and running again:

  1. Area 52
  2. Illidan
  3. Sargeras
  4. Stormrage
  5. Tichondrius

Players appear to be able to log into those realms now, but there are still other WoW realms that have been affected. In particular, the Oceanic realms like Caelestrasz which have had persistent issues since they were implemented appear to be still affected.

Battle for Azeroth and its recent popularity has made certain connection issues worse on popular servers, and while players in the servers may be able to log on now, some are reporting that they cannot see their characters so we’re not quite out of the woods yet.

In the meantime, all we can really do is keep our fingers crossed and wait. It looks like Blizzard is continuing to restart other realms, but it hasn’t quite disclosed which ones are still dealing with the worst of the connection issues. Some players are still unable to access their characters despite the issue of logging in now being solved, but Blizzard has been issuing updates on its Twitter page so hopefully, we hear from them soon.