Reddit Our CDN Was Unable to Reach Our Servers Error | Is Reddit Down Right Now?

Users are being hit with a Reddit error message, with the site displaying “our CDN was unable to reach our servers” message when those browsing the web try to access it. Unfortunately, following the error message through to the Reddit status site in order to check if it’s down isn’t particularly helpful, with it noting how Reddit is apparently “fully operational.” However, this is clearly not the case, so what gives?

How to Fix Reddit Our CDN Was Unable to Reach Our Servers Error

If you’re looking for a fast solution to hop back in and start posting again, there isn’t one. The site is displaying the same error message for pretty much all users, with many reporting issues with accessing the site and its login page. Those who aren’t confronted with the error message are instead faced with a homepage that won’t load.

The problem isn’t with users, but instead with the site’s network and its servers. The tech issue appeared this morning at around 8 am EDT, though thus far Reddit hasn’t released a statement regarding the problem. In fact, the official Reddit Twitter account has been busy posting links to content shared on the site, so it seems that it has yet to be flagged internally.

The issue is present on both the desktop and mobile version of the content-sharing site, with the CDN error message appearing on both counts. Users can try to reload the page, though they are met with the same message, and it also appears if they’re trying to access it via the app.

At this point, there isn’t anything for users to do aside from wait it out until the site is brought back online. With Reddit being one of the top sites on the internet, it shouldn’t be long before its tech team resolves the issue, and everyone can go back to posting funny cat gifs.